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Tempo magazine January 2012


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Travel
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Tempo magazine January 2012

  2. 2. 2012 | january issue welcome editor’s letter Although time is an infinite continuum, the start of a “new year” carries such excitement because it implies the start of new things, and contents: 04 > letters to the editor an opportunity for new chances. 05 > uspaceIn this issue we’re running a social experiment (see pages 12 and 13). We’ve asked a 06 > what’s hotnumber of you about your resolutions for next year, with the idea that we’ll try to catch 07 > the bottom bottom lineup with each person to see if you’ve kept your promises. If you want to be part of this 08 > tech talk / game hedz 09 > tempo’s top 10 songs / on my ipodexperiment which we call “Resolution Keeper 2012” then send your pledges to us and 10 > beat with dj natalie broganwe’ll contact you at the end of next year (assuming you have the same contact details) to 12 > resolution keeper 2012see if you’ve kept your promises to yourself. We suspect that just the pressure of follow up 14 > city biteswill make you all strive to keep your word. We’ll see what happens.... 15 > poetry evening at the sorbonneTempo looks forward to making its own resolutions as well. We’ve tweaked our design and 16 > people calendarlayout for 2012 and strive to keep improving and evolving. We love getting your feedback... 18 > youth talktell us what you like, what you don’t, and what you’d like to see more of in 2012. We look 19 > photo trippingforward to incredible year of more community engagement and greater representation of 20 > cooking passionthe mosaic of communities we have in the UAE. And I take this opportunity to thank our 21 > the making of ‘the journey’writers, columnists and contributors for their dedication and for making Tempo the grass 22 > granny, take me home!roots, community focused publication that it is. 23 > doc in the house / live well 24 > mum unlimited / campus viewHappy New Year Everyone! 25 > just handcrafted / articulate 26 > media 28 > mini minx / just a thoughtSana BagershManaging ADDRESS To reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: MICROSOFT TAG SCANNING GUIDELINES If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 491 8624/25 or check download out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. to your smart phone NOTE TO ADVERTISERS run application Advertisers can request brand tagging with all advertisements. To reach advertising call: Cover story: New Years’ comes but once a year. We make resolutions click on tag beside each article to have fun 02 491 8624/25, fax: 02 491 8626 and vow to keep them and fulfill them before the next New Year’s Eve with online content, videos & cool tags! email: comes knocking on our door. But do we actually keep them? This year, Tempo is taking its readers to task. DISCLAIMER Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine does its best to ensure the authenticity and MANAGING EDITOR QR SCANNING GUIDELINES accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any Sana Bagersh responsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The Scan the QR CODE using your smart phone publisher reserves the rights of this product and no part of FEATURES EDITOR EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any Alma Kadragic Angeli Castillo for Blackberry this is done through BBM means without the permission of the publisher. Dave Solomon for iPhone download BeeTag or Neo Reader MEDIA LICENCE NO. 1/105866/24295 EDITORIAL COORDINATOR Layla Ezzedeen Sharon Carvalho Neena Rai Janice D’Sa MARKETING COORDINATOR Sara Taher Manjul Abhishek Ian Mason Laskar Laipubam BlaknissPUBLISHED BY: MAGAZINE DESIGN Manar Al Hinai Mark De Castro Sarah Widdup Ahmed Samir DISTRIBUTION COORDINATOR Justin Thomas Melaku Muluneh Rohith Bhat
  3. 3. www.tempoplanet.comletters to the editor TEMPO IN 2012:Dear Ed,I want to thank Tempo for covering art, and for encouraging What would you like to see moreartists. I loved the three pages you dedicated (in Tempo’s of in Tempo? Write to us at sharon@tempoplanet.comlast issue) to artists in the community. Who knows, withencouragement like this, maybe we may have a Picasso inour midst.- Maria S Tempo asked its readers what theDear Ed, best thing about December in AbuIt was nice to see Tempo on Abu Dhabi TV. The videos of Tempo’s “I Love Dhabi, and this is what they said…UAE” dedication to a nation looked great. Some were a bit blurry, but theystill looked fantastic. I just wished the station ran more of them. Jason Roque D’souza:- Stuart M. Christmas! And the great weather :)Dear Ed, Bk Smug:I’m a big fan of Time Capsule and Blue Print. Please have more pages National Day and Cold Weather :)on things like that.- Amy (‘fashionista extraordinaire’) Sanaa Hamati: It’s the most beautiful time of the year :)Excitement! My first column in Tempo December issue! “Mum Unlimited”.You should check it out :) Sean Brent:- Sarah Widdup I get to use all sorts of excuse to shop, like Christmas and endless parties!u vote RESULTS OF LAST MONTH’S VOTE: What was your favourite film series of 2011? 70% 10% 10% 10% 0%QUESTION:If you were allowed to use only one of the Harry Potter is Fast and X-Men is my Transformers Twilight Sagafollowing, which would it be? my favourite Furious is my favourite film is my favourite is my favourite film series favourite film series film series film series1. Phone series2. Computer3. Television go to tempoplanet to vote
  4. 4. www.tempoplanet.coma melodious life u spaceA Poem by Noura Al NoaimiWear a serene smile on your woven sleevesLeave your heart within the boundaries of your chest have yourself a tempoEnclose your problems in a strained jarPace your steps prior to running by yourselfEase your own throbbing pain at night little new year ( sung to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” ) By Bearose Karmel VelardeFight till your heart feels extraordinarily rightAnd when push comes to shoveHold on to your strongest ties tight Have yourself a Tempo little New Year Let your heart be lightNot all years can tumble by From now on your articles will be in my sight, yeahNot all tears will trickle downNot all moments are meant to last Have yourself a Tempo little New YearNot all shots will hit you fast May the posts be read!Some say you’ll grow, disregard those who will not believe From now on your words will reach miles away, ohTrust me when I say eventually, your heart will beat at ease Here we are as your loyal fansI may not be the first to say this my friend Happy golden days of sand, ahAnd I doubt that I’ll be the last Faithful friends who are dear to youBut it’s your job as a human, to commit to your life’s given tasks They gather near the stands once more, oohI am inclined to grasp your hand; I comply to lead you throughIn the end it’s your chosen path, whether virtual or true Through the years we all will be together And if the fates allowLove will either lead you to peace, or trespass you through a war Hang a shining star upon Tempo’s logo, oh yeah, ohWith every well-taken risk, assure yourself the higher you will soar And have yourself a Tempo little New Year now, oh, ohSo live your life thoroughly, endure the bitter Empty stands won’t be so niceLove the empty ones, dispose your intoxicated litter Fill them up for us once more, oh, ohRun through these obstacles, break all the difficult limitsCreate your life’s remarkable goals with strong ambition Through the year we have been reading Tempo~You might lead the way but first follow to be led If the fates allow, oh yeahNot all shooting bullets will aim at your head But ‘til then we’ll have to muddle through somehow, oh yeah, oh, ohPlease the pleasant and succeed in the face of the disturbed And have yourself a Tempo little New Year now, ooh yeah, oh, oohShout out the words of your heart until you are heard *bow*Fall into the unknown and gaze into the voidBecause before you wake up in the morning, your story will be heard Ho! Ho! Ho! Have a terrific 2012 with lots of Tempo! :)talking books > By Azza El Masri What makes a good dystopian a printed beside each other, and breathe, because there are no supernatural species in ‘you-must-read-this-now-or-I’ll- this book whatsoever. In fact, everybody’s human, and everybody stays human. kill-you’ novel? Suspense, romance, Divergent is set in a futuristic Chicago where society is divided in five factions, each and the ability to be transported in dedicated to a particular value. Upon turning 16 teenagers must choose the faction an unpredictable future and that, is they will have to commit to for the rest of their lives. When it’s Beatrice Prior’s turn, exactly what Veronica Roth created. she is torn between staying with her family and being who she really is. The following events will unfold a startling romance and a deadly secret that might result in the Much like The Hunger Games, Divergent collapse of the community Beatrice has always known. unleashed a buzz in the young adult fiction world. This novel will leave you hanging by a thread until you concede to the idea of a sequel to this mind-blowing dystopian. Roth’s innovative debut touches on everything from Now, don’t start flipping the page because propaganda-disguised regimens to teenage confusion. Readers of all ages will enjoy you saw the words ”young” and “adult” this because it’s simple underlying message is what interests you. { DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth, 2011 }
  5. 5. www.tempoplanet.comwhat’s hot > TEMPO: What do you think are the steps forward to develop the film industry in the UAE? MICHELLE: First, financial incentives. Second I think the business end of films needs topicture perfect: nurturing women in film be taught as well as the technical side. Everyone here aspires to be a director, it’s great, but watch when the credits roll on a film. There are a lot more technical people involved in filming than directors and they work constantly. Here, no one wants to be a really amazing camera, sound or lighting person. In the US, there are unions for these, so the Michelle Nickelson runs the UAE chapter of Women level of talent is a lot higher and these positions are considered as viable professions. in Film (WIF) which is based in Los Angeles. Through WIFT Michelle is able to encourage and support Also, indie producers here need to know how to package their projects. There are a lot female film makers in their creative efforts in the of talented people here, but the level of how their projects are presented is pretty low. entertainment industry. If something like what gets shown here landed on a producer›s desk in Los Angeles, it would go straight in the bin. The level of professionalism needs to keep being developed TEMPO: Tell us about yourself and your background to compete on an international level. Those who are committed will get to that level. in film. MICHELLE: My background is mainly from the TEMPO: There are a lot of aspiring actors and film makers. Can you give them a realistic picture: business end of the film industry. I was involved is there money to be made in the film industry? in business development for a company my MICHELLE: The film industry is one of the few that is truly international. As more countries father was a shareholder in called Manex become developed, more cinemas come online, so yes, it is a lucrative business and Entertainment. The company was a visual effects growing, but only on an international level. The regional and local level at this point,house and won two Academy Awards for What Dreams May Come and The Matrix. My does not sustain itself financially, but eventually that could change.interest is writing and I am now producing several projects, some that I have written.I would consider myself a writer and producer. Think about it, if you go to the cinema and there is a local movie with people you have never heard of, or a film with Tom Cruise and you have to decide where to spend your DhTEMPO: What is the objective of WIFT UAE? 30, around 98 percent will pick the one with Cruise. The two percent, who might spendMICHELLE: We are placing an emphasis on writing to incorporate the oral traditions of their money on the local film, does not make for a financial model that can sustain thestorytelling from the region and adapt this to film, TV and new media. One does not industry and make a profit. The reality of the film industry is that unless people arehave to have professional experience to benefit from WIFT UAE, as we are interested paying to buy a ticket and see the film or buy merchandise from the film, it does notin working with students as well. matter how well it did in a festival. Bottom line is, did this film make money? Remember your film is competing for the audience’s money against all the big studio films.TEMPO: What has WIFT achieved and