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Supply chain management


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Supply chain management

  1. 1. Submitted by:-Priyanka SharmaShashank kumarSourbh AhujaTarun Bhatia
  2. 2.  Retailmeans selling of goods to the end consumer 􀀹Comprises of all activities involved in selling of goods / services directly to the end consumer 􀀹Retailer –A person who buys in bulk but resells in small quantities to the consumers
  3. 3. Sectors of RetailingOrganized sector Unorganized sector
  4. 4.  1.Mom-and-pop stores: These stores are generally family owned business catering to small sections of society. They are small, individually run and handled outlets. 2.Hypermarket or Super market-These are generally large, self service outlet, offering variety of categories with deep assortments. Example-Big Bazaar
  5. 5.  The first Big Bazaar store with an area of about 24000 square ft. Opened in various areas .Big Bazaar is a part of Future Group is currently driving a number of initiatives. Big Bazaar store offers more than 100 stores all over the country
  6. 6.  1. C.R.M.-All processes that focus on interface between the firm and its customers a) Market b)price c)sell 2.I.S.C.M.-All processes that are internal to the firm a)Strategic planning b)demand planning c)supply plannin
  7. 7.  Balanced scorecard Barcode Bins Backdrop Electronic scanner
  8. 8. unorganized Retails Sector means those Retails Sector which are notRegister by the Government of India
  9. 9.  supply chain operation of Retail store & Traditional outlets we conduct market survey, for traditional outlets we have visited Grah Purti store in, Jaipur, owner is Mr. Vikas Jain, This outlet is single floor with 500 squar ft area & provides grocery products
  10. 10.  They don’t have proper schedule for day to day activities. No focus on inventory management because they have to make a separate department which includes higher cost. Optimum utilization of resources was not there They are only focusing on distributors rather than whole supply chain process Processes involved in Kirana Store  Customer management & selling  Inventory & stock management  Ordering to supplier  Customer relationship management
  11. 11.  PriyankaSharma Shashank Kumar Tarun Bhatia Saurabh Ahuja