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Shanghai Business Trip


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Mr. Thanakrit Kanchanavilai
Ms. Puttira Tanboonperm
Mr. Akekachat Akepreechachan
Mr. Rhatsarun Tanapaisankit
Mr. Thoranit Sukhumanant

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Shanghai Business Trip

  1. 1. 7 DAYS 6 NIGHTS in Shanghaimpactnnovation of Shanghaint’l business
  2. 2. Why We ?  We provide a desirable Shanghai business-oriented trip*  We offer full, high-quality services: every 10 customers are taken care of by one of our trained staff and 5 coordinators manage the trip. • We associate with Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, a number one university in China in terms of accounting, international finance, and Economics and Finance. • We also create an international network of individuals, institutions and industries. • We support students and professionals seeking opportunities to advance their careers in Shanghai.* The design of the trip is based on customers’ requirement and expectation. The data iscollected from 30 questionnaire respondents, together with in-depth interviews with 3IMBA professors and officers.
  3. 3. Why You?Join us, if:• You are travel explorer and education lover.• You desire to choose wise and be unique.• You would love to be inspired.• You would love to expand learning and professional development opportunities.• You long for having network of individuals, institutions and industries.
  4. 4. S h an g h ai is a mo n u me nt to C h in a ’s e co n o mic su c c e ss a n d c u lt u ra l t ra d it io n . S in c e t h e 1 0 th c e nt u r y, t h e re g io n s su rro u n d ing S h an g hai h ave b een on es o f t h e C h in a ’s mo st p ro sp e ro u s. Th o u gh wa r a n d re b e llio n tarn ish ed t h e c it y f rom t h e 1 9 th c e nt u r y to Wo rld Wa r I I , S h a n g h a i h a s b a la n c e sp a n , le a d in gWhy Shanghai? C h in e se e co n o mic p rog ress in 1 9 9 0 s an d swe llin g to b e co me t h e co u nt r y ’s la rge st c it y.
  5. 5. DAY1
  6. 6. Shanghai Pudong International Airport Here WE arrive at a major aviation hub in Asia, particularly in the East Asian region. Pudong Int’l Airport is the primary international airport in Shanghai. With 2,539,284 metric tonnes handled and a total of 31.9 million passengers passed through in 2009, the airport is the 3rd busiest airport in the world in terms of both freight traffic and the 3rd busiest airport in mainland China.
  7. 7. Lujiazui Going to Lujiazui FinanceInt’l biz and Trade Zone – Pudong’s new area –, WE will experience not only the largest and the most modern district of Shanghai, but WE will experience the most important financial hub of modern China, where, in 2005, its gross domestic product reached up to RMB210.88 billion (USD25.5 billion).
  8. 8. Shanghai Museum At Shanghai Museum, a Social large museum of ancientImpact Chinese art, WE will learn a lot more about Chinese people together with their cultures and ways of living. The museum is divided into eleven galleries, which cover most of the major categories of Chinese art: Ancient Bronze, Ancient Ceramics, Paintings, Calligraphy, Ancient Sculpture, Ancient Jade, Coins, Ming and Qing Furniture, Seals, and Minority Nationalities.
  9. 9. Shanghai Jin Hang International Trading Visiting Shanghai Jin Hang International Trading which is situated at an 88-story Jin Mao Tower, WE will discover how they provide swift, flexible and professionalInt’l biz import service, custom clearance, custom inspection and logistics in Shanghai. (The company has received import certificate, government certification and speedy custom clearance awards.)
  10. 10. Oriental Pearl Tower Now it’s time to indulge OURSELF with the view of Shanghai at observatory levels of Oriental Pearl Tower (the Space Module at 350 m, the Sightseeing Floor at 263 m and the Space City at 90 m) as well as enjoy a panoramic view without leaving OUR seats in a revolving restaurant at the 267 m.
  11. 11. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics After getting to know students of ShanghaiInnovation University, WE will get start with Workshop on Innovation
  12. 12. Workshop on Innovation Being innovative with Designed Meal With this workshop, we will; KNOW: Innovation process,Innovation tools and techniques to acceleration innovation. APPLY: Tools to real goals, challenges, and problems. DEVELOP: Plans to improve innovation performance and apply innovative thinking to key opportunities. BE ABLE TO USE ROI (Return On Ideas, Implementation, and Innovation).
