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Tempo magazine May 2012

  2. 2. contentswww.tempoplanet.com ed’s04 letters to the editor note:0506 uspace what’s hot 14 At Tempo we see the UAE developing a strong artistic identity, and we are blessed to meet so07 the bottom bottom line many talented people who are truly passionate08 tech talk / game hedz about their creative pursuits.09 tempo’s top 10 songs / on my ipod We are constantly inspired by those who express10 my style blueprint themselves creatively. The local film industry is12 the dream players emerging on the world stage in a big way, and14 city bites grassroots initiatives such as The Dream Players15 bandwidth are giving a platform to new talent to showcase their abilities. We see no shortage of poets willing16 youth talk to share their thoughts, and have met so many17 people calendar sculptors and painters, musicians and dancers who18 picture perfect are telling their stories and adding their unique19 time capsule talent to the creative melting pot of the country.21 planetarians At the heart of this creative movement is the22 the talented mr. iqbal community, the very essence of Tempo. Being in the24 mini minx centre of it all we are thrilled that others’ creations26 media bring inspiration to us, and our work at Tempo brings joy to our readers. Feed your soul with art27 tamakkan knowledge hub and culture, and drop us a line to let us know what28 doc in the house / just handcrafted you’re doing.30 just a thought Be true to yourself and spread kindness, Sana Bagersh18 30 Managing Editor bagersh@tempoplanet.com MANAGING EDITOR Sana Bagersh SUPERVISING EDITOR EDITORIAL Ian Mason CONTRIBUTORS FEATURES WRITER Angeli Castillo Alma Kadragic Shakil Haque EDITORIAL Jan D’Sa COORDINATOR Manar Al Hinai Sharon Carvalho Ahmed Samir MARKETING COORDINATORS Rohith Bhat Manjul Abhishek26 Azza El Masri Laskar Laipubam Shahid Saeed MAGAZINE DESIGN Blakniss Mark De Castro Sadaf Hassan DISTRIBUTION Dave Solomon COORDINATOR Melaku Muluneh Justin Thomas PUBLISHED BY: MICROSOFT TAG SCANNING GUIDELINES download www.gettag.mobi to your smart phone ADDRESS run application To reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: editorial@tempoplanet.com. If you need to find out where you can pick up your click on tag beside each article to have fun with online content, videos & cool tags! copy call: 02 491 8624/25 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. NOTE TO ADVERTISERS Advertisers can request brand tagging with all advertisements. To reach advertising call: 02 491 8624/25, fax: 02 491 8626 QR SCANNING GUIDELINES email: advertising@tempoplanet.com Scan the QR CODE using your smart phone DISCLAIMER for Blackberry this is done through BBM Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine does its best to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of its for iPhone download BeeTag or Neo Reader contents, the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of the publisher. MEDIA LICENCE NO. 1/105866/24295 TO ADVERTISE CALL >> 02-4918624
  3. 3. Post your views and comments on our facebook and twitter pages Dear Ed, I love that Tempo keeps FB & me in touch with the word on the street, new ideas and budding stars. TWEETS Thanks for all the hard work and Lovin’ the new Tempo layout and size. Keep keep it real - Hermoine Macura up the good work!!! - Azam M Your magazine is fantastic! I can’t wait for Thanks for the interview, each issue! - Bernadette B Hermoine. What a great story! Love my Tempo! - Geraldine L - The Tempo team My Style Blueprint is my favourite section of Tempo - Mariana G Hi guys! Thank you for the Eds note: Ok, Mariana, you can be in this opportunity to intern at Tempo. issue! My time there and the team were Tempo keeps me in touch with Abu Dhabi We loved having you,Yasmine. amazing! Covering The Dream - Ruth M Thanks for your awesome work Players talent show was the best -The Tempo team Great design, great articles, great colour. end to an unforgettable week! Thanks, Tempo! - Logan D - Yasmine Ziadat (photo left) u vote RESULTS OF LAST MONTH’S U VOTE: Tempo asked our online readers, Do you like the THIS MONTH’S new size of Tempo? This is what you said: QUESTION: Which is your favourite Avengers character? 1) Iron Man 2) Captain America 3) Thor 4) The Hulk 5) Black Widow SAID YES SAID NO go to tempoplanet to vote04 | www.tempoplanet.com
  4. 4. A team of business “We have considered the TALKING BOOKSadministration students valuable suggestions given to By Azza El Masrifrom SZABIST Dubai could us by the competition judgessoon be the UAE’s next and are trying our best tosuccessful entrepreneurs. implement them into the plan. When consequences areFatima Sarwar, Syed Adil favourable and opportunityMoshin, Ruqayya Khan and knocks, we would surely takeKulsoom Khan created an it into the market.” Book Review:idea for a restaurant that Further success The Paris Wifeserves diabetic meals and Fatima also recently (Virago Press, 2012)other healthy options to L- R: Ruqayya, Fatima, Adil, Kulsoom triumphed at the Raymondcombat growing obesity Author: Paula McLain Big Idea competition with alevels in the UAE. FUTURE plan to develop an affordable ENTREPRENEURS: online tutorial portal forWinning idea Students Plan students, freelancers and To the world, Ernest HemingwayTheir idea received a boost U SPACE For Success the unemployed. “These