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  1. 1. Objective <ul><li>The students will explain how water adheres to the surface of a penny in terms of the molecular structure of water. </li></ul>
  2. 2. How does this water strider skate on water?
  3. 3. The attraction is called a Hydrogen bond and the result is that water molecules demonstrate “ cohesion ” causing water to have a “strong surface” called “ surface tension ”.
  4. 4. Water is a POLAR molecule: It has a partial negative and partial positive charge.
  5. 5. The hydrogen of one water molecule is attracted to the oxygen of another water molecule like opposite poles of a magnet are!
  6. 7. polar = molecule with a partial positive and negative charge cohesion = water attracted to other water molecules because of polar properties adhesion = water attracted to other materials surface tension = water is pulled together creating the smallest surface area possible VOCABULARY
  7. 8. Because water is polar…… It is called a universal solvent . A solvent is a fluid that dissolves “other substances”. The “other substance” added to the solvent is called the solute. Solvent + Solute = Solution Solute Solvent
  8. 9. Because water has both adhesive and cohesive properties, capillary action is present. Capillary Action gives water its adhesive property. Water is attracted to some other material and through cohesion, other water molecules move too as a result of the original adhesion. Ex: Think water in a straw Ex: Water moves through trees this way
  9. 10. Green Carnations?