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Writing to describe


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Writing to describe

  1. 1. The purpose is to describe factual information. Brakes There are front and rear brakes which when well adjusted allow you to slow down with fingertip control.
  2. 2. Write using Nouns and Pronouns •They • It• Dogs •He• Bikes •Which •None• People •You
  3. 3. Write in the present ate eat • Past • Present Dogs only eat twice a day. The dog ate twice a day.Timeless present tense uses words like
  4. 4. Write in the PresentTimeless Present Tense[Has no relation to any particular time] • It rains a lot in Auckland. • Cats kill mice. • The Earth revolves around the sun. • The Moon shines at night.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. 5. • Write a title • The Tuatara• Write an introduction – Write a statement or a • Tuataras belong to the brief description that is a reptile family but they classification or are not lizards. They are generalisation. known as a living fossil. – Use present tense – Use nouns – Use pronouns – Use technical language
  6. 6. Description Special Where Features does it What does live? it eat? What does it A Tuatara The tuatara can hold its look like? breathe for lives in old burrows dug by an hour. Tuataras range from They eat seabirds. But olive brown to orange insects, lizards, they are in red. The male has seabird eggs danger ofspines running down its and chicks. extinction. neck.
  7. 7. Conclusion Tuataras are an endangered species that canWill include… only be found inan impersonal offshore islandsevaluative comment. and sanctuaries. People need to be aware of how important it is lookA summary of the after the Tuatara asmain facts. it is part of our national heritage.
  8. 8. Conjunctions join sentences
  9. 9. Action Verbs are time telling wordsthey tell you when things are going to happen
  10. 10. Have IWritten in the present tense?Written using nouns and pronouns?Written an introduction that gives a brief description or statement?Said ‘How or why it starts’?Said ‘what happens next and after’?Said what happens in the end?Written a conclusion with a summary, or a comment?Have I used other words for ‘and’?Have I used action verbs?Have I used technical or scientific words?
  11. 11. Create a magazine coverIn Big Huge Labs
  12. 12. Use one page of PowerPoint and Keynote to publishyour story. Choose a suitable theme.