was one of the greatest writersby winning the Biz Plan competitions are a great start of the 20th century, whose proseCompetition 2011, a tri- towards our big dreams.” was brilliant, concise and brutaluniversity initiative involving SZABIST Dubai, IMTDubai and Manipal University Dubai. The team is With enterprising students like these, the future of and whose books bled fear, horrorcurrently working towards improving the idea. business in the UAE looks very bright. and love like no other. To Hadley Richardson, Ernest Hemingway was Tamakkan and Tempo supports UAE“The business of a restaurant has many elaborate the love of her life. entrepreneurs by sharing businessdetails, so we are trying to make them all knowledge.Visit www.tamakkan.orgconsistent with each other, along with many other for more information. FALLING IN LOVEaspects,” explained Fatima. In 1920s Chicago during the time of Prohibition, Hadley is introduced to the Ernest we haven’t yet heard of: the bright-eyed, enthusiastic, vibrant loverGIVING HOPE: care. But his sign didn’t say, ‘Need money or food.’ His who yearns to be a renowned and sign simply said ‘Smile’ and he had the biggest smile onA Heart-To-Heart Chat his face. People like him. famous writer. They instantly fall in love,By Alia Youssef and after a short and wild affair, they I’ve had a lot of self image issues. I spent last week at a marry and set off for France, arriving inInspired by the Gives Me Hope friend’s house. The first thing her baby sister said to me Paris, the city that buzzes with artists,website, I wrote this article especially was, “You’re so pretty. I want to look just like you when I writers and poets alike.for Tempo’s teen readers. As a 16 grow up.” Little kids who open your eyes give me hope.(soon to be 17) year old girl, I know THE DOWNHILL SLIDEbeing a teenager is one of the most For more inspirational stories, visit: In the haze of alcohol, jazz and hearsay,stressful stages a person goes through. www.givesmehope.com things begin to go downhill for the married couple, and the arrival of aMaking choices about college, friend son only takes them further apart justproblems and discovering ourselves as Ernest’s literary career sets sail.Yet,are just some of the daily dilemmas Hadley – and Ernest too, in his own waywe go through. I find myself swarmed Inspired by past – tries to rekindle the flame that burnedwith choices, questions, homework memories and winter so bright not so long ago but her effortsand pressure from my parents during in Paris, Sara Al prove to be worthless with the arrival ofthis stage of my life. Mazrouei contributed a new character. this beautiful poem toThink positively Tempo. A COMPELLING READI’m an optimist and I get through by staying The Paris Wife is a heartbreaking,positive. Be happy and don’t worry. As I KNEW YOU A WHOLE WORLD beautiful story about Hemingway’s firstsomeone once said, “Worrying is like sitting wife, but most importantly, about theon a rocking chair; it gives you somethingto do but gets you nowhere.” The less you It’s the season of mists and beauty and magic reality of life.worry, and the more proactive you are, the The ground is covered in sparkly white stardusthappier you’ll be. If you’re feeling down, don’t Pearls fall from the sky and melt into my hair This novel was like a wake-up call to me;keep it bottled up inside you. Talk it out with The trees look as though they miss their leaves it showed me that life isn’t a fairytale,a friend or an adult you trust. Talking and And the vintage song starts playing in my head and that there are no knights in shiningexpressing your feelings always makes you 4 minutes and 60 seconds of happy memories armour coming to the rescue. It is cruel,feel better and less down. Don’t let negativity And my thoughts say I knew you a whole world yet full of love; a true and beautifulget to you; it won’t do you any good! Keep I knew the love of fun and the need for speed romance, told by the Paris wife herself,smiling.You’ll look better! I knew adventures and heights and pretty views that gives us not only insight into the I knew good music and lights that drew patterns Ernest Hemingway, but also a directInspirational stories I knew the dolphins wouldn’t come out that dayThese are two stories from the website that I knew because the sea was swollen with waves link to the heart of a woman in love.gave me hope: I knew too, that I was trusting a changing moon This novel left me drained with sadness Still, I think about you like you put stars in the sky and frustration, but also renewed withI saw a homeless man on the corner of one of You see, a dreamer’s thoughts outweigh reality wisdom. Nothing is ever as it seems, andthe busy streets today. He was wearing ratted And my thoughts say I knew you a whole world. nothing is ever simple.clothing and it was evident he had no personal www.tempoplanet.com | 05
  5. 5. WHATS HOT International Jewelry and Speak Abu Dhabi: Watch Show A night of live poetry recitals 1 -5 May, ADNEC 2 May, Abu Dhabi Theatre A glittering array of the world’s leading Timeless wisdom enshrined in enchanting lyrics will flow freely at Abu Dhabi Theatre brands will dazzle the Abu Dhabi National on 2 May in Speak Abu Dhabi. The first event of its kind, an ensemble of UAE-based Exhibition Centre at the International poets will recite their poetry along with verses from the classic masters like Rumi, Omar Jewelry & Watch Show from 1 – 5 May. Khayyam and Khalil Gibran. The free event at the Abu Dhabi breakwater is organised by Abu Dhabi’s own spiritual poet Bahareh Amidi. Elite retailers and distributors will display an extensive showcase of exquisite Poets from around the world, who call the UAE their home, will illuminate the theatre jewelry and timepieces from all over the with their deep insights expressed in poetry about light, peace, nature, humanity. Poems world, aimed at the region’s most affluent will also be shared by members of the audience, the American Community School and consumers. New York University students. Entrance Fee: AED 20 Information and RSVPs: Bahareh Amidi 050 6606142 or email: connect@bahareh.com Treasures of the World’s Cultures, Manarat Al Sadiyat Manarat Al Saadiyat gallery until July 17 Treasures of the World’s Culture, a new exhibit at Manarat Al Sadiyat, showcases over 250 artifacts celebrating more than two million years of human evolution. Organised by Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority and the British Museum, the exhibition offers a taste of the Zayed National Museum will be like when in opens in 2015 at the Saadiyat Cultural District. The artifacts on display include loans from Al Ain National Museum, Sharjah Archaeology Museum and the private collection of HE Avenged Sevenfold Abdulrahem Al Sayed Al Hashemi, and 4 May, Flash Forum, Abu Dhabi provide insight on the UAE and the Middle East’s universal context. The exhibition Heavy metal fans are in for some serious headbanging time when Avenged Sevenfold – or also includes an impressive collection of A7X – play the Flash Forum on 4 May. After touring with the likes of Metallica, Guns N’ Greek statues, ancient Egyptian tombs, Islamic miniature paintings, Michelangelo and Roses and Iron Maiden, A7X are in top form and ready to rock Yas Island. “We are excited Rembrandt sketches. to come back to the Middle East,” said front man M. Shadows. “We played to some of the most amazing crowds when we toured the album here, and we can’t wait to bring our live Open from 10am to 8pm daily show back to our friends in the UAE.” Free entrance. Information and ticket sales: www.thinkflash.ae06 | www.tempoplanet.com
  6. 6. THE BOTTOM BOTTOM LINE Making Business CoolOne Moment in Time Tempo loves new cool ideas and one of the most talked about restaurant models18 - 20 May, Madinat Theatre, is Make Business Hub restaurant in DubaiMadinat Jumeirah which combines two things: offering an environment for Mac toting entrepreneursRock, musicals, movies and divas will be in the spotlight to desk down, along with pretty decentwhen Diverse Choreography Arts School presents food. Concierge believes this is preciselytheir annual show ‘One Moment in Time’ from 18 – 20 the kind of conducive ecosystem that givesMay at Madinat Jumeirah.This spectacular event covers four diverse styles. Rock birth to new businesses. The one thinkThrough The Ages is a celebration of rock classics; MBH has to watch out for is making sureNew Musicals features snippets from some of West their lingering patrons spend enough onEnd’s biggest musicals; Movie Soundtracks highlights food and coffee to sustain the business.some of the best film music over the years; and Divaspays tribute to the worlds’ greatest songstresses. A Slice of Heart Speaking of innovation and the marriageInformation and ticket sales: of cool concepts in homegrown eateries,www.madinattheatre.com Concierge applauds Slices on Muroor Road for having great organic food and a huge community heart: you see, all food left over at the end of each day is given away to mosques to feed the less fortunate.BeautyworldMiddle East Delectably Emirati Yet another cool food concept is Fanar in29- 31 May, DICEC Dubai which claims to be one of the most unique Emirati restaurants. True dat, andBeautyworld Middle East, from 29 – 31 May at Dubai International Convention more! As far as Tempo knows, two otherand Exhibition Centre, is the largest international trade fair for beauty products, restaurants, Emirati N More in Barsha andhair fragrances and wellbeing in the region. Mezlai at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, offer true Emirati fare. What we love aboutProfessional hair dressers and make-up artists will demonstrate their skills on Fanar (check out the one in Festival City) iscentre stage while attendees can enter nail and makeup competitions. The latest that it also provides the experience, so youtrends in beauty will be discussed in talks, live demos and conferences. get to eat machboos on an Arabic majlis surrounded by cultural accoutrements. WeOpen from 10am till 7pm. love it. Heritage in the Mountains Speaking of UAE heritage experiences, we hear a lot about Heritage Village off the breakwater in Abu Dhabi, which offers a pretty decent synopsis to tourists wanting to learn about Emirati culture. But another “Heritage Village” that serves a very authentic and historical experience is Hatta Heritage Village which is nestled among the Hajjar mountains. The 16th century village overlooks a fertile oasis, consists of a mosque, watchtowers and homes constructed of khoos (palm leaves), stone and mud. A definite must see for culture lovers and historians. So whether you have coffee while you work or served up with lots of culture, remember there’s so much more to food. Bon appétit. Write to me: concierge@tempoplanet.com The Concierge www.tempoplanet.com | 07
