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Tempo magazine February 2012

  2. 2. 2012 | february issue www.tempoplanet.com welcome editor’s letter My husband and I were invited for dinner at an Australian friend’s house recently. All her other guests were from Western countries. The contents: 04 > letters to the editor discussion invariably veered to a comparison 05 > uspaceof social gatherings between Arabs and Westerners. A few of those present said they 06 > what’s hotwished they had an opportunity to get to know Emirati families more intimately, and spoke 07 > the bottom bottom lineabout how it appeared that Arabs seem to be insular and prefer to stick to their own. I 08 > campus view / game hedztold them that as an Arab-American I often heard the very same comments from Arabs 09 > tempo’s top 10 songs / on my ipodabout Westerners, and how this was an egregious misconception. Imagine, straddling two 10 > my style blueprintcivilisations and hearing the very same stereotypical comments from two peoples about 12 > the dream playerseach other! I explained to the group at my Australian friend’s home that Emiratis, and other 14 > city bitesArabs, are genuinely interested in establishing friendships with people from other lands... 15 > the face of the artistand that they would do this with warmth, kindness, and sincerity, and usually within the 16 > people calendarparameters of their traditions. 18 > youth talk 19 > time capsuleI find it fascinating to see how much all humans, regardless of their nationalities, are so 20 > valentine storiessimilar deep down, and how far we are often tragically divided by the most mundane of 23 > emirati bridethings. 24 > articulate / mum unlimited 25 > just handcraftedTalk to each other, listen well, and be kind . 26 > media 27 > intelligent business 28 > mini minx / just a thoughtSana BagershManaging Editorbagersh@tempoplanet.com ADDRESS To reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: MICROSOFT TAG SCANNING GUIDELINES editorial@tempoplanet.com. If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 491 8624/25 or check download www.gettag.mobi out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. to your smart phone NOTE TO ADVERTISERS run application Advertisers can request brand tagging with all advertisements. To reach advertising call: Cover story: The Dream Players have arrived! In case you haven’t caught click on tag beside each article to have fun 02 491 8624/25, fax: 02 491 8626 the bug yet, the Dream Players is a community driven talent event and with online content, videos & cool tags! email: advertising@tempoplanet.com show aimed at promoting talent in the community and giving aspiring performers and artists a platform to showcase their talent. DISCLAIMER Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine does its best to ensure the authenticity and MANAGING EDITOR QR SCANNING GUIDELINES accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any Sana Bagersh responsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no part of FEATURES EDITOR Scan the QR CODE using your smart phone this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any Alma Kadragic for Blackberry this is done through BBM means without the permission of the publisher. EDITORIAL COORDINATOR EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS for iPhone download BeeTag or Neo Reader MEDIA LICENCE NO. 1/105866/24295 Sharon Carvalho Angeli Castillo Neena Rai MARKETING COORDINATOR Jan D’Sa Manjul Abhishek Ian Mason Laskar Laipubam Manar Al HinaiPUBLISHED BY: Sarah Widdup MAGAZINE DESIGN Ahmed Samir Mark De Castro Justin Thomas DISTRIBUTION COORDINATOR Rohith Bhat Melaku Muluneh Noura Abdullah Al Noaimi
  3. 3. www.tempoplanet.comletters to the editor Hey Tempo, a unique art event in AD! “Bridging the Gap 2012” with Emirati artists Khawla Marri held at L’Atelier Des Arts with Dear Tempo, DIOGIA Studio - Anais A I’m one of those people who make resolutions every single year, but never keep them. I love your “Resolution Keeper” idea. I’m telling all my friends about it. Hi guys, really I love reading Tempo. Keep going guys! - @alsaadi999 - Annabelle Dear Ed, Hello Tempo, January’s Tempo was I thought the story about the Filipino taxi driver was sweet. Keep it real, guys, we need these wicked!!! Love the stories. tempo! - Angus - H. Hassan Dear Ed, The Dream Players was a ridiculous amount of fun, seriously - I’m not just saying that – more, more, more please! Tempo and the entire community need to support getting the word out on DP. Hi Tempo, - Hana Makki Thank you for supporting The Dream Thank you for focusing on film, Tempo. I don’t get that Players! We look forward to seeing you at anywhere else. - Saira our show! - The Dream Players team Happy, happy day! Review out; open day Tempo offices with good finger food. Stuffing myself now - Azza El Masri RESULTS OF LAST MONTH’S U VOTE:u vote Tempo asked our online readers, If you were allowed to use only one of the following, which would it be? This is what you said:QUESTION: 0% 100% 0%If someone next to you in a movie theatre was talkingon their phone. What would be the first thing you do:1. Tell them to be quiet Phone Computer Television2. Tell the cinema attendant to tell them to be quiet3. Move to another seat go to tempoplanet to vote
