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How To Build Your Content Brand - Where Content Marketing & Branding Collide


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Building a Content Brand means taking traditional content marketing and combining it with the keys to successful branding. Your content shouldn't be just another piece of information on the web, easy to overlook or ignore. With a distinct brand identity and vision, your content can stand out and bring people back again and again.

Our customizable, white label training program - How to Build Your Content Brand - gives you everything you need to learn about building a content brand, and then teach others as well.

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How To Build Your Content Brand - Where Content Marketing & Branding Collide

  1. 1. Where Branding and Content Marketing COLLIDE Brought to you by:
  2. 2. The Internet is a SEA of Information.
  3. 3. Each piece of content we publish…
  4. 4. …Is like a fish swimming around aimlessly.
  5. 5. The only difference is that we WANT to be caught.
  6. 6. We want the fisherman who is our target customer to find us…
  7. 7. Catch us…
  8. 8. And eat us for dinner!
  9. 9. Meanwhile your target market is out there trolling for information
  10. 10. Most of which is garbage
  11. 11. Irrelevant
  12. 12. Or just looks the same as every other fish in the sea.
  13. 13. Your content needs to stand out and be noticed. It needs a distinct ‘brand’
  14. 14. Otherwise it will be thrown back overboard ….or ignored entirely
  15. 15. Don’t let your content be the minnow that gets thrown back and abandoned
  16. 16. Make it the high-grade tuna, sought-after by master sushi chefs!
  17. 17. Simply create content with the quality, consistency, and value your market wants
  18. 18. And then brand that content with its own look, feel, and expectations
  19. 19. Learn how to serve up a Content Brand that your market is eager to consume
  20. 20. ...and then teach others to do the same
  21. 21. How to Build Your Content Brand With Our ‘Done for You’ White Label Training Program: