Bid dynamics 2013


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The essence of bidding

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Bid dynamics 2013

  1. 1. © Bid Dynamics
  2. 2. © Bid Dynamics your bidding activityYou want... everyone involved in your bids to understand what’s needed for successful proposal delivery everyone involved in your bids to be effective (and motivated) contributors everyone involved in your bids to be catalysts for change, improvement and best practice.Essence of Bidding services and training workshops from Bid Dynamics.... set the ground rules for quality proposal development and bid management explain the tasks and activities required to put together compelling proposals and clientpresentations. position the importance of bidding in your sales and market strategy help you develop the highest quality proposal responses.ImprovingqualityYour roleindeliveringchangeImprovingskill andknowledgelevels
  3. 3. © Bid Dynamics different aspects of your bidding strategy
  4. 4. © Bid Dynamics we help:the Bid Dynamics training and support menuDeal or no dealQualifying theopportunityYour biddingstrategyStoryboardingthe bidPlanning contentSelling the dealin writingDocuments/presentationsThe aftermathReview, learn,retain, build for thefuture
  5. 5. © Bid Dynamics Respond to the right bids, the winnable bids, the tactical bids,the positioning bids, the strategic bids – how to decide whichone is which and what it means for you to bid or no-bid it.Reading the ITT How to assess and understand tender documents – what isreally being asked for, what is really important, the clues yourclient/prospect is giving in the RFP/ITTRisk How to assess commercial risk – from the widerlandscape/corporate risk through to bid risk/project riskCommercial How to assess terms and conditions and legal/ regulatoryimplications – what to look for, what to seek advice on tomake sure you and your business are coveredCompetition Techniques for identifying and assessing the competitionincluding SWOT – what will they bid, can you meet/better it,how will you do that?Win themes andkey messagesValue proposition vs. sales proposition – what are the themesand messages that will succeed in this bid?The bid/no-biddecisionThe bid/no-bid decision based on all the above;understanding implications and next steps.Deal or no deal –qualifying your sales opportunities
  6. 6. © Bid Dynamics bidding strategy and bid contributorsBid managementin your companyHow is bidding delivered and managed?Who leads it?Who contributes?What are the roles and responsibilities?What does ‘good’ look like for bid management anddelivery in your bidding context?Company, client, team expectationsBid team formationand rolesDepending on the size of each company, we explorethe stages in bid team formation and the skills,knowledge and experience needed to progressthrough to high-performing bid teamsManaging thebid team dynamicDealing with conflicting requirements – people,technical, business, sales, deliverability; understandingconflict in your bid team/contributors and making itwork constructively for you.Proposal productionin your companyEvery deadline a panic? How’s that working for you?!We go ‘beyond the pizza run’ and find a better way....
  7. 7. © Bid Dynamics the bid – planning your responsePlanning andstoryboardingDeveloping the response:how to identify what the client really needs, how to structure,develop and write a compelling and influential proposal usingthe most appropriate media (documents, presentations,portals).The win themes Taking your win themes and key messages identified at thequalification stage, identify how to weave these through yourresponse.What’s going to win in each section?Targeting the client’s primary concernsCompetitor advantages/disadvantagesWhere you will put the emphasis throughout your responseThe media Outlining the structure and approach for each requireddelivery type – written proposal document, clientpresentations, online portalsThe look Style and layout to reflect your company branding;document and presentation layouts/templatesSupportingevidenceCase studies, reference sites, testimonials – what can helpyou sell in this deal?
  8. 8. © Bid Dynamics the deal in writing – outputs for your clientCompiling brilliantcontentIncluding the EFFECTIVE use of good-quality previouscontent – “here’s one I prepared earlier” – the dangers andthe benefitsWriting styles Appropriate style and language for this particular deal;Talking your client’s language;Engaging with the client through your writing;clear articulation of win themesWords to watch Traps for the unwary – “ensure/guarantee” – the implicationsof certain words and phrases in bid situationsThe managementsummaryDevising the management summary that will sell best foryou, telling the story of your value proposition in a compellingstyle, leading your client to the only conclusion you wantthem to come to!Effective proof-reading and editingWho, how, when – and how to use the feedback for longer-term improvementMake your responseeasy for your client toapproveTechniques including signposting, way-finding, highlightingthe client’s problem areas and why they should buy from youfor this deal
  9. 9. © Bid Dynamics aftermath – review and learnWhat happenedand why?What went well? What didn’t? Why?How do you track and monitor your biddingoutcomes and the overall experience?What can welearn?How do you create best practice from your bestbids?What do you “keep/stop/start”?Identifying development, process and serviceneeds using client feedbackWhat can you learn from your competitors’ websites and marketing collateral to improve yourbids?What can webuild on andhow do we do it?How do you retain and store the best informationfor future bids? How to create and maintain bestpractice repositories, intranet portals, documentlibraries.
  10. 10. © Bid Dynamics you derive best value from our servicesEnhance – improve – coach – mentorImproving your bidding capability and client proposal outputs for the long term means more thana tick-in-the-box “Training and support delivered – back to business as usual”.To derive best value from our service, select and combine any of the following:Direct support to bid managers and bid teams – this can include mentoring, coaching,shadowing bid managers and sales managers and preparing/rehearsing presentation teams asthey plan, lead, contribute to or write their next bid, with individual progress reviews at the endof the bid.Direct support to bids and presentations: direct support on site or remotely for proposal andpresentation planning, development and delivery covering ITT assessment, bid strategy,writing/editing proposals and presentations, storyboarding, proof-reading and reviews.Identifying and developing best practice proposal materials. This will include helping youdevelop on-line information repositories and associated update and maintenance procedures tomake sure you retain and optimise best practice materials.Regular progress reviews to assess impact of improvement activities, assess win rates, clientfeedback and all aspects of your bidding.Ad-hoc and pre-booked support on-site and remotelySpecialist Hotline and out-of-hours service for 24x7 supportReviewSupportMentorApply improvementactions, training andcoaching to livebids, with mentoringand support asneededReview application ofnew and enhancedskills and servicesAssess in context ofsubsequent bids:development andoutput qualityDeliver/implementDesign andcustomiseimprovementsIdentifyskills/processgapsAssess proposalquality andimpactServicepositioning
  11. 11. © Bid Dynamics of working with usOur workshops, training and services... help all bid contributors understand and address your internal and client-facing requirements, responsibilities and opportunities examine the sales team contribution, impact and influence on bidding andbid teams help everyone remember the client throughout help everyone understand their individual role in influencing the success ofthe bid and the wider sales/client relationship identify the best practice activities and materials from across your business deliver high-quality proposal content from all the bids we work on.All in the context of industry acknowledged best practiceand a focus on continuous improvement.
  12. 12. © Bid Dynamics of working with usOur people... have worked in, contributed to, managed, led, trained, coached, mentoredand improved every type of bid and sales team in private sector and publicsector organisations have designed and delivered proposal centres, bid processes, bidknowledge-bases and portals and the highest-quality proposal support andenhancement services in companies of all sizes for over 20 years understand every aspect and requirement of the bidding environment emphasise skills transfer, making sure best practice knowledge andexpertise are embedded into your processes, your services and throughoutyour business.All in the context of industry acknowledged best practiceand a focus on continuous improvement.
  13. 13. © Bid Dynamics