  4. 4. www.tempoplanet.com talking books > By Azza El Masri u space BOOK REVIEW: Mornings in Jenin The Truth? You Can’t Handle the Truth Author: Susan Abulhawa By: Aditya Jain While the world today sets foot on a new year, and new beginnings, Can anyone explain the irrational zeal for honesty in this world? Why Palestine still suffers the condemnation of a war that started in is it that society has an obsession with the truth? The truth must be 1946, that robbed people of their rights, took away their homes, uncovered, no room for deceit here...blah blah. From hearing stories about and brought with it destitution, misery, loss, and bloodshed. The taxi drivers returning large sums of money found in their cabs to well- Israeli-Palestinian conflict had long ago been discarded from the meaning friends advising you to ‘just be yourself ’ when meeting new main headlines, but Susan Abulhawa pulls it right back, bringing people, we are constantly encouraged to be honest with the world. Well along a new and long-awaited perspective through her novel what would happen if everyone went around carelessly blurting out the Mornings in Jenin. truth wherever they went? For one thing, unemployment would increase.Born as a refugee herself, Abulhawa tells the story of the Abulheja family that led a simple life Interviewer: “Relax and be yourself, we just want to get to know you andas farmers in the simple village of Ein Hod, and followed four generations of an established and make sure you’re a good fit for this company.” Be yourself ? Really?? Well,reputable bloodline. The Abulhejas led a life filled with love –of God and of their land – until they imagine the horror if you saunter in wearing khaki shorts, fist bump thewere forced to leave their village in 1948 and flea to Jenin. They settled in a massive refugee camp coffee boy (“hook me up with some karak chai, won’t you”) and startteaming with people who faced similar circumstances, and grew closer to strangers through a discussing whether Wiz Khalifa’s inspiration for his music happened to beshared allegiance to a lost land. Torn apart, only to find ways to fall in love and become reunited bumblebees…again, this family bore the deepest scars the injustices of war could inflict. They grew strongerthrough their resistance and perseverance. Believe me, if you’re lucky you could get away without a shoe print on yourMornings in Jenin is a heart-wrenching story about lost loves, stolen rights, painful historical shorts. No. Do not be ‘yourself ’ under any circumstances, especially as theevents, but, perhaps most importantly, a story about the endurance of the Palestinian nation. next candidate will probably wear a smart suit, greet the interview panelIndeed the Abulhejas emerge as an analogy of every Palestinian whose daily life has been with a firm handshake, make small talk about the weather, how he hadtransformed into a struggle. This novel is absolutely not for the lighthearted: it will have no trouble finding the office, and get the job! Meetings would be fun, butyou sobbing your heart out long after you’ve read the last sentence. Incredibly candid, Susan again, you’d probably be fired.Abulhawa’s story will gnaw at your consciousness late at night and leave you wondering aboutwhat can be done to save an entire nation. You: (out loud) Hmm…I can’t really read the presentation from here, I’ll just pretend like I’m listening. This room feels kind of hot. I think I’m Azz’a el Masri interviewed Susan Abulhawa. Here is an excerpt. Read the entire getting a headache from that perfume she’s wearing. Why was Anil Kapoor interview in www.tempoplanet.com such a moron in MI4? Co-star? No, barely a cameo, I say. I wonder if that What made you write this story? constitutes false advertising… “I had been writing political commentary while working as a biologist for a drug company. When the massacre in Jenin was happening, I decided to use my vacation Your boss: Ahem…ahem…can I see you outside for a second? time to go and see for myself. I didn›t know anyone there or what I was going to do Of course, being in a relationship long enough to get married would be an when I arrived. I just knew I wanted to be there. I was one of the first international impossibility. Honesty would spell out the end of humanity. You’re both at observers in the camp when Israel finally withdrew. What I witnessed was sheer a restaurant, the waiter’s pouring out a glass of wine, and you decide to horror. I had only ever read about things like this before. It was a life changing shove a foot in your mouth, by discussing her best friend. { Author: Susan Abulhawa } experience to see death so close and personal. To smell it everywhere…” You: I think Amanda looked really amazing today. Her: (with accompanying head jerk) Really?album review > By Kera Thompson You: I think it’s that dress she was wearing, I’ve always seen her in jeans, but she looked great tonight. Her: (gripping knife a little too hard; with a silvery laugh) Hmm…I guess I didn’t notice. Listen to me. Do not be honest. Honesty ruins friendshipsSNOW PATROL- FALLING EMPIRES and relationships, and it generally makes daily life a little more complicated than it has to be.Snow Patrol’s latest album, Falling Empires droppedJanuary 10 in the States and debuted at number five on Politicians would never get elected if they were completely honest. Nothe Billboard charts. The U.K. band strays a bit from their president in any country (ever!) has won an election with a campaignprevious five albums, adding a bit of “synthi-groove” to slogan like “You’ll all probably be poorer when I’m through”. Imagine thetheir usually more subdued sound. I’ll Never Let Go, starts the album off right with a memorable effect on international relations if our heads of state were more honest.U2-inspired anthem, but the album’s single, Called Out In The Dark, will have you singing along “Pleasure to meet you, shame your face resembles a turnip”. We would beimmediately. “We started writing songs that were more playful, even rawer than before - we stuck in perpetual war with every single nation.were brave enough to do what we wanted as a band, rather than what convention dictated tous. It was tough at times, we were out of our comfort zone for most of it, but I think it›s given So the next time someone asks you, “Can I be honest?” realize thatus a great album.” says singer Gary Lightbody. The result is something that is fresh and bold, it’s unlikely to be something you want to hear, and for the sake of theyet still familiar. relationship, have the courage to just say “No”.
  5. 5. www.tempoplanet.comwhat’s hot > Gourmet Abu Dhabi Skywards Dubai International Jazz Festival 8th-23rd February | Various Locations in the Capital 16-24 February | Dubai Festival CityAbu Dhabi’s annual event for the refined foodie kicks off its fourth year on the 8th Music lovers take note! Dubai Jazz Festival’s 10th anniversary promises to be oneof February with a glittering gala opening. Gourmet events will be hosted at various smooooth musical smorgasbord. You may want to double-mark your calendar becausevenues across the capital, such as the new Hyatt Capital Gate, the ever-fabulous of some of the major international acts lining up to get you grooving to their tunes.Emirates Palace, and the luxurious Shangri-La. This festival of food is a combination The Jazz Festival has a new, grassy venue this year, near the Al Badia Golf club in Dubaiof innovative cuisine and local culture, with some of the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi Festival City. Big names such as James Blunt, James Morrison, Jason Mraz and Joolshosting their own culinary events. International chefs are expected to pay homage Holland (legend!) are among the scheduled acts, with a host of other musical offerings.to the region’s history, and add a sprinkling of modernity to classic dishes. As well There will be a total of 27 concerts to pick and choose from throughout the nine festivalas the opportunity to dine on a wide selection of gourmet food, there will also be days, and two huge weekends of main gigs. Detailed information on the festival can bemaster cooking classes. the final night of the gourmet calendar will see the Abu Dhabi found at www.dubaijazzfest.com.Gourmet Stars awards dinner, which will recognize the most significant contributionsto the industry. The Bride Show | 8-11 Feb | ADNEC Getting married? Know someone who is? Maybe you just love fashion and beauty? Whichever it is, you may find something feminine and sparkly to make you go ‘oooooooh!’ at this year’s Bride Show. With loads of major fashion and beauty brands exhibiting, this show has the bride-to-be’s wish list covered, and for the slightly nervous among us, will include marriage counselors on site to offer advice to ladies about to take the plunge. There’s even a day just for the girls, with the Friday of the show being declared a ladies only affair. If walking the exhibits tuckers you out, head to one of the fashion shows for a breather, and look out for entrants into the Abaya Design Awards – one not to miss. Fashion show times can be found on the event website (www.thebrideshow.com) so you can plan your day. Ripe Market Every Fridays | Desert Garden Centre, Khalifa Park WWE Raw® World Tour 9-11 Feb | Zayed Sports City This is not strictly an event just for February, but hey, what better time to start perusing a market than when it’s not too hot! Fancy some lush organic produce? TheRight after all that fru-fru and vanilla softness, here’s one for the boys. It’s big, loud, “Ripe Market” famers market at Khalifa Park may just be the place to get locally grownand coming to Abu Dhabi. It’s the WWE Raw® World Tour, and it’s all spandex, fighting and extra fresh produce, direct from the supplier. As well as all that organic goodness,excitement, and will present big names such as John Cena® and Kane®, to battle it out organizers promise artisana focused activities to entertain the entire family. Localin the ring (and probably outside it too) for your entertainment. There’s a live event artists, crafts-people and cooks will come together to showcase everything fromeach evening starting at 7pm, with doors opening at 5.30pm. Match cards, information preserves, to baking and boutique food items, to toys, handmade stationery and fairand tickets can be found on Zayed Sports City’s website – www.zsc.ae. trade crafts. The market runs from 9.30am to 1pm every Friday.
  6. 6. www.tempoplanet.com • Borders is opening up in Abu Dhabi Mall, and there’s another branch that appears to be doing well in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates. So how come Borders is closing down in the US and other countries, and sprouting up over here? There must be a story there somewhere. • A couple of quirky incidents with Mawaqif machines on the Corniche facing CBI Bank . Concierge was trying to print out tickets and noticed the writing on the machine screen was completely flipped. Maintenance time? • Do you sometimes meet someone so special that you Romeo and Juliet: Live it, feel it, love it wish you could clone more of them? The Concierge feels compelled to thank a wonderful government employeeSky Events Management announces the return of the award-winning British theatre named Saif Ashour Mohamed Al Katheeri, an Emirati whocompany Shakespeare 4 Kidz with their entertaining and critically acclaimed adaptation works at the Ministry of Labour’s branch in Mussafah. Saifof “Romeo & Juliet”. is what everyone who works with the public should be: “Romeo & Juliet” will run from Sunday 26th February until Friday 2nd March 2012 at exceptionally polite, sincerely helpful and totally empathic.the Jaheli Theatre in Armed Forces Officers Club & Hotel the main sponsor for the eventwith two shows during the day for schoolchildren, Tickets for this will go on sale at And another huge plus: he treats people with humanity andthe BoxOfficeMe, Timeout, Virgin Megastore, TicketingCo and through the organizer’s kindness. Thank you Saif for making life easier for others.website www.skyevent.ae. • The Concierge ordered a cup of hot chocolate from DunkinThe show has already toured the UK and Middle East to much critical acclaim. The Times Donuts recently and found out quickly that this is not anewspaper has hailed it as “The Number 1 Show for kids” and What’s On Stage advises drink that you drink, but rather something that you scoop‘If your child gets the chance to see one of their productions, do not hesitate. It could out in big globs and swallow. Concierge went back to DD andbe the start of a lifelong passion,’ as the show has made a strong impact on its youngaudiences everywhere. For more information about the show please visit www.skyevent.ae was told that the chain lives by their product pledge thator call 0503376335. “if you put a spoon in the hot chocolate at Dunkin Donuts it stays where it is.” This is not Concierge’s same definition of the drink, but we won’t say more for fear of sparking the ire of chocolate lovers who clearly eschew drinking their hot chocolate. • The capital says goodbye to the photo exhibit experiment at Manarat Al Sadiyat. It was fun while it lasted, and we still don’t know where to hang those huge posters. • The Bayti chain always appeared to be one of those organic Big Boys Toys brands that had its own sense of product range and style. 9-11 February | ATLANTIS, The Palm Recently Concierge visited the “new and improved Bayti”Got a hankering for some high-octane entertainment? Then you may be interested in and was disappointed. Guys, we say, if it ain’t broke, don’tBig Boys Toys! Held at the BIG venue that is Atlantis, this BIG show brings together all fix it. But if it is a little broke, don’t go out and destroy itthose manly pursuits, as well as few sensible lifestyle sections to balance out all that completely either. Which we segue to…macho madness. • We still think Imagenation is much better branding thatBit of a petrol head? Muscle cars, concept vehicles and motorsport are some of the Image Nation. The first is pretty unique, cool-sounding andvroom-vroom sights to behold, and even the off roaders get a look in, with dune innovative. The second is well… not, not and not.buggies and quad bikes sizing up next to their road based brothers. Technologyfeatures large, with gadgets and gizmos aplenty, but if you’re a bit more rough andready, the extreme sports action will do the trick in the Adventure Zone. There’s also a That’s all for today. Send me your rants, raves, gripes and grumbles.relaxation zone – complete with exercise, health and grooming, or fashion. This eventruns from 9-11 February. More info at a. (Ladies, fake moustaches are optional; you don’t have Write to me: concierge@tempoplanet.comto be a boy to go!) The Concierge
  7. 7. www.tempoplanet.com campus view > tech talk > Rohith Bhat Shahid Saeed | Talker for the Non-TechiesMe versus my mom: The (war) room situation What’s new?The winter break has come to an end and I once again I have to relearn the fact that BLACKBERRY BOLD 9790the day does not begin at 11 am. Like Dracula, I too hate the day. Why can’t school The bold 9790 is new because it has the Blackberry 7 OS,start at a more respectable time… like… never! But anyway, I regress; apart from a touch screen and contemporary design that make it athe happy thoughts of facing quizzes, assignments and seeing my professors’ totally different device. It has a powerful 1GHz processor,faces again, I have to endure the post vacation battle of the generations. This is 768MB RAM, 8GB internal memory, expandable memorywhere my Mom (after nearly a month of carefully avoiding my room) decides to pop MicroSD up to 32GB and with regards to connectivityin for a visit to my room. She comes armed with an artillery of cleaning supplies there’s Wi-FI (b/g/n), 3G , GPS and Bluetooth.and invariably breaks into tears at the sight of the nuclear wasteland I call “myroom”. The phone comes with a 5MP camera that has a single LED Flash and VGA video recording. It may have smaller screenIt starts out simple enough: my mom insists on wailing about the clothes on the size as compared to Bold 9900 but it has a longer-lastingfloor, the unfinished assignment under the bed, and the sandwich on the ceiling battery with 5.2 hours talk time and up to 18 days of(oh come on like you’ve never done it!). I faithfully follow the Ostrich theory and standby. You should be able to buy it from all major mobilehide under the blankets with the hope that what I can’t see and pretend not to outlets across the UAE.hear can’t hurt me! Unfortunately the bloody bird turns out to be wrong every timeand after merciless being poked and prodded by a broom I graciously decide to‘participate’ in the cleaning activities or, as I like to called it, in the destruction of my SONY HDR-XR150Efortress of solitude. Being from different generations, my mom and I have a slight The Sony HDR-XR150E is small in sizedifference of opinion when it comes to what constitutes “clean”. While my mom and comes with an attractive price; abelieves that clothes belong in the cupboard folded and colour co-ordinated, I on pretty good follow-up to the CX100.the other hand believe that piles sorted in orderly piles of “dirty,” “marginally dirty” It comes with 120GB internal memory,and “not dirty” constitute adequate dressing efficiencies. To give you a sense of and has a MicroSD card slot.what I’m against, my mom is of the opinion that even my books should be in order;alphabetised, by author, on the shelves. I concur with her that books are sacred, It is equipped with “Exmor R” CMOS sensor built for superior low light performance, 1080iand that is precisely why I think they should be kept as far away as possible from Full HD video recording, 3-megapixel still images, “SteadyShot” image stabilization withthe eyes of mortal man! an active mode and 3-way shake canceling. Other specs include Carl Zeiss 25x Optical Zoom Lens and 300x Digital zoom with less distortion, a 2.5” slim LCS with wide viewWe debate the various aspects relating to the cleanliness quotient of my living angle, iAuto and Quick AF. Not a bad deal for what it costs.area while she shrieks and screams at the rat in my room which I politely insistis a valued roommate. She insists that I should clean the sandwich off the ceiling NEWS & GOSSIPand I in turn try to explain that the sandwich is part of a performance art pieceexperiment I’m working on called “sandwich sur le plafond”. She is not amused, Ultrabooks Dominate CESand insists that I remove the bio hazard sign from my door and I, to be honest, At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show there was a good showing of ultra-thin laptopsdon’t remember how it got there in the first place. But no matter how compelling with powerful specs widely dubbed “ultrabooks.” Indeed, they seem to be the hot newmy arguments are, how sound my reasoning (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it) and how thing. Asus, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, Acer and Lenovo are just a few of the companiessoulful my rendition of ‘Oh Danny Boy’ (during which my rat usually breaks into debuting ultrabook models.tears of empathy), the end results are always the same: the clothes get folded,the books are arranged and the rat is made homeless. And now, although I do If you listen in to analyst talk, however, ultrabooks aren’t necessarily a marketplaceappreciate the extra walking space and the lack of toxic odours in the room, I can’t slam-dunk but the price is more reasonable than they used to be for comparable PCs.seem to find a single thing! Palmsecure - The Key For Your Laptop Long before “face unlock” on Android 4.0, Fujitsu developed an even more intimate method for secure user identification: your blood flow. my fav app > PalmSecure is a technology that’s actually been around for a few years now in Japan, and is in a number of business applications ranging from health care to banking. My favourite app is the Abu Dhabi Sports Council app for iPad. I like sports and this app helps me to see all current and upcoming sports events in the UAE. I can also read the latest It uses a biometric authentication system that reads your news in addition to viewing pictures and videos. The special palm vein pattern. It works only on veins with an active thing about this app is that it has both Arabic and English blood flow. Pretty cool stuff. { Muhammad Hassan } interfaces which I can select within the app. Follow me on @shahidaasi