what are your future plans?MICHELLE: We have been operating as WIFT UAE since September 2011, and have so far We have launched a film investment fund, MENA CineFinance from DIFC throughhosted two lectures. The first lecture covered screenwriting with Lamar Sanders from UIB investment bank. The fund is the first professionally managed film and mediaNYU Abu Dhabi and the second lecture covered IP Law in the UAE with Fiona Robertson investment fund in the MENA Region. We know that there is money to be made in thefrom The Rights Lawyers in Dubai. For the future, we have several people from the industry; it just has to be managed correctly like any other class of investment. TheUS film industry we are planning to bring here as visiting filmmakers. There will be response has been very positive as the industry is starting to take off in the MENAseminars and master classes for the local community with these filmmakers and we’ll region. We have some very solid people and talent involved with the company, if theregive the local community an opportunity to interact with film professionals. was no money in the industry, it is doubtful they would waste their time. An interesting point, if you look at the investment portfolios of many of the top guys in the GCC, is thatWe are also looking into online seminars with industry professionals in the US for they almost all own stock in public media companies.members to view from the website, as we can do these on a continual basis. We arevery thankful for our sponsors who have been supporting our efforts. TEMPO: What would you say to young film makers out there? MICHELLE: My favorite word, “TRY.” If you don’t try, you will never know. It’s easy to quit,TEMPO: Do you think the film industry can be lucrative in the UAE? or worse, worry about “what if ?” Just do it, and try, the worst thing that can happenMICHELLE: It is possible. The most important thing from a business standpoint is that is you realize that whatever it is you thought you wanted to do, either turns out to bethere needs to be a system of incentives for international filmmakers to film here, and perfect for you, or does not work at all.this would need to be setup through the government. I have been asked to consultto another country regarding the same issue and there are several ways the UAE can Most people are afraid of failure; personally I don’t see it as failure, it’s experience. Ialso do this, even though there are no taxes here. It’s all about the bottom line; the worked for a short while in the investment industry at a brokerage house in BeverlyUAE is a great place to come and film, it›s safe, the people are great, and there is a Hills. I learned pretty quickly that this was not for me, but I did learn a lot aboutgrowing pool of talent. the investment business. I have been able to use that experience as well to my advantage.However, if it’s cheaper, because of financial incentives, to film in another location, thenthat is where a producer will go. I think with the success of filming Mission Impossible To have been able to get the attention of an investment bank and now to be represented4 in Dubai, people are starting to realize how important filming in a certain location can by a major US talent agency, this was not luck, this was hard work. It was also “workingbe to bring attention about the host location to an international audience. This type smart,” I took what I knew from both business development and investments and myof “location product placement” is a lot more effective than buying a 30 second spot experience working with people in the film industry and put together a business planon a news channel. There is also a trickle down effect; big productions come to the that works. If you are a young filmmaker and you have a problem with working hard,UAE and the local standard for talent benefits from learning from more experienced then this is NOT the industry for you! Also I would say, don›t be afraid to ask, as thepeople. It also has an effect on tourism; people like to visit locations where a favorite saying goes, “You don’t ask, you don’t get.” It’s amazing what you put into motion whenfilm of theirs was shot. you ask - it’s the first step.
  6. 6. www.tempoplanet.comchristmas: in a labour camp > • I never thought I would ever say this, but yes, there are instances of By Bahareh Amidi “too much service,” and yes, too much is almost as bad as too little. A lovely new restaurant near Nahyan Camp is a great example of this: I went there recently and I was asked how good my food wasI attended a Christmas party on December 9 at one of the many labour by no less than four people, and everytime I wiped my mouth withcamps here in Abu Dhabi. What’s special about it? It is a women’s a tissue, a doting waitress appeared from nowhere to dispose of oflabour camp housing over 100 women in accommodation that could be the tissues and to refill my drink. Guys, don’t sweat it, your food’sconsidered adequate, at best. Two common bathrooms, and bunk beds great... just don’t scare away your customers with service overkill. • If you’re an event organising company and you claim to be a class act,for all… it is a wonder that these women come out pretty and clean all then act classy and do the right thing; don’t hire young studentsthe time! for your events and then pay them a month after the event is over. That’s shoddy at best with nothing classy about it at all.I was honoured to be one of the thirty expat women who decided to • Anna from Bateen sent in a message to the concierge lamentingshare a little bit of Christmas joy with these women who have left how she was terminated from work. “It’s strange: I’m not upsettheir families to make a living. With fabulous food provided by the because I was fired,” she says,” but how summarily that happened.Fairmont and gifts for all, it was truly a fabulous day. My only hope is I would have like to know a few months before so I would have time to plan my transition to my next job.” Too true, Anna. Good luckthat next Christmas, all these wonderful ladies will be home with their with your job search.families, hosting their own Christmas party. Here’s a poem about my • Have I told you about a jewel of a restaurant nestled in backroadsexperience: of Khalidiya, near La Brioche. This one’s called Shish Shawerma (sic) and they serve shawarma like its never been served before. Fresh out of the oven pita bread, a delicious menu of meats, cheeses and salads, and a cool happening energy. • Cinema alert! If you’re the management of a movie theatre and thinking of renovating the interiors, please upholster the seats with something wipeable and cleanable, and entirely practical, such as vinyl or plastic. Get over the cloth fixation as fabric can harbor bed bugs, and we all know that cinemas are the most conducive environment for spreading these nasty pests. • Daniel, a resident of Al Barsha, once told me, if ever you have a bed bug problem, stay away from “actellic,” the stuff is as toxic to humans as it is to bed bugs, and you don’t want to exterminate half of your family as you try to rid yourself from a few bugs. Daniel says he tried it and says it was a close call for his family .Poem By Bahareh Amidi • Kudos to the “Ecoventure Al Fala Desert Camp” that is specifically designed for school groups. Not only does it offer a safe educationalThere are a group of women here today… environment to young children but also an unadulterated desert experience. This is a great example of how you can use a newHere Today… vision, and a whole lot of inventiveness, to satisfy a niche in theA place called labor camp. market.About 100 ladies will stay here to sleep the other warm bodies will go • The Westin at the Abu Dhabi Golf Course? Swaaanky. In anhome to sleep next to their husbands after tucking in their kids. understated, hip kind of way. I’m thinking Tiger Woods and theWe are sitting in the not garden but cement courtyard of the other pros will probably stay in it in Jan. Definitely giving this onelabor camp. a “like”.Those who live here are the guests tonight. • Advice for a better planet: if you enjoy picking up freebie magazinesHow odd to be a guest in your own home. and newspapers, such as Tempo, Abu Dhabi Week and 7Days, think of recycling the publication, by either sharing it with others orThose who are hosting the party are nice but have no sense of what returning it to the newstand. Reuse, recycle, and spread empathygoes on in the guests’ hearts and minds. and consideration.When singing jingle bells, we might think of Santa’s sleigh whilethey think of the x-mas tree empty under in their home back home. That’s all for today. Send me your rants, raves, gripes and grumbles.If we remember x-mas is about the birth of a savior then we will Write to me: concierge@tempoplanet.comall rejoice. The Concierge
  7. 7. game hedz > tech talk > Blakniss | Original game head from Atari to XBox! Shahid Saeed | Talker for the Non-TechiesS’long 2011! Wuz up 2012! What’s new?2011 Highlights MSI CX640 LAPTOPOkay it’ll be different for everyone but here are my highlights: MSI CX640, inspired by top-of-the-line luxury sedans and design concept integrating external• Dead Space 2 - in particular, the Severed DLC quality and internal performance, features the• Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Beta latest second generation Intel Core i5 processor.• Portal 2 - funniest game of the year. The laptop offers components that make it a well• The Playstation Network Blackout (not that it was a good thing, just that it rounded machine, capable of good multi-tasking. was a big deal)• RAAM’s Shadow Gears 3 DLC A dedicated NVIDIA Geforce GT520M graphic card delivers good photo and video• The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim usage and editing. Spec include 8GB RAM , 320/500/640GB Hard Disk Drive with• GAME OF THE YEAR - Portal 2 - I love my Gears Brothers, but this was too good rock solid hard drive protection, 15.6” HD display, super-multi / Blue-Ray Drive, 2 in too many ways. high end recessed speakers, hidden hotkeys, shimmering touchpad, 1.3 megapixel camera, card reader, gigabit LAN, Wireless B/G/N Adapter, Bluetooth 3.0 (Optional), VGA/HDMI out, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, 6 cells / 8 cells battery with faster battery charge. BLACKBERRY CURVE 9360 The new BlackBerry Curve 9360 is sleek and lightweight, a must have for socially active peoplePredictions of 2012 who enjoy easy portabiity. It has 800 MHz processor, 512 Mb RAM, 512 Mb eMMC expandable up to 32GB• Mass Effect 3 will be the most anticipated game (March, PC/PS3/Xbox 360) with hot swappable microSD. It has a “Spectacular• Metal Gear Solid Rising will rock (TBA, PS3/Xbox 360) Display” 480X360 pixel HVGA+, Integrated GPS,• Grand Theft Auto V (TBA) 5MP Camera with flash and face detection, VGA• Bioshock: Infinite (TBA, PC/PS3/Xbox 360 video recording (640 X 480), 35 key backlit narrow• Halo 4 (Q4, Xbox 360) QWERTY keyboard, 802.11 B/G/N Wi-Fi, NFC Enabled• Diablo III (TBA, PC) and next generation Blackberry 7 OS.• GAME OF THE YEAR - Mass Effect 3 - the series has been consistent, and it simply kicks butt. NEWS AND GOSSIPNow if you agree, disagree or have other suggestions, bounce by the GameHedz blog and let us know. We have polls you can take or feel free to just make Google Translatecomments! Half of the people who use Google Translate are people who will not admit they areWe should mention that iOS games also shone in 2011. Infinity Blade II outdid its using it. The other half is transcribing perfectly good sentences in one language intopredecessor, but has a ways to go before its mind blowing. Shadowgun also did pure gibberish of another language. Yet there is no denying that Google Translate isgreat for the platform, and suggests that it›s only getting better. Let’s keep our one of the web’s most useful everyday tools.eyes peeled for what comes in 2012. It supports more than 30 languages and delivering impressively accurate resultsOtherwise, all the best for 2012 and game on! well, most of the time. Now the Google Translate app is one of the most remarkable programs you can load onto your iPhone. While most people probably won’t need it that often, it can be immensely useful while you’re travelling and find yourself in my fav app > Rihana Shibu unexpected circumstances. COOL APP The Converter Plus all-in one calculation app could become an obsession for number lovers. It deliversMy Favourite app is Zynga CityVille for iPhone and also for iPad. I like numbers on nearly everything, from currencythis app because I can use it from my pc and iPhone using my Facebook conversions to loan interest figures. It convertsaccount. I’ve used this app to build and run my own city, manage myneighborhood and develop franchises with friends. I’ve also assigned metric to imperial measurements for temperature,jobs to people, set up trading arrangements and done so much other cooking volumes, lengths and more.stuff. It’s very easy to use and lots of fun.” Follow me on @shahidaasi
