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Cities Pilot to End Poverty


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Cities Pilot to End Poverty is a 2-year programme designed by & Dublin City Council and endorsed by the World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty (WACAP) and the UNDP to find the most promising solutions around the world to fight poverty in our communities and implement them in real life.

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Cities Pilot to End Poverty

  1. 1. connects city needs and global social and urban innovations.Cities gain Providers gain• Intelligence on solutions • Dramatically lower costs• Select relevant solutions • 3x faster turn-around. globally
  2. 2. Closing the gap in San Francisco  Water & Electric meter reading (smart grid) Public lighting  Electric vehicle charging stations Energy resources Safety  Gunshot monitoring (electricity, water, gas)  Street surveillance  Public information broadcasts Unified, integrated  Street parking monitoring devices and scalable urban  Traffic monitoring communication Offices EV platform - and  Traffic signal controlcharging residentialstations open standards and buildings interoperability Traffic, parkings, public ...and transports more ..18
  3. 3. New Taipei City, TaiwanA new urban area developed byFarglory. A partnership for smart living.