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Human Experience Framework


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Human Experience Framework is a flexible approach & toolkit to creating a benefits oriented cultural environment and delivery approach based on Human centric design thinking and UCD principles

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Human Experience Framework

  2. 2. 2 Source: Corporate Executive Board The statistics: Of 271 programs that delivered on time and budget, on average only 53% of desired business outcomes were achieved. Delivery Today
  3. 3. …Deliver greatest VALUE to Customers Program deliveries must be about people To ensure every program delivery creates an emotional connection A brilliant experience = loyal and engaged customers Easy to use Simple & clearRelevant & useful …show CARE in every delivery”? …Embrace VALUES in every program? How to….? ..put Customers & colleagues at the heart of every decision Customer Needs
  4. 4. Link Key NPS levers to projects The Human Experience (HEX) framework has been developed for program delivery to: Show Care – Links to Brand values Customers are at the heart of every decision Iterations made throughout delivery and post launch are based on real users and customers feedback Provides a superior experience to customers via optimal design for Human Experience HEX Solution
  5. 5. Care Freedom from irritating obstacles (reduced discomfort & stress, improved brand image) Efficiency Least resources expended (Increased use of features, wider range of capability) Effectiveness Accuracy & completeness (reduced rework, CRs, training and support costs) Ensure Brand Promise, Customer Experience and the User’s ergonomic needs are integrated into what is delivered Based on ISO standards, HEX incorporates Brand, Usability & Customer Value Maximisation What is HEX? How to turn people on…
  6. 6. 6 Meaningful (has personal significance) Pleasurable (memorable experience worth sharing) Convenient (Super easy to use, works like I think) Usable (Can be used without difficulty) Reliable (is available and accurate) Functional (works as per designed) I Trust you I feel Rewarded I Love this Service Does what it’s supposed to (Makes me feel Smart) It always works (Sustainably) It Works (as on the box) Brand value FocusofHEX Focused on Experiences (People, Activities, Context) Focused on Tasks (products and features) HEX Focus Human Experience(HEX) Framework ensures that human-centred methods are used throughout the system life cycle
  7. 7. HEX provides options to ensure that brand customer & user experience values are considered before, during and after program delivery HEX Impact Assessment Vision Tree Estimation/Prioritization/Minimum Viable Product Personas User Stories (Walk a mile) User Journeys/Use Cases/Channels Wire frames/Prototypes Information architecture, interaction design & navigation Business rules, Data attributes Business process design Visual Guidelines User Guides & Help Customer/User Validation Testing Guidelines Customers & colleagues are at the heart of every decision Toolkit
  8. 8. 0-10 10,000 5mil 10mil+ Immediately noticeable Direct impact Transparent- Indirect change Somewhat noticeable Significantly noticeable Small user group staff Customers InfluenceonCustomerValue/UsabilityandBrand People (humans) impacted by the change Internal Customers or specific Customer segments LOW HIGH Low HEX Critical HEX Medium HEX High HEX All customers , Australian marketplace – or global! • Small change scope • Small community E.g.  IT platform upgrades  Call Centre software upgrade • Small change scope • Large community E.g.  Network upgrades  Version upgrades • Large change scope • Large community E.g.  New product launch to all segments  Customer self service • Large change scope • Small community ….HEX IA depends on: HIGH • number of people impacted • influence of the change on experience & brand values Addressable market or more (Aust. Population) Delivery Programs need to consider Brand promise, Customer & User Experience… HEX Impact Assessment
  9. 9. VISION TREE 9 Express no more than 3 problem statements from an end-users perspective and the functions that would resolve these Provide people with an easy way to get to meetings on time Notify user before meeting L2 Problem Statements & Jobs to be done from a users perspective L1 Value Proposition L3 Functional areas L4 High level user stories Alert notification timer settings Integrate calendar with task manager Turn on/off alerts I want to set alert timer so I get alerts at the right time I want to be informed when tasks are due to I don’t miss them I want to turn off alerts when I am on holidays I’m often late to meetings Approach this exercise as a way to agree the value statement of the project so your entire team is united in its vision and objectives.
  10. 10. PERSONA’S 10
  11. 11. HEX PERSONA TEMPLATE 11 Try to define a few different personas so you can view *the customer* or *user* as real individual people with differing backgrounds, frustrations, motivations & goals. Approach this exercise based on the target segment/s identified for the product or capability you are building
