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Biomedical Waste Treatment Process- A case study


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Process of Biomedical waste treatment including process of incineratipon, autoclaving, shredding !

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Biomedical Waste Treatment Process- A case study

  1. 1. Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facility –Process of Treatment Dr.Sharad H. Gajuryal
  2. 2. • Common Biomedical Waste Treatment Facility of AIIMS Hospital, BIOTIC WASTE SOLUTION is located at Jahagirpuri. • Biotic Waste Solutions, is a common bio medical waste treatment facility (CBWTF) ,authorized by Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) for collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of bio medical waste. • Caters around 700 Hospitals (around 7000 Beds) • Other CBWTF-SMS water Grace(Nilothi) / Synergy CBWTF
  3. 3. Necessity of CBWTF? • For Smaller HCE – not feasible due to lack of space and trained manpower /Minimum scale operation and minimum scale of economy. • For Large HCE- Located in congested and densely populated area cannot have such units due to environmental constrains.
  4. 4. • Manpower : 80 staffs • Manpower Involved for AIIMS =40 • Plant Staffs =25 • No. of Vehicles -13, • Vehicles involved for AIIMS=3
  5. 5. AIIMS-BMW Collection • General Waste (Black Bag) are collected behind OPD and transported to Dumping site at Manipalpur
  6. 6. • Biomedical wastes with blue and yellow color coding are collected from different centers at storage point of Main AIIMS. • (1800-2000kg/day) • Collected by Biotech Vehicles and Transported to Biotech solution for further treatment of Waste.- 3 different timing
  7. 7. BIOTIC SOLUTION PVT LTD • Amount of waste collected in 1 day – 5000 Kg • Amount of waste (yellow bag ) – 3700-3800 Kg (For incineration) • Amount of Waste in Blue/Red Bag -1200 Kg (For Autoclaving & Shredding)
  8. 8. Treatment Facility at Biotech Solution A. 2 Double Chambered Incinerator 250kg/hr 200kg/hr Working Time – 12 hrs /day ( 8 PM-8 AM) B. 1 Autoclave C. 1 Shredding Machine
  9. 9. • Other Facilities : • Office Area • Storage area for Different color coded Bags • Ash Collection Area • Water Treatment Area (ETP) • Parking
  10. 10. Facilities • Storage Site : Separate Storage sites for yellow bag and Separate Storage site for Blue & Red Bag.
  11. 11. Incinerator at BIOTECH Solution 2 Incinerators GW200/250 Alpha Thermo CID – Both Oil Fired Capacity -250 kg/hr and 200kg/hr Respectively
  12. 12. Incinerator • Incineration is a high temperature thermal process employing combustion of waste under controlled condition for converting them into inert material and gas. • Incineration reduce the solid mass of the original waste by 80–85%. • 3 types –Oil Fired, Gas Fired, Electrical Design
  13. 13. Incerination Process
  14. 14. Incineration Ash Collection Area
  15. 15. Venturi Scrubber-(APCD) Consists of 3 section 1. Converging Section 2. Throat Section & 3. Diverging Section • Gases/Fumes (Flue Gases) are passed through secondary chamber to Venturi . • First Enters through Converging Section . • As the area decrease, velocity of gas increases. • Pure Water is introduced into throat section which mix with the flue gases in throat section. Cyclonic effect occurs at diverging section (venturi scrubber) where acidic particles and particulates pollutants are scrubbed resulting in production of enormous no . of tiny droplets and gases.
  16. 16. ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) • Water collected after treatment of waste are stored in 5000 liter tank which is then drained to ETP tank near incinerators through motor pumps. • After being treated in ETP tank ,solid particle settling at base of tank are carried to land fill • Water drained to sewage.
  17. 17. ETP Tank
  18. 18. Autoclaving • Autoclaves use pressurized steam to destroy microorganisms, and are the most dependable systems available for the decontamination of waste and the sterilization of equipment and supplies under maintained temperature and pressure.
  19. 19. Auto clave at BIOTIC solution 1 Autoclave machine ,adjoined with boiler,with capacity of 200 kg/load
  20. 20. • Blue and red colored waste bags are allowed to treat in autoclave machine. • Standard temperature -121 *C • 15 PSI pressure • For 1 hour
  21. 21. • Plastic containers from Blue bags are removed soon after autoclaving and are crushed. • The crushed material are kept between the gap of cement and concrete and again filled by cement and concrete to make bricks.
  23. 23. Except plastic container, other autoclaved wastes are then allowed for shredding in shredder.. .
  24. 24. • Shredded materials are then sold out to authorized recycler . • Used to make plastic granules which are later used to make plastic materials.
  25. 25. Standard for Incineration
  26. 26. Air Quality Data
  27. 27. Standard for Liquid Waste
  28. 28. Issues/Problems • Complains regarding Poor segregation
  29. 29. THE END