  7. 7. EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS tech talk Shahid Saeed | Talker for the Non-Techies Follow me on @shahidaasi LATEST NEWS ACER AS5742G NOTEBOOK PANASONIC DMC-TZ20GC ATIC and Saxony to open twin semiconductor labs Acer’s AS5742G laptop has Intel Corei3 2.5GHz The Panasonic DMC-TZ20GC is an ideal choice Processor, 15.6” LED screen, 4GB DDR3 RAM, for anyone looking for a basic good-quality compact • Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Investment 320 GB SATA HDD (7200 RPM), NVIDIA 1 GB camera. It has 16x optical zoom equipped with GPS Company and the state of Saxony in Germany DDR3 dedicated graphic card, DVD writer, 5IN1 and can record full HD Movies in AVCHD format, have announced that they will open a pair Card Reader, Wi-Fi A/B/G/N, Webcam, built-in with shoot sharp images at 14.1 megapixels. The of research labs focused on semi-conductor technologies. microphone and speakers, 3 USB ports, HDMI out, 24mm wide angle LEICA Dc lens, MOS Sensor and • The ‘Twin Labs’ project will see one lab located at full-size keyboard, Windows 7 Home Basic 64bit Venus Engine FHD are really cool features and the the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in preloaded and weighs about 2.7 kg. 3.0” smart touch screen adds another plus-point Abu Dhabi and the other based at the Technische if considering this compact camera as your next Universität Dresden. If you are looking for a good laptop, the AS5742G travelling gadget. • The labs, which will host 10-12 graduate and PhD students, will focus on research around has a large screen size, good hardware configuration three-dimensional chip stacking, a potentially and is available for a very attractive price - AED It’s available from Carrefour UAE for just AED faster and more energy efficient semiconductor 1,999 - from Carrefour UAE. 999 and comes with a free camera case and 4GB technology. memory card. • The Abu Dhabi lab will investigate the minimum- energy/low-power features of 3D-integrated microelectronics in a variety of computing, communication, storage and sensing design contexts. The Saxony facility will work on the interconnect aspects of 3D integration, especially the crucial role of TSV in the back-end-of- the-line structure of 3D-stacked chips. The goal is to develop modules (design blocks) for high-rate interfaces between multiple chips in a semiconductor chip-stack. • ATIC and Saxony will invest $2.4m in the plan over two years, which builds on a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed between the two in 2010 to partner on technology development. game hedz Blakniss | Original game head from Atari to XBox! PLAYING PROTOTYPE 2 GETTING READY FOR XBOX LIVE MIDDLE EAST Alex Mercer is back but this time he is the enemy. Might I remind everyone, and Microsoft in particular, that plans for a Middle East service were announced You play Sgt. James Heller who is seeking to exact last May, and it was stated that Live would launch within a year. vengeance on Mercer for killing his family. MEA Regional Director for Retail Sales & Marketing, Julian Woods (yes, I’m naming names cuz that’s how I Though twists and turns ensue, there will be a bit roll!) made the announcement at a conference in Fujairah last year. That makes the due date this May. This of deja vu - it is a sequel after all. But expect the May, Microsoft. This May. big final boss battle to be THE Heller v Mercer No word from Microsoft that we have heard. But we should all remind them. It’s about time. If you have throwdown of the decade...well, of the month at gaming related news, views or events, hit up the blog - www.gamehedz.blogspot.com least. Game on! There is a limited edition available with a bunch of downloads including a total of 55 challenges, events MY FAV APP and other goodies. My favourite app is Angry Bird Space for iPhone, iPad & Android devices. Angry Birds Space is an incredibly It’s available on both Playstation and XBox. addictive game. Even when you get frustrated that you can’t find a solution, you keep coming back for more, and its bite-size levels make it ideal for playing on the go. Developer Rovio has pulled off the difficult task of making a game that feels new and exciting, yet familiar enough to easily pick up and play, and the charming cartoon visuals and sounds are used to great effect. Above all, Angry Birds Space is a lot of fun for a very small outlay (or for free if you’re playing on Android) by Sheeraz Ansari 08 | www.tempoplanet.com
  8. 8. 1. Somebody That I Used To Know- Gotye ft. Kimbra 2. We Are Young- Fun ft. Janelle Monae 3. Glad You Came- The Wanted 4. What Makes You Beautiful- One Direction 5. Boyfriend- Justin Bieber 6. Wild Ones- Flo Rida ft. Sia 7. Starships- Nicki Minaj 8. Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen 9. Stronger - Kelly Clarkson 10. Part Of Me- Katy Perry 1 We Are Young- Fun ft. Janelle Monae 1. Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen 2. Boyfriend- Justin Bieber 3. Somebody That I Used To Know- Gotye ft. Kimbra 4. Climax- Usher 2 Starships- Nicki Minaj 5. Starships- Nicki Minaj 6. She Doesn’t Mind- Sean Paul 7. We Are Young- Fun ft. Janelle Monae 8. Level Up- Sway 3 Boyfriend- Justin Bieber 9. Turn Up The Music- Chris Brown 10. Wild Ones- Flo Rida ft. Sia 4 Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen 5 She Doesn’t Mind- Sean Paul Ishfaq Zaman, a 21 year old animator loves instrumental music. For him, it doesn’t matter which genre, if it’s an instrumental song, he’s sure to give it a shot. He listens to more jazz, rock and blues music. 