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Tempo magazine December 2011

  1. 1. DECEMBER 2011
  2. 2. When we started to put together the December issue it became quickly apparent there was no way to stem the outpouring of love, artisticexpression and reminiscing of good times experienced in the UAE. So we succumbed totally and decided to dedicate the the whole magazine to theUAE’s 40th birthday.We dedicated Tempo’s Heart and Soul Bazaars in the last two months to the UAE’s national day, we worked with Abu Dhabi TV on mini vignettesby members of the community entitled “I LOVE UAE,” we invited artists to communicate their dedications on canvas and we talked to Emiratis andexpatriates about their thoughts and their dreams. Interestingly, the overriding theme in these chats and activities was about how the UAE hadmanaged to host a multi-national population, to nurture a mosaic of cultures and communities, and to provide a sense of harmony and belongingto all.We should look back at the past year in world history as a time of challenge and change and embrace the new year with hope, and with the veryqualities that have made the UAE so loved by its people.Happy Birthday UAE, and Happy New Year to all.Sana BagershManaging Editorbagersh@tempoplanet.com letters to the editor 04 18 blueprint MANAGING EDITOR uspace 05 20 time capsule Sana Bagersh art dedication 06 21 game hedz | uae diversity FEATURES EDITOR Alma Kadragic dedication online 10 22 doc in the house | dedication to nation EDITORIAL COORDINATOR poem dedication 11 23 just handcrafted | mum unlimited Sharon Carvalho bu tinah island 12 24 articulate | mini minx MAGAZINE DESIGN Mark De Castro citybites 13 25 yank in the sandland | just a thought MARKETING COORDINATOR happy birthday uae 14 26 wanted: emirati entrepreneurs Manjul Abhishek Laskar Laipubam people calendar 16 27 media column | tamakkan DISTRIBUTION COORDINATOR 29 horoscope Melaku Muluneh EDITORIAL CONTRIBUTORS Angeli Castillo Blakniss Dave Solomon Manar Al Hinai Neena Rai Randy Parker Preethi Janice D’Sa Sarah WiddupADDRESS DISCLAIMER Sara Taher Ahmed SamirTo reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: editorial@tempoplanet. Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazinecom. If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 667 does its best to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of its contents, Ian Mason Justin Thomas3349 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for errors, mistakes and Noura Abdullah Al Noaimi Rohith Bhat inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and noNOTE TO ADVERTISERS part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any meansAdvertisers can request brand tagging with all advertisements. without the permission of the publisher.To reach advertising call 02 667 3349 oremail: advertising@tempoplanet.com. MEDIA LICENCE NO. 1/105866/24295 download www.gettag.mobi Scan the QR CODE using your smart phone to your smart phone Published by } run application for Blackberry this is done through BBM click on tag beside each article to have fun with for iPhone download BeeTag or Neo Reader online content, videos & cool tags!
  3. 3. Dear Ed, It’s great how Tempo got amateur film makers an opportunity. I can’t wait to see the “I Love UAE” videos on Abu Dhabi TV on national day. Looking forward to more cool activities for the community - Sam R Dear Tempo, Thanks for the “Gmail” tip in your Bottom Line column. I was horrified when I checked the link at the bottom of my gmail email page and saw other people were accessing my account. I couldn’t change the password fast enough - Osman Saeed Dear Tempo, I thought your November issue was outstanding. The story on Mohammed Otaiba of Imagenation, the Cat Superheros, the Emirati film makers, the youth orchestra. More features, we want more! - Nitta S.Awesome! Abu Dhabi Anime Club (J-AMFM) is now featured in Abu Dhabi Tempo Magazine. Pleasego get a copy! Thanks Tempo for giving us the opportunity - Abigail KerrWas really fun! :) Will you be hosting more like that? - Jose TuañoWell done Tempo - it was We came in late but it was still Had a blast at Tempo’s Bazaar. YAY! I’m in this month’s @awesome. Love my new awesome. Got lots of books! Great job, Tempo! Love my new AbuDhabiTempo magazine along Fantabulous! Great job Tempo! Ray Bans that I purchased for a with a GREAT group from the “I lovecolourful throw! fraction of the real price! Can’t- Hana Makki More to come! UAE” video competition. So exciting! - Bearose Karmel Velarde wait for next month. See ya - Sally Abdel Razak there! - Yasser Bagersh QUESTION RESULTS OF LAST MONTH’S VOTE: Q: Who would you most like to see perform in the UAE? What was your favourite film series of the year? 1) Fast and Furious Series 72% 17% 11% 0% 2) Twilight Saga SAID SAID SAID SAID 3) Harry Potter Series YES, I WANT YES, I WANT YES, I WANT YES, I WANT TO SEE ADELE TO SEE TO SEE U2 TO SEE 4) Transformers PERFORM LADY GAGA PERFORM PITBULL 5) X-Men PERFORM PERFORM Go to tempoplanet to vote
  4. 4. THE TOTALLY CLUELESS PERSON’S GUIDE:MOVING TO THE UAE By Rohith Bhat ABU DHABI MALL PRESENTS THE “ABU DHABI MALL WINTER CHARITY FAIR” IN AID OF MÉDECINS SANS FRONTIÈRES (MSF) Friday 9th December 2011 | from 11am to 9pm Visit the Winter Charity Fair at Abu Dhabi Mall and help contribute to the humanitarian efforts of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). All proceeds from table rentals will be donated to the MSF to help them along with their worthy cause.Well it all started out simple enough: Dad got transferred to the U.A.E. and Come along with your family and friends to this exciting fair and purchase originalthe rest of the family had to move along for the ride. So, like any typical handicrafts and souvenirs from the best artists and craftspeople.geek I decided the best thing to do would be to research. I spent hoursscouring though informative volumes of information like the Arabian Stop by the MSF stall to buy secondhand books of various genres at bargain prices.Nights, Disney’s Aladdin, A Camels’ Tale and Lawrence of Arabia… Boy did MSF will be hosting a raffle with fantastic prizes to win brunches, hotels stays, thrillingthat not pan out!! When I got to the U.A.E. it was nothing like anything I marine & water park experiences, delicious cupcakes and lots more!had read! Where were the flying carpets? Where were the belly dancers?Where were the camels