10. Paul’s letter to the romans ch 8v 1-17


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The Holy Spirit as the Power for holy living

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10. Paul’s letter to the romans ch 8v 1-17

  1. 1. Paul’s Letter to the Romans<br />The Holy Spirit as the Power for Holy Living – Part 1: The Holy Spirit makes us Sons of God (Chap. 8:1-16)<br />
  2. 2. Your Questions?<br />Any Questions from last topic or from preparation for today?<br />
  3. 3. Review<br />The Gospel Introduced (Romans 1:1 – 1:15)<br />The Gospel Defined (Romans 1:16-17)<br />The Good News of God-Righteousness to all who believe on Christ<br />The Universal Need for Righteousness (Romans 1:18 – 3:20)<br />The Basis and Terms of the Gospel (Romans 3:21-31)<br />RIGHTEOUSNESS, JUSTIFICATION, REDEMPTION, PROPITIATION, GRACE, FAITH<br />
  4. 4. Review (continued)<br />The Agreement of the Gospel with the Old Testament (Romans 4)<br />The Practical Benefits of the Gospel (Romans 5:1-11)<br />The Victory of Christ’s Work over Adam’s Sin (Romans 5:12-21)<br />The Gospel’s Way to Holy Living (Romans 6)<br />The Place of the Law in the Believer's Life (Chap. 7)<br />
  5. 5. The Holy Spirit as the Power for Holy Living – He makes us Sons of God<br />Read Romans 8:1-4<br />According to v3 & 4, what did God accomplish through the death of Christ which the Law failed to accomplish?<br />God made it possible for us to fulfil what the Law required!<br />How did He accomplish this?<br />In Christ’s death, God condemned completely sin in the flesh – the sinful nature of man – putting it to death. Now a believer walks according to the Spirit, not the old nature.<br />According to v2, what is the effect of life in Christ?<br />The power of sin and death is broken – we are free to live for God!<br />What is the importance to you of Paul’s statement, “No condemnation” in v1?<br />
  6. 6. The difference between saved and unsaved<br />Read Romans 8:5-8<br />In verses 5-6, what is the difference between an unsaved person and a saved one?<br />The unsaved person lives according to the sinful nature, and regards the things of the flesh. They are dead!<br />The saved person lives according to the Holy Spirit and values the things of the Spirit. They have life, and peace in the Spirit!<br />In verses 7-8, why is it impossible for an unsaved person to please God?<br />They have a carnal, fleshly mind which is not able to be subject to God – their mind is hatred against God.<br />
  7. 7. What is a real Christian?<br />Read Romans 8:9<br />What does this verse say about what it really means to be a Christian?<br />A real Christian is no longer in the flesh – but in Christ!<br />A real Christian has the Holy Spirit dwelling inside<br />If this is not so, a person is not a real Christian!<br />Do you think it could be possible for a person to become a Christian by good living, keeping the commandments or other religious practices?<br />A person is not a Christian without the Holy Spirit dwelling in them – no matter what they say, or do. <br />What do you think about the idea that a person could be a Christian but not yet have received the Holy Spirit?<br />This verse shows that such an idea is completely false – if you do not have the Holy Spirit you do not belong to Christ!<br />
  8. 8. The Power in a Christian life<br />Read Romans 8:10-11<br />What is the source of life in a person who is truly saved?<br />As sin produces death in those who are unsaved, the Holy Spirit produces life in those who are saved and in-dwelt by Him.<br />What assurance does the Christian have concerning the future, because the Holy Spirit dwells in them?<br />As the Holy Spirit raised up Jesus from among the dead, the believer not only has power over sin in this life, but also has the assurabce of physical resurrection – when they will finally be redeemed from the presence of sin for ever!<br />
  9. 9. No longer a debtor to sin<br />Read Romans 8:12-16<br />Why is the believer no longer under an obligation to sin?<br />We are now God’s children, and led by His Spirit.<br />What does the Holy Spirit produce in a believer?<br />A real sense of freedom and peace (v15)<br />An instinctive awareness of our Father’s love and care (v15)<br />The assurance that we are God’s children (v16)<br />
  10. 10. Joint-Heirs with Christ<br />Read Romans 8:17<br />What can we learn about God and His purposes for us?<br />God is abundantly gracious – He has not only forgiven our sins, but He has made us equal heirs with Christ<br />God purpose is not only that we should live for Christ now, but that we should be glorified together with Christ at His coming.<br />What should our attitude be to suffering?<br />We must remember that it is a privilege to suffer with Christ, and that as God’s children we will also be glorified together with Him.<br />
  11. 11. For next time:<br />The Holy Spirit as the Power for Holy Living (Part 2) – Romans 8:18-39<br />Try to read the passage two or three times before our next meeting<br />Think about what the passage says about <br />God’s purposes for Creation<br />God’s purposes for His Children<br />The Holy Spirit<br />Suffering as a Christian<br />Think carefully about your position before God<br />Read pages 65-69 in Alive and Free<br />Write down any QUESTIONS YOU WOULD LIKE TO ASK<br />