  12. 12. DEFINE INTERACTIONS – SCENARIO’S 12 A scenario is a story about someone (usually your users) using whatever is being designed to carry out a specific task or goal “Walk a mile in another man’s shoes”
  13. 13. HEX USER STORY TEMPLATE Approach this exercise not to create fully fleshed user stories. Instead, outline functionality using a statement that might start with "It would be great if… …I <persona> could <function> so I can <value> Alert notification timer settings Integrate calendar with task manager Turn on/off alerts
  14. 14. ESTIMATION 14 Estimate business value, effort & negotiate scope, based on budget Choosing stories with most business value - making informed decisions to prioritise requirements Bang for Buck Average Value (x1000 to get a readable number) / Effort This number is designed to give you a relative score to assess your requirements Inputs • Engaged Business owner : accountability • Customer value assessment • Prioritised User Stories • Technical person to do estimate
  15. 15. Identify HEX components not being met and escalate for appropriate decision authority MD Decision Steering - Customer Experience Decision Core team Decision Hex impact Critical requirements Minimal Viable Product Delivery is all about managing risks, trade-offs & making decisions MD or Sponsor decision to proceed Risks/Issues referred to the Relevant Steering Team representative, for EG Customer risks/issues will be referred to Customer Representative on the Steering team Core team empowered to deliver and make decisions on HEX / CE impact Do the right programs - deliver both customer value & $$$ manage the trade-off between time, budget & quality track & realise benefits right people make the right decisions at the right time 1 2 3 4 HEX Escalations
  16. 16. AOP/AdHocConsults HEX DELIVERY APPROACH CONCEPT • Vision Tree / Scope statement • Persona • Scenarios (day in the life of) • HEX goals • Customer Experience Impacts • Brand Value Impacts • Business Justification/ Recommendations PROGRAM EXECUTION • User Stories / Use Cases • Straw Man/ Prototyping • User Feedback • Customer Experience Pulse check • Brand Value Alignment • User Journey / Navigation • Brand / Visual guidelines / User guide • Sitemaps / Wire frames • Business Acceptance Criteria / BRT POST LAUNCH • HEX Review • ISO Standard 16024 Business ArchitectureBusiness Architecture Impact Assessment Business Benefits Realisation Take the results and use as input to the next program BusinessCase HEXResource/RiskProfile Use proper tools to capture requirements rather than ‘gather’ and ‘collect’ Making sure that requirements are not allocated to systems ineffectively by linking with Business Architecture
  18. 18. QUALITY TRIANGLE AND ITS DELIVERY ROLE Brand Corporate Brand Product Brand Strategy Brand Objectives Customer Vision & Value - MVP - VOC  Priority Are these being met? How? UX How is the sum experienced - User experience - How pleasurable Cost Time Quality Manage Risks & trade-offs with Business YES or NO? Assign to a decision maker at appropriate authority Typically, programs and projects focus on cost & time to delivery. MD Decision Steering - Customer Experience Decision Core team Decision Time, Cost & Quality are all key ingredients to successful project delivery. HEX Quantifies the Quality Triangle.
  19. 19. Relevant Understand Users Define Interaction Prototype Design Measure Validate Innovate Plan Simplicity People Focus Care Collaboration Excellence Integrity Intelligence Relevant I trust you It’s Possible Simple Trust I love what you do I feel rewarded No Problems “The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.” Wave 1 - Kick Off Trial programs Define success->test plan Coach, mentor teams Test, learn &improve Wave 1 Review Retrospective –Learning Change Management – Scale Measure results - KPIs Improve and select next projects Wave 1 - Operations Change implementation strategy Documentation to QA acceptance standard Test, learn &improve I feel confident Spirit Challenging Leadership Anticipate needs HEX Iterative Plan
  20. 20. Un-usable (difficult to use) Unreliable (inconsistent) Non-functional (doesn’t work properly) I can’t make this work (makes me feel stupid) It works sometimes (causes frustration) It doesn’t work (lost my trust) THE DOWNSIDE OF NEGATIVE HEX
  21. 21. LEARN MORE ABOUT HUMAN CENTRED DESIGN-THINKING A Human centred Design approach maximizes customer value. • Strategy Definition • Customer Insights , Customer/User Experience strategy • Target Customer/User & Channels • Value Propositions, Prioritization & Planning • Collaboration & Agility: Visioning for Value, Personnas, User Stories/Use cases, Information Architecture, Prototyping, Testing, Iteration, Production • Business Process Design & Organisational Structure • Feedback & Analysis • Contact Sharon Don @ to learn more about Human centred, Design Thinking approaches to Innovation and Transformation 2013