and, more importantly, where were the Arabs? For more information, contact: MSF at 02-6317645 or by email at info-msfuae@msf.orgFinding them amongst the sea of Americans, Filipinos and Indians turned Abu Dhabi Mall at 02-6454858 orout to be as entertaining as a game of “Where’s Waldo” but after that, well, Email at customerservice@abudhabi-mall.comthe disappointment set in. True, there was shopping and a sense of historyand culture but there was a distinct lack of flying carpets that brought thewhole thing down.On the plus side it was good to find out that there were the no taxes,something that got me a raise in allowance… But I couldn’t figure outwhy, and rather sad to find out, that my sister seemed to be way too happyabout move. Why does that make me sad, you ask? Not because of thesadistic gene that most brothers carry that makes me say this, but ratherthe reason itself, the dreaded SHOPPING!Pack mules know, and brothers and boyfriends everywhere can sympathise,with my plight here! And it’s not just one or two places that she’ll visitonce and then get sick, OH NO!!! There are hundreds places in this country STUDENTS SHINE AT THE FESTIVAL OF THINKERS!for shopping! Not to mention sales every week or so! It makes my sistergiddy, but it almost makes me want to jump in front of a car on the road! Students from the British School Al Khubairat, posing with HH Sheikh Nahayan BinBut considering the cars here, I may end up damaging a BMW and if that Mabarak Al Nahayan and the Vice Chancellor of the Higher Colleges of Technology, HEdoesn’t get me a ticket, don’t know what will!! Tayeb Kamali.An afterthought, I just decided to have a shawarma…ahh, yes shawarma From left to right: HE Tayeb Kamali, Ahmed Hraiz, Mohammed Kamali, HH Sheikh Nahayanin the UAE… come for the cheap fuel cost, and stay for the shawarma!! Bin Mabarak Al Nahayan , Mohamed Al Darmaki, Karam Bukair, Nader Saab, Omar El- Temtamy and Khayouf
  5. 5. art Tempo invited local artists to a “paint-off” where they were supplied with canvas and paint and had to express their thoughts and ideas of life in the UAE, and the UAE’s 40th Anniversary, on the spot. Here we present 14 artworks painted by Emirati and expatriate artists.dedication The balancing act between tradition and innovation is something every country has to face, but for the UAE it is more so as it is a very young nation growing ever so fast and evolving rapidly. I hope my painting shows how successful Abu Dhabi copes with conflict, despite all the modernism and plastic scenery, natural and pure moments can still be found in the many side alleys. You just have to keep your eyes open. -Anna Eckert Marek Mihok Anna Kurkova It was said that the term camel from the Arabic ‫ ,جمل‬ğml, derived from the triconsonantal root signifying “beauty”. I believe “beauty” perfectly describes not only the camel but also the United Arab Emirates. Therefore this drawing is a dedication to the UAE by both emphasizing and demonstrating its beauty. Happy 40th birthday UAE! -George Hung
  6. 6. My artwork was inspired by the vast changes that have taken place inthe UAE over the past 40 years; it signifies how an ever-growing nationhas managed to change the native land from desert to a country filledwith the tallest of buildings and the most advanced of institutions whiledoing whatever it takes to maintain the ropes of tradition and cultureand to conserve the intricate bonds between family and friends. -Huda Al ShaikhI wanted to take an impressionisticapproach to describing a familiar landscapein Abu Dhabi that would then be overrunby intentional lines giving form, direction,and purpose; a clear setting derived from anever shifting landscape of sand, buildings,and streets. -James HuntUnity and keeping the ancient culture alive enrich thenation and its future generation…that to my eyes isthe UAE. And I see it through their traditional boat, thedhow that moves towards a promising future with feetfirmly on the ground and hands embracing the rich Arabculture and heritage. -Johanna Legaspi
  7. 7. Inspired by my positive interaction with the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, I tried to show the tolerance, love and mutual understanding between different cultures in the painting. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque introduces a vision of tolerance rooted in the traditions of the golden Islamic era. Traditions based on respect and exchange of ideas for the enrichment of human life and history. Additionally, the mosque aims to serve as a platform to enhance culture and knowledge in Abu Dhabi and the surrounding region by organizing activities that seek to promote a culture of tolerance, love, rationality and mutual dialogue. -Ruchi Kansal Kee Ryung KimShivangi Nanda My painting is a metaphor for progress. The trail of the abaya and flag lead up to a woman which signifies how gracefully and beautifully the country has developed and bloomed. The abaya highlights that the country has preserved its culture amidst the urbanisation it is going through. Forty years since its birth, the country stands strong, and undoubtedly, it will see more years of growth and prosperity. -Shanice DaCosta
  8. 8. My painting is a symbolic patchwork of the UAE’s past, presentand future. Everything is connected through the horizon of thedesert representing time: from Sheikh Zayed’s eyes through roadsign, skyscraper, flag, and camel to the bridge…The traditional architecture drags on the dunes’ shape andthe falcon, which look at the Emirati couple entering theGrand Mosque. -Nirina RalantoThe Abu Dhabi Flag pole. Fluttering over the Abu Dhabi corniche, thislandmark, which at one point of time used to hold the record for being thehighest free standing flagpole in the world, is a symbol of the free spiritednature of the people of this amazing country. I have spent hours on thecorniche, mesmerized by the fluttering colours on this flag and always comeback with a feeling of grandeur and spiritual calmness. This painting is atribute to that flag, this great nation and its enlightened rulers. -Soumyajit ChoudharyTo me the issue of female empowermentis very important. Thus the theme of mypainting shows the increasing role of theEmirati woman in the socio, economic andpolitical decisions of the UAE. -Vivek Mukherjee
