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It is very important to continue to work and grow in all of our endeavors. In this day-n-age of advanced technology, it is very important to exhibit your skills in new and creative ways. Here is my portfolio done in a slide share presentation

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Sharon Moore portfolio

  1. 1. Sharon Moore Marketing PortfolioMarketing is a constantly changing environment. As a student and professional in the marketing world, I know how important it is to be creative, innovative,and open to new ideas. I apply marketing techniques to social media platforms in order to assist clients in increasing their traffic while saving them money. This portfolio illustrates many of the projects that I have worked on, which include: Social Media Analytics Project Management Published Blog Stories Events The Importance of Sales Recommendations Example of Sales Materials And More!
  2. 2. INCREASE YOUR REACH WHILE DECREASING YOUR MARKETING BUDGET SOCIAL MEDIA AND MARKETINGThe key to success in marketing is engagement. Statistics show that when the customer is more involved in the company/business, themore likely they are to buy and to become a loyal customer. Social Media allows business’ to engage with their customers while savingmoney. Research has shown that companies that use social media in their marketing plan save up to 61% on their current marketingbudgets. Social media marketing is more than just displaying information to your customers: its about creative content creation andengagement. As the sales and marketing specialist at Chatter Buzz Media, a social media marketing firm, I help sell our vision to ourfollowers/potential clients through our social media platforms. As the social media manager for the Orlando Young Professionals, Icreate content, promote events, and manage their social media sites.
  3. 3. PLATFORMS THAT I USE THERE ARE MANY SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS AVAILABLE TO MARKETERS THAT I UTILIZE . FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT MY LINKEDIN PAGE: Facebook WordPress Posterous Twitter Blogger LinkedIn Google+ (G+) Digg Pinterest Reddit Shareaholic YouTube StumbleUpon Many More!
  4. 4. USING FACEBOOK TO SAVE MONEY AND INCREASE ONE’S FOLLOWING ORLANDO YOUNG PROFESSIONALS The Orlando Young Professionals (OYP) is a group of From her professionals from the Orlando area who network, learn, and recommendations within a month we were able to volunteer together. OYP utilizes multiple social media platforms increase our reach by 300% to promote their events, including Facebook. Upon joining this and our total likes by 50% organization, I immediately took over the management of their in the same period - social media platforms. In one months time, I doubled their likes Joseph Coury, Vice and increased their total weekly reach by 127%. I achieved this President of OYP through simple content management and engagement. For more information about the Orlando Young Professionals Facebook page, please visit: CHATTER BUZZ MEDIA of the most popular social media platforms is Facebook. WhileFacebook is associated with connecting with friends, businesses canuse this platform to interact with their followers. Statistics showthat when the customer is more involved in the company/business,the more likely they are to buy and to become a loyal customer. Ihave applied this same strategy to Chatter Buzz’s social mediamarketing plan. I have found that posting information on ourFacebook page three times a day is the optimal number to engageour audience: once in the morning, once around lunch time, andonce in the evening. As you can see in the graph, when we spreadout our posts, our reach increases. For more information about theChatter Buzz Facebook page, please visit:
  5. 5. USING TWITTER ENGAGE OUR USERS AND EXPAND OUR REACH Within the short amount of IBM SMARTER COMMERCE time she has worked with us, she has presented a very clear GLOBAL SUMMIT and aggressive plan, and has implemented the plan As a social media amplifier flawlessly - Joseph Mera, working on behalf of IBM, it was President of OYP my responsibility to cover and report on the recent summit. Using the lessons I have learned, I OLANDO YOUNG PROFESSIONALS managed to record: I was approached by Orlando Young 16% of all tweets for the event Professionals, to take over their social #IBMSCGS trended 3 times media platforms. My first goal as their CHATTER BUZZ MEDIA social media manager was to get