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Lots of different ways to publish labels for your management board.

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Publishing choices

  1. 1. Magazine CoverUse Big Huge Labs Magazine in wiki or blog or Print out.iBook your storyCreate a story using photos andyour text in iBook (Mac only).Embed in wiki or blog.National Geographic CoverCreate a National Geographic Magazinecover in the style of National Geographic®magazineTime CoverCreate a Time Magazine cover inthe style of National Geographic®magazine
  2. 2. iPhoto bookCreate an iPhoto bookChoose a themeInsert some photos into the themeType in your storyWordType your recount onto the pageAdd suitable graphicsAdd a frame by reading instructionsiMovieImport your photosAdd textAdd a voice overAdd MusicSave as a MoviePhoto StoryImport your photosAdd textAdd a voice overAdd MusicSave as a MovieCalligraphyUse Calligraphy pens to publish your story
  3. 3. Comic SlideshowInsert Photos or drawings into Autoshapes.Make them into a slideshow using PowerPointor KeynoteAdd speech bubbles and narrative boxesto publish your storyMake a comicTake some photos or createyour own graphics to insertinto Comic Life. Type yourrecount into the speech bubbles.PowerPoint RecountTake some photos, createyour own graphics or usecomputer graphics. Type yourrecount into PowerPoint.Publishing PaperChoose from the selection ofPublishing paper to handwriteyour final copy.KidPixInsert a photo or draw a picture that hassomething to do with your story.Choose a suitable font and type your story.Use the paint can to fill in the background.
  4. 4. Whiteboard Photo Using a variety of pens and your best Handwriting publish your story onto a Whiteboard. Illustrate it and take a photo. Blackboard Photo Using a variety of chalk and your best handwriting publish your story onto a Blackboard. Illustrate it and take a photo.iMovie or MovieMakerUse the video camera to video a storyImport into iMovie or MovieMakerAdd a voice-over recounting the storySee instruction books for help.JournalImport photos, resize so they fill the pageType your story in textbox chunks andplace on the page.Publish in KidspirationClick the Publish button and finishpublishing your story in Word
  5. 5. SlideshareSave your story to Slideshare and publish in ourblog or our Wiki pageClass Writing BlogAdd an entry to our class blog by publishing yourstory. Add photos or graphics to illustrate itCartoonised PhotosInsert photos into befunky.comandcartoonise them.Add them to PowerPointAnimoto slideshowSave your PowerPoint slides as jpegsand put them into animoto.comToondoo ComicCreate a 1 to 3 page comic using yourwriting and cartoon graphics
  6. 6. Kidpix and PhotoshowExport your KidPix pictures as jpegs and insertinto add your text and musicMapwingInsert photos mapwing.comandmap where the events happened.Kerpoof storyPublish your story in and use thecartoon graphics and print out your storyVoicethreadPublish your story in andinvite people to comment on itSketchcastretell your story in, drawing thepictures and record your voice telling the story
  7. 7. UDL BookbuilderPublish your story with your own photos orgraphics in bookbuilder.cast.orgMovingSlideshowMake a moving story withphotos and speech bubblesin bubblr.comPodcastRecord your voice telling the storyAdd some musicSave it as a PodcastPublish in InspirationClick the Publish button and finishpublishing your story in WordTimeline your storyRetell your story as a timeline