Narratives and myths and legends


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Narratives and myths and legends

  1. 1. The Purpose isto entertain,motivate orteachMyths& LegendsNarrativesWritten by Jacqui Sharphttp://sharpjacqui.blogspot.comClipart courtesy of
  2. 2. Write in second personYouWrite in third person• She• Her• He• His•Their•Him•Them•They•It
  3. 3. lived• Pastlives• Presenthad• Pasthas• PresentKing Minos lived on a lovely island called Crete.King Minos lives on a lovely island called Crete.King Minos had a powerful navy.King Minos has a powerful navy.Write in the Past
  4. 4. • Write a title• Write an introduction– Set the scene and mood– Introduce characters– Use second or thirdperson– Use past tense• Theseus and theMinotaur• King Minos lived on thelovely island of Cretewith his beautifuldaughter. He got boredeasily so regularly hewould go and attackAthens on the other sideof the sea.
  5. 5. The Problem or ConflictWhat was theproblem?When youwrite theproblem makeit interesting!The King of Athensoffered him his childrento be eaten by the Minotaur.The King of Athens, offered KingMinos, seven girls and seven boysevery nine years as an offering to theMinotaur. The Minotaur was afavourite of King Minos so he liked theidea of a regular sacrifice.
  6. 6. Whathappensnext?Whathappensafter?Whathappenslater?Whathappensfinally?When theyarrived inCrete…There werelocked in themaze. Notlong after…Finally theyset sail back toAthens butafter a whilethey….ResponseActionThe nine years passedquicky and Prince Theseusoffered to take the place ofone of the children and killthe Minotaur.
  7. 7. Write a conclusion and or aresolution here…Does it have a summary or amoral?They all set sail for Athens. On the way they stopped off at asmall island to stock up on supplies. The Princess insisted oncoming to the island. It was a very quiet island with nothing to doso the Princess fell asleep. All the people of the island gatheredaround to gaze at her beauty. Theseus left her there as he hadfulfilled his promise of taking her away so that people couldadmire how beautiful she was.
  8. 8. Conjunctions join sentences
  9. 9. Action Verbs express actionLook at your sentence, is a person oran object doing something. Ask yourselfthe question ‘Can you <insert word>?
  10. 10. Use Vivid VerbsWalked Plodded StompedTalked gossiped nattered chatteredListened snooped eavesdroppedThink considered contemplatedGet fished hookedWhat are vivid verbs?They are Power Words!
  11. 11. Adjectives: describes objects, people
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Have I Yes/NoWritten in the past tense?Written in second and third person?Written an introduction that sets the scene?Said ‘What the problem is?Said ‘what the response was (happens next and after)?Said what the Action was?Said what the Outcome was?Have I used other conjunctions for ‘and’?Have I used vivid verbs?Have I used interesting adjectives?
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