them Shut down Twitter 3 timesStatistics show that the more the represented on Twitter. Using the IBM was very happy with the workcustomer is involved in the company / lessons I learned at Chatter Buzz I provided and their socialbusiness, the more likely they are to Media, I organically cultivated over presence was the talk of thebuy show loyalty. I apply this same two-hundred and fifty twitter followers conference. I had many socialstrategy to Chatter Buzz Media’s social in one month, and it continues to growmedia marketing plan. I have found media influencers wanting to meet each day. For more information aboutthat tweeting nine times a day, me! the Orlando Young Professionalsthrough Twitter, is optimal: three Twitter page, please visit:times in the morning, three times lunch time, and three times inthe evening. The graph below reflectsthese times. For more informationabout the Chatter Buzz Twitter page,please visit:
  6. 6. USING LINKEDIN TO CONNECT WITH FELLOW BUSINESSES AND PROFESSIONALS CHATTER BUZZ MEDIALinkedIn is a social media platform that allows businesses andprofessionals to network with others with similar experiences.On this site, businesses can interact with other businesses andprofessionals, making it the best social media platform forbusiness-to-business interactions. At Chatter Buzz Media, I havefound that interacting with our follower and different groups, Ihave been able to increase our reach within a matter of twomonths, as shown in the graph to the left. For more informationabout the Chatter Buzz LinkedIn Page, please visit: OLANDO YOUNG PROFESSIONALS The Orlando Young Professionals opened their LinkedIn page in 2008. Not much happened on this page until I took it over in July 2012. As shown in the graph to the right, interaction and membership have increased significantly since I took over. For more information about the Orlando Young Professionals LinkedIn Page, please visit: gid=1583427&trk=hb_side_g
  7. 7. COMMUNICATING THROUGH VIDEO RECORDING CHATTER BUZZ MEDIA Social media allows users and businesses to communicate through a variety of means. You-tube enables their users tocommunicate through video. At Chatter Buzz Media, we have a you-tube channel where we promote our companythrough interviews with local, interesting people and tutorials on social media. As seen in the graphs above, You-tubevideos have the ability to reach audiences across the globe. I have create a short video that explores simple techniquesto help improve your companies sales. I am currently working on a video on how to maximize your networkingopportunities. These videos can be seen at:
  8. 8. COMMUNICATING THROUGH PHOTOGRAPHS CHATTER BUZZ MEDIA Instagram gives users the ability to post pictures to multiple sites at one time. For Chatter Buzz Media, I used Instagram to record the ’Adventures of Flat Yogi”. Yogi is our publicity pug. I took a picture of her with me to New York City and snapped photos of her all around the city, where they were instantly uploaded to our social media sites. Our followers enjoyed seeing where Yogi would end up next. As the graph on the left exhibits, the campaign increased our followers and helped us win the “Social Madness” Competition— Small business, Orlando. (Picture right: Instagram photo taken of ‘Flat Yogi’ next to our winning number of votes) ORLANDO YOUNG PROFESSIOANLSThe techniques that I developed at Chatter Buzz, I have appliedto the Orlando Young Professionals (OYP). I connected ourTwitter and Facebook accounts to Instagram. When I attendevent, hosted by OYP , I am able to share the experienceinstantly with our followers. As you can see from the graph, onthe right, whenever I utilize Instagram, our engagement andfollowership increase. (Pictured right: Instagram photo takenat an event in Downtown Orlando)
  9. 9. OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS THAT ARE USEFUL Google+Google+ is a social media platform that allows users to interactwith friends, companies, and special interests. Google+ isintegrated into the Google search engine, which means thatparticipants can increase their SEO ranking by creating andengaging on Google+. As the Google+ captain for Chatter BuzzMedia, it is my responsibility to share company information andengage with our followers. Our engagement helps place ChatterBuzz Media at the top of search engine rankings, therebyincreasing the chances of being found. The graph illustrates howsuccessful engagement is on our Google+ page. For moreinformation, visit: Pinterest As the old adage states: A picture is worth a 1,000 words. Pinterest is a visual organization site that allows users to share pictures with one another. Chatter Buzz Media hosts a Pinterest account to share information about social media, marketing, work advice, and anything that makes us laugh. Pinterest is also an amazing place to post your own announcements and work to be seen by your followers. As a member of Chatter Buzz, I pin my blog posts, company pictures, and infographics to our various boards. As the grow illustrates, daily posting and engagement increases our reach. For more information, visit:
  10. 10. USING THE POWER OF BLOGS TO ENGAGE OUR FOLLOWERS Chatter Buzz MediaMarketing and sales is all about telling your story to the world. Blogs “When we asked each internare an excellent tool to communicate that story to the community. I to write at least one bloghave written close to twenty blog entries for the Chatter Buzz Blog post per week, Sharonover two months, all having tremendous success. These blogs range delivered three, with manyfrom the latest social media news to events to advice on social media, more ideas jotted down onpresentations, and sales. I have included a few samples of my blogs her notebook “ - Ashleyfollowing this page. To see all of my Chatter Buzz writings, please visit: Cisneros, Co-founder Chatter Buzz Media
  11. 11. EXAMPLES OF BLOGS THAT I HAVE WRITTENYogi on Holiday: Chatter Buzz’s Secret Weapon in Social Madness Competition The Art of Selling - Posted by Sharon Moore-Smith at June 18th, 2012In this day and age of social media, it is very important to get your voice heard Hey have I got a deal for you! I don’t know about you,amongst the crowds. To this end, marketing companies are becoming but I hate salespeople. Any time someone tells me it iscreative. Over the past several weeks, we have been competing in the Social too good to be true, I start to look for the trap doorMadness competition on In order to help obtain more votes beneath my feet. No one likes to be conned and no one likes to be lied to. However, there is a better way infor the competition, we needed to think outside of the box. At Chatter Buzz which to sell your product without it beingMedia, we have a publicity pug named Yogi. She helps spread the word on ‘too good to be true.’Chatter Buzz and all things marketing. We then took Yogi to the next level!One member of our Chatter Buzz team, Sharon, took a trip to New York Cityfor a weekend getaway. Before the trip, she had the idea of a ‘flat yogi.’ Ourfans could follow yogi’s adventures on Facebook and Twitter. Over the threedays, Yogi was photographed all over New York and posted to our socialmedia sites through Instagram. These locations included: How is this accomplished? Build Relationships. Think about the people you have the closest relationships with. How did you meet them? When you met them, did you try to sell yourself? ‘Hey there, my name is Sharon and let me tell you why I will be a good friend to you!’ If you heard this, you would probably walk away from me. Most likely, you met through someone else and you just started talking with one another. You can apply this to sales. When you meet a client for the first time, DON’T SELL TO THEM!!!! Talk with them; inquire about who they are, why they work there, and what they are passionate about. This will help you start a relationship with the client. The client will be impressed that you care In addition to being fun, our “Flat Yogi” helped Chatter Buzz gain more about who they are and will start to lower their shields. Just like if you were making a followers on twitter and Facebook. By the end of the trip, we managed to friend for the first time, you are making this client a friend to your business. By placing close the gap between us and our competition for social media madness. their needs first, you will be recruiting a client for life. What happened in the contest? Now, I know what you’re thinking: “How do I remember all of this information?” Let’s face it, we all forget details. To help, bring a pad of paper with you and write down key pieces WE WON!!! And Yogi of information from the client. When you get back to the office, you can include these played a huge role in personal pieces in the client’s profile. our victory! If you stop ‘selling’ your product and start building relationships with your clients, you will see an increase in your sales. Now this is just the beginning, please check back with this blog often to see more tips on how to improve your selling techniques.