6 Part Of Me- Katy Perry 1. You Will Be Perfect - Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory 2. Moanin’ - Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers 3. Green Onions - Booker T & the MG’s 4. Blue Train - John Coltrane 7 Alone Again- Alyssa Reid 5. 6. Sevens - Guthrie Govan Bad Asteroid - The Aristocrats 7. Cheese - Tim Minchin 8. Secret Prayer - Joe Satriani 9. Elation Station - Infected Mushroom 10. 1812 Overture – Tchaikovsky 8 So Good- B.o.B. Throw Your Hands Up- Qwote ft. Don 9 Omar and PitBull10 Love U Better- Neon Hitch View the #1 SONG IN THE UAE www.tempoplanet.com | 09
  9. 9. ES MARIANA GORGtor Coordinaent Age: 28 | Ev ut fashion hat I love abo at ement: W rson. The colours Fashion St fine you as a pe ow is how it can de ssories and h the styles, the acce overall style that is you choose, er gives an you pu t these togeth u. unique to yo d t sophisticate le: Simple ye Personal Sty ‘No aker London onth: Ted B Fav buy o f the past m asual Bag igner Bag’ C Ordinary Des ti, Massimo Dut Dhabi: Zara, . There are heaps o res in Abu ra Favourite st inary and Carolina Herre rd MNG, Extrao ! of others too a fashion ishing itself as habi is establ bu Dhabi Fashion style: Abu D A Abu Dhabi ly with the launch of the obal fashion pecial ty into the gl n, Paris capital, es which pro pelled the ci York, Londo Week in 2007 de similar events in New si calendar along and Milan. outfits people wear n’t like seeing ying to be different t hates: I do . Tr Fashion pe itable to their body type k you are bold not su thin that are ique.You may n but what you are n you are un oice of fashio doesnt mea ur ch and confi dent with yo pe for disaster. ting is a reci actually crea10 | www.tempoplanet.com
  10. 10. cover story By Sharon Carvalho and Ian Mason THE DREAM PLAYERS 19 April 2012 will be a landmark date in the history of Abu Dhabi’s latest talent show sensation, The Dream Players. For the first time, The Dream Players moved from its Innovation@Work home and played at one of the busiest locations in town, Al Wahda Mall. Six extremely talented contestants fought it out for the title of The Dream Player April 2012, but in the end, 25 year-old American music teacher, Chris Roebuck, blew the competition away with two powerful and emotional performances that will live long in the memory of the 1,000-strong crowd. Tempo was there to cover this amazing event in words and pictures. Guests at the VIP recept ion The Grand Millennium- Al Wahda Hotel was the venue for the exclusive pre-event VIP reception on 15 April for the contestants, their friends and families, the judges and the d Mame with sisters Aisha an cer Sana Bagersh team behind The Dream Players. Executive Produ It was another historic moment for The Dream Players because, for the first time, the contestants and judges met each other before Judges Emma Stansfield and Michelle Nickelson with guests the main event. Kera Thompson, Project Manager for The Dream Players and one of the four judges, said, “It was fantastic to be able to meet the contestants and their families before the event in such an intimate setting.” Sultan Darmaki and Nicola Ablett Ian Mason with eventual winne r Chris Roebuck and his friend LizContestant Natasha McLean (far right) and her family Ali (left) with his friends Contestant Sufyan January’s winner Becky Morrison with her parents Osama El Kamel Sufyan Ali - Thank you very much Yesterday’s show was for selecting me as a contestant! Gary Maigue - It was a Congrats to Christopher Roebuck!!! fantastic show! Congrats to incredible! I’m looking all the contestants and to Great performance!! ... Congrats to forward to the next one! The Dream Players for one of the the winner Chris Roebuck. Nanosa Twixy - amazzzzzzzzzzzzing :D Great job everyone and best, most successful shows of all time! More power to The Dream Jacque Yentsch Watson - So great! congratulations to Chris! Today was the best day of my life. Players community! Mohsin Raza - Congrats Chris Roebuck! Muhammad Sehan - It was seriously a fantastic show! Danielle Whitley - Congratulations Chris Roebuck - you’re amazing!! 12 | www.tempoplanet.com
  11. 11. THE WINNERChris Roebuck, a 25 year-old from WisconsinUSA, silenced Al Wahda Mall with hismesmerizing rendition of ‘Bring Him Home’from Les Miserables which earned a standingovation from the audience and a perfect scorefrom the judges. A special thanks to the beautiful host, Mylene Gomera,The crowd was on their feet again to applaud who kept the show going with her wit, charm and banterChris’ second song, a heart-wrenchingperformance of the Simon and Garfunkelclassic, ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’.While Chris loves the stage and performingin front of a live audience, he is even more tants The contesdevoted to sharing his love of music withothers, especially children, in his day job as amusic educator at the GEMS World Academyin Abu Dhabi. The Komondors perform during the intermission Photo credits: Simone Carvalho ar old Leya er up, 17 ye Second runn dience with her Natasha McLean, a 17 year old who Beidas m oved the au ‘Lego of Gold’ and put her own twist to popular songs rendition of ‘Fields ‘Hey Ya’ and ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ House’ 17 year old singer /dancer, Sufyan Ali The youngest contestant, 13 year old Geetika Gopi. A gutsy effort as this The oldest contestant, runner up was her first performance ever! Venkatesh Vishwanathan, belting out The winner, Christopher Roebuck! popular Indian tracks The Dream Players were honoured to have some very talented and experienced WINNERS REACTION individuals judge the event.They were Kera Chris Roebuck spoke with Tempo Thompson, model, designer and project after his win. manager for The Dream Players; Rajesh Bhatia, music composer and voice over “My experience with the Dream Players was artist for Radio Mirchi; Michelle Nickelson, one I will never forget. It felt so good to be President and COO of Mirage Foundations back on the stage! The rush of performing and Emma Stansfield, founder of the Abu coupled with the venue made for a truly Dhabi Community Youth String Orchestra. ORGANISERS REACTION memorable experience. I was truly honored "We were astounded by the level of to be part of the event and I have to say that performances especially in the seasoned my competition was truly inspiring to watch talent of Chris. This clearly demonstrates and listen too. All of these factors made The that there is a lot of raw talent and Dream Players so wonderful.” incredibly gifted people in our community, waiting to be identified and recognized.” “It was also a thrill to have my friends there. My school family made my experience that Sana Bagersh, much more enjoyable because I had someone Executive Producer of The Dream Players there to share my joys with. The next day at school was also moving. So many of my students congratulated me and were asking questions about singing and performing. I One of the intermission Mylene with Feb Osama El Kame l ruary’s winner, THANKS acts, OPMMAD Sincere and grateful thanks to the sponsors and took time to share the experience with them and talked about following your dreams and supporters who made The Dream Players event doing what your heart tells you.” CALL FOR TALENT: possible. AUDITION FOR THE DREAM PLAYERS. Community Partner “I cannot begin to describe the feeling that AUDITIONS HAPPENING ALL SUMMER. Al Wahda Mall this opportunity has given me. Many thanks SINGERS, DANCERS, POETS, STAND UP to everyone who made the event possible.” COMEDIANS, FILM MAKERS, MODELS, Gold Sponsor ACTORS ETC. GO TO Grand Millennium Al Wahda Hotel WWW.THEDREAMPLAYERS.COM AND REGISTER. www.tempoplanet.com | 13
  12. 12. city bitesCOFFEE WITH FRIENDS: FOOD SIMPLE ENTERTAINMENTBy Justin ThomasFrom its Arabian origins, coffee quickly went global. The first coffee house in western Europe wasopened by a Lebanese proprietor in the university city of Oxford in 1650. Academia and caffeinehave since enjoyed an intimate relationship; but so too have coffee and recreation. Meeting friendsfor coffee is now one of life’s most frequent and least complicated forms of entertainment. Theonly real challenge is to choose a venue.JONES THE GROCER CARIBOU COFFEEKHALIFA ALIF MASDARJones has managed to capture the look and Visiting Masdar is an experience in itself.Youfeel of the age with their interior decor. It get to ride the futuristic, driverless electricreminds me of my Mac AirBook or my iPad - cars to your destination, whilst imbibing thealuminum, rounded edges, stylish in a totally raw, unpainted elegance of the world’s mostminimalistic and utilitarian way. Even the table sustainable city. This Caribou is small, but givenstaff look as though they just stepped fresh Masdar’s current population (a few hundredfrom shooting a Gap commercial. students and workers), space and fast service is not an issue. Caribou has an impressiveI particularly like the way the managers get menu of drinks, including dark, milk or whiteto wear black, possibly the coolest looking chocolate mochas.table staff anywhere. As for the coffee, Jonesdoes not disappoint. Their mocha, my caffeine Dark is my favorite and Caribou rarely get thecarrier of choice, is delicious and gives a drink wrong although, sadly, consistency is anstrong kick, despite the addition of quality issue. The best thing about Caribou at Masdarcocoa. is that you’re likely to run into a scientist or Aska have mastered the art of consistency two at one of the tables. On my last visit,Jones has a great ambience - no TV screen, and their mocha is first rate - always. A a few science-types, complete with scienceno overpowering music, just gentle, socially- minor gripe is that the air conditioning is hair and thick rim specs, were demonstratinglubricating background chatter. In addition often too high so, depending state-of-the-art robots to a group ofto the edible exotica, it is a upon where you sit, you may enthralled students.great place for coffee with “ In addition to the need to wrap up.friends, although the table staff edible exotica, it is COSTA COFFEEcan occasionally be a little a great place for Also the smoking section is ill- AL WAHDA MALLoverzealous in terms of service coffee with friends... defined and you may find it getsand pseudo-friendliness. uncomfortably smoky, even in For me, the fully mature, illness-free Costa the non-smoking section. would have been the undisputed king ofASKA CAFE caffeine, if only they could be consistent.AL