  8. 8. View the #1 SONG IN THE UAE Dr. DMS- I listen to a mix of (mostly) older stuff. Hard and heavy, maybe a little dark, but music, “to rock out, with your ... ”, You should know the rest. I loathe anything on the radio or playing in shops here- the DJs, the music (I detest Lady GaGa, LMFAO, etc.), the lack of variety, blah, blah, blah. 1. Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf 6. Grandmaster Flash - White Lines Someone like you - Adele 2. Death From Above 1979 - Pull Out 7. Steel Panther - Turn out the lights 3. Bad Brains - Banned in DC 8. Joy Division - She’s Lost Control The one that got away - Katy Perry 4. Slayer - South of Heaven 9. The Strokes - Heart In A Cage 5. Kyuss - Gardenia 10. NWA - 100 Miles And Running Rolling in the Deep - Adele Sexy and I know it - LMFAO International Love - PitBull ft. Chris Brown It’s the most wonderful time of the year - Andy Williams O Holy Night - Kenny Rogers Silver Bells - Bing Crosby Good Old Days - Ziggy Marley What makes you beautiful - One Direction1. We found love - Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris 1. Cannonball - Little Mix2. Sexy and I know it - LMFAO 2. Paradise - Coldplay3. It will rain - Bruno Mars 3. Dance with me tonight - Olly Murs4. The one that got away - Katy Perry 4. Dedication to my Ex - Lloyd ft. Andre 3000 and Lil Wayne5. Good Feeling - Flo Rida 5. We found love - Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris6. Ni**as in Paris - Jay Z and Kanye West 6. Good Feeling - Flo Rida7. Someone Like you - Adele 7. Levels - Avicci8. Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera 8. Hurt - Leona Lewis9. Without you - David Guetta ft. Usher 9. Lego House - Ed Sheeran10. 5 O’ Clock - Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen 10. 5 O’ Clock - Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen
  9. 9. www.tempoplanet.comthe beat>dj natalie broganBy Angeli CastilloBreaking into the highly competitive world of DJing is hard enough, A QUICK EIGHT WITH NATALIE:but DJ Natalie Brogan, based in Abu Dhabi is one of a handful of ONE: What did it feel like performing alongside Tiesto, Deadmau5 and David Guetta?female DJs who has not only managed to survive, but to thrive in a NATALIE: The best feeling in the world.male dominated industry. Tempo chatted with the DJ queen... TWO: Any favorite moments?TEMPO: You’ve only been DJing for a few years and yet you’ve gained quite a NATALIE: I think being on the main stage is a big enough reason!reputation. Tell us about your beginnings…NATALIE: I’m 26 and I’m from Manchester in the UK. I worked as beauty THREE: Do you have a special “ceremony” of sorts before a big night?therapist for Chanel. But I wanted to learn to DJ so enrolled in a DJ course at NATALIE: Make sure I’ve been to the toilet…hahaManchester Midi School in 2006 and started to play parties at the weekends. FOUR: How does the crowd in the UAE compare to other places you have beenIn 2009 I decided to give up my day job and try a summer in Ibiza where I to?was lucky to play weekly boat parties, bars and nightclubs. From there I was NATALIE: They like to party every night of the week which is good for meoffered a four month residency at the Fairmont in Abu Dhabi and after twoyears I’m still here and have gone on to play in Dubai, Jordan, Qatar and India. FIVE: What New Year resolution advice do you offer your fans?I’ve played huge events such as Creamfields and hosted my own nights. NATALIE: Live everyday like it’s your last.TEMPO: How have you become quite successful and what is the most SIX: What advice do you offer aspiring young artists?challenging thing about being a female DJ artist in the UAE and the region? NATALIE: Play the music for the girls and the boys will follow.NATALIE: Being female in such a male dominated industry is always going to be SEVEN: Where do you know want to be in five years?hard. Being female and being a DJ is tough as there are so many who become NATALIE: The year 2012 will be the year I finish my production course soDJs for the wrong reasons. For me it’s always been about my love for good fingers crossed in five years I will have some productions and would havemusic which makes it different. For a start, the UAE doesn’t have many DJs played in more countries.who are female and on top of that I don’t play commercial music so I supposeI’m different from most, which is where I have gained the respect from fellow EIGHT: What do you think off when you hear the word TEMPO?DJs and promoters. This has got me where I want to be. NATALIE: A fun free informative magazine
  10. 10. cover story > resolution keeper 2012 James Franklin 1. Play a concert Do you want Tempo to hold you accountable and track 2. Do well in University 3. Get a fantastic job doing something awesome in the you down at the end of 2012 to see if you kept your media industry resolutions? Then send us your resolutions to or register it on Jason D’souza and we will check to 1. I will put in more effort to be sponsored see if you have kept your promises. this year for skateboarding Be sure to make your resolutions 2. I will make my parents proud specific and actionable. 3. Try and reduce my chocolate consumption Mariam Abassi1. Study very hard to achieve good grades for IGCSE’s to make my parents proud 2. Learn how to cycle 3. Try to stop being a facebook addict4. Make 2012 fun filled, adventurous, mysterious and a year to be remembered! Natasha Motwani 1. Work hard to achieve my goals 2. Shop less, save more! 3. Be a better person, friend and daughter 4. Be more patient, and complain less New Years’ comes but once a year. We party the night away, make resolutions Nicole Raj the next morning and vow to keep 1. I will work towards achieving Good grades in my IGCSE exams this year them and fulfill them before the next 2. I plan to excersise daily 3. I plan to involve myself in charity this year as i love helping people!! New Year’s Eve comes knocking on our door. But do we actually keep them? This year, Tempo is taking its Ian Mason readers to task. 1. Improve the service culture in Abu Dhabi (through Tamakkan corporate workshops, of course!) 2. Do more exercise 3. Don’t make resolutions for 2013 Ousha Ahmed Al-Romaithi 1. To live all alone in a place that isn’t the UAE 2. I want to be able to go on the streets and draw something that people will appreciate 3. I want to learn how to play the piano and the oud jan feb mar apr may jun