  9. 9. rami:Thank you UAE for the warmmemories of my childhoodraed: dalal : anna : Congratulations UAE...peace be upon you UAE Ashat al imarat may you have a long life al mutahida !! and happiness for all your sylvie : people je - t - aime abou dhabi sana : Harmony, peace and prosperityscarlet :love you abu dhabi anna : dan : Happy Birthday UAE!!!!mariam : Congratulations onFedaitik, ya imarat! darwin : your 40th, UAE! congratulations... arwa d : guest_7493 : Peace and love Happy birthday UAE stay strong and stay ahead mark b :marwan : Happy 40th UAE!Love this place, man. sadia : gaisha27 : I love the summerHappy national day. I love UAE !!! , sea & Dubai!!!! rash : rania : Congratulations inas : Peace and love, UAE. No other Happiness, glory always :) place I want to be in :) and peace to allrobert :Happy birthday UAE taha : the people living Mabrook, Ya Emirati in the UAE
  10. 10. UAE 40 Years… 40 Lines…by Bahareh Amidi1. The land of not opportunities alone but of dreams coming 17. The heritage that was lost in the desert wind is being true brought back each day through nabati story telling and2. The place where I came to with no particular hope and I poem reciting learned I had wings 18. What might look like workers camps to some may indeed3. The desert in the middle of the oasis where oil is turned to be viewed as havens to others, the others that are here to real tangible things support a family and a clan through their daily sweat4. The crude realities of oil still present but the longing for 19. This land has taught me to look inside for my answers and change even more present go to the well of light for my responses5. Bridging the gap between east and west in real form. A 20. I hope to see it 20 years from now and I wonder what 40 lady in a bikini and a lady in an abaya despite all that they years from now will bring to life carry with in can sit side by side and be themselves 21. Every child was born to a father and a mother, Sheik Zayed6. It is not only about the Ferrari World it is about where the has been both to this land road and path can take you 22. He has made an other wise anonymous nation known to all7. It is not only a place to pray. The Grand Mosque can re- who know where the sun rises store faith in the abilities of mankind 23. A person is said to be well respected when the elderly and8. She is a lady at sunset and a gentleman at sunup the young respect them alike. Sheik Zayed was able to9. It is not only the smell of oud it is the essence of the aroma touch noses bending down to a child and looking up to an10. The carriers of the Gulf only a reminder of the dreams car- elder ried to shore 24. Respect is not given but earned, to be called father of a11. There are no beggars on the street, not only because of law, nation by nationals is one thing but to be internationally but because we are all here to work respected is another12. There is no stealing not only because of the consequences 25. There are waves in the Gulf that bring news from the East but because of the trust we have in ourselves and to the West and at times the oud of the East across the13. The lights are lit after Ramadan and the lights are lit for Water, this aroma has heritage behind it Christmas honoring all religions and all faiths and beliefs 26. Heritage of peoples whose life started on this land 750014. It is not only the name of the schools and universities that years ago but is now celebrated as the young nation of 40 give education its clout on this land, it is the education years. Only roots can give way to such branches to grow that gives its students opportunities in this land that give 27. Branches can only seek light if allowed flight. The art of young minds clout in the world falconry is a national sport which gives inhabitants the15. It is not the amount of sand in the desert that makes the wings they need to fly caravan move from place to place, it is the caravan that 28. The camels in the desert that die of eating empty bottles makes the desert come to life with each step have a voice; the voice that says what will our children16. The salt in the sea is not salty because it is only there to be think when there are no more camels to greet the dino- desalinated for use to make the desert green saurs in the heavens 29. There are other nations whose names start with United. But the UAE is truly a nation that unites people 30. UAE is not a melting pot but more so a place for individuals Our National Day to keep their ethnicity and wear their identity with pride may it be a purple robe or a white one by Beena Sunny 31. The smallness of the nation only adds to the flavor of its wondrous growth Emirati National Day, a day 32. The reality and importance of learning from those who have already traversed a land or a sea For being happy and gay 33. The land of opportunity for those who are educated and Filled with celebrations galore wealthy but also the land of opportunity for those twilling Reminders of history and folklore the land to educate their children at home -years back our UAE was born 34. The call to prayer five times a day starts at the Grand Mosque and echoes in every crack of every corner mosque Seven emirates were then divided and torn and then resonates a light in those ready to hear the call But on that day, a great leader, able and true 35. The call is the breath of the child out of womb under a tent United them under a flag of four colour and it is also the last breath of the camel dying of thirst while sitting at the oasis Heralding in progress fast and meteoric hue 36. Perhaps oasis is a great word for this land. Creating a nation unique and historic 37. Indeed a land that was always dry but is now green with The hands that moulded UAE are stilled vegetation. Still around this land all you see is sand until your eye travels Their presence missed, the void never filled 38. At the oasis one can drink or one can cry Yet comes, second December every year 39. It is there the river of truth is in every speck of sand and in A day to remember without peer every drop of salt in the sea From their near and dear ones. 40. For now time of sitting by the river called the UAE is over, it is time to step into the river and go with the flow. Beena Sunny was an expatriate of Abu Dhabi for 13 years Bahareh Amidi is an American-Iranian poet based in and remembers her years here with nostalgia. “This poem Abu Dhabi. She recites poetry at artistic and creative events. is an expression of thanks and dedication to the rulers of See her poems at www.bahareh.com UAE,” she says.