  8. 8. www.tempoplanet.com View the #1 SONG IN THE UAE Hansel Punnam, 26 year old music enthusiast loves the kind of music that sounds incredible while driving and anything that’s electronic and rock. He detests pop music and soft romantic songs. 1. Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow 6. Kanye West - Power Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO 2. Teddybears - Lil’ Red Rooster vs The Robodog 7. Deadmau5 - Professional Griefers 3. The Knux - Run Ft. Kid Cudi 8. Example - Dirty Face We Found Love - Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris 4. Bloodshy & Avant - Little of your time 9. Plan B - Stay Too Long 5. The Dewarists - No I.D. Required 10. Kavinsky - Nightcall (Alcala Remix) The One that Got Away - Katy Perry Without you - David Guetta ft. Usher It will Rain - Bruno Mars Ours - Taylor Swift Marry The Night - Lady Gaga Jessie J - Domino International Love - PitBull ft. Chris Brown Pressure - Nadia Ali1. We Found Love - Rihanna Featuring Calvin Harris 1. Domino - Jessie J2. Set Fire To The Rain - Adele 2. Mama Do The Hump - Rizzle Kicks3. Good Feeling - Flo Rida 3. Titanium - David Guetta Ft. Sia4. It Will Rain - Bruno Mars 4. Antidote - Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party5. Sexy And I Know It - LMFAO 5. Good Feeling - Flo Rida6. The One That Got Away - Katy Perry 6. Dedication To My Ex (Miss That) - Lloyd (feat. Andre 3000 & Lil Wayne)7. Ni**as in Paris - Jay Z Kanye West 7. Levels - Avicii8. Rack City - Tyga 8. Kiss The Stars - Pixie Lott9. Young, Wild & Free - Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa Featuring Bruno Mars 9. Troublemaker - Taio Cruz10. Turn Me On - David Guetta Featuring Nicki Minaj 10. Paradise - Coldplay
  9. 9. www.tempoplanet.commy style blueprint Name: Elaine Kimchi Age: 26 Occupation: Freelance artist and full time gamer! Fashion Statement: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure FAV BUY OF THE PAST MONTH: ARAGORN’S RING OF BARAHIR FROM LOTR SHOP. Which is your fav store in AD? Top places to shop in AD? Lulu super-hyper-drive-discount market. Isn’t that where all the kids go these days? Not me. My favourite stores are back in Auckland, where I grew up and they are The Paperbag Princess and Recycle Boutique which are both second-hand stores where I sold and bought clothes, I haven’t really come across a shop like that around here. The “vintage/thrift” shops I found here basically have label bashing and/or overpriced goods. Does AD have style? I could probably tell you if I had X-ray vision maybe? AD has a sort of Edo Japan charm about it. The shadows are safe though, I checked. Do you have any fashion pet hates? Personally, I would rather run bare foot than in running shoes, but then again I could say that about any shoes. My fashion pet hate is probably fashion pet hates. You should have fun with fashion, even if it looks funny, I despise rules and boundaries with just about anything. Freedom of expression is so scarce these days I wouldn’t want to limit anyone when it comes to dressing themselves.
  10. 10. We had sound checks and run-throughs and we were totally prepared and ready to perform for the live audience and judges. Having the live audience was fantastic and I think, even though made me quite nervous, gave me the confidence boost I needed and loved the idea of getting feedback on the spot. To win was just amazing and it has given me so much confidence and opportunities to go forward with my singing and songwriting. I’m really thankful to everyone who made The Dream Players happen and I encourage everyone in Abu Dhabi who has a talent to audition for this wonderful experience because above all else, it was a whole lot of fun.” Hana Makki, audience member and director said, “In all seriousness, The Dream Players was one of the best nights out I’ve had in a very long time. It’s so great to have everyone not afraid to comment on the talent. I can’t wait for the next one and I know this is going to be huge!”A STAR IS BORN “What an entertaining evening! Dream Players was a really unique event in Abu Dhabi. Each contestant had(AND NURTURED) something to offer: an original song, a strong voice, skill on the saxophone By Sharon Carvalho and piano, and some cool moves. I am definitely coming again,” said Camille Heaton, an audience member andThe Dream Players have arrived! In case you haven’t caught Senior Environmental Scientist with RTIthe bug yet, the Dream Players is a community driven International.talent event and show aimed at promoting talent in thecommunity and giving aspiring performers and artists aplatform to showcase their talent.Once the word was out (mostly social media and word of mouth) the Dream Playerswas inundated with entries. There were singers, drummers, photographers, painters,pianists and so many more talented people! Auditions began early in January andthe entries were whittled down to a final five. It was the toughest thing The DreamPlayers organizers had to do but the top five finally performed on January 19. Now theFebruary event is being organized and the doors are open to submissions!The process is the same every month. The final five contestants get a photo shootand professional ‘Composite Cards’ developed for them. The Comp Card is a professionalresume that is submitted to get performing jobs, while the photo shoot givescontestants a chance to glam up and experience the spotlight.‘When I found out that the finalists got to have a photo shoot a few days before the I was pleasantly surprised by how warm and welcoming the process was at “The Dreamcompetition itself, I was thrilled. It was fun, different and inspiring,’ said Rebecca Players”. Unlike many talent shows, the emphasis is very much on supporting and nurturingMorrison, the winner of January’s The Dream Players. the artist’s career. So you can’t help but feeling part of something wholly positive.”The Dream Players event brought with it a lot of excitement for the contestants, judges - Laurel Moore, singer, saxophone player and participant.and organizers. “I was pleasantly surprised to see so much fantastic talent in AbuDhabi. This is an initiative that should have started a long time ago but I’m glad thatthe community now has this opportunity to showcase their talent and I’m positive that Being a part of The Dreams Players was such a wonderful experience as it was the firstthis is only going to get bigger and better, “said Manar Al Hinai, Dream Players judge, the time I had ever participated in a talent contest. It was extremely nerve wracking but beingcreative designer behind “Lucky Nooni” and the winner of the prestigious Abu Dhabi’s able to perform made it totally worth it. I really enjoyed the night of The Dream Players. ItArab Woman of the Year awards in 2011. was fantastic getting to meet new people and be in a different environment. Overall, it was an amazing, unforgettable experience and watching the other talents inspired me to doThe audience loved The Dream Players’ unique formula, the solicitation of viewpoints more and be better.” - Angela Chingfrom the audience. “I really enjoyed myself at The Dream Players. It is a very innovativeidea and has given artists and performers an opportunity to express themselves andwiden their horizons. I especially enjoyed the time when the audience were asked to Performing at The Dream Players brought out mixed emotions for me. On one hand I wasparticipate in helping choose the winner. A much needed initiative for the community of so nervous that I had to pretend that I was practicing alone in my bedroom just to be ableAbu Dhabi. Keep it up!” said Sahar Abu Omar, a manager at SEHA. to shake off the jitters. On the other hand, being in front of the judges and live audience helped me boost my confidence. I loved the support I got from them and I know that theIn the end Morrison, a 16 year old student at the British School Al Khubairat, stole feedback will help me become a better performer. Thank you The Dream Players for thethe show by singing an original composition on the piano. “The competition was great! wonderful experience!” - Briggett Kylie
  11. 11. THE JUDGES Khalid Al Ameri Michelle Nickelson Khalid is a columnist and blogger to various publishers such as Michelle is the President and COO of Mirage Foundations, along The National Newspaper and Sail Magazine, covering areas such with being the owner of MENA Cinefinance Fund, which is the first as youth, education and social development. Khalid is a regular film investment fund from the GCC. She has worked at Warner speaker on areas of youth and entrepreneurship and is also co- Brothers Studio and iBeam Broadcasting. Michelle produced the founder of Abu Dhabi’s latest food outlet “Slices”, which promotes first ever world-premier of a Hollywood film in the Middle East “The healthy eating and education through its various community Last Legion”, starring Sir Ben Kingsley and Aishwarya Rai. She is outreach programs. currently developing the feature film franchise, “Antar the Black Knight”, and is also the Executive Producer of the film trilogy. Kera Thompson Kera Thompson has over 10 years of experience in both the Manar Al Hinai fashion and design industry. In 2000, Kera reigned as Miss Indiana Manar Al Hinai is a writer and a fashion designer. She holds a Teen USA, and traveled the country as her state’s representative. Master’s degree in Diversity Management from England, and The Miss Teen USA competition was aired nationally in which Kera prides herself as being the first Arab to hold a degree in that placed 8th out of 51 state delagates. Now a seasoned professional field. Her writing has been featured in prestigious publications in model, she has gone on to work as both an actor and model in the the UAE such as The National Newspaper, Abu Dhabi Tempo, and international commercial, film, and fashion industries for many Abu Dhabi Week. high-profile clients such as Sony, Yahoo, Nicole Miller, Hilton, and Microsoft. Ms. Thompson has been playing the piano since she She is also the creative designer behind her casual line “Lucky was 6 years old, and has both performed and competed at a state Nooni” which is carried in different boutiques across the region. level. Kera, who is a lover of anything creative represents The In 2011, Manar received the prestigious Abu Dhabi’s Arab Woman Dream Players promotional team. of the Year award.THE PLAYERS Angela Ching is a passionate dancer born in the year of the Tiger. She loves watching talent shows, and has been dancing since birth. It has always been her ambition to be a famous performer, and after moving to Dubai in 2008 was a member of the Filipino Dancesports and Sports Club where she learned to perfect basic dance moves and competed and even became a dance instructor! She is always ready to perform and says: once a dancer you’ll always be a dancer! JANUARY’S Briggett Kylie 16 years, a hyper, all-smiles DREAM home-schooled student of Asia Pacific that has PLAYER been dancing and singing since birth. She started acting workshops and modeling in the Philippines at the age of 13. Briggett has dreamed of performing live in front of huge crowds and wants to make a mark in this industry. Joining The Dream Players will be another stepping stone and an experience Rebecca Moore, has a real passion for writing and singing worth remembering. Despite being a first timer in songs and it comes to her very naturally. a talent show, she’s more than ready to show you all what she’s got! Rebecca is always ready to take part in anything she can do to improve her skills and has taken part in numerous workshops with her school including working with the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra where Laurel Moore is probably best described as a woman who wears many different hats: Artist, Art she participated in writing lyrics, melodies and singing and performed at the Curator, Jazz singer, Saxophonist and Song-writer. Emirates Palace Hotel with them. Rebecca has also taken every opportunity to Laurel graduated with a teaching degree in England perform her own songs at school concerts and is very serious about pursuing in The Arts, and from the earliest age Laurel found what she loves to do. great satisfaction in drawing and music. The Arts seems to take her into a different state of peaceful consciousness - a private, creative place where anything is possible. Can you sing, dance, write poetry? Do stand up comedy? Then you can be a Dream Player! To Vidhya Subramani is a second year participate in the Dream Players, as contestant or undergrad at Heriot Watt University, Dubai. She has been studying classical Indian Music since the age audience member, go to www.thedreamplayers. of 6 and her passion for music has grown stronger with the years. Vidhya has always wanted to do com or email contact@thedreamplayers.com. something more with music. Dream players has given me a wonderful opportunity to take my love for music beyond being a bathroom singer.