RAHA MALL More often than not, the drinks will deviate from the prescribed recipes. However whenAska is great little cafe, right at the heart of they do get it right, it is worryingly good. IAl Raha Mall. The bright, Ferrari-red, design say worryingly, as I fear addiction; beware ofelements make the place totally unmissable. anything that creates an appetite for itself - asThe seating is super comfy, an obvious the Mormon church once said about caffeine.enticement to fatigued shoppers to stop The Wahda Mall Costa is like Costas theand rest their weary legs. Two TVs spew world over, the same décor and characteristica constant stream of entertainment upon coffee-colored soft furnishings.patrons; soccer and MTV are proverbialfavorites. Their coffee bean logo - which looks suspiciously like a pair of full-lips, if you turnThe coffee is excellent. For their mocha, it sideways - emblazons everything from thethey add chocolate syrup rather than windows right down to the frothy head ofcocoa powder but the result is dreamy - my mocha. Despite the corporate sameness,probably my favorite mocha in the UAE. Wahda Mall Costa has recently undergone aIn many coffee shops, the beverages are regime change. Overnight a whole new teamdisappointingly variable; the taste, strength has appeared but they seem up to the task; onand even the temperature are too often left my last two visits, the mocha has been perfectto the whims of the individual baristas. but it’s still too early to judge.14 | www.tempoplanet.com
  13. 13. ‘Unreal’ which can be streamed either on their Reverbnation page or Facebook page. GIGGING AROUND TOWN Corporately, POV has also been responsible for working on the creation of the Khaleej Times theme music and a song inspired by the Dubai Metro. The band has contributed charitable performances at venues like ‘The Shelter’. Having drawn inspiration in music spanning from the 70s to date, they also dedicate tributes to some of their favourites like Pink Floyd, The Police, Mr Big and Dream Theater among others. POV regular haunts are Dubai venues such as The Music Room, Central Perk, Touch, Malecon, The Ratsky Club, Rockwell Pub, The Jam Jar, American University of Dubai and Wafi Roof Top, and they have also played the Abu DhabiBANDWIDTH Formula 1 main stage. MUSIC IN THE SPOTLIGHT: POINT OF VIEW POV is currently doing their homework on the second album and one can only see themBy Shakil Haque soar higher if they get about in this fashion.‘B een there, fun that’ is my much makes human errors seem like a thing point of view if I have to of the past when it comes to beating the dust out the kit with precision and know- sleeve up my experience of how. Under his guidance, the poor kit mustwitnessing this bunch of talented lads have a point of view as well. Johann does awho pretty much justify the phrase ‘for six-string bass and quite a swell job on thewhat it’s worth’. If you have an ear for groove. If your head goes nod-nod on theirgood stuff but have not seen or heard tracks, you now know who to look at. NikPoint Of View, I suggest it’s about time. Uzi is not your regular open-bolt, blowback- operated submachine gun but the man is aTheir debut album ‘Revolutionize human synonym of the same when it comesthe Revolutionary’ is at the brink of to jettisoning the ammo off his vocal pipes.release this season. Take a listen and I am sure you will have a similar POV.IN THE BEGINNING THEIR BIG BREAKFlashback 2005. Somewhere “The lyrics are aboutin Dubai, Nik meets Johann, global awareness The band’s first bigsays hello, handshake gesture, transcending to achievement came whenrounds of chit chat and then deliver messages of they were shortlisted forpop went the question “what’s hope, not your regular SHAMAL in 2006 to open foryour point of view?” (Seems history book syllabi” the legendary Iron Maidenlike a Guy Ritchie screenplay?) and they haven’t turned back.I reckon so. If you go through Successfully juggling daytheir lyrics, it should be obvious jobs, family concerns and the passion forwhy they call themselves Point Of View making music, the band has managed to stay(POV). I guess it’s not just because they have together, despite some initial and necessarytheir viewpoint but they also acknowledge early line-up changes, and bring to fruition athe same on a collective level. The lyrics dream project.are about global awareness transcending todeliver messages of hope, not your regular THE DEBUT ALBUMhistory book syllabi. The album ‘Revolutionize the Revolutionary’THE LINE-UP consists of 11 tracks showcasing the band’s diverse skills. The album previews within theMurtaza and Royden give an ambidextrous studio perimeters have been great with someview to the band as they are respectively left very credible sources in the international Check band information andand right-handed. Raunchy riffs, piercing solos, rock music industry praising their work. tracks at www.facebook.sound samples and apt melodic transitions Releasing alongside the album is the global com/pointofviewdubai andreflect their complementary style of guitar release of the first music video for their song www.reverbnation.com/playing. Chiro, Mr Percussion of POV, pretty ‘3rd Eye’. They have released a radio single pointofviewdubai www.tempoplanet.com | 15