  11. 11. Simone Carvalho 1. To not get too distracted while studying 2. Figure out how to eat less chocolates as I get more cavities due to it 3. To try and become a much better photographer 4. To think and be a much better person Jose Tuano 1. Enjoy Abu Dhabi as much as I can, before it’s summer again 2. Improve as a photographer 3. Improve as a person 4. Become less lazy Tamsyn D’souza 1. To shed 15 kilos 2. To travel to either Spain or Italy 3. To own a house of my own 4. To go for a Hollywood style romantic dinner for the first time in my life Yassin Daoud 1. Learn a new language. French, Italian or Spanish 2. Study Psychology in University 3. Travel a heck of a lot 4. Hit the gym!We asked you to send us your resolutionsand are posting them publicly for all to Abu Dhabi Community String Orchestra 1. A series of concerts for school children around the capital taking music tosee. At the end of the year, we will get children who might not have seen an orchestra up close before and especiallyback in touch with you (hound you because it will be by young people themselvesif we have to) to see if you have 2. A concert to accompany a puppet theatre production - also for children and young peoplefulfilled your resolutions. Have 3. A collaboration with Arabic musicians in a work for strings, percussion and oudyou got it in you to stickit out? Let’s wait until Noura Al Noaiminext year to see… 1. Apply my interior design skills into freelancing 2. Take a leap of faith by starting my career at an early age 3. Begin building my company “iDesignIt” 4. Live a double-track life of marriage and studying 5. Prepare for an art exhibition 6. Participate in photography competitions and internships Manar Al Hinai 1. Become a columnist for the New York Times 2. Go to Hajj 3. Expand my clothing business 4. Learn Spanishjul aug sep oct nov dec
  12. 12. www.tempoplanet.comcity bitesBrioche at La Brioche pleasantries is becoming all too common. I, for one, long for more sincere, spontaneous, creative and heartfelt human communication inLet them eat cake > By Justin Thomas all spheres of life - even restaurants. Consider, for example, I recently received a text message wishing me:It’s winter time again and it’s the season of alfresco dining; “choicest blessings on the auspicious occasion of Eid al Adha”. The sender, a long forgotten colleague, had obviously sent this “one sizea time when both smokers and non-smokers compete for fits all” message to a large group of the contacts from his phone’soutdoor tables. My breakfast destination for the morning address book. Rather than respond directly to the sender’s greeting,was La Brioche in Khalifa A, or the Big Alif, as I like to call many of the recipients, probably just group-texted their own genericit. Thankfully, I managed to get an outdoor table, and the Eid messages. I have to question the value of such greetings. Are weweather was just the right side of perfect. really wishing each other well? How much heart and soul can there be in these effortless bulk-communications? It is easy to imagine a futureA bright smiling face arrived at my table wishing me, “good morning,” and where we pre-program our phones with the following instruction: If Datethen, as if to add sugar to honey, she wished me “bonjour” too. I paused = Dec 25th; send text “wishing you the sincerest season’s greetings” toand smiled. “Bonjour,” I replied in my best French accent - which made contact group = “friends and family”. For the recipients and the sendersme feel, and sound, slightly creepy. I placed my order, a little high on the of such thoughtless pre-programmed messages, what exactly would bespecial attention that had been paid to me. A few seconds later I heard the benefit? Both, generic template-texts and my waitress’s scriptedthe same waitress: “good morning - bonjour”, she said, smiling at the greetings are classic example of what we used to call “cant”.next customer, and the next, and the next. My feelings of specialnessevaporated like the head on a bad latte. Historian Ben Wilson describes can’t as a four-letter word that has all but faded from the English language. Cant, like brioche, originates from theThe waitress’s “bonjour” was no-doubt her modest contribution towards Norman French. Cant meant chanting, in a derogatory sense; it meant apushing the brand’s friendly French-ness. La Brioche after all is the type of formulaic speech used to mask the absence of genuine devotion.French term for an enriched form of pastry (Queen Marie Antoinette is Cant is decorum and sobriety, without sincerity; cant is jargon and clichéapocryphally reported to have said “: Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” - let masquerading as substance; cant is well choreographed verbiage bereftthem eat cake, with reference to France’s famished peasants). But the of any authenticity. Lord Byron, English poet and self-imposed exile,idea of people greeting each other with formulaic and often very insincere declared the 19th Century as the age of cant. The word may not have survived but the practice is thriving. Table-staff cant aside, La Brioche is a pleasant enough place to breakfast. The outdoor seating is comfortable and well placed; the high hedge obscures the unappetising site of car parks and construction sites. Furthermore, the floral decorations add a pretty touch of pink and white. The menu is in English and French, and there’s also a French/ Arabic version. The menu runs to 12 pages, and none of the dishes are overly described. Looking to my fellow diners the full breakfast option (scrambled eggs with turkey bacon and chicken sausages) seems to be a very popular choice. However, in keeping with the French idea of “le petit dejeuner,” I opted for the croissants package (two croissants a coffee and, what I can only describe as, a shot of orange juice: glass, small, very). The croissants were amongst the best I have tasted anywhere, while my coffee was relatively unremarkable. The shot of juice the smallest ever, but good fresh fare. La Brioche, as the name suggests, is a specialist baker. And while dining, I noticed a steady stream of customers arriving to buy boxes of cakes, French loaves and croissants to go. Before leaving, I asked the waitress for a brioche to go, she gave me a sympathetic look and said, in an infectiously upbeat Philippines accent, “we don’t have sir, sorry finished”. C’est la vie, I retorted, performing my most nonchalant Gallic shrug.
  13. 13. poetry evening at the sorbonneTempo was invited to a special poetry evening organized by Paris- Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. The cultural initiative,called a Soiree Poetique (Poetic Evening) is aimed at encouraging the creativity among students and bridging the gapbetween civilizations. Here are some of the poems shared by students… IMMORTALITY THE LEDGE ACROSS ALL WINDS By Farah Chamma By Christian Collins By Farah Chamma Hold me, surround me, I climbed out onto the ledge and looked down Beneath tapestries of sky and clouds of ivory be the air that is around me I’ll never fly I thought to myself with a frown In a waltz we dance on bridges and on alleys Forever be I had always wanted to, perpetual, always thought I could Across mosques’ minarets, we hear the prayers embrace my soul… But something inside me said I never would Then descend to hear the mirth of avid card Interpret words, Day after day I walked the ledge in hopes players encrypt them into of flight sympathizing silence… Dreaming of the day where if I tried hard Upon extending roads, we both speed along Take me to a world of enough I just might Shining with the city lighte, singing its songs peace and no violence One special day not long ago I met a man An angel perhaps, believed in me, With the freedom of vagabonds, with dusk As my soul immersed the air said yes you can and day with tranquility, I was scared, so very scared because I thought On the vast waterfront, we accelerate, we say I tenderly closed my eyes, he was wrong my eyelashes soothingly slide down… O had never flown before and as such I just Whether it was inner solace, or a touch of rage didn’t belong On your seat I always, share and assuage Harmonious melodies hummed, He filled me with confidence and took away as immortality grasped me to sleep my fears We face fierce gusts, we feel the distant sky I was feeling things, myself that I had not felt Across all winds, my bike and I… in years He took me to the ledge and said that something had begun anew I closed my eyes and from behind he pushed me and… I flew
  14. 14. 1 2 3 Arjun Suria January Bersabeh Melaku It’s my 1st Birthday! Happy New Year Tempo readers! It’s ‘Humiliation Ankit Lodha Day’ today! 8 9 10 Laveezah Khan Lama Youness Ismael Gabriel Saballa nter, Geopolitics of Roots: @ Expo Ce No Man’s Land- Art Exhibition Steel Fab ah 9-12 @ Carbon12 Dubai Sharj National Blood Donor Month 15 16 17 Mehreen Malik Intersec World Future EnvironmentHAPPY NEW YEAR Middle East Marlon Alcaraz World Future Exhibition 16-19 Marlene Vaz @ DICEC 15-17 Energy Summit 16-19 22 23 24 Simone Carvalho Osama El Kamel Arab Hea lth Hap @ DICEC 2 2012 Weddin py 25th 3-26 b Duba i g An Medla 23-26 Mum an niversary @ DICE C Rami Ik d Dad! 29 30 31 Zainab Khan Zeeshan Razzaqi Veronica Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf International Dental Recruitment Show Championship 26-29 Conference @ DICEC 31/1-2/2 Tawdheef
  15. 15. 4 5 6 7 Chris Xaviour pping Dubai Sho al Hansel Punnam Duba Festiv iI Carn nternati Stay in bed and b on 5 Jan- 5 Fe ival 5 Jan- al Racin 10 M g cuddle up today Tekno Tube Arabia arch @ DICEC 7-10 Bernadette Velasco Davina Lewis11 12 13 Leila Fedama 14 Mariam Abassi Come visit BrandMoxie’s new office to learn about what we can do to help Backstage pr ‘Hats’ and ‘D esents achieve your business goals in 2012 agger @ DUCTAC 13 Shorts’ -14 Dunlop 24H Car Race @ Dubai Autodrome 13-1418 19 20 21 Nana Christie Rhythm of your heart @ Dubai Media City C54 BLDG., M01 & M02 AL NAHYAN CAMP, BEHIND TRANS AD BUILDING Health and INTERSECTION OF MUROOR + DELMA Fitness Funday Merwin Mathias @ ADNEC 21-2 3 FOR MORE INFO CALL 02 491 8624/25 www.brandmoxie.com25 26 27 28Saif Al Madani Sharan Dominic D’Souza Tara Al Marzooqi Shombe National Thank You Month! Expo Center, ic Day DecoBuild @ -26 Shar jah 23 y Republ Happ dia!!! Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon Say thank you to someone today! In MY JANUARY TO DO LIST MY JANUARY ECO PLEDGE
  16. 16. www.tempoplanet.comyouth talkThe teenager code > By Ahmed SamirA teenager is part of an entirely different and unique social group. It is a groupthat is complete with rules of conduct, and even its own entirely new form ofcommunication! It all began with a need… But before I go on you need to hearthe “back story.”About two decades ago electronics companies made a seemingly magicaldevice called a cellular phone widely available. The device dwarfed other Because we can > By Shamma Al Suwaiditechnologies and went on to become one of the biggest inventions of recent No one can stop you from transcending the limit: because YOU CAN.time. Using it you could make calls, send text messages, and do a whole lot of Nelson Mandela was the first Black South African president; he foughtother, equally amazing things, wirelessly. against poverty and