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  1. 1. Planning for a Livable Future regional land use study for eugene, or •Role-Goal/objective development and GIS analysis •Media-ArcGIS, Illustrator, InDesign, and hand graphics In this landscape and planning studio, I was part of a five-person team. The purpose of the studio was to investigate the relationship between settlement pattern, land management decision-making processes, and the ecological conditions of a 27 square mile (17,500 acre) area at the confluence of the Willamette and McKenzie Rivers. We were asked to create a vision of a livable future watershed condition at the scale of a parcel, a neighborhood, and a landscape. We developed goals and strategies to guide our P Accommodated Program Elements Requested Agricultural 3000 ac 2286 ac design decisions. B sub area Conservation plan 2000 ac 4112 ac Forest 1000 ac 452 ac Industry 100 ac 108 ac Goals Park Land 30 ac 46 ac 1) Intensify high density Sand & Gravel 525 ac 287 ac • locate near main arterials1600 acroads 1560 ac and Well Field • intensify housing density 2500 ac in existing 1768 ac Undeveloped Cemetery residential areas 10 ac 12 ac Hospital 50 ac 51 ac Institutions 21 Daycare 2) Decrease automobile dependency 34 Nursery • provide safe, walkable paths in residential 3 Primary neighborhoods and public spaces 6035 Homes Housing 6000 Homes • provide safe bike lanes • provide effective public transportation 4500 4000 3) Redevelop depreciating commercial 3500 A 3000 and residential areas C Requested 2500 R • incorporate mixed use developments Accommodated 2000 E into depreciated commercial areas S 1500 1000 4) Preserve and provide open space 500 0 • preserve existing parks y n st l ry l d d nd ve l it a er ra tio el pe re st • provide equitable open space in newly et La ra sp Fi tu va Fo du lo m G ul Ho ve e ll er rk In Ce ric & W ns Pa de Ag nd Co Un Sa Program Elements developed areas Metropolitan Housing Program- 5) Implement storm water managementAreaDensities Total Housing Proposed Housing Density Proportions of Study (2020) • offer incentives to 1% ~72 Homes water consumption reduce • require new developments to manage 10% 12% ~2592 17% ~735 ~4304 Homes Homes 21% storm water on site Homes ~1280 Homes 31% ~7980 Homes 42% 65% ~10,565 Homes ~3948 Homes (5% of the 31% is in Mixed Use Development) (29% of the 65% is in Mixed Use Development) regional land use plan ¹ 2000 Housing Density Proportions 6% 11% Residential 0-4 DU/ac livable: diverse - accessible - green - healthy - equitable 40% Residential 4-9 DU/ac Residential 9-16 DU/ac 43% Residential >16 DU/ac 0 0.5 1 2 3 4 Miles Legend Commercial Institution_daycare Residential 0-4 DU/ac Forest UGB Quarry Agriculture Industrial Residential 4-9 DU/ac Sub Area Institution_nursery Park Land Residential/Commercial Residential 9-16 DU/ac Undeveloped Well_field Institution_primary Urban Civic Open Space Residential >16 DU/ac Conservation Rural residential Water Cemetery Hospital Connector to Pedestrian Outdoor Sidewalk & sub area section Mixed Use Mixed Use Development Neighborhood Park Sidewalk Seating Area Bike Lane
  2. 2. Redwood Creek downtown and creek revitalization plan for redwood city, ca •Role-Proposal, research, conceptual design, design development, 3D models, presentation graphics, and multi-media presentations •Media-SketchUP, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, ArcGIS, and PowerPoint The proposal re-envisions the creek corridor at multiple scales. At the urban design scale, it re-purposes the creek corridor as an urban greenway, connecting the downtown to the bay. At the site scale, it re-vitalizes the creek by encouraging the community to re-discover, re-inhabit, and re-embrace Redwood Creek. Finally, at the detail scale it strives to evoke the spirit of the creek and inform the community of the creek’s ecological value. 101 under crossing daylighted portion of the creek path adjacent to creek don edwards san francisco bay national wildlife refuge highway 101 middlefield road crossing downtown redwood city path on top of covered creek el c am ino rea l redwood creek path and catalyst sites el camino real crossing
  3. 3. Stockton Marina waterfront and redevelopment plan for stockton, ca •Role-Task management, coordination, design development, 3D models, presentation graphics, multi-media presentation development, construction document production including specifications and cost estimate •Media-AutoCAD, SketchUP, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and PowerPoint The City of Stockton is seeking to revitalize the downtown waterfront into a river promenade called the “Waterfront Promenade.” This proposed promenade will provide improved recreational, educational, aesthetic, environmental, and economic benefits at this location, just walking distance from downtown. Along the San Joaquin River, or Stockton Channel, the numerous amenities will include a first class marina, dry stack storage for boats, parking areas, plazas, and pedestrian and bicycle pathways. As prime assistant, I played a large role in the design development and construction document phases of this project. I modeled the entire marina to better assist our client in visualizing the impact of the berth covers. In collaboration with the structural engineer, I helped develop and model over eight alternative berth cover designs. I also assisted in drafting and coordinating the design/build construction document set, which included an 84-sheet drawing set, specifications and cost estimate. 3D visualization of marina and promenade visualization of proposed promenade conceptual plan
