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Dgca Airport License Rti Application


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Dgca Airport License Rti Application

  1. 1. PAGE 1 OF 1 Date: To: The Deputy Director – Aerodrome Licensing and Assistant CPIO O/O The Director General of Civil Aviation Aurbindo Marg, Opp. Safdurjung Airport, New Delhi - 110003 Sub: Request for the documents and information relating to the issuance of ‘aerodrome license’ to new Bengaluru International airport (BIA) at Devanahalli. Dear Sir, Under the Right to Information Act, I hereby request you for the below given documents and information relating to the aerodrome license issued to Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) at Devanahalli: 1. Copy of all the inspections done till date at BIA for the purpose of issuance of aerodrome license. 2. Details of all the shortcomings and non-compliances found during these inspections. 3. Details of all the waivers or conditional acceptance given. 4. Details of C. A. R. for all the fixes done by BIAL in removing all the non-compliances and shortcomings. 5. What is the type of license currently given to BIA? If it is a provisional one, what is the process to convert it into a regular one and what is the usual time line for such conversions? Thank you in advance for your co-operation. Yours Sincerely,