  11. 11. BU TINAH ISLANDTHE STORY OF A NATIONAL TREASUREBy Noura Abdullah Al NoaimiAs children, we have all dreamt about the euphoria of visiting beautiful remote islands… butlittle did the people of the UAE know that we had one floating on own waters!Amongst the Gulf’s warm and saline waters is a small archipelago named Bu Tinah which islocated 130km west of Abu Dhabi. Bu Tinah is home to numerous endangered species that inhabitthis nirvana island. Within the Marawah Marine Biosphere Reserve is the territory that covers anestimate of 4,000 square meters, all closed to visitors, fishing and collection of turtle eggs, as thearea is under enforced patrol watch to stay protected as a private natural reserve.In 2001, UNESCO recognized the island as being one of both the largest and richest is fitting that, as we approach the 40th anniversary of our beloved nation, that BuBiosphere reserves found in the region. The island is actually a cluster of islands and Tinah has served to unite the residents of the UAE and beyond in appreciation of ourshoals, all meeting at a very low sea level, reaching no higher than two or three nation’s natural heritage and its importance on the global stage.”meters above sea level. Bu Tinah’s main territorial area has a sheltered lagoon opening its area leading toDue to the island’s affiliation with UNESCO, Bu Tinah immediately raised its level on the south. It has a low energy environment allowing flowing mature mangrove tothe social network platform, and raising a flag that it is susceptible to harm if it is flourish. It also contains an estimate of 16 species of healthy coral reef habitats.not protected. Bu Tinah Island is home to the most threatened species of sea turtles in the worldIn March 2010, Bu Tinah Island was surprisingly announced as one of 28 global known as “The Hawksbill Turtle”that plays an important role in coral reef maintenance.finalists in the contest “New 7 Wonders of Nature” when it was shortlisted by a Its shell is considered one of its most beautiful elements and is a coveted item in thesubstantial 447 natural sites around the world. On 11 November 2011, Bu Tinah was fashion industry. Another species found at Bu Tinah is the Osprey, also known as thevoted by 13 million people all around the world and it managed to reach the top 14 “sea hawk” and 75 percent of its breeding population is found in Abu Dhabi.finalists in the global competition! In every territory lie hidden treasures waiting to be discovered, protected and appreciated. For the UAE, Bu Tinah represents a magnificent national treasure thatCommenting on the 20-month long campaign, Her Excellency Razan Khalifa Al adds value to the UAE; raising its profile in the world of nature and affirming itsMubarak, Secretary General of the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) said: “It commitment to environmental conservation.
  12. 12. By Justin Thomas Photo by Sheikha Al TunaijiHARD WALLS Beyond the smoke, Hard Walls offers nominally Lebanese/Syrian cuisine, with an extensive menu spanning the globe…WHERE CHICKEN KIEV MEETS A BAHRAINI APPLE pretty much like the Lebanese diaspora itself. All the usual Levantine suspects are there;The Sheesha smoke is thick. Like mist rising over a primordial swamp, its movement hummus, tabouleh, fatoush,is virtually imperceptible. This serene smoke-scape is a fragile thing; any illusion of kebabs. The menu also featuressolidity and permanence is shattered by energetic table staff delivering food, drinks the ubiquitous fodder ofand charcoal. Smoke swirls and dances in their wake, a visible reminder of the globalisation; burgers, and pizzas.invisible world surrounding us. Unlike the mist from a swamp however, this smoke However, there are also manyis aromatic; an airborne fruit salad with apple, grape, mint and lemon vying for unexpected internationalolfactory preeminence. This fragrant smoker’s utopia at the heart of Marina Mall goes surprises. For example, myby the curious name of “Hard Walls”. favourite dish at Hard Walls has to be chicken Kiev. ThisMany of Abu Dhabi’s restaurants and cafes provide non-smoking sections, however Kiev is absolutely magnificentin the absence of a significant physical barrier such “smoke-free” spaces are about as – from presentation to flavour tohealth promoting as a non-urinating section in a public swimming pool. Hard Walls aroma; a truly outstanding culinaryhowever, makes a real effort, and the non-smoking section is located outside of the experience. In fact this dish seems kind of out of place at Hard Walls, which hasmain restaurant. Yes - here it’s the non-smokers who are marginalised, and pushed a relaxed beach-bar style decor and ambience. This chicken Kiev would be rightto the fringes of the establishment. This less than perfect arrangement is however, at home in any of the world’s gastronomically sophisticated five star restaurants.far superior to simply separating smoking and non-smoking sections with written- However, in such establishments you probably couldn’t get a Bahraini applesigns; as if free-floating smoke can read. I once saw a no smoking sign almost totally flavoured sheesha for dessert.obscured by a thick cloud of illiterate cigar smoke that had defiantly drifted into thenon-smoking section.The debate on passive smoking has rumbled on for a long time but the direction oftravel is pretty obvious. It seems as though a global public-smoking ban is graduallycreeping into place. However, one issue that needs to be urgently addressed pertainsto children accompanying their parents to super smokey environments. Who would By Priya Princetake their year-old child to a cigar bar? But children in sheesha cafes and restaurantsseem to be fairly acceptable, common even. Perhaps it’s the pleasant smell of sheesha INGREDIENTSsmoke that lulls some of us into a false sense of complacency? (Nothing that smells so 2 Tbsps oil 6 curry leavesgood could be harmful, could it?) But the dangers of environmental tobacco smoke 1 tsp mustard seeds 1 cup cooked ricefor children are clear and well publicised. 1 green chili chopped ¼ cup yoghurt I small onion chopped Salt to tasteThe UK’s National Health Service suggest children regularly exposed to environmental ½ inch ginger choppedtobacco smoke (sweet smelling or otherwise) are more prone to asthma, ear, nose DIRECTIONSand chest infections, and do less well cognitively, and are at greater risk of developing • Heat the oil, add the mustard seeds, green chili, onion, ginger andcancer and other serious illnesses as adults. curry leaves. • Cook till onions are clearDuring my visit to Hard Walls several of the passive smokers were indeed children. • Add the yoghurtAs these youngsters munched ketchup-drenched chicken nuggets, mum, dad, aunts, • Switch off the flameuncles and older siblings all puffed pipes and punctuated their conversation with • Add the riceperfumed clouds of smoke. One scene now indelibly etched in my mind was of a • Stir and enjoy!mother cradling a relative neonate in one arm while she dexterously maneuveredthe sheesha pipe with her other. Another scene was of a container of red-hot charcoalbeing swung precariously close to the push chair of a sleeping tot! This brought to RATING SCALE:my mind Dickensian scenes of chimney sweeps, and gin-drinking pre-teen alcoholics.Surely these children passively imbibing the atmosphere of sheesha-serving LEVEL 1: SUPER EASYestablishments will become the images we look back on with a sense of “I can’t LEVEL 2: RELATIVELY EASYbelieve we lived like that!”. LEVEL 3: MEDIUM SKILLS REQUIRED LEVEL 4: COOKING SKILLS A MUST LEVEL 5: ARE YOU SURE YOU WANNA DO THIS?
  13. 13. sun mon tue December MY DECEMBER ECO PLEDGE MY DECEMBER TO DO LIST 4 5 6 Chan Blaza Boots Ladrillo Cheryl Wayco Tourism Dubai Rugby 7’s Wor ld Green 5-7 World Family Summit C @ The Sevens 1-3 @ ADNE @ Yas Hotel 5-7 11 12 13 Laveezah Khan Hansel Punnam Erwin Lugtu Eye on Earth Summit World Health Care Congress Omega Dubai Ladie @ ADNEC 12-15 s Masters ME @ ADNEC 11- 13 @ Emirates Gold Clu b 11-17 18 19 20 Kling Blaza Festival of Falconry in Al Ain 11-17 25 26 27 Zainab Khan Alex Eusebio Zeeshan Razzaqi LPUL T Congratulations to Day Albert and Stephanie on Boxing t OU GE Merry Christmas!!! your wedding today! y It was y! Know wha a esterd that is? PA
  14. 14. wed thu fri sat 1 2 3 Arjun Suria to the UAE on Congratulations Dubai World Gaming Exp o@ th year of union! Festival its 40 Abu Dhabi Corniche DICEC 29/11- 1/12 30/11- 3/12 Alena Ankit Lodha 7 8 9 10 8th Film Dub Fes ai Int tiva ern l 7 atio Winter Charity Fair -14 na l Gail D’Souza @ Abu Dhabi Mall AR Rahman @ Dubai International Stadium ty n l Ci tomorrow In aid of Medecins row estiva SM is B i F @ AD E 2011 Sans Frontiers Chr Duba NEC @ 5-8Chris Xaviour Davina Lewis Albert Bravo 14 15 16 17 Indian Property Sh Jun Suarez ow Airport Expo, Duba @ i 15-17 Jing and Alex HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! International Autumn Trade Shankar Ehsaan Loy Fair @ DICEC 13-15 @ ADNEC tomorrow Mariam Abassi Junlie Wayco 21 22 23 24 28 29 30 31 Veronica Nana Christie Mehreen Malik Richard Brown Al Dhafr a Ca @ Madin mel Festival at Za 17-28 yed Mubadala World Tennis Abu Dhabi Championship 29-31 20 an Race- Volvo Oce Dec- 14 Jan 11 30 New Years Eve!!!
  15. 15. My favourite outfit has to be the off shoulder golden top I got from Bershka it was the last one in stock! It’s all glittery down the front and on the back it’s a different shade of gold. I love shopping at Bershka and Forever 21. I love going to malls to do my shopping especially Marina Mall or Abu Dhabi Mall.FASHION STATEMENT: ople when pe I hate it fur! I’mMY STYLE IS PRETTY ECLECTIC, lALL THE WAY FROM LACE TO GLITTER! wear rea nimal against a all types n cruelty i s! and form hi dy Mer Name: Cin adian Age: 21 ese Can y: Leban tudent Nationalit duate s : Gra Profession I think Abu Dhabi does have style; it’s especially noticeable am ongst the young people.
  17. 17. GAME HEDZ Blakniss | Original game head from Atari to XBox!Well it is 40 years of an incredible nation and yes, Sounds pretty sweet right? If you want to download it just bounce to the Game Hedz blog and click the link. It’s for the PC platform, but if you have a Mac you cangame heads can celebrate too! Here are at least a use the Boot Camp software (free with OS Leopard and upwards) to play it. Lookcouple reasons: Point Blank and Ubisoft. out for the review in the next issue and hit us up on the blog to tell us what you think. We’ll include your reviews in ours.POINT BLANK UBISOFTWhat is it ye ask? Well according to developers, Tahadi Games, “Point Blank,extremely popular in the USA, is played by over 20 million gamers worldwide. Now if you like the Assassins Creed series or Prince of Persia then you’ll love thisIt is the No.1 shooting game in Russia, Thailand and Indonesia, and is massively news: Ubisoft, developers for the aforementioned games, is setting up shop in thesuccessful in the competitive markets of Brazil and Philippines.” UAE! Wuhoooooooo!Not bad. Tahadi Games has offices in Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and right here in It will actually be a game development academy, based in the creative incubator/Abu Dhabi! Yea, the UAE is becoming a place for game developers, not just game generator TwoFour54. So if you want to go from just playing games to designingheads. them, March 2012 is your date!So more about Point Blank. Tahadi Games gives us the low down: These are good signs for the UAE and Arab gaming in general: a good reminder that gaming is serious business! So anytime folks give you flak for gaming too much,Point Blank is basically a tactical First Person Shooter (FPS) that pits a team of eight just tell them you’re practicing ;)playable characters against each other, with access to more than 200 weapons anditems, eight game modes, and more than 40 stages in different sceneries. It has Seasons greetings and happy 40th birthday UAE!destructible and interactive environments as well as level progression with role-playing game (RPG) elements. See you game heads in 2012, insha’allah!UAE DIVERSITY: Ahmed Samir So it was there that I met a lot of interesting people, a fair number were volunteering at the festival. I also met a nice man (a “Caucasian”) and upon discussing the film we had just watched he asked me where I’m from, and I asked him where he was from…The man’s answer to my question was: Georgia. I answered, perhaps expectedly: “So, America?” He gave me a funny look, like he had got that response many times before and sort of expected it, and he said: “No, Georgia the country. It’s in Europe.” Wow, how rare is that?! Did you know that Georgia - the country -existed? I certainly didn’t! And it’s so amazing that you meet someone from such a small country, worlds away, right here in the UAE.MEETING A GEORGIAN, FROM UH, GEORGIA So not only did I have a fun day of films and discussion, I also learnt of a newThe UAE is a country with remarkable diversity. Allow me to illustrate my point by country, its people, culture, heritage, and, frankly, existence! Now, think about thedrawing on a past experience: during the last edition of ADFF, The Abu Dhabi Film people you met today, on the street or on the bus, at work or school…think aboutFestival (which, I may add, was great fun) it’s sometimes customary to socialize where they are (or might be) from. Isn’t that amazing diversity?!with the avid film watchers after the films end, and discuss things like plot,story, character development and all that goodness that only really exists in non- Being the inquisitive person I am, I just love that! And this is only possible in a placecommercial, made-for-the-art-of-it films. like the UAE, a place one may rightly call a melting pot of cultures.