  12. 12. www.tempoplanet.comcity bites Mawaweel : A rose by any another name > By Justin Thomas ith its origins in Roman Catholic bullied into ordering a grapefruit juice. Wifey submissively acquiesced to his suggestion/threat of pomegranate juice. Awaiting the drinks we turned our martyrology, February the 14th has undivided attention to the menu, trying desperately not to make eye contact become a global celebration of romantic with the scary waiter.love. Feb 14, or Valentine’s Day - if we must - is alsoone of the hospitality industry’s busiest days of At first glance it is obvious that Mawaweel isthe year. If you’re seeking a romantic meal for two, Lebanese to the core, from decor, to music, toor even three, then you may need to book early. My main courses. The word, mawaweel, is Arabic andvalentine’s destination last year was Mawaweel, describes the poetic preamble to a song, thosea Lebanese restaurant on Al-Falah Street, just short spoken verses uttered before the musicoff airport road, in the Medina Zayed district of begins - perhaps the musical equivalent to andowntown Abu Dhabi. appetizer. For our gastronomic preamble (starters) we chose the hummus beiruti, it wasLike most of the city’s eateries, the restaurant had shed its usual decor, in fabulous, the best I have tasted anywhere, and I consider myself somethingfavour of what I like to describe as: “garish ubiquitous redness”. Red table of a hummus connoisseur. We also had the fattoush salad, it too was perfect;cloth, red, heart shaped, balloons, and of course, a red rose at each candle ice cold, fresh, sprinkled - not saturated - with dressing, and generouslylit table. Our waiter, thankfully, did not wear red, he wore a purposefully I’ll- bejeweled with the deepest red pomegranate seeds.fitting black suit, which gave him the air a “night-club bouncer”. For a main course I had the mixed grill, while my wife went for the chicken arayisAfter presenting the menu, he rather aggressively barked the word “Drinks”. - minced chicken with parsley, cooked between two flat breads. The mixed grillThis guy had the unnerving ability to make a polite request sound like was well crafted balance of delicately marinated chicken and lamb in variousa threatening directive. Not in the mood for a fight, I allowed myself to be incarnations; skewered, filleted, on the bone and minced. Of particular note were the accompanying fries, chunky cut, and I suspect fried in good quality olive oil. Delicious. The mixed grill was also served with a compliment of intense garlic mayonnaise; not one for the fresh-breath enthusiast. The chicken arayis was excellent too, and such a huge portion. There was no room left for desert on this occasion, but on subsequent visits I›ve enjoyed Mawaweel’s excellent “mahalabia” - a kind of milk based desert with pistachios and rose water. Our appetites satiated, we began to discuss the “valentine-ization” of the UAE. The conversation drifted to the significance and origins of the rose as a symbol of love and romance. Interestingly, the modern European love affair with roses actually has its origins in the Middle East. A French nobleman, Thibaut IV, the Count of Champagne, is reported to have returned from the crusades with a hitherto unknown red flower - the rose. Perhaps this explains the close connection between champagne and red roses? The Arab world, of course, already had a longstanding appreciation of the rose›s beauty and medicinal properties. Ibn Sina, (Avicenna) 9th century scholar, describes in one of his works how the Rosa Damascena (Damascus rose) was widely cultivated in Syria for use in medicines. The Damascus rose is still highly prized for its aesthetic, medicinal and culinary virtues. No doubt the chef at Mawaweel adds a drop or two of Damascus rose water to choice recipes, especially on Feb 14th.Photo by: Shaikha Al Tunaiji
  13. 13. www.tempoplanet.com the face of the artist Ghada Maamoun > By Sharon CarvalhoGHADA MAAMOUN, AN EGYPTIAN CARICATURISTTALKS ABOUT HER ART AND HER INSPIRATION ANDSHARES SOME OF HER WORK WITH TEMPO.Tell us about yourself. I am an artist living in Abu Dhabi with my husband Yasser andour awesome daughter, Talia. I studied art and interior design at a fine arts college inCairo. I worked as an interior designer but I now prefer to follow my passion for art andpainting. I’m especially passionate about caricature, low brow art and pop surrealism. How did you get in to the business? It started two years ago when Mark Ryden’s workintroduced me to the art of pop surrealism. As I read more about this art, I came acrosscaricature by Jason Seiler. Being a fan of both types of art, I started to mix both inmy work. What separates you from other graphic designers? I prefer to be called an artist althoughI do graphic design when asked to. Is there a market for caricaturists? I am new to this field, but in my humble opinion I cantell that people are starting to pay attention to new and contemporary art more than QUICK QUESTIONStraditional paintings. People like to figure out what lies beyond the scene and see the Where would you like to be in five years?‘different face of the same face’! I would love to display my artwork in an international art exhibition.Where do you showcase your work? As the internet is the widest window of all galleries, What is your inspiration?I started a fan page so people can see my art wherever and whenever they are. But we Human feelings, disturbance, sorrow, suffering, love and joy. All aspects of life give mecan’t overlook the importance and joy of seeing original paintings live, so, I am looking good ideas.to participate in art exhibitions, especially those in Abu Dhabi and Dubai that providelarge spaces to artists and are flexible with accepting new mediums of art. So far, I What would you pursue if it wasn’t art?have exhibited my paintings in the Bianco Rosso restaurant in Abu Dhabi and I will If it wasn’t art, I think I would go into politics as it is also about reading people’s mindsparticipate in a show at Café Arabia in February. and revealing their intentions.What advice would you offer aspiring artists? Stick to what you love and have the What is your motto?patience to carry on, and to always remember that there is no easy way to winning. I like “Pain and pleasure, like light and darkness, succeed each other” by LaurenceThey say that no pain means no gain! I also say don’t do what is expected but do what’s Sterne, and “Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking ourinsane! And you must do that which you think you can’t. potential” by Sir Winston Churchill.