  4. 4. Airport Way streetscape master plan and construction documents for stockton, ca •Role-Design development, presentation graphics, construction document production including specifications and cost estimate •Media-AutoCAD, InDesign, Photoshop, and handgraphics Callander Associates was hired as sub-consultant to a civil engineering firm to develop the sidewalk layout, planting plan, and irrigation plan for a three mile stretch of Airport Way. I played a large role in the design development of the planting and irrigation plan. I specified plants and materials. Created all of the presentation graphics. Helped coordinate with the civil engineer. Produced a 30 sheet landscape construction document set which included specifications and cost estimate. visualization of proposed public art piece planting plan ROW ROW NEW EXISTING SECTION STREET VARIES NEW SECTION 8’-0” 25’-0” 13’-0” 13’-0” 8’-0” 25’-0” 14’-0” WALK P.A. DRIVING DRIVING DRIVING WALK DRIVING MEDIAN P.A. WIDTH WIDTH LANE LANE LANE LANE VARIES VARIES conceptual section
  5. 5. El Camino Real streetscape master plan for the city of south san francisco, ca •Role-Master Plan writing and layout, task manager, public workshop presentations and facilitation, client coordination, existing conditions research, design development, presentation graphics, and cost estimate •Media-InDesign, PhotoShop, hand graphics The City of South San Francisco hired Callander Associates to develop a streetscape master plan for El Camino Real. The purpose of the master plan was to analyze the opportunity and constraints, provide a community supported vision, create a streetscape plan that meets Caltrans’ standards, guide development, understand costs and phasing, and provide funding resources. proposed gateway Right of Way Right of Way - 8’-0” 16’-0” 12’-0” 12’-0” 15’-0” 12’-0” 12’-0” 14’-0” 8’-0” +8’-0” 4’-0” Planting Sidewalk Travel Lane Travel Lane Travel Lane Median Travel Lane Travel Lane Travel Lane Sidewalk Planter 121’-0” Right of Way conceptual section sidewalk widened to 8’-0” -Safeway low screen fence with- w/ a 4’-0” planting strip Noor Ave. Firestone -Long’s in 6’-0” planting strip and a double row of street -Bally Total Fitness Spruce Dr. See’s Candy trees planted 25’ -0” o.c. Matchline - see above right street trees planted F accent planting new gateway sign 25’-0” o.c. BUS El Camino Real BUS existing on-street sidewalk widened to 8’-0” -Smart & Final parking removed Brentwood Auto w/ street trees planted 25’ o.c. -Goodwill Service -SSF Dialysis Center conceptual plan
  6. 6. Davis Park community park master plan for the city of san pablo, ca •Role-Workshop facilitation, design development, presentation graphics, and master plan layout •Media-InDesign, Photoshop and hand graphics The City of San Pablo has initiated efforts to redesign and renovate Davis Park, the city’s largest park. The city hired Callander Associates to develop a master plan. The emphasis throughout the planning process was to ensure that the needs of the City and community were met. This was done through extensive public outreach and input 0 15’ 30’ 60’ from city staff and various other affected public agencies. Two public workshops were held, as well Private Residence Planter Entry Walk Planter Private Residence as a stakeholders’ meeting, several meetings with proposed entrance the Urban Creek Council, and a City Council Study 0 2’ 4’ 8’ Session. Developing a plan that satisfied the competing interests of much needed playing fields with that of daylighting and restoring the creek was challenging. Yet I believe we created a design that enhances both elements. The Master Plan proposes not only to provide additional playing fields, but to daylight, widen, and restore the creek channel throughout the park as well. This enhances the recreational and environmental value Trail Soccer Field / Flood Detention Basin Wildcat Creek of the creek, reduce flooding in the area, and proposed creek restoration provides an attractive and unifying element in the park. 0 4’ 8’ 16’ final conceptual plan 0 15’ 30’ 60’ Total Parking: 150
  7. 7. Community Planning Workshop open space and park master plan for canby, or •Role-Landscape designer, ArcGIS analysis, public workshop presentations and facilitation, presentation graphics •Media-ArcGIS, Illustrator, hand graphics A multidisciplinary student consulting team developed the Willamette Wayside Properties Master Plan. The master plan identifies the type, location, cost, and timing of improvements made to the properties and describes strategies for operating and maintaining the site. accessible multi-modal path master planning process Steering Committee Scoping Report Community Workshop #1 Develop Guiding Principles Steering Committee Community Workshop #2 Draft Concept Plan Community Workshop #3 Refined Concept Plan Community Workshop #4 Draft Master Plan -Concept plan/phasing -Capital improvement plan -Operations and maintenance Steering Committee Open House Steering Committee Open House conceptual plan