  18. 18. DOC IN THE HOUSE Dr.DMS | A Doc from the Bronx Middle East. You also have some of the highest accident statistics involving pedestrian versus car. Another “crowning achievement”? Nothing to be proud of. Consider all those wasted lives (Theyab Awana, anyone?). This is totally preventable- its up to you. Cardiovascular deaths. For a nation with seemingly good resources, the numbers are high, but lower than developing or war shattered nationsHAPPY BIRTHDAY UAE such as Iraq, Afganistan, or Naru for example. Compared to other GCC countries, you’re in the middle. This is the #1 killer worldwide.You’re so “grown up”! Strokes and hypertensive heart disease are related. There’s a lot of60 is the new 40 these days, so if the UAE were a person, is it healthy? hypertension here, and it’s under treated. People take their meds sometimes, or don’t even bother. Diet modification? Unheard of. MedicalTop 10 causes of death in the UAE follow up? Poor at best. Strokes are related to long standing uncontrolled1. Ischemic heart disease hypertension. Controlling one variable, controls the others.2. Road traffic accidents Diabetes is surprisingly lower on the list (2nd highest worldwide3. Cerebrovascular accidents prevalence). Diabetes affects other problems and worsens them. Blood4. Hypertensive heart disease sugar control is very poor, and this directly results in complications,5. Lower respiratory infections including death. Eat well, exercise, weight control, take your meds, etc,6. Kidney disease will save your life!! A simple solution, but it requires some effort on your7. Diabetes mellitus behalf.8. Congenital anomalies9. Cirrhosis of liver 40 isn’t old, but you’re like a kid with Progeria. Since the UAE is one of10. Rheumatic heart disease my patients, I am concerned. You’re not heading for the grave, but if bad habits carry on, and ignored, hoping that someone else will fix it, I fearMotor vehicle deaths. You’re up there!! Eritrea tops the list for the gold, the worst.but you get the bronze medal!!! Considering the total population here,this figure becomes daunting. Driving here is quoted as the worst in the Only you can save yourself......from yourself.A DEDICATION TO THE NATION Sara TaherFROM MONTREAL, WITH LOVEWhen I first moved to Abu Dhabi five years ago, kicking and screaming, (and hopefully only) marriage were all experienced because Abu DhabiI never imagined that I would soon develop a strong bond with the city. gave me a home. My career soared; I experienced a new financial freedomRelocating from Montréal, my first few months were filled with sadness, I did not have in Canada. I saw Metallica and Guns N Roses perform live, aas I longingly ached for the cold city in the north. I’m not quite sure when dream I had since I was 13 years old! I enjoyed a falcon perched on my arm,it happened, but at some point of my stay, my gripping about city life curiously staring into my eyes (pretty sure not out of hunger!)became superficial and subsided. I found myself missing my new city onlong vacations and the site of Abu Dhabi from a descending plane began Looking back at these extremely fruitful five years, Ito put a smile on my face. cannot help but admit that the United Arab EmiratesSo what happened in five short years that changed my feelings so has given me more than my share of happiness anddrastically? I suppose that as with any relationship, spending time withsomeone reveals their true nature. After Abu Dhabi revealed to me her true fulfillment. With her 40th and my 33rd birthdaysnature, as I did to her, we established a symbiotic friendship that is sure to around the corner, it seems that every birthday welast a lifetime. We have witnessed tribulations and triumphs together andit seems that our paths of growth and development are intertwined. spend together is always time well spent. I won’t give her a card or some flowers on her birthday but I willAlthough I was 29 years old when I moved here, I experienced many “firsts” give her my unconditional love and on my birthday,in the five years I have lived in the nation’s capital. My first camping, myfirst mountain climbing, first free diving, first dune driving and even first I’m sure she will do the same! Happy birthday UAE!
  19. 19. JUST HANDCRAFTED Preethi Janice D’Sa | Scientist-artiste hybridALL THEMED UP THE CUPCAKE WAY Scan with your cellphoneToday I would like to encourage you to make themed products that fit in we never cease to critique our work and strive to improve our designs andwith your handcraft work. This is the best time to start, what with the processes.UAE’s 40th National Day celebrations happening and the end of the yearfestivities upon us. So, now that I’ve shared with you a great example of themed work, what theme would you like to use in your work? Once you have decided, useI have with us a talented food crafter, Shifana Anwar, founder of Melting the web to get inspired (copying not allowed). Work out the audienceMoments. She shares photos of her themed cakes specially made for the you wish to sell to, do a bit of market research to see if they would be40th UAE National Day celebrations. Shifana always starts with a sketch interested in your themed products.and then adds details to the cake. So that by the actual baking process shealready knows what the client’s taste is (no pun intended). Drop me a line at info@writedsaign.com if you would like to share what happened as a result. I may post the best answers at the Cultural ArtsOne factor that is important to her (apart from food safety) is never Travelogue website.compromising on the quality of ingredients used. The reason? “It’s simple:the quality of the ingredients directly affects the taste.” So that’s me, Jan, signing off for this year. Have a great “melting moment” whatever you’re creating and wherever you’re celebrating.Shifana says that she is her own worst critic. I can empathise with her.Creatives (me included) are die hard perfectionists. Whilst others may Jan D’Sa runs a technical/bid writing consulting business and is the foundercompliment us on our work (yes, we do accept compliments gracefully), of Janys De mixed media jewelry and cufflinks. Visit her site: https://www. facebook.com/CulturalArtsTravelogueMUM UNLIMITED Sarah Widdup | Living the dream, needing the sleep differences between them. My daughter, bless her heart, can often be heard practicing her Arabic words while talking to friends, and then telling them what she’s just said and which language it is that she’s speaking.CITIZENS OF THE WORLD: The cosmopolitan nature of this place has been a real eye opener for us, and something for which I am truly grateful. I really feel that Abu DhabiMAKING A MOVE FROM DOWN-UNDER has been a gateway to the rest of the world for us, and the contacts and friends that we’ve made here will make it possible to keep travelling andMoving to the UAE was a huge leap for my family and me. We’d heard having adventures. Well, that is if we ever decide to leave here, and rightall the whispers about how strict the rules would be, and frankly, I was now I don’t want to!expecting a serious amount of culture shock. And I was shocked, butnot in the way you’d think, and not in a bad way. The move here was The UAE, it seems to me, is a real land of opportunity. You could, at anysomething we did to secure the future for our family, mostly in a financial moment, meet someone who will help you jump on to an exciting newsense. Little did I know that there were so many other ways that my path. The very fact that you’re reading this now is testament to that! Ifamily would benefit. was lucky to meet someone, who knew someone, who I then spoke to for something completely unrelated and then shazam! I’m doing what IFor me, seeing my children become little citizens of the world has been love – writing.the most amazing part of our adventure here. They’ve met people fromall over the globe, and are very accepting of other cultures and the So happy birthday UAE! And thanks for everything!
  20. 20. ARTICULATE Neena Rai | An artist with a flairUAE: ART AND CULTURE TRANSFORMEDCome second December and we all will be celebrating UAE’s 40th National Day. I will soon complete my fifth year in the UAE, and it seems this land is improvingThe country will be decked in lights and decorations will be seen across the streets. with time. I have seen drastic changes in every sphere. Every year the NationalPeople will be out on the streets celebrating the joyous occasion. A lot of emphasis Day celebrations seem to get better and better. The art shows have increased inis paid to the cars and one can see almost all cars decorated in the national colours. popularity and the variety of art on offer is something to reckon with.The fun part about National Day celebrations is that it is not limited to nationalsonly. I have seen people from all nationalities participate in it. Last year in Abu The Abu Dhabi Art and Manarat Al Saadiyat have transformed the culturalDhabi I saw a foam fight between a Pathan driver and some Emirati kids. I am still landscape with the help of the Film Festival. The F1 and Ferrari World have addedunsure who seemed to be enjoying it the most. glamour to this sleepy town of five years ago. The various concerts at Yas and the Corniche have given a lot of options to the general public to be able to pursue andThe most amazing part of this festive time is that art stretches to new limits that partake in cultural activities.have not observed before. After beautifying the streets and cars in the nationalcolours, comes the beautifying with teddy bears. Yes, teddy bears. If this is your And, at the eve of my completing five years in this country, I am struck by howfirst time, keep an eye out for the giant teddy bears atop the cars. Oh, and the many choices there are. When I first came here I was at a loss on what to do andteddy bears are made to match the Emirati colours. Some people may find it how to become engaged in cultural activities. Now there are so many choices thatgaudy, but I think it is absolutely funky. often I literally do not know where to go!MINI MINX Angeli Castillo | Making minutes out of molehills important of all, lots of self-motivation. Just like this nation that has developed so quickly in so little time, Sultan finds inspiration in the memory of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, because of what he has done for his country as well as for the rest of the world. Sultan says: “I am compelled to follow in his footsteps and try to do my part for the Emirati and global community.”UNDER HIS BLACK HALO: While most people find adjusting to this glorious and giving city a challengeSULTAN SAEED AL DARMAKI at times, it is now a part of me; I remember as a child having so many happy memories and yes, even though some times were hard I always found someAs an expat who was born and raised in Abu Dhabi, I had the privilege of watching comfort here in my home knowing that the residents of this place will always bethe city grow and learn the customs and traditions of this land while meeting a taken care of one way or another. Sultan supports the same idea because he thinkshandful of local Emiratis who grew along with it but at the same time managed to that in another 40 years time we will still be enjoying the same level of prosperitymaintain their humble roots. One example is Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki, an Emirati and peace we’ve had in the past 40 years, and that the only difference is that it willborn on the 24th August 1982 in Abu Dhabi. He graduated from New York Institute be shared by more people.of Technology in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources. Apart frombeing the owner of Al Darmaki Group of Companies, he is also a freelance writer Sultan’s message to the new generation of this nation is to motivate them towardswho self-published his first book “Under My Black Halo” in late 2010, he contributes a better future. He says it is important to try to do three things simultaneously:regularly to Gulf Today Panorama magazine through his column “Impromptu,” and to learn from the Emirati culture and the great men and women of this country,also dabbles in photography. to know why it is important to be proud of yourself, and to explore the world so that you might open their eyes to different walks of life and develop a betterOne of Sultan’s inspiration is life itself, “because life is a dynamic entity there will understanding of humanity.always be moments felt that would inspire anyone to try to capture it via pen orcamera.” For an Emarati who has been writing for almost three years and recently You will find some of Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki’s work on the website: www.took up photography almost nine months ago, he believes that anyone can do sultandarmaki.com. Sultan also takes part in literature and communitywhat he does, and that all it takes is a little patience, a little dedication and most events and is active in social media.
  21. 21. YANK IN THE SANDLAND Randy Parker presence is not oppressive at all. The driving habits of some need a little work though. The UAE is also taking global leadership in developing alternate energies. I think I became somewhat spoiled during my time living here. Speaking of which, this will be my last column for Tempo. I recently resigned from my regular job and by the time you read this, I will be on my way back to the USADIEU FROM CAPTAIN AMERICA to seek some tempting opportunities. I want to thank Editor Sana Bagersh who 2NOW IN EXILE… 1/2 years ago gave this fledgling blogger a chance for the “Big Leagues”! The rest of the crew is great too.What a wild ride it has been for the UAE! Just forty years ago HH Sheikh Zayedunited the seven Emirates to form the United Arab Emirates and the rest is history. But most of all I appreciate those of you who took time out of their busy day toI cannot think of any other country that has progressed so far and so fast in so little read my column. With every word I wrote I intended to entertain you, and I reallytime. This reaffirms HH Sheikh Zayed’s leadership and that he wanted nothing but hope I did. Writing is a labour of love and I would write even if I knew nobody wasthe best for his people. reading my work, but it is very satisfying to have my column published so I know it has a chance to be read. I intend to find another writing gig back in the States andThe UAE is also unique in its demographic makeup as the vast majority of the maybe I will submit a guest column once in awhile to Tempo just to stay in touch.population is from somewhere else. I know of no other area in the world wherethis is the case. And you know what? It works! This is a true multi-cultural country Thank you everyone, I will miss you all....aloha!!!that has a minimum of friction between the many nationalities living here. Folksfrom different places that may have disagreements when living in their respective Oh, Happy Birthday UAE, I will miss you too, I had a greatcountries magically work, live and play well together here. time. May your flag wave forever!Also, I find the UAE to be a clean, safe (traffic sadly excluded) and modern country. (From the ed: we’ll miss you too, Captain America. God bless, Randy,I always feel comfortable walking anywhere at any time in Abu Dhabi yet police and stay in touch with your Tempo family. Sana)JUST A THOUGHT Manar Al Hinai | A Khaleeji girl who overthinks a lot and loves to writeP.S. UAE, I LOVE YOU! Scan with your cellphone to follow Manar on twitterEvery time I leave the UAE on holiday, I realize how much I love it, and even though • I love how the UAE blends heritage and modernity. You can be shopping inI would be enjoying my break, I simply cannot wait till I hop on the plane and go the world’s largest mall, and 20 minutes later be driving on sand dunes.back there; go back home. • I love how safe this country is, and I don’t have to worry of getting robbed, killed, or kidnapped.There is something magical about the UAE that makes people from different • I love the UAE because this where I grew up, went to school, where my bestbackgrounds feel a sense of belonging and security; Something that words will fail memories took place, and where I will always live.to describe, and no country on earth would ever compare to. • I love the UAE because it introduced me to the best friends I could ever have who come from different backgrounds and share the same passion for thisWith the 40th National Day Celebrations going on, I cannot help but think about land as its peoplethe many reasons that make me passionately love this land. • I love the efforts made by the country to preserve islands like Bu Tinah and its environmentSo my dear readers, I would share with you some and I am sure that many of UAEagree with me: Finally I love it because this where I first learned to love, and you, the UAE, is one of my first loves, and you will always hold that special place• I love our amazing leaders who treat their people like their own family in my heart. members• I love how hospitable and generous Emirati are, and how they are tolerant Congratulations! You are still young but big in achievements. Keep on and welcoming for those wishing to reside on their land dazzling us, and the rest of the world. We are holding our breaths.
  22. 22. WANTED:EMIRATI ENTREPRENEURSBy Ian MasonStrewth! If you were a visitor to Australia, you’d be dining with a dingo, cooking The UAE must highlight its grassroots culture – not justwith a kangaroo and waltzing with a wombat. But in Abu Dhabi, Emirati cultural the broadscope cultural precinct being built on Saadiyatexperiences don’t seem to extend much further than the magnificent SheikhZayed Grand Mosque. Island – and it is Emirati entrepreneurs who must drive it. They need to bring their Bedouin knowledge,Sure, there is the Heritage Village, but culture is about interpretation, and the their life experiences, their family heritage to the 2.3Heritage Village could do it so much better. And don’t start me on the desert million hotel guests expected to pile into the countrysafaris. Belly dancers, shisha...not really Emirati culture, is it? by the end of 2012.If you surveyed 100 people arriving on the next Etihad flight, I reckon 79 of them(ok, so we guessed) would be visiting for a cultural experience. And help is freely available. The Khalifa Fund aids visionary Emiratis with financial support whileCulture is a powerful attractant for visitors. People travel because they want toexperience a different lifestyle to their own, broaden their cultural awareness organisations such as Tamakkan offer an amazingand show off their newly-found knowledge to their friends back home. mentoring and training base.But experiencing traditional Emirati culture in Abu Dhabi is often harder than I’m a Westerner. I can’t do it. It would look plain stupid and incredibly non-applying for residency. credible.The tourism industry in Abu Dhabi – indeed the whole UAE – is crying out for It needs the skilled, experienced hands of an Emirati – an Emirati that is investingEmirati cultural experiences. It is not as though the possibilities are short either. in their own business to bring local culture to the world.How’s this for an example. A foodies tour that visits the fruit and vegetablemarket, allows visitors to cook a traditional Emirati meal and sample hospitality So next time you visit Australia and see a koala doing karaoke, don’t laugh. Youin a majlis. Imagine that in the skilled hands of an Emirati guide. can be sure he’s doing it for the culture of his country.Or perhaps an arts tour featuring paintings, handicrafts and calligraphy. A naturetour visiting the Falcon Hospital and Saluki Centre. A shopping tour to the souks Ian Mason is a Tamakkan trainer and coaches onto try on an abaya. A sail on a dhow. A basic Arabic language lesson. marketing, hospitality and media. Tamakkan offers a range of basic business workshops forThis is Emirati culture, the thing that 79% of visitors (according to the Mason entrepreneurs and corporate “intrapreneurs”,method of research) want to experience in Abu Dhabi. including Selling Skills, Presentation Skills, Developing Marketing Plans, Customer ServiceThe UAE needs Emiratis to proudly interpret and preserve their own culture. It and many more.demands entrepreneurs with the energy, vision and passion to showcase thesecultural experiences. The Director of Strategy and Policy at Abu Dhabi Tourism Contact Camille on (02) 4918624 or email Scan on your cellphone to know more about Tamakkan seminarsAuthority says so. More importantly, visitors say so. info@tamakkan.org for workshop schedules. and workshops