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Measurement Assessment


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Measurement Assessment

  1. 1. Measurement TasksName: Year Level: Classroom:Learning Intentions: L3. I can measure accurately using metres, and centimetresL2. I can make estimates about L3. I can convert between metres and centimetreslengthsL2. I can estimate and measure tothe nearest cm and m I can be self managing by organizing my own learning timeTasks to Complete: FinishedLength tasks Computer 1. In your maths book, write your estimate and if you got it right 2. click on Measure button, how many did you get right 3. Play the games on the Everglade Learners Measurement wiki site Computer 4. Smaller or bigger then a metre activity PowerPoint in Measurement Folder Computer 5. Measuring Length in cm Worksheet 6. Length use a metre ruler to measure length in cms 7. Measuring with metres. Work with a partner and record findings in maths Pearson Maths book Pg 151 Stages 4-5 8. How long is your stride? Work with a partner and record findings in maths Bookwork book Pg 152-153 9. Using mm and cm Record answers in maths book Pg 152-153 Pearson Maths Stage 6 10. Measurement Workshop PowerPoint Computer or mimio 11. Mighty metres Work with a partner and record findings in maths book Pg 3 Figure it out BookworkAssessment Needs Improvement (1pt) Satisfactory(3pts) Good (6pts)RubricSelf Managing I was not able to organise I was able to complete some I completed most tasks and was my time tasks I organised able to organise my timeCompletion of I had difficulty measuring I was able to measure and I completed my task quotameasuring and calculating length calculate length, area and volume measuring and calculating length,tasks correctly most times area and volume correctlyTechnological I need help to work on I can find most things and do I can find what I need and use theskills computers most things on the computer applicationsMy total score was…What could I have done better?What do I need help with?What was my favourite task?What did I do the best in?