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Alan Membership Form


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Alan Membership Form

  1. 1. If you have questions, please contact D.C. Representative: ALAN Membership Membership in ALAN is open to anyone interested in literature for adolescents. Members of ALAN need not be members of NCTE. ENROLLMENT FORM Please enroll me as a member of the Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of the National Council of Teachers of English (ALAN). I understand that individual membership includes voting rights and a subscription to The ALAN Review, published each fall, winter, and spring. Institutional membership includes a subscription to The ALAN Review but no voting rights. PLEASE SELECT TYPE AND STATUS: Type: Status:  Individual ($20/year*) New membership  Institutional ($30/year*) Renewal  Student ($10.00/year*) No Multi-year *International postage - add $4 per year, U.S. funds. NEW NEW Individuals/Institutions may choose multi-year membership (up to 3 years) at the $20.00/$30.00 per year price. I wish to join for ________ years; total $ ___________ Name___________________________________________________________ Institution ________________________________________________________ HM/WK (circle one) Address:_________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ City ______________________________State_________________________ Zip_____________________________ Email___________________________________________________________ Phone __________________________ (In the event of a problem, failure to provide contact information may delay the renewal or initiation of your membership and ALAN Review subscription)  Remittance enclosed. (Pre-payment required.) Make checks payable to ALAN Mail to: ALAN Membership P. O Box 234 Campbell, OH 44405-0234  Check enclosed Address for credit card, if different than above:  Charge my MasterCard ____________________________________  Charge my VISA ____________________________________ Account No.______________________________ (security code – 3 digits on back) _______ Expiration Date______ / ______ $_______________ (amount to be charged) __________________________________ (Your signature)