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Search Engine Optimization Results IRWD2013


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Presentation on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how to attempt to see what your customers see when they search for the same keywords.

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Search Engine Optimization Results IRWD2013

  3. 3. ARE YOU SEEING THE SAME SEARCH RESULTSTHAT YOUR CUSTOMERS SEE?• Google customizes search results.• Test results could be distorted by what you’ve searched on and viewed in the past.• Google updates and changes to be aware of when testing your search engine results.• Steps to get “clean” results when you are testing your search engine optimization. @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN 3 #IRW D2013
  4. 4. TOP 4 REASONS SEARCH RESULTS DON’T MATCH Algorithm Personalization Testing Data Center Location @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN Source: 4 #IRW D2013
  5. 5. GOOGLE CUSTOMIZED SEARCH PersonalizationGoogle Universal Search• Blended Search Results • Videos • Images • Local • News • Shopping • Books• Most Relevant Content For Each Individual @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN 5 #IRW D2013
  6. 6. GOOGLE CUSTOMIZED SEARCH Personalization Personalized Search • “Must” Be Logged Into Google Account (Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Gmail, etc.)* • Customized To YOUR: • Search Behavior • Google+ Circles If Anyone Has +1’d Content*Even when you’re not signed in, Google still delivers personalized search results based onprevious search information. Google stores your non-logged in search queries and clickedresults for up to 180 days via browser cookies. @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN 6 #IRW D2013
  7. 7. WEB HISTORY Personalization @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN 7 #IRW D2013
  8. 8. HOW YOU CAN SEE (ALMOST) WHAT I SEE PersonalizationSEARCH HISTORY: Signed-in search history Signed-out search historyYOU CAN TURN IT OFF personalization personalizationWhere the data we use to In Google Web History, linked to On Googles servers, linked tocustomize is stored your Google Account an anonymous browser cookieWhich searches are used to Only signed-in search activity, and Only signed-out search activitycustomize only if you have Google Web History enabledHow to turn off Turn off search history Turn off search history personalization ("Signed in personalization ("Signed out searches" section) searches" section) @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN Source: 8 #IRW D2013
  9. 9. HOW YOU CAN SEE (ALMOST) WHAT I SEE PersonalizationSHORT-TERMSOLUTIONS• Verbatim – Searches EXACTLY What Was Typed (Including Typos) Search Tools  All Results  VerbatimNOTE: Only Lasts For Current SearchSession @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN 9 #IRW D2013
  10. 10. HOW YOU CAN SEE (ALMOST) WHAT I SEE PersonalizationSHORT-TERM SOLUTIONS• Toggle PersonalizationNOTE: Only Lasts For Current Search Session @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN 10 #IRW D2013
  11. 11. HOW YOU CAN SEE (ALMOST) WHAT I SEE PersonalizationLONG-TERM SOLUTIONS• Change Google Search Settings @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN 11 #IRW D2013
  12. 12. HOW YOU CAN SEE (ALMOST) WHAT I SEE PersonalizationLONG-TERM SOLUTIONS• Clear Cache And Cookies • Browser Dependent @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN Photo Source: 12 #IRW D2013
  13. 13. MAJOR GOOGLE 2012 UPDATES Algorithm Testing1. Google Search Plus Your World2. Knowledge Graph3. Google+ Local With Zagat4. 7-Result Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)5. SERPs Redesign6. Flight ExplorerIn addition to Panda, Penguin and the myriad of minorsearch ranking changes in 2012… @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN 13 #IRW D2013
  14. 14. GOOGLE UPDATE - JANUARY 10, 2012 Algorithm TestingGOOGLE SEARCH PLUSYOUR WORLD• Personal Results• Profiles in Search• People And Pages @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN 14 #IRW D2013