  13. 13. Workshop on Innovation (Continued) Apart from focusing on Innovation innovation, WE will take the cultural and culinary traditions into consideration. WE will also be able to express ourselves individually, while being a part of a greater whole.
  14. 14. Welcoming to Shanghai Party Welcoming to Shanghai party hosted by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
  15. 15. Where We stay?Spending first 3 relaxing nights at Renaissance Putuo Hotel (5-star)
  16. 16. DAY2
  17. 17. Volkswagen Going to Volkswagen Factory, the first joint- venture company in China after the opening policy carried on in 1980’s. With this special tour, WE will experience not only the assembling line workshop where different parts of a new car are put together butInnovation also the latest technique and robot used. Here, WE will see how the inside of a car looks like.
  18. 18. Quan Ju De Restaurant Quan Ju De Restaurant is the right place for US to test the famous Beijing Roast Duck: •Quan Ju De Boiled Duck Liver •Quan Ju De Hot and Spicy Shredded Duck Wing and •Quan Ju De Mustard Duck Web
  19. 19. Silk Factory At Silk Factory, the most famous local product, WE will find Chinas delicate silk and its source, but most importantly WE will know Social how they produce silk fabricImpact step by step.
  20. 20. Super Brand Mall Super Brand Mall is a large scale, international styleInt’l biz urban shopping center developed by Shanghai Kinghill Limited, the real estate subsidiary of The Charoen Pokphand Group (CP Group) of Thailand. More than 70 international fashion restaurants and a diverse range of entertainment and education venues. Together with more than 100 international trendy fashion brands, Super Brand Mall is one of Chinas landmark fashion venues WE can’t miss.
  21. 21. Xujiahui Xujiahui is now the main commercial district ofInt’l biz downtown shanghai, where there are numerous types of retail outlets. Everything from cosmetics to cars to cucumbers is available in this area. However, it is well- known to be the biggest place for electronic equipments. This is another place WE may find opportunities in entering international markets.
  22. 22. Shanghai Acrobatic Show SocialImpact Having a relaxing night with Shanghai Acrobatic Era Intersection of Time. It is said to be the best and exiting acrobatic in the present. Every scene is invested with 100 million yuans.
  23. 23. DAY3
  24. 24. Workshop on International Business For the second workshop session, WE will emphasis on International Business. The workshop will: •address key issues for international companies doing business in Shanghai. •provide practical tips and trainings on legal issues of importance to international companies doing business inInt’l biz Shanghai. •discuss a variety of political and business issues arising from the Thailand-China bilateral relationship.
  25. 25. Nanjing Road A 5.5-kilometer Nanjing Road, an old road of Shanghai, is the most crowded walking street in Shanghai. Big departmentInt’l biz stores, brand name shops – both real and fake –, Chinese restaurants and fast foods are located on this road. This place provides a wonderful opportunity to know the market in Shanghai.
  26. 26. DAY4
  27. 27. Charoen Pokpand Group The largest Thai company in China, Charoen Pokpand Group is another company that WE cannot neglect. TheInt’l biz company has been operating in Shanghai for years and has played a very big part in Chinese economics. Here, WE will have a great chance to know how a Thai company successfully enter Chinese market.
  28. 28. Golden Jaguar International Cuisine As the largest International Buffet Restaurant Chain in China, Golden Jaguar International Cuisine Collection serves more than 400 dishes from around the world, including seafood, traditional Japanese cuisine, and a long list of house made Chinese dim sum, desserts and pastries. It has recruited over 50 five-star top food and beverage chefs from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, India, and America to develop world class cuisine. WE cannot miss this place for sure.
  29. 29. Hangzho WahahaInt’l biz Formerly a sales department in a school, Hangzhou Wahaha Group is now the largest beverage producer in China, located in Hangzhous Xiasha Economic and Technological Development Zone. Here, WE will discover the production processes with hi-technology facilities. Take a chance to figure out what makes the company the most profitable beverage company in China.
