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A full fledged Accounting & Financial Services Providing company

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Erudite Finlop & Lawton

  1. 1. Contents About Us Benefit of Outsourcing Services System, Process & Security Customer Comments Our People Contact Us
  2. 2. About UsWe are a global service provider into InternationalAccounting and Taxation. Our knowledge and expertiseover accounting practices across continents helps us serveour clients, which includes Multi-national companies,CPA/CA firms in US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, EU,New Zealand and India and various other Small andMedium Enterprises. Aggressive use of technology, welldocumented operational procedures and continuous focuson learning & training has equipped us to undertakechallenging assignments and deliver them on time to thesatisfaction of our clients Promoters of Erudite FinancialServices Pvt. Ltd. are having rich exposure in managingaccounting and taxation related outsourcing services. Weare committed to quality and deliverable, which is itsHallmark. We provide combination of various outsourcingservice under one roof, which makes us “One completestop shop for Accounting, Finance and Taxationoutsourcing”.
  3. 3. Our mission is to utilize our expertise incomposite products to provide the absolute best valueas measured by quality, cost, delivery, and innovation.We are firmly and sincerely committed to providingvalue-packed online services of uncompromisingquality to business and individuals. Our business willalways be conducted with pride and the highest degreeof ethics. We will always use the most appropriatemeans for accomplishing each goal depending on theclients needs.Our vision is to develop enduring relationshipswith clients across the globe, by providing highlyprofessional and streamlined services at cost effectiveand competitive prices. Maximizing customersatisfaction is our goal and it will always be our toppriority. Our pathway to all round success is developedbased on our principles of commitment, hard work andexcellent quality of value added resources.
  4. 4. Benefits of OutsourcingThe top advantages of outsourcing accounting and payrollservices can be enumerated as: Achieving high level of accuracy – Outsourcing accountingservices and payroll outsourcing can be quite beneficial when itcomes to generating accurate results that can be as high as99.95%. Cost effective services – A major advantage associated withoutsourced accounting services is the cost-effectiveness of theservices. A huge amount can be saved up on operational costsand channelized towards the funding of core business processes. Fraud Check – Outsourcing payroll processing services toprofessional payroll outsourcing companies can in fact helpcontrol any possible fraud by staff within the organization. Direct deposit through efficient payroll processing – On-timepayroll processing enables quick and efficient staff paymentthrough direct deposits. This keeps the staff satisfied andproductive leading to business augmentation. Avoiding penalties during tax processing – Inappropriatepayroll management could lead to inaccurate tax filing resultingin tax penalties. Outsourcing payroll processing services toprofessionals can save companies these hassles and ensureaccurate payroll processing.
  5. 5. Reaping benefits with up-to-date technology – The market ischanging continuously due to technological advancement.Companies can avail such progressive technology throughsystematic outsourced accounting services. Saving up on processing time – Accounting and payrollprocessing is time consuming and companies tend to lose focuson core competencies while trying to manage such a process. Gaining from the assistance of experts – Outsourcedfinancial services providers hire experienced professionals toperform accounting services and payroll processing services. Avoiding reconciliation worries related to financialinstitutions – Bank reconciliations can be quite tedious and anongoing process consuming a lot of effort and time in terms ofkeeping track of all the payments through the bank during therolling out of pay checks. Staying informed with up-to-date accounting status – Allpossible accounting and payroll related information can beobtained regularly from professional service providers handlingoutsourced accounting services.
  6. 6. Services We offer services across 32 Countries Accounting policies and Tax Laws and 21 software toolsAccounting And Bookkeeping SynopsisGL AccountingAP Bill EntrySupplier ReconciliationSuppliers’ Payment ProcessingAR Sales Invoice Preparation Finalization of Accounts Analytical Review of general Ledger/nominal ActivityCustomer Receipts Processing Preparation of Year End JournalsCredit Card Receipt Processing Finalization of Profit and Loss account and relatedPayroll Accounting schedules Finalization of Balance Sheet and related schedulesTax PreparationsUSA Income Tax Return PreparationUSA Income Tax Consultancy for Non-Resident, Resident AlienCorporate FinanceAnd ExpatsUSA Payroll and other Tax Return/Related Services Mergers & AcquisitionsUK & EU tax Return PreparationCanadian tax Return Preparation AnalysisAustralian tax Return Preparation CFO PositionHong Kong/Singapore TaxationNew Zealand tax preparation Forensic AccountingSouth African tax preparation Crowd funding Commercial Lending
  7. 7. System, Process & SecurityOur system and process is very simple. The wholeprocess is described below in the figure.
  8. 8. We do take care of the faith and honesty with the client. In order to provide that we have a full secured system in our office.Confidential Non-disclosure Agreement is signed by EachEmployee.No access to e-mail and Internet use Apart From the Specificuse.Disk Less PC, for making data on non-transferable.Restricted Printer access.Confidential Non-disclosure Agreement is signed by EachEmployee.No access to e-mail and Internet use Apart From the Specificuse.Security checks are performed regularlyAll data is backed up on a regular basis on server to enableanytime viewing by the clients.Regular Virus checking thorough updated Antivirus.
  9. 9. Customer Comments“ Very thorough and fast. Very diligent in seeking thecorrect information, and delivered quickly and withoutissues.”Real Estate Firm Owner “The performance of the Accountant supplied by EF&L Processinghas been absolutely remarkable, especially considering that it wasset up in the immediate aftermath of a war that had destroyed our accounting analysis processes An Consulting Firm Owner “I was sick of filing the GST, HST and CST taxes and was irritated by the penalties. EF&L does the remarkable work for me.” Online Sales Contractor “I am so glad that I have EFL team working for me. They provide the best work and supply the files on the deadlines.” CPA Firm Owner “Very few in the outsouring industry can do that EF&L is capable of. These guys are amazing and expert. You can never find any error or have any issues with them……” Event Mgmt Company
  10. 10. Our PeopleWe have a team of best in the field ofaccounting, finance and taxation.There are Certified Accountants, AccountsGraduates and MBA’s who have on an average7 years of experience in the field ofOutsourced accounting and payrolls.Some of our team members are QuickBooksPro advisors who can give the best in theindustry services and can deliver a well builtaccounting system.We are associated with CPA firms andBookkeeping firms around the world toprovide a systematic approach to our clients.
  11. 11. Contact Us We have a 24x7 back support on Skype @ shasadear48. Every queries of yours will be answered with in 2 hours. India – UG-1, E-21, Jawahar Park, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi,India-110092 USA - 771 Corporate Drive, Suite 725, Lexington KY 40503+91-9721-908-496, ,