  14. 14. youthtalk THE MAD PRISONER: PLATO’S THEORIES EXPLAINED By Ahmed Samir Around 380 BC –or thereabouts– Plato, a Greek philosopher, scratched his archaic and impressively long beard and dreamed up an allegory that he thought illustrated much of his views on the nature of learning and the human condition. The following is a summarized version of that. The Cave: Imagine a group of prisoners, each of whom has had his head and body chained so they could look only ahead of them. The prisoners have been restrained like this all their lives, and the only home they have ever known is the dark expanse of the cave. Now MUM’S THE WORD: imagine another addition: a large fire, burning nonchalantly behind the THE PERILS OF BEING CONNECTED prisoners, so, as they look ahead of them, the prisoners see their own By Sadaf Hassan shadows, the ones resulting from the firelight. Between the fire and prisoners is a raised walkway along which all manner of creatures and people pass. So all the prisoners have ever seen are their distorted It entertains me. It knows where I am. It shadows and those of the walking creatures, and the resounding keeps me updated. It stays by my side. It echoes of the sounds they make. responds to my touch. It never judges me. The Freed Prisoner: Imagine now that one of the prisoners were No, it is not my best friend - it is my new to be unshackled and freed, let out of the dark cave. For a while, smartphone. the prisoner accustoms to the blinding light and is then met with a surprise of earth-shattering caliber: another world! He finds trees, The smartphones we have today are very close to the Tricorder rivers, people and animals; an illuminated in ‘Star Trek’. They can record data in many high definition Our perception, world, unlike anything he had witnessed formats, scan everything from documents to barcodes and have limited by what we before his release. GPS. They can also be connected to the World Wide Web, can see and hear and stream both HTML 5 and Flash video which lets you watch The Return: In his shock –and perhaps movies and are Bluetooth-enabled. Let us not forget we are still perceive in living, out of benevolence– the prisoner would talking about a phone! will only teach us so return to the cave that housed him, much and provides bearing news of the magnificent world Smartphones keep us connected to one another all the time an incomplete outside. Perhaps he would speak to his with universal messengers and social networks like Twitter and picture. Facebook. From day to night, I am connected to at least three fellow prisoners, telling them of what he social networks and four instant messengers. I can go on, but had seen. A second surprise now: the I think I have freaked you out enough. But is it okay to be so other prisoners would think their released friend mad! The coloured connected? flying creatures he speaks of, the green trees he describes, the sun and the land, would seem ridiculous to them, preposterous! They would If you ask my mum, she would definitely give these phones a shun him for having lost his mind, ironically call him stupid, and, if he thumbs down! According to her, my smartphone is not just a were to try to untie them, to free them as he was freed, perhaps they phone; it’s a part of my body! Maybe she is right because I do would try to kill him; for they would see his attempts as a threat, not have the phone just 5 inches away from my face most of the only against them, but also everything they believe. To the prisoners in time and it seems like there is an invisible cord connecting the cave, the world outside will never exist, but that doesn’t make it them! any less real. The world outside is there, and exists perfectly well. So has my smartphone done me any good? Well I believe my hand and brain coordination has improved a lot, thanks to the Plato’s lesson: So what does Plato want to say here? This small story tiny keys, but I also feel it has drifted me away from the world. speaks volumes, particularly about our limited perception, and the My obsession with my phone started to scare me as well. Now only true way to learn. Our perception, limited by what we see and it’s more about striving to not break it (only dropped it thrice hear and perceive in living, will only teach us so much and provides an with no dents!) whereas my ex-phones did not see out more incomplete picture. It is then a difficult task, that of trying to uncover than a year without something broken. what truth there is in the world, what there is beyond the ‘shadows’ (the apparent, the trivial), and ‘to venture out of the cave’ (to learn the This era of technology and our dependence on it really makes true nature of things). It is a process of continuous mistake-making, me wonder where we are headed. Should we gear up to fight robots? Or be prepared to turn into Avatars? In a world where but you don’t learn any other way.You can’t force knowledge into technology is the propeller of communication, all the addicts anyone, just as you can’t force a mountain through a keyhole. (you know who you are) should learn to create a balance between their ‘normal’ and ‘digital’ world. I tried, and it worked There is no greater calling than to break out of the prisons of the for me. Whats the real catch? No more nagging from my mum! caves of the apparent, and to strive for greater understanding. Otherwise we forever remain prisoners. To think is to attempt to TO ADVERTISE CALL >> 02-4918624 become free.16 | www.tempoplanet.com