  30. 30. Suzhou Harmony Times Squares Harmony Times Square is a new landmark for Suzhou. Social Here, WE will find officeImpact buildings, retail streets, riverfront cafes and a state- of-the-art shopping mall. Its urban design and open Int’l biz canal-side streetscape create a cultural center for the city, and also a variety of bridges, pathways, plazas and retail tenants frame the unique development.
  31. 31. Xin Tian Di Now let’s enjoy OUR dining time. Xin Tian Di is an affluent car-free shopping, eating and entertainment district of Shanghai. It hasInt’l biz become an urban tourist attraction that holds the historical and cultural legacies of the city. Shanghai Xin Tian Di is a fashionable pedestrian street composed of Shikumen and modern architecture style. For OUR leisure time, nowhere else in Shanghai is better than here.
  32. 32. Where We stay?WE will spend this night and the next 2 nights at Somerset Emerald City Suzhou Hotel (5-star)
  33. 33. DAY5
  34. 34. Workshop on Social and Environmental Impact WE are going to focus on the Path to Green Growth in Social following aspects;Impact •Sustainable Consumption and Production •Greening Business and Markets
  35. 35. Workshop on Social and Environmental (Continued) •Sustainable Growth •Eco-efficiency Indicators •Socially Inclusive Development
  36. 36. DAY6
  37. 37. Shanghai World Financial Center most modern and high technology building in Shanghai. SWFC has 101 floors with the 492 meters in height which count as theInt’l biz 3rd tallest building in the world. From the roof top, the visitor could see very beautiful scenery of Shanghai. Moreover, the building is the center of many international business and financing activities.
  38. 38. The Bund TunnelInt’l biz To get to Waitan or the Bund, WE will cross the Huangpu River by the Bund Tunnel. With a slow-moving powered vehicle, WE will be so excited with light effects projected onto the walls that WE do not feel the tardiness of crossing the river.
  39. 39. Waitan Located at the west side of Huang Pu river. From time to time had made this area,Int’l biz Waitan, fully of many beautiful architectures. More importantly, this area is the center of banking and financing of Shanghai where WE should come across.
  40. 40. Shanghai Urban Planning Museum To get to know the city of Shanghai – where to invest – Shanghai Urban Planning Museum is the place as Shanghai was planned in Social advance and established in order.Impact On the 1st floor of the building, many models of important architectures in Shanghai are shown. The hall of flame on the 2nd floor shows the development of Shanghai in the past 100 years. And on the 3rd floor, there is the 1:500 model of Shanghai.
  41. 41. Hong Qiao New World Pearl Market At Hong Qiao New World Pearl Market, one of the most famous pearl department store in China. After a long development, the freshwater pearl farm was possible. We will see Int’l biz their innovation on how they raise the pearl and make them into the global marketplace.
  42. 42. WorkshopFinally, from our experienceduring the stay in Shanghai ,WE will share the 3Is (Socialand Environmental Impact,Innovation, andInternational business) andpresent OUR final projectassigned from the first dayof arrival in Shanghai.
  43. 43. Farewell PartyNothing is better thanhaving a memorable timebefore leaving Shanghai forBangkok!
  44. 44. DAY7
  45. 45. MaglevInt’l biz After the fist and last free morning in Shanghai, WE are now leaving Shanghai. But to go to the airport this time, WE will go by Maglev, the first commercial high-speed railway in the world. It takes only 7 minutes and 20 seconds to complete the distance of 30 km as its peak speed is 431 km/h.
  46. 46. Suvarnabhumi International Airport Flying back to Bangkok smoothly as silk with Thai Airways (TG662) @17.20-21.15
  47. 47. Join And get a great business- oriented experience in with ONLY THB 80,000 per person
  48. 48. Join With friends or family for
  49. 49. Board of DirectorsAkekachat AkepreechachanChair of the Board Thanakrit Kanchanavilai Strategic Management DirectorPuttira TanboonpermTourism Development Director Thoranit Sukhumanant Chief Marketing OfficerRhatsarun TanapaisankitChief Finance Officer
  50. 50. Partners and Supporters