Junior maths mangawhai


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Junior maths mangawhai

  1. 1. Maths and Computers in the Junior School
  2. 2. Jacqui Sharp’s Weblinks http://www.jsharp.co.nz Main website http://sharpjacqui.blogspot.com ICT Teaching and Learning (integration of ICT into curriculum areas) http://jacquisharp.blogspot.com Web2.0 and Education (Web2.0 tools that can be used in Education) http://jacquiscourses.blogspot.com Course Support Blog http://jsharp.wikispaces.com trial site testing out the use of Wikis in the classroom http://mimioiwb.blogspot.com/ mimios and IWBs in the classroom http://ipodsiphonesineducation.wikispaces.com/ iPods & iPhones in education http://delicious.com/sharpjacqui Delicious website bookmarks info@jsharp.co.nz Email address
  3. 3. Browsers Wordprocessing Graphic Organisers, Drawing, Recording and Reporting
  4. 4. mimio
  5. 5. KidPix
  6. 6. KidPix
  7. 7. KidPix
  8. 8. KidPix Emergent
  9. 9. KidPix
  10. 10. KidPix Advanced Counting
  11. 11. KidPix
  12. 12. Pages/Word
  13. 13. Word
  14. 14. Geometry
  15. 15. Using Word, PowerPoint or Keynote to create Tessellations Word Tools Auto shapes Draw menu Rotate and flip Align and distribute colour
  16. 16. How to teach? Could be taught in a whole class lab teaching session Whole class demonstration of selected skills in front of one computer Charts on wall Monitors have been through a training session
  17. 17. Session One Using Shapes draw a Triangle
  18. 18. Session One  - D (Mac) to duplicate shape
  19. 19. Session One Drag the second triangle to the right
  20. 20. Session One Press - D Repeat until triangles are right across the page
  21. 21. Session One Duplicate the first triangle Go to Hold Command (Apple) key down, click and drag to rotate Move into place
  22. 22. Session One Repeat the Duplicating.
  23. 23. Session One Duplicate some more triangles and see how they fit into a pattern
  24. 24. Session One Move the triangles around and see what sort of interlocking patterns you can make Discuss what you are doing with the other members in your group
  25. 25. Session Two Teach new skills of shift clicking to group a number of objects together With this new skill duplicate and move multiple objects
  26. 26. Session Two Introduce colour Demonstrate how to colour inside and lines Use the Shift -Click to colour multiple shapes Demonstrate patterns Demonstrate Fill Effects patterns
  27. 27. Adding Gradient colour
  28. 28. Adding photos
  29. 29. Year 4
  30. 30. Exploring and creating patterns
  31. 31. Year 4
  32. 32. Session Two Repeat last steps and try a different shape from Shapes Ask yourself the question which shapes translate the best and why?
  33. 33. Session Three Bring in another shape and test how it fits with a triangle Test how it translates Create a tessellation
  34. 34. Session Four Add more shapes testing for translation, rotating and flipping Which shapes work best together and why?
  35. 35. Assessment Task Why have you Design chosen wrapping What is Who is it this paper for the for? particular a special occasion? design for occasion this person?
  36. 36. Describing the symmetry in patterns, objects and designs (frieze patterns, kowhaiwhai, wrapping paper etc)
  37. 37. Keynote/PowerPoint
  38. 38. Internet http://delicious.com/sharpjacqui/juniormaths
  39. 39. Start games Internet
  40. 40. Count in 2s and 5s
  41. 41. Circles
  42. 42. Management
  43. 43. Maths There are folders for math groups Activities for the week or day are in the folders
  44. 44. Monitoring labels K M Computer D Activities O
  45. 45.  Create a slideshow in PowerPoint or Keynote or mimio Notebook  Include a mixture of links to mimio, Keynote, Pages, KidPix and Internet activities  This is a cumulative file that can be added to over time