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How To Create Interactive Learning Centres


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How to create interactive Learning Centres in PowerPoint 200

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How To Create Interactive Learning Centres

  1. 1. How to create Interactive Learning Centres In PowerPoint
  2. 2. Interactive Learning Centres A great way to direct students to the  websites you want them to use, is to create hyperlinked interactive pages in PowerPoint  These can be organised in Curriculum and or Group areas Mathsgroups Readinggroups/Individualised activity pages/Subject specific
  3. 3. PowerPoint Open  PowerPoint Click on the  Title slide Click on the  Design button to choose a coloured background
  4. 4. Screen Capture Type in the name of  your group or Curriculum area  Go to the Website you want your students to link to  Take a screen capture of the screen by pressing down PrtSc button on Keyboard (or Fn – PrtSc)
  5. 5. Screen Capture Open Paint by going to Start – All Programmes –Accessories  -Paint Press Ctrl – V  Click on the Square – Selector tool  Click and drag around the part of the website you want to  use as a hyperlink
  6. 6. Copying and Pasting Go back to PowerPoint  Press Ctrl – V to paste  onto your PowerPoint page Resize the picture by  clicking and dragging on a corner Go back to the website, copy the internet  address by pressing Ctrl - C
  7. 7. Hyperlinking Go back to your PowerPoint  Click on the Picture so it is selected  Click on the Hyperlink button on the  toolbar Press Ctrl – V  Click OK 
  8. 8. Saving The screen capture  will now be hyperlinked Repeat with more  website links Save this PowerPoint twice! Save as a PowerPoint presentation file so that you can add to it later (Go to File- Save, name the file and save it to a folder). Save as a PowerPoint Show so that when the children click on the file it will open in full interactive Slideshow view. Go to File – Save As, click on PowerPoint Show