  12. 12. EXAMPLES OF BLOGS THAT I HAVE WRITTEN Google’s Latest Toy’s Orlando Vacationing Tips Google’s 2012 developers’ conference is underway and Orlando is most closely associated with the has already made some big announcements that are most famous mouse in the world. Millions of going to affect the future of social media. people travel to Orlando each year to visit our theme parks. Who doesn’t want the opportunity Google’s New TabletThe Nexus 7 will allow users to read and use Android apps with ease. It will be $199 with a to relive their childhood fantasies and to be able$25 credit to be used in Google Play. to share that fantasy with their loved one? However, this fantasy is often interrupted by heat, long lines, and Why Should You Care? crowded parks. Below are some tips from a personThis is the next generation in tablets. Tablets are starting to overtake laptops in the who has been there and can help you avoid these theme park It is now becoming increasingly important to make websites and social mediamore adaptable to tablet platforms Avoid the Summer: Google Glasses Yes the kids are out of school and the parks are open later, but this is the busiestYou can now have the power of your cell phone in your glasses!?! That’s right!!! These time for Orlando – theme parks often close due to reaching their capacity. Add thisglasses are voice active and can give you directions, search, and give you information allfrom a small screen in the corner of your glasses. Sound like your kind of glasses? You can to July and August being the hottest months in Florida and it is a recipe for pre-order them for the low, low price of $1,500. They are expected to be released to If you can, come the week before Thanksgiving – the weather is fantastic, there arethe public in 2014 very few people, and it’s cheaper than coming in the summer. Don’t worry about the Why should you care? early closing times – the lines in the parks are so short that you will be able to rideThis is the next generation of search engines. You will want to ensure that your business everything and have time to sparecan be found by these glasses. Being on Google+ will help with that. Google Now Can’t Avoid Summer?Google Now is a new feature that enables Google+ to track your daily activities. After a Then come as early in June as possible. There are longer hours in the parks and thewhile, it will know your average daily routine. It can then make suggestions for restaurants, weather is tolerable. Avoid the Magic Kingdom on a Monday, it is the theme parksdirections, and anything else you might need. busiest day. Most families travel on Sunday and Why Should You Care? make the Magic Kingdom their first park. Best day: Wednesday or Thursday.This can help your business track your activities and operate more efficiently. On a sidenote, it can also help YOU maximize YOUR time because there are simply not enough hours Foodin a day. If you can, eat off property from theme parks. Theme park meals can cost $10-$20 Google Events per person for food that is ok. I-drive is a great place to find a variety of restaurantsGoogle Events take event organizing to the next level. You can now organize and invite with really great food at affordable prices.people to your events. In addition, you can share stories, pictures, and videos amongst Have to Eat in the Park?those in the party all in one location. If you have to eat in the parks, get the Disney Dinning Plan. You prepay for your Why You Should Care? meals and you get a snack, a sit down restaurant, and a take-out restaurant perYou can invite your followers to your events. You all can share your stories and your person per day. It can save you a lot of money if you plan your restaurants rightpictures in one place. This shows your followers that you care about them. It also gets yousome amazing information that you can use to better your business. Follow these basic rules and you could have an even more magical time in Orlando.
  13. 13. EXAMPLES OF BLOGS THAT I HAVE WRITTEN The New "Customer as Boss" Economy - How to create Unique Customer Twitter and User Engagement: Why Content is Still King When Experiences Building a Killer Social Presence Can you tell your story in a 140 characters? Historically, companies have practiced a top-down Many companies have tried. Karen Wickre, approach to marketing to their customers: approach editorial director for twitter, suggested to use the people on the top and the information will trickle down to the bottom. Companies are now reversing this twitter as an aide between your content process and placing the customer first. Speakers at the and your followers. Media and content has IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2012 - Orlando, moved away from one-way communication presented examples on how to place the customer first. towards a two-way communication.When Joe Megibow, vice president and general manager for Expedia, first arrived with Expedia, This shift in communication was slow in coming. In 2006, it took Twitter threehe had one question to answer: years, two months, and 1 day to get one million tweets. Now, one million tweets"Why does our check-our conversion suck?" is achieved in just 2.5 days! Karen gave some great examples of how companiesExpedia had 1 in 5 people not finishing their have reached people all around the world:purchases on the webpage. Through a little digging,Joe was able to discover that there was a block in the • David Beckham surprising people on behalf of Team Great Britain for thesign-in process. Through this process, Expedia learned London Olympicsthat it is important to listen to their customers. Joe • #ThankYouMom for the London Olympicscreated four lessons on how to better assist your customer: • Japanese Earthquake - stories looped from Japan and back • Person tweeted from his flight to @mortons steakhouse for a take-out order• Its not about click conversion, its about intent. when he landed. Mortons met him with a steak! • By placing value in the customer, who now feel more valuable • Pepsi live streamed a music video through twitter, which could be seen via• You have to listen to your customer. computers, cell phones, and even Times Square • Give them a voice and they will give you gold• Less is almost always more • Too much information can create confusion The key to success is content. When using• Evolve or Fail: New Channels are different Twitter, engage your followers with content. • If you dont evolve, your customers will leave for a company who has Here are some tips from Karen on• Listen to the wisdom of the crowd. Test your way to success how to engage your followers: • Place your customer first and they will put you first • Plan in advance• Bonus tip: Dont just count, DO! Take action, make decisions, and make mistakes! • Respond in the momentAdam Klaber, managing partner of new markets for IBM Global Business services, agreed with • And remember: Every interaction counts!placing the customer first mentality. Adam stated "If you dont pay attention to our customer • When you send out content: leave it open ended - this allows clients to engageyou will lose them". He support this belief with a panel interview with representatives fromNorwegian Cruise lines, Lincoln Financial Group, Waccal, and Staples. Each of these companieshave started to move their businesses to a more customer centric environment. {…} Take advantage of Freemium - engage with your community and schedule daysRob McClellan, VP Global eCommerce Technology for Staples, recommended "try, test, learn, to send out content. Happy tweeting!
  14. 14. EXAMPLES OF BLOGS THAT I HAVE WRITTEN The Keys to True Transformation #ROR – Return on Relationships The last few information sessions at the IBMOver the three days of the IBM Smarter Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2012 endedCommerce Global Summit 2012, with a bang! Showing the power of relationshipsparticipants have received a lot of in social media, Bryan Kramer, Ted Rubin, Len Snyder,information on the new developments and Justin Mitchell conversed over twitter beforein technology, marketing, and social their sessions began. The interactions resultedmedia. During the closing keynote speech, in their information sessions being combined intoseveral speakers gave advice on how to one talk.apply this new information to your business. Each presenter spoke to the importance of customer relationships, or the return on relationships, each with a different perspective. Bryan Kramer, CEO of Purematter, gave Tony Steel, Vice President and partner – some great key tips for engaging the customer: Smarter Commerce, spoke to the excitement he has in his job with the new • Listen to your customer - show them that you hear them developments. It is important in business today • Choose your technology - be as agnostic as possible to put the client #1."Success is judged in • Create a response strategy terms of our clients success" - states Tony Steel. Ted Rubin, Chief social media marketing office at Collective Bias, continued the discussion with some great examples of customer relationships: • Jet Blue: stuck on tarmac and no information was being given out. Ted tweeted withIts more than just being on some of the social media platforms: "It is very easy to get the airline who eventually told him what was going on. Ted then convinced them todistracted with technology. The key is to look at it from the perspective of the client - if you give them free movies for the inconvenience (would have preferred free drinks!) Laterwouldnt like it, then the customer wont like it. "Start from the customers experience and on, Ted was on a panel with the head of Jet Blue communications and it turns out thatthen work backwards". This will help show you where the opportunities lie and can help you he was the one tweeting with Ted! (Small world)expand your business. Steel gave come great point on how to apply this philosophy to your The discussions concluded with Len Schneyder and Justin Miller, co-founders of Deja-mi,business: talked about the importance of listening to their customers. “Upon watching our users utilizing our app, we recognized there was a opportunity • Be Obsessed with your Customer for a new markets - Weddings! Seeing this, we pivoted our company away from mass • Act on Your Information market and towards weddings.” • Change from end-to-end ... Continuously The panel wrapped up with a few challenges:One company that has applied these rules successfully is SHOP.CA, a shopping and social • For the next 30 days, call someone you havent talked to in a while. (Did you know thatmedia site in Canada. Whens starting the business, Trevor Newell, co-founder and president smart phones have an amazing app that allows you to communicate with others usingof SHOP.CA, started with the customer. He noticed that there were more twitter followers in their voice)Canada than in the United States. Their goal became to create a platform that brought • Be an artist - dont be afraid to interact and talk with others! Be more like childrentogether businesses and clients on-line to share their experiences. By placing the customer Make 2013 the year of taking back friendship from Facebook - friendship is more than justfirst, SHOP.CA has become one of the most successful companies in Canada. a clique.By putting your customer first, you will create opportunities and expand your business.
  15. 15. CONTEST HELD BY BIZJOURNAL.COM TO MEASURE THE POWER OF SOCIAL MEDIA The Power of Social held the ‘Social Media Madness’ competition to measure effectiveness of social media. Companies from allaround the United States competed to show off their skills. The country was divided into in to forty-three zones and eachcompany was assigned to a zone and a size (small, medium, or large). After two weeks of competition, the top eight companiesfrom each zone and size would go head-to-head to become the best in their zone. The winner of each zone then advanced onthe national level. Chatter Buzz Media worked hard together to garner votes through Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Each daywe maintained and interacted with our followers on our sites. Our hard work payed-off by winning the Orlando, small businessdivision. Being only two months old when we won made it even sweeter. Aside from winning, this contest showed us bettertechniques to maintain our sites.
