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Information architecture


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Information architecture

  1. 1. Information Architecture
  2. 2. Buildings...“Each building serves itspurpose uniquely”.
  3. 3. “Each web site serves itspurpose uniquely”.Web sites...
  4. 4. Good Web SitesBad WebSitesHelp us find answers Not
  5. 5. Bad Buildings and Bad WebSitesHave the sameroots
  6. 6. No understandthe needs ofthe customers
  7. 7. No flexibilityNoScalability
  8. 8. IA Definition“The structural design ofshared informationenvironments”.
  9. 9. Principles ofInformationArchitecture
  10. 10. The principle of ObjectsTreat content as a living, breathingthing with a lifecycle, behaviors andattributes.
  11. 11. The principle of ChoicesCreate pages that offer meaningfulchoices to users, keeping the rangeof choices available focused on aparticular task.
  12. 12. The principle of DisclosureShow only enough information tohelp people understand what kindsof information they’ll find as they digdeeper.
  13. 13. The principle of ExemplarsDescribes the content of categoriesby showing examples of thecontents.
  14. 14. The principle of Front DoorsAssume at least half of the website’s visitors will come throughsome page other than the homepage.
  15. 15. The principle of Multiple ClassificationOffer users several differentclassification schemes to browsethe site’s content.
  16. 16. The principle of GrowthAssume the content you have todayis a small fraction of the contentyou’ll have tomorrow.
  17. 17. Why IA is important??Makes information findable andusable. So is a Fundamentalcomponent of the UX Process.
  18. 18. Thanks for listen!Rosario