Sharon 35 years


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Sharon 35 years

  2. 2. Zigga Zagga Zigga ZaggaHAIR HAIR HAIR!
  3. 3. The job interview hairdo
  4. 4. Amber Thiessen(Melrose Place) hair.Pinning the parrotbarrettes on everymorning was abugger of a job!
  5. 5. Helmet Head
  6. 6. Disco Queen! No wait, check out that little bow at theneck, more like Groovy Church Lady
  7. 7. Did you see thatperm? My eyes are melting!
  8. 8. The beginning of the hugehair years. Not to mentionthe beginning of 30 yearsof wedded bliss for Jimand sometimes me.
  9. 9. Is that a groundhog on my head?
  10. 10. I really do look likeFarah Fawcett, right?
  11. 11. Look at myfrigging hair
  12. 12. Princess Di got her hair cut just like mine!
  13. 13. The box said the colour was Rose Petal Red. Apparently at Clairol roseslook like carrots. The box also said it was a “temporary” colour. I had to mixTide laundry soap with peroxide to get it out.
  14. 14. WHOA!!
  15. 15. Here is what your hair willlook like if you fall asleep in apark and squirrels chew it off.
  16. 16. Finally, the perfect hairdo!