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Powerpoint slides used at the video workshop for the WRSLAI event on 11th June 2012

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  • A comment on the amount of video being created and consumed....estimates that the amount being uploaded is now far in excess of this – 45/50 hours!
  • Showing building H-Ras from USB key...
  • The group will be given a step-by-step guide to using Windows Live Movie Maker at this point
  • Video workshop

    1. 1. Video WorkshopGráinne McGrath & Sharon Flynn,Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
    2. 2. OverviewPart 1: Video• An introduction to video• The elements, considerations and guidelines for creating video• Plan and storyboard a video• Record our footage• Edit and publish our video footagePart 2: Screen casting• Demo using Jing
    3. 3. Over 35 hours of video is being uploaded to YouTube every minute
    4. 4. 3 key elements• Pre-production – Preparation, testing, planning, storyboarding• Production – Recording your video footage• Post-production – Editing video footage, publishing your video Keep it simple!
    5. 5. Considerations and guidelines• Always plan and storyboard• Keep your audience in mind• Get consent from participants• Think of the context• Test your video equipment• Location, location, location• Audio quality• Lighting• Choose your output file/video format
    6. 6. Equipment
    7. 7. Video formatsVideo format Advantages Disadvantages.avi Superb video quality Large file size 25GB for 60 min of videoMPEG-2 Good Quality Large file size Can burn onto DVD disc Can vary but 4.7GB for 2 hours of video approxDivX (MPEG-4) Good Quality with reasonably Not considered a standard format small file size, editableMPEG-1 Standard video format for Video quality is not as crisp as MPEG-2 making Video CDs (some DVD players do not support)Real video - Small file size, - Compressed format - Good picture quality - Needs specific playback program - Ideal for web transmission - You cannot edit.wmv - Small file size Compressed format - Good picture quality - Ideal for web transmissionQuicktime - Good picture quality Larger file size (compare to other - Ideal for web transmission streamable formats)
    8. 8. Some interesting videos... Derek Molloy’s YouTube channel: Microbiology at NUI Galway on YouTube: and Steady Wins the Race: Irene McCormick:
    9. 9. Storyboarding
    10. 10. Lets get started with our own video...Choose a topic, for example: An interview on any topic of interestor A promo piece for your libraryor A report on today’s event
    11. 11. Post-production - editing our videofiles using Windows Movie MakerLive1. Connect our Flip cam to the laptop via the usb2. Save our video files in My Computer3. Launch Window Movie Maker4. Import our video files in Windows MovieMaker5. Edit our video files6. Save our project (in case we would like to re-edit)7. Save our edited movie8. Export/Publish
    12. 12. Links to videos and websites...•••••• National Digital Learning Resources –• HEAnet media hosting -• Video tutorials from online Media College -• File formats -• Salman Khan: Lets use video to reinvent education -• Flip Cam quick start guide -
    13. 13. ScreencastingGuide to Screencasting Tools