  16. 16. INCREASE YOUR REACH WHILE DECREASING YOUR MARKETING BUDGET“Sharon has a knack for conducting intensive research, developing information-rich social media and website audits, creating engaging client presentations, proposals andmore.” - Ashley Cisneros, Co-founder Chatter Buzz Media The Importance of Relationships When I think of sales, I personally think of a sleazy, greasy used car salesman. However, this is the minority of sales people. Sales is all about building relationships and placing the customer first. . Companies, such at the Walt Disney Company, practice putting the customer first. By doing this, not only will the customer come back, but they will tell their friends. I apply this belief to my sales practices and instill it in my fellow co-workers. At Chatter Buzz, I have created the adage: “We don’t want your money, we want your relationship.” By placing the customer first, they will feel cared for and want to do business with you. The following are examples of sales materials I have created for Chatter Buzz..
  17. 17. MATERIALS I HAVE CREATED FOR SALES AND MARKETING Phone—Sales Script • Before you make a sales call: • Have pen and paper ready to go“Good Morning/Afternoon (name of the person you are speaking with). Make the appointment. Get an email address:My name is (use your full name) , I am a (your job title) with ChatterBuzz Media. How are you this afternoon?” - “Along with an appointment confirmation, I am going to send you our company e-newsletter. It is filled with useful tips and“Congratulations on starting your new business.” information about marketing your business”“I understand that your time is stretched thin at the moment, so I won’ttake up too much of your time.” No Appointment - “I understand this is a busy time for you. Can I get your“As a new business, everything can seem chaotic. Chatter Buzz Media email address so I can send you our free e-newsletter. It is filled withwould like to help you with some of this chaos. We provide assistance in useful tips and information about marketing your business. Then maybesocial media and marketing. Everything from website design to social down the road, we can readdress working together.”media set-up and maintenance to content generation to SEOoptimization. In addition, we can assist you with graphic design and “Thank-you very much for your time:”printing materials. We are your one stop shop for marketing needs.” Appointment: “We look forward to seeing you (appointment time)”“If it is ok with you, I would like to set up an appointment for you to meet No Appointment: “Good luck in your new of our project managers. Here, we can get to know you better and Maybe we will get to be a part ofhow we can best fulfill your marketing needs. By setting up this it someday”appointment, you can take advantage of our start-up business package.This package can encompass your marketing needs at a competitiverate.”
  20. 20. EPCOTLEGACY.COM What was original sent to me My mark-ups of the creators The final product, as seen on from the creator of content “If You Can Dream it, Then You Can do It” is a website dedicated to thehistory, heritage, and future of Epcot at Walt Disney “Additionally, she’salso metWorld. As the content editor, I am tight deadlines and exceeded expectations inresponsible for editing and finalizing all content before returning projectit is published on the website. As a proud Disney assignments” - Joshuageek, I strive to make sure that the content we Harris, EpcotLegacy.comproduce and publish is accurate and reflects the
  21. 21. The Art of Training“Sharon is a highly engaged and professional I have over eight years of presentation and trainingstudent who won an important competition in my class - her team finished 1st among experience from the Walt Disney Company, over 200 eligible projects “ - Dr. Cameron Ford, University of Central Florida Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Chatter Buzz Media, and Orlando Young Professionals. I used these skills to create and implement a training program for Chatter Buzz Media.
  22. 22. “I am extremely impressed with her creativity, leadership, resourcefulness, and dedication and I am very confident that she will excel in all of her future endeavors “ - Nasser Kutkut , Lecturer - Dept. of Management - College of Business Administration, University of Central Florida LeadershipAs a member of Knights Rescue, I managed and organized several events to help raise money for Devereux Florida. One of these events was a carwash/ bake sale: I rant the bake sale while the rest of the group worked on the car wash. Within the first hour of the event, they washed two cars andgot $40. I has sold a great deal of goodies and raise over $200. Thinking quickly, we stopped the car wash and focused on the bake sale. In the end, weraised $666.66 for Devereux. The project management skills I acquired on this project helped our team win the “Cornerstone Social EntrepreneurshipCompetition, Fall 2011 To help Chatter Buzz increase their exposure in the community and gain more leads, we are attending a trade show inSeptember. As the project manager, I am in charge of organizing our supplies, budget, volunteers, and overall timeline for the day.
  23. 23. Events Attended• IAAPA Attractions Expo 2010• Destination D: Walt Disney World 40—2011 “When Sharon represented• Invention to Venture: Central Florida—2011 Chatter Buzz at an event hosted• How Wyndham Sells - 2012 by a local young professional• IBM Smarter Commerce: Global Summit association, she walked away 2012 Orlando with three job offers. “ - Ashley• D23 Expo—2009, 2011 Cisneros, Co-Founder Chatter• TEA SeaWorld Turtle Trek Tour and Buzz Media Networking Event—2012• Orlando Business Journal ‘40 under 40’ awards ceremony—2012
  24. 24. Chatter Buzz—Sales and Marketing Specialist“Sharon Moore-Smith is an absolute gem and has been an invaluable asset to Chatter Buzz Media since she first joinedthe company as an intern in May 2012. As our in-house sales and marketing guru, Sharon has a knack for conductingintensive research, developing information-rich social media and website audits, creating engaging clientpresentations, proposals and more.Sharon was the very first presenter in our Chatter Buzz Academy series and presented an excellent workshop on salesstrategies and how to lead successful sales calls. She even went above and beyond the call of duty to author anamazing Sales Guide, and had copies ready for each staff member during the presentation.Sharon is a natural overachiever. When we asked each intern to write at least one blog post per week, Sharon deliveredthree, with many more ideas jotted down on her notebook. When Sharon represented Chatter Buzz at an event hostedby a local young professional association, she walked away with three job offers.When we were in the final stretch of competing in Social Madness, a social media contest for companies, Sharon cameup with an innovative idea. She created a ‘Flat Yogi’ – a small cut-out of our mascot, Yogi the Publicity Pug, to takealong with her on a weekend trip to New York City. Sharon called her campaign, The Adventures of Yogi, and tookInstagram photos of Yogi at different locations in New York City. Chatter Buzz followers were able to watch Yogi’sadventures via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more.Sharon’s innovative idea generated a significant increase in followers for the company, and led us to win thecompetition for the Orlando small business category. Sharon never ceases to amaze us – with her sales expertise, hermastery of all things Disney, and her outgoing personality. We’re lucky to have her!” Ashley Cisneros Co-founder, Chatter Buzz Media
  25. 25. “Sharon was tasked with increasing OYP’s reach through social media outlets. Within the short amount of time she has worked with us, she haspresented a very clear and aggressive plan, and has implemented the plan flawlessly. We have seen exponential increases in activity on our website,social media pages, and generating buzz for our organization. She is an extremely professional individual that produces results. Joseph Mera President, Orlando Young Professionals“I couldn’t be more satisfied with work the Sharon is doing for my site. She’s been amazingly accurate and precise with her editing abilities and has awillingness to learn new software/processes for the job. Additionally, she’s also met tight deadlines and exceeded expectations in returning projectassignments.” Joshua L. Harris“Sharon Moore is a take charge personality who is able to handle many people and challenges at once while at the same time is adept at working withpeers by identifying and playing off of others strengths.I partnered with Sharon as a facilitator of the new hire orientation program at Disneys Hollywood Studios. Together we were able to manage groups of30 new cast members as we led them through a 5 hour memorized & scripted theme park tour while maintaining the groups interest, and identifyingand correcting any issues with the group.Sharons passion and personality as well as her love of telling stories and building personal connections with those under her made each day of workwith her an adventure and a pleasure. I highly recommend Sharon for any endeavor she wishes to embark.” Damon C. Smith Manager, Walt Disney Imagineering“Sharon is a highly engaged and professional student who won an important competition in my class - her team finished 1st among over 200 eligibleprojects! I am extremely impressed by her creativity, resourcefulness and maturity. Im confident that she will be successful in all of her professionalendeavors.” Cameron Ford Associate Professor, University of Central Florida