  14. 14. February MY FEBRUARY TO DO LIST 5 6 7 Arjun Suria Basheer Sweet Potato Month! Parades DSF 2012 Carnival Omega Dubai Desert Classic 12 @ Emirates Golf Club 6- Ankit Lodha 12 13 14 Hansel Punnam Jun Suarez Gail D’souza s bai Toy lm Du oys Pa ig B , The B s 1 nti 9-1 Happy Valentine’s Day! Gulf Bike Week Atla @ Dubai Festival Cit @ y 9-12 19 20 21 Mehreen Malik Saoud Al-Maamari Nana Christie Dubai Duty Fr Championsh ee Tennis Singapore Takeout World Tour Pet Day! ip Club till 3rd @ The Aviation in Dubai, 18-20 Love Your March 26 Pakista 27 Mid Exhib dle East E itio xclu Trade n @ Duba sive Cente iW r 27- orld 28 Merwin Mathias Dany Jaber Zainab Khan n vs En 29 T20’s 2 gland 3-26 GESS @ Dubai World Trade Center 28 Feb- 1 Mar
  15. 15. 1 2 3 4 Adelle Lumalang Alaa Mohamad Alena Amin C Dubai Internation al @ T arpets Boxing Champion ship he A and @ Aviation Club irpo Arts rt Ex Oas dinat Theatre po t is The First Group Ma Madinat ill 5 present Misery @ Dubai World Cup Carnival @ Feb Jumeirah 1-11 Meydan Race Course8 9 10 11 Veronica Davina Lewis Estevan The B ridal S Series @ A how Abu UIM X-CAT World Powerboat Kasabian perform WWE RAW DNEC D Dhabi Breakwater @ ZS World To 8-11 habi @ Abu @ Sevens Stadium, Dubai C Abu ur D 9-11 habiChris Xaviour15 16 17 18 Laveezah Khan Mariam Abassi Mariam Abdul Kareem World James Blunt Op hthalm @ Dubai Festival City @ ADN ology Congre EC 16- ss Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing 20 Race @ Dubai International Almost, Maine Marine Club @ DUCTAC 14-18 Marlene Vaz22 23 24 25 Richard Brown Saif Al Madani Saira Aslam Go urm et Ab u ional Jazz Grapefruit Month! Dh Dubai Internat ab C 16-24 i8 Jason Mraz Festival @ DF -23 @ Dubai Festival City29 Zeeshan Razzaqi MY FEBRUARY ECO PLEDGE ear!!! It’s a Leap Y
  16. 16. www.tempoplanet.comyouth talkSpeaking to my Generation:Save the Novel! By Ahmed SamirReading for many, has become a form of labour. It has gone from being theactivity of choice of the masses to being one that is sidelined and neglected.Why has that happened? Why has the once-loved pastime become hated, andmore so with my generation? Teenagers are reading less and less, and losingthemselves the boundless benefit and enjoyment it brings. Something is The Burqa: Dying Tradition? > By Shamma Al Suwaidiclearly wrong with a generation that values the written word less by the day.Hear me out, guys: not reading is bad…like, really bad! rowing up, I remember wondering about the burqa my grandmother and most of the women of her generation wore.The reason behind that (which I hate with all my being) is that one part of it It was made of a golden fabric that would be tied around theiris due to misunderstanding, one part is because of distraction, and the third heads revealing their eyes and masking their noses and cheeks.is failure of initiation. It was a significant part of our culture that all women embraced.The misleading aspect of it is perhaps the most obvious: How many times Burqas were made in different sizes for different age groups. Thehave you - or people around you - made the association between reading and younger the woman, the slimmer the burqa, while the older she was,nerds? And not reading and being cool? Many of you, I’m sure! It has become a the thicker it was made. It was a symbol of womanhood and beauty.prevalent notion that reading is for the outcasts and the socially inept. And When a woman changed her status from single to married, she wore agiven our need to be accepted within our respective social circles –let’s not burqa, as a means of letting her status known to society.pretend, we all want that – we strive to do what we see as our best ticketto Acceptance Land, where everyone likes you. The herd effect triumphs Some would say that since marriage was very important to women,over most of us: teenagers do, teenagers emulate, teenagers emulate the they used the burqa as a way of flaunting their success. Some wouldemulation, repeat, ad infinitum -- and so reading has been made redundant say they believed it to be beautifying, because it revealed the lovelinessand unwanted, and is slowly being phased out. of a woman’s eyes and smile while masking possible flaws.The second part is a little more elusive. Here the reader is presented with a The death of a tradition is caused by a new generation taking a differentcolourful array of distractions that, on the surface, seem better than reading. route; changing a belief or a custom, and replacing it with a new one.Social media, perhaps most prominently, along with TV and videogames…. Nowadays we find it strange to see a young woman in a burqa, and theEveryone reading this, with little exception, uses these in some form. But sad thing is that what’s keeping the “burqa” alive is an older generationoveruse is when trouble arises. Who has time left to read when the entire day of women. It’s as if a strong force of wind is blowing, and taking with ithas been spent on these black holes that suck up all time? a part of us away and we’re just watching it happen.All that is added to by the fact that many teenagers have not been introduced The death of this tradition causes the death of a skillful professionto writing beyond the often uninteresting compulsory reads we’re given. Who too, just like the end of pearl diving. Burqa makers will not be neededwants to read the boring things we’re forced to read, right? Yep, a near-perfect anymore, because the demand for burqas would decrease to nothing.conspiracy against reading. Evil! We have always tried our best to stick to our culture and traditions,The solution? Find a bookstore, a library, scan the shelves, and yes, just read but due to the constantly evolving world around it, the unbreakablewhat interests you! Trust me; you’ll be spoilt for choice. Heck, start a book protection we used to have around us is slowly fading away.club with your friends, and have them join in! It’smore fun that way. The book and novel has lost The world used to be a sphere full of tradition, a vast wide sea filledits place in many of our hearts. Let’s give it back with a range of different cultures. The fact of the matter is that beautyits rightful place. Save the novel! Act now. never lasts. Just like all beauty, this beauty is beginning to die, like a flower that withers and rots, and all its precious treasures stay lockedFollow me on Twitter or away in a box that’s sealed forever, never to be seen, or experienced.email: AhmedSamirSalama@yahoo.com