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Silicon Valley Trip By Blaze Travel Guides

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  • Perhaps, you could give more details and explanations about what activities we can do from those places.
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  • I believe it would be difficult to persuade me to join this trip. In my opinion, it is nice and interesting to visit all these big name companies. However, I am not sure what I will get from going to these places. There should be a workshop or some activities with them in order to learn and get knowledge from these places.
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Silicon Valley Presentation #Group8

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  7. 7. Knowledge Fun Educational Agency Travel Agency Mix advantages Educational agency and Travel agencyMix advantages Educational agency and Travel agency
  8. 8. ObjectiveObjective To get knowledge of 3I perspectives. International Innovation Social/Environment Impact To learn from real experiences and workshops. To inspire entrepreneurial student in a term of “I Can Do it”  To adapt the key success factor from each company to the real life situation in doing business
  9. 9. Why Silicon Valley?Why Silicon Valley?  It is home to many of the world's largestworld's largest technology companiestechnology companies including Apple, Google, and Face book.  Despite the development of other high-tech economic centers throughout the United States and the world, Silicon Valley continues to be the leading hub for high- tech innovation and development, accounting for 1/3 of all of the venture capital investment in the United States
  10. 10. Trip PreparationTrip Preparation WorkshopWorkshop Students are required to do idea presentation at IDEO. The subject will be assigned shortly. Idea PresentationIdea Presentation You will be required to present your idea in front of the famous judges.
  11. 11. ValueValue  To learn about the Ideas & Knowledge of 3I.  To get the experiences from working environment.  To know how to create innovation.  To perceive International Culture.  To learn how the attitude of management & employee are.  To do Idea creation process & applications.  To be inspired from the world-class companies.
  12. 12. Bangkok Bangkok San Francisco San Francisco Day 1Day 1
  13. 13. Day 1Day 1
  14. 14. Day 1Day 1  Stanford University To learn 3 I perspective via lecture Topic discussion includes: 1. International Business : learn about how to explore the market , apply this knowledge on business and expand the market Lunch box included
  15. 15.  Dinner at Cardinal Club Lounge, Sheraton Hotel The Cardinal Club Lounge is the perfect place to enjoy your favorite beverage and have a tour look at the collection of Stanford memorabilia. Cardinal Club Lounge Cuisine: American Atmosphere: Casual Setting: Indoor/Outdoor   Day 1Day 1
  16. 16. Day 2Day 2  08:00 am. Stanford University  12:00 am. Lunch break  13:30 pm. Stanford University  18:00 pm. Dinner and relax Lunch box included
  17. 17. Day 2Day 2  Stanford University To learn 3 I perspective via lecture (Continued) Topic discussion includes: Innovation : Engineering Innovation , IT Innovation , Operation Innovation and Product Innovation Environmental Impact /Social Impact : Internal organization environment and Social Impact
  18. 18. Day 2Day 2  Dinner & Shopping at Stanford Shopping Center   Cuisine: American/Chinese Atmosphere: Casual Setting: Open Air   Stanford Shopping Center is an upscale open air shopping mall located on El Camino Real on the campus of Stanford University. The outdoor center is 1.4 million square feet including four major department stores and the best gourmet restaurants in Palo Alto.
  19. 19. Day 3Day 3  Visit “Apple”“Apple”  To learn about Innovation and Social Impact Apple has established a unique reputation in the consumer electronics industry. Fortune magazine named Apple the most admired company in the United States in 2008, and in the world in 2008, 2009, and 2010.
  20. 20. Day 3Day 3  Dinner at Mandarin Gourmet restaurant   Mandarin Gourmet restaurant Cuisine: Chinese Atmosphere: Casual Setting: Indoor / Round Table   A classy dining experience ... in the distinct minority of upscale Chinese restaurants ... contemporary and sleek ... high end Chinese with an intensive and inventive menu ... decor that puts it at the pinnacle of Asian restaurants in the area ... wide selection ... sophisticated presentation.
  21. 21. Day 4Day 4  08:00 am. Face book  12:00 am. Lunch break  13:30 pm. Google  18:00 pm. Dinner and relax Lunch box included
  22. 22. Day 4Day 4  To learn “international Business” at FacebookFacebook  According to comScore, Facebook is the leading social networking site based on monthly unique visitors, having overtaken main competitor MySpace in April 2008.ComScore reports that Facebook attracted 130 million unique visitors in May  Activity : Company tour Discussion session
  23. 23. Day 4Day 4 Idea presentation with co-founder Wow !
  24. 24. Day 4Day 4  To learn Internal Environment/Social Impact  Google is known for having an informal corporate culture. On Fortune magazine's list of best companies to work for, Google ranked first in 2007 and 2008 and fourth in 2009 and 2010. You can make money without doing evil You can be serious without a suit Work should be challenging and the challenge should be fun Working PhilosophyWorking Philosophy
  25. 25. Day 4Day 4  Dinner at Frankie, Johnnie & Luiugi Too! - Mountain View Frankie, Johnnie & Luigi Too Cuisine: Italian Atmosphere: Casual Setting: Indoor/Buffet  The restaurant has an open kitchen where patrons can watch the cooks "hand toss" the pizza dough and prepare entire meals.. Our menu features time-honored Southern Italian cooking. Traditional dishes such as Veal Scaloppini, Scampi, Lamb Osso Bucco, and Chicken Parmigiana abound
  26. 26. Day 5Day 5 ““IDEO”IDEO”  Product idea presentation  IDEO has won more of the BusinessWeek/IDSA Industrial Design Excellence Awards than any other firm. IDEO has been ranked in the top 25 most innovative companies by BusinessWeek and does consulting work for the other 24 companies in the top 25. Workshop
  27. 27. Day 5Day 5  Dinner at Sheraton Hotel / Poolside Grill Poolside Grill Cuisine: Californian Atmosphere: Casual Setting: Outdoor/beside the pool    Poolside cocktails are also available and complimentary hors d'oeuvres are served Monday through Friday evening.
  28. 28. Day 6 - City TourDay 6 - City Tour  Rent car is provided with a full-tank of fuel  Plan for your trip we rent and go everywhere you like  To book a premium car, please contact us before the end of day 2. (Additional payment required)
  29. 29. Day 6Day 6  7:00 - 9:00 Check out from Sheraton and get your car  9:00 - 19:00 Innovative City Tour (by Yourself)  19:00- 20:00 Return the car and meet at the airport  22:35 Flight to BKK Golden Gate Bridge
  30. 30. Recommended tourism sitesRecommended tourism sites San Jose Center for Performing Art Fishermans Wharf
  31. 31. Recommended tourism sitesRecommended tourism sites Treasure Island San Jose Museum of Art
  32. 32. Recommended tourism sitesRecommended tourism sites And more… Computer History Musem
  33. 33. Day 7Day 7  Fly back to BKK with United Airline Bangkok Bangkok San Francisco San Francisco
  34. 34. Reserve Now!!Reserve Now!!
  35. 35. Expert consultantsExpert consultants MaxMax JahJah NuiNui AugustAugust JayJay
  36. 36. Join usJoin us Contact Center :Contact Center : 02-111-222202-111-2222