Social Media & Brand Awareness: Or, How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mob


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Presentation given at CCAE National Conference, June 8, 2009.

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Social Media & Brand Awareness: Or, How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mob

  1. Social Media & Brand Awareness Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mob CCAE National Conference Dave Tanchak | BCIT June 8, 2009
  2. Here on behalf of a diverse and dynamic team…
  3. Who is this dude anyway? •Manager, Web Services, BCIT •Part-time web design instructor •Beer-league hockey player •Rock star wannabe * * More on this later
  4. Definitely not a social media: expert evangelist(maybe a little) strategist(well, not entirely) guru More of an experimentalist, if anything. (aren’t we all?)
  5. The Social MediaStarfish
  6. The Conversation Prism
  7. Can social media equal this? …as a way to raise awareness?
  8. Dunno. Via Jeff_Werner on Flickr But it definitely won’t if we don’t get engaged.
  9. Our research has shown: • BCIT brand awareness is high • Perceptions are skewed • Breadth is poorly understood
  10. Can we make people aware of the breadth of our offering… …by getting them to think and talk about their interests and goals?
  11. We thought we’d try. Using communication methods and tools that are meaningful to our target audience. Photo via Matt Hamm on Flickr.
  12. So let’s flip the conversation around…
  13. An arduous journey… Via activeside on Flickr
  14. Our, uh, “egg hunt” so far: 1 Early conversations 2 Transmogrification * 3 Loving the mob 4 What to worry about next * Props to Calvin & Hobbes
  15. 1 2 3 4 Early conversations
  16. We tried to start the conversation in 2003
  17. Yeah, right.
  18. So we went about our business…
  19. …but we kept talking about “the mob.” (Notice the old screenshots…)
  20. Think we could Kay. Lemme You know get some know when students blog those to write Yo Dave. IWill do. reckon. S’up? Yup. they’re ready. some of those? things? Director of Marketing Me (Boss) …and so, about daymonths later… Then, one 3 in 2006…
  21. “Real students. Real life.”
  22. The big idea: • Give potential students: – Unmediated commentary about BCIT – A glimpse of student life that no brochure or website content can provide – A chance to interact with real students • Then watch the applications roll in!
  23. We definitely got some interesting stories…
  24. So what about all those conversations? Year # of bloggers Comments Total UPV myLife UPV 06/07 7 84 > 10K > 3K 07/08 7 21 > 12K > 4K 08/09 10 47 > 36K > 5K
  25. It seems clear that: • Student bloggers have been providing valuable perspective over 3 years • We still haven’t seen the level of engagement we hoped for
  26. 1 2 3 4 Transmogrification
  27. For the uninitiated Images ©Universal Press Syndicate. Original work by Bill Watterson. Originally published on 1987-03-23 & 1987-03-24.
  28. Some of that We’re looking Yes, actually. social media I’m notvideo. a to do really And more stuff. The Seriously. Is this a Lots Dave. stuff on the Yo of and so Marketing video. S’up? Uh... Cool. Myface It’llthis year. rock. joke? webarchetype. on. Director of Marketing Me (Not my boss) In the spring of 2008…
  29. We need to transmogrify from: • Static to dynamic • One-way to two-way • Announcement to conversation
  30. Move past brochureware: • “Here’s what we’ve got.” • “Here’s what it costs.” • “Here’s how you get in.” • “Here’s what it’s like to study.”
  31. The big idea: • Use social media aspects: – Creating – Connecting – Collaborating – Critiquing – Consuming
  32. awareness of To help us increase our brand and breadth.
  33. Promotional tactics: • Outdoor advertising • Online • Theatre slides • Nightcasting • Street decaling • Street stunts • Recruitment events
  34. Skytrain platform posters
  35. Skytrain interior cards
  36. Online advertising • Nexopia • Laineygossip • Somethingawful • Beyondrobson • Livejournal
  37. Theatre slides: • 117 screens in Cineplex Movie Theatres • Full-motion commercials
  38. Theatre slides: “Rims”
  39. Theatre slides: “Date”
  40. Nightcasting Mobile unit that projects ads on sides of buildings in high- volume locations
  41. Street decaling
  42. Street stunts
  43. BCIT website
  44. Campaign results: • 10,000+ visits • 110 transmogrifications • 630 text changes • 84 video changes • 300 registered users (suspects) • 42 star users (prospects)
  45. 1 2 3 4 Loving the mob
  46. I was thinking I’m not joking. Oh, and I we could So I really I evento do it want have a Ow! My Stop! shoot forlot Like, a three want some Haha! fourDave. it: name for Yo weeks Seriously. Aw,… Uh huh. You’re sides! S’up? crap. video and days on of video. Good one. Webathon! from now. killing me! Hilarious! nights. the site. Director of Marketing Me (Still not my boss) In February of 2009…
  47. Biannual BIG Info event plays big part in students’ decision to come to BCIT.
  48. The big idea: • Shoot and post video non-stop for 4 days and 3 nights (67 hours) • Then watch the applications roll in!
  49. First things first – lose the webathonname.
  50. Second, a very fast conceptual design phase.
  51. Then we built the @#%$! thing.
  52. 67 hours is a lot of video.
  53. Sample 3bn videos Skateboarders Tuition winner Colonel Panic
  54. Also notable: • During event we used twitter to interact with and convert a disgruntled BIG Info attendee • BCIT President actually passed along congratulations to the 3bn team (I know!)
  55. We have started to engage the mob… …and they aren’t that scary. (Mostly).
  56. 1 2 3 4 What to worry about next
  57. Integrated strategy: • Why are we involved in social media? Why is our audience? • How does it enhance offline efforts? • What behaviourare we trying to influence? • How will we measure success?
  58. Community tending: • Staying engaged with the community (wherever they may be) • Getting internal stakeholders to participate • Where will conversions happen?
  59. Focus on the experience: • How does our presence on SM sites integrate with our website? • Do we have the technical expertise to create a killer experience? • Are our people ready to engage online and F2F?
  60. The mob is out there. Talking about you. Show them some love. Via rumikelon Flickr.
  61. Dave Tanchak @sharpener CCAE National Conference June 8, 2009