Media evaluation question 4


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Media evaluation question 4

  1. 1. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? By Jonjo Sharp
  2. 2. BlogsMy blog was used to display my work related to this course, the development of media technologies enabled me to display many different forms of media. I was able to embed YouTube videos onto my blog, which made it more entertaining and enabled me to use interactive examples when planning and researching rather than quoting examples. This was important to my planning because it allowed me to analyse moving images and editing, which, in turn, gave me an insight to what I could do for my production.
  3. 3. Blogs are useful when organising work, as labels can be used to categorise different types of work, meaning that anyone can successfully find any research or planning I have done and relate it to my production.
  4. 4. They also enable you to display different programs, such as Prezi, Scribd and Slideshare. These programs introduce new ways to display work and make displaying research more interactive and interesting.
  5. 5. Music VideoThe internet as a media technology was vital to finding research and finding a song to use in our production. Media streaming via allowed us to listen to a variety of genres and artists; this is how were able to find our song and because of the ability to download these songs for free, w could use it and construct a narrative video of it by listening to the lyrics.
  6. 6. Media technologies such as YouTube were used in the planning process of my production, allowing me to easily access footage of other animated music videos and compare them and analyse how they followed conventions within my genre and how they related to a narrative theory.
  7. 7. I was also able to use cameras to practice different ways of animation to use in my production. We did this by drawing onto whiteboards or paper and taking still images. The proliferation of this hardware made it clear and easy to shoot but the technique to keep having to draw coloured background consistently was time consuming and proved a lot more difficult than using paint.
  8. 8. When producing my music video we used a series of different media technologies, such as Photoshop and Paint. Paint enabled to create the initial images as templates, such as the characters, backgrounds and props.
  9. 9. We chose to use colour connotation to represent different emotions in each scene and paint allowed us to do this with ease, whereas if we were to use whiteboards we would constantly be wiping out and colouring in, which would have been more difficult to prevent continuity errors and would have been time consuming.
  10. 10. Each shot we drew could be drawn through our own perspective, meaning that we were able to use different shot types, such as:
  11. 11. An Establishing shot
  12. 12. A Worm’s eye view Shot
  13. 13. Close ups
  14. 14. Point of View Shot
  15. 15. Although we had limited software, this program enabled us to create the initial images we needed without fail. Once created, we then used these images into Photoshop, which had the appropriate tools to manipulate these images and move them accordingly. Photoshop also had the tools to include special effects such as lens flares and adjustable lighting, which both improve quality and show clear representations
  16. 16. Once these images were constructed we were able to perform the post production via Adobe Premier Pro. This form of technology allowed us to add the pictures we created and slow the filming pace to 0.2 seconds, which helped to make the animation flow, meaning we could adjust different speeds to make the animation neater. We were then able to add the sound to the animation and adjust the timing of each shot to the lyrics of the song, which made the narrative clear to audience as it was timed with the visual images.
  17. 17. Print ProductionsTo create my print productions, I used a coalition of Paint and Photoshop. I personally drew my images via Paint and I was able to use Photoshop to change the images to the correct size. I felt that if I was to market my band via a music magazine or digipack, I would use images of my characters from my music video production. This is because I thought if my audience were to see images they recognised, they would be attracted to each print production upon seeing them. Media technologies such as the internet allowed me to research different print productions and how they appealed to their target audience.