  15. 15. GOOGLE UPDATE - MAY 16, 2012 Algorithm TestingKNOWLEDGE GRAPH• Find The Right Results Orlando FL or Orlando Bloom?• Key Facts Location, weather, local time• Unexpected Discoveries Upcoming events and points of interest link to other potential search ideas @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN 15 #IRW D2013
  16. 16. GOOGLE UPDATE - MAY 30, 2012 Algorithm TestingGOOGLE+ LOCAL WITHZAGAT• Google+ Page for Businesses• Includes Google Maps Info• See Zagat 30-Point Food Scale Restaurant Ratings• Individual Ratings & Reviews @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN 16 #IRW D2013
  17. 17. GOOGLE UPDATE - AUGUST 14, 2012 Algorithm Testing7-RESULT SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS PAGES(SERPs)• Primarily (But Not Only) Branded Search Terms - 18.3% SEOMoz-Tracked Data Show 7 Results• Expanded Site Links On #1 Result• Multiple Results From The Same Site - Easier For One Site To Dominate The Page @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN Source: 17 #IRW D2013
  18. 18. 7-RESULT SERP SAMPLE Algorithm Testing• Branded Search Terms  Bonus: - Walt Disney World Knowledge• Expanded Site Links Graph On #1 Result - Additional Links Within The Main WDW Website @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN 18 #IRW D2013
  19. 19. GOOGLE UPDATE - NOVEMBER 6, 2012 Algorithm TestingSERPs REDESIGN• Consistent Search Experience Across Desktop, Mobile And Tablet Devices• Advanced Search Options Moved From Left Sidebar To Top Nav @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN 19 #IRW D2013
  21. 21. HOW YOU CAN SEE (ALMOST) WHAT I SEE Algorithm TestingGOOD LUCK!Even If You Access Search At The:- Same Date and Time- Same Location- Same Data CenterYou STILL May Be Accessing A Different AlgorithmVersion. @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN 21 #IRW D2013
  22. 22. WHERE ARE YOU GETTING YOUR INFO? Data CenterDATA CENTERS AROUND THE WORLD• Google Discloses Several • 8 In Data Center Photo Gallery • 13 Data Center Locations  • Reportedly 36+ Total• Based On Your Location • Unless High Traffic Volume• Testing Algorithms At Some Centers, Not Necessarily All• Some Unique (Regional) Data, Some Replicated (Global) • “Regional” Data Could Contain More Local Results @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN 22 #IRW D2013
  23. 23. HOW YOU CAN SEE (ALMOST) WHAT I SEE Data CenterGOOD LUCK!If You Access Search From The Same IP Address, YouWill Most Likely See The Same Results Unless:- The Data Center Is Receiving High Traffic Volume- Other Personalization Settings Override It @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN 23 #IRW D2013
  24. 24. GOOGLE KNOWS WHERE YOU ARE LocationLOCATION• IP Address• Google Latitude• Google Toolbar’s My Location Feature• Country-Specific Search Engine @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN 24 #IRW D2013
  25. 25. HOW YOU CAN SEE (ALMOST) WHAT I SEE LocationSET YOUR PREFERRED LOCATION1. Click The Gear Icon, Then Search Settings Or Update Your Settings At: Select Location3. Enter One: • Street Address • Zip Code • City And State • Country @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN 25 #IRW D2013
  26. 26. SUMMARY: YOUR RESULTS MAY VARYREASONS FOR DIFFERENT SEARCHRESULTS1. Personalization – Google Customized Search2. Algorithm Testing & Google Updates3. Data Center Differences  Personalizati Algorithm on Testing4. Location-Based Results  Data Center Location 2 Of The 4 ReasonsCan Be Easily Changed! @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN Source: 26 #IRW D2013
  27. 27. THANK YOU! Keep Updated On Google Search Changes:Contact Information: • Official Google Blog Mostyn • Inside SearchRoamRight Travel Insurance • SearchReSearch @SharonMostyn or • Search Engine Land @RoamRight • SEOMoz • MoreVisibility SEO, SEM & Analytics Blogs Or, you can always set up Google Alerts (or Yahoo Alerts) to notify you of any changes. @ROAMRIGHT @SHARONMOSTYN 27 #IRW D2013