inequality, and he was a savior for his country. Mahatma Gandhi led India to independence, inspiring his people to fightAs is the case with every generation, the young are the ones who embrace for their rights and technology and acclimatize themselves to it. As the lead adopters of thetechnology, they have shaped how it will then be used. The cellular phone Another person who never gave up is Ludwig Van Beethoven who didn’tquickly became the teenager’s tool of communication of choice. Then, needing let the fact that he was deaf stop him from making music, and now heto communicate with fellow teenagers, and having to deal with expensive SMS is a legend. Helen Keller was the first blind and deaf person to earn aand phone bills, the teenager was met with a problem: How can I utilize this Bachelor of Arts degree. Newton, Einstein, Bill Gates and many more gonew technology to socialize while not drilling a hole in my parents’ wallets? down in history for the things and changes they have brought into thisIn this case, as with many others, the saying “necessity is the mother of world, for believing in their efforts and for not giving up.invention,” proved thoroughly true. All of these people made a difference in the world. You can too. The thing most of us do is set goals and plans for the future but we don’t reallyFaced with such a dilemma, the teenager created a new language. Or at least, accomplish them. We keep talking about the changes we want to makea cell phone-friendly way of using it. Shorter messages meant smaller phone yet never set out to make them. We postpone our dreams and wishesbills, and less reason for parents to kill their children. And this is why and for ‘later’. Why? Because we let our laziness and insecurity get thehow “The Teenager Code” was born. The code involved the use of acronyms, best of us. Think of Mandela: even though he was jailed for 27 yearsand other wordings for words and phrases. This also served the teenager’s he still had the strength to bring the change. What was thought to becharacteristic need for privacy. The code could only be deciphered and read impossible suddenly was done because of faith, because of strength,by teenagers! That is, a code, that only the initiated (teenagers, that is) are but most of all: because he believed he could.privy to. The result was a new form communicating, consisting of over 6,000acronyms, with a few listed below: What seems impossible to us is somehow marked as a “no entry” zone; we start running in the opposite direction because the words “you can’t”LOL = Laughing Out Loud are set in stone somewhere in our thoughts. Do we challenge them? No.TTYL = Talk to You Later We think, why bother when it can’t be done? But how do we know thatBRB = Be Right Back it can’t be done when we never tried to do it? It’s just the easy way out.OMG = Oh My Goodness The fear of failure outshines our motivation.B2W = Back to Work No one ever succeeded by doing nothing and expecting everything toL8R = Later work out. In order for us to reach success we’d have to go through aPIR = Parents In Room (for when the folks barge in unexpectedly!) couple of failures. Thomas Edison said, “I have not failed. I have justOTB = Off to Bed found 10,000 ways that it won’t work.”^5 = High FiveCU = See You If we want to succeed, we have to want it bad enough that we will do whatever is necessary to achieve it. No words will shakeIt is generally held that overusing the code isn’t our belief in our ability to accomplish whatever it is we set ourgood for eloquence and language skill, so, as with minds to do.many things, moderation is key.Follow me on Twitter or Why? Simply, BECAUSE WE CAN!email
  17. 17. A forum for photographers to showcase their work. To participate email at | NEXT TOPIC: PORTRAITS photo tripping Name: Asa Pollendine Purpose of the shot: Open prawn sandwich is very Swedish and being Swedish myself I can be critical about this lovely treat, but this one did not disappoint. Camera: Canon EOS 450d Setting: f/6.3 ISO: 100 My tip: As a confident beginner I try to follow tips like; fill the frame, look for that perfect light and keep clicking. Name: Christine Eunice Gandia Purpose of the shot: A photo full of brightness and color of the strawberry. Camera: Canon 550D Setting: f/5.6 ISO: 1250 My tip: It always takes practice to achieve something. Name: Ma. Cheryl Esteban Name: Maria Shahzad Purpose of the shot: I took a bite of this Purpose of the shot: I want pie and it was yummy! I wanted to to capture the taste of convey that in this picture. home-cooked food. Camera: Sony Alpha 330 Camera: Nokia D3000 Setting: f/5 Setting: f/3.5 ISO: 200 ISO: 400 My tip: Never hesitate to take pictures My tip: Getting up close to your of even the most mundane things. There food will bring out texture, is beauty and story even in the littlest making it more interesting. things.