Publishing Writing Ideas


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Publishing Writing Ideas

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Publishing Writing Ideas

  1. 1. Here are some ideas of different ways to publish your work, starting from the simplest to the more complex and time consuming! Written by Jacqui Sharp 2009
  2. 2. Word/Keynote Type your recount onto the page Add suitable graphics/photos Add a frame.
  3. 3. Paper and Pens Use a large piece of paper and colour pens to publish your story.
  4. 4. Calligraphy Use Calligraphy pens to publish your story. http://cmcgavren.home. calligraphy/lesson.htm
  5. 5. Publishing Paper Choose from the selection of publishing paper to hand write your final copy.
  6. 6. Publish in Inspiration Click the Publish button and finish publishing your story in Word.
  7. 7. iPhoto book Create an iPhoto book. Choose a theme, Insert some photos into the theme. Type in your story.
  8. 8. iMovie Import your photos, Add text, Add a voice over, Add Music, Save as a Movie.
  9. 9. Photo Story Import your photos, Add text, Add a voice over, Add Music, Save as a Movie.
  10. 10. Comic Slideshow Insert Photos or drawings into AutoShapes. Make them into a slideshow using PowerPoint or Keynote. Add speech bubbles and narrative boxes to publish your story.
  11. 11. Make a comic Take some photos or create your own graphics to insert into Comic Life. Type your recount into the speech bubbles.
  12. 12. PowerPoint Recount Take some photos, create your own graphics or use computer graphics. Type your recount into PowerPoint.
  13. 13. KidPix Insert a photo or draw a picture that has something to do with your story. Choose a suitable font and type your story. Use the paint can to fill in the background.
  14. 14. Whiteboard Photo Using a variety of pens and your best handwriting publish your story onto a Whiteboard. Illustrate it and take a photo.
  15. 15. Blackboard Photo Using a variety of chalk and your best handwriting publish your story onto a Blackboard. Illustrate it and take a photo.
  16. 16. iMovie or MovieMaker Video a story that you have created with toys and the movie set. Import into iMovie or MovieMaker. Add a voice-over retelling the story.
  17. 17. Journal Import photos, resize so they fill the page. Type your story in textbox chunks and place on the page.
  18. 18. Podcast Record your voice telling the story. Add some music. Save it as a Podcast.
  19. 19. Publish in Kidspiration Click the Publish button and finish publishing your story in Word.
  20. 20. Class Writing Blog Add an entry to our class blog by publishing your Story. Add photos or graphics to illustrate it.
  21. 21. Cartoonised Photos Insert photos into and cartoonise them. Add them to PowerPoint
  22. 22. Mimio OR IWB publish Publish your story using IWB software. Use the coloured pen options and graphics to illustrate it.
  23. 23. Draft Online in Zoho or Google Docs Type your story into Google or Zoho. Illustrate it and share with others.
  24. 24. Slideshare Save your story to Slideshare and and publish publish in our blog or on our Wiki Page. Page.
  25. 25. Slideboom Create your story in PowerPoint and upload to and then publish in our blog or on our Wiki Page.
  26. 26. Kerpoof story Publish your story in and use the cartoon graphics and print out your story.
  27. 27. Moving Slideshow Make a moving story with photos and speech bubbles in
  28. 28. Animoto slideshow Save your PowerPoint slides as jpegs and put them into
  29. 29. KidPix and Photoshow Export your KidPix pictures as jpegs and insert into add your text and music.
  30. 30. Toondoo Spaces Comic Create a 1 to 3 page comic using your writing and cartoon graphics Education Site soon to be launched!
  31. 31. Voicethread Publish your story in and invite people to comment on it.
  32. 32. Sketchcast Retell your story in, drawing the pictures and record your voice telling the story.
  33. 33. Webcam publishing Read your story out aloud recording it on the webcam, show any pictures you may have drawn.
  34. 34. Publish in Issuu Publish your story in Word or PowerPoint. Upload to
  35. 35. UDL Bookbuilder Publish your story with your own photos or graphics in
  36. 36. Mixbook publish Publish your story on Insert photos to illustrate your text.
  37. 37. Timeline your story Retell your story as a timeline in
  38. 38. Publish in Glogster Make an interactive poster of your story with text, links and photos on
  39. 39. Mapwing Insert photos into and map where the events happened.
  40. 40. Makebeliefs comix Publish your story on Break your story up into speech bubbles & narrative boxes.
  41. 41. Publish Your Essay Map Fill out all of the parts of the essay map and then print out
  42. 42. Publish to your Wikipage Publish your story on your Wikipage. Remember to use a readable font and heading.