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The Right Journey Between Jobs


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For those between jobs, the employment search journey has its pitfalls. I hosted Right Management’s weekly strategy session on January 4th, 2017.

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The Right Journey Between Jobs

  1. 1. …and analyze this as an unresolved business problem. – Sharon Lina Pearce The Right Journey Between Jobs If I doubt myself for an instant, I refocus @sharonlinapearc
  2. 2. I stay involved in a meaningful project that has nothing to do with business. It keeps my spirits high. – Sharon Lina Pearce
  3. 3. I keep up with the latest news relevant to my area of expertise. – Sharon Lina Pearce
  4. 4. I thank the interviewer for their professionalism no matter the outcome; in return, I receive speaking engagements, recommendations and grow my network. – Sharon Lina Pearce