Media music magazine evaluation


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Media music magazine evaluation

  1. 1. Media Music Magazine Evaluation By sharondeep Bachra
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? The genre for my music magazine is R&B. In order to challenge the conventions of a real media product I analysed 4 existing magazines that are similar to mine. Although, NME is a rock genre I chose to challenge the codes and conventions of this media product because I believe that their layout is eye-catching and develops more of a existing product look compared to VIBE. I chose various parts of each magazine and challenged the conventions by using them in my own magazine. The reason why I used these pieces from each magazine is because whilst analysing them, I felt that they represented my indented audience in a appropriate way, because my magazine was aimed at a younger age range such as teenagers. For my masthead I used the font "Aerial”. I chose this because this type of font connotes the idea of a R&B existing media product. For example, as seen below Aerial font is similar to VIBE, I therefore chose this font because it stands out, is eye-catching and challenges the conventions of a existing media product as this particular font is similar used in a R&B magazine which will therefore develop the conventions of a existing media product. I also used a bold, large font size because it challenges the conventions of an existing media product that is similar to mine, for instance “Vibe” is a R&B magazine that is the same genre as my media product, I therefore chose to use this particular font size because its is similar to “Vibe” and “XXL” is eye-catching
  3. 3. I chose to use the sell line “Let’s Face The Music” because it connotes the idea of challenging thecodes and conventions of an existing media product. For example, whilst analysing an existing mediaproduct such as “The Source” I identified that “The Source” uses a sell line. I therefore chose to usethis similar to “The Source” because my media product would therefore challenge the conventions ofan existing media product as it is similar to the genre I have chose R&B.Similar to Vibe magazine and NME, I have placed 2 banners at the top and bottom of my front coverincluding artists names, I have chose to do this because its challenges the code and conventions ofexisting media products which will therefore develop my media product to appear like a existing mediaproduct. I chose the colours; blue, red and gold because it challenges the codes and conventions of anR&B music magazine because the colours draw and eye-catching attention towards the audiences. I have followed the conventions of an appropriate layout and page design for my media product, For instance, I have placed a circle near the corner of my magazine (front cover) saying “Win all 50 albums of the year”. I have completed this because most R&B magazines and other genres tend to offer free CD’s with their magazine. I therefore chose the same because this is relevant to my age range of my magazine, For example, most young adults and teenagers that own computers, laptops, and DVD players, can play the CD, or they can even burn or rip the CD to programmes such as; windows Media Player. The boldness of the white and black text against the bright red background contrasts and stands out. s
  4. 4. Similar to “Vibe” and “XXL” my media product develops and challenges the conventions of an existingmedia product. For instance, I have used a right-side third because usually the important and eye-catching information is displayed here on a magazine. However, some other existing media productshave this placed on the left-side third. However, I recognised that it would be more effective to place iton the right-side third in order to attract more readers. I have establish that the artists names , contrastout in a gold and red font against a white background because, to make it stand out and appearattention-grabbing. I have also used the font “Aerial” because it’s a bold font and connotes the impactof an existing media product as this font type is used in “Vibe”. The layout of my magazine and page design challenges the conventions of an existing media product. For instance, similar to “XXL” I decided to use black bold stripes because they are striking, eye-catching and contrast against a white background which demonstrates that my media product uses and challenges the conventions of an existing medias product as this is portrayed in an “XXL” magazine which is a similar genre to my magazine.
  5. 5. I laid my headline out similar to “Vibe” I used Aerial font because this makes my headline stand out toappear, bold and eye-catching the reason I chose this particular font is because I required the font tostand out towards my intended audience and appear to be striking, as it is aimed at a young audienceages ranging between 16-19. I used the colour fonts red, blue and gold because they are a consistentcolour scheme that is appropriate for a consistent house style. The bright red and gold stands out againsta black background behind the model’s clothing. This house style is also a typical R&B magazine style.I have followed the codes and conventions of the “Vibe”, “The Source” and “NME” magazines byplacing a barcode, this denotes that I have followed the conventions of “R&B” music magazines. Afteranalyzing existing barcodes. I felt that there types of designs were good as they contained, a date,price and a website. I have replicated this because it challenges the codes and conventions of anexisting media product.
  6. 6. The image that I have used follow the codes and conventions of similar existing media products such as “Vibe”. For example, I have used a appropriate shot distance such as; a mid-shot photo as this is a popular in many existing media products such as “vibe”. I have chosen a female model, I have required my model with various use of mise-en-sence relating to my sub-genre R&B. My model is wearing sliver jewellery, a silver necklace and silver bracelets which is typical among R&B genre. This challenges the conventions of a real media product such as a R&B genre which creates a “Bling” which is a code that is a part of a R&B genre relating to dashing, eye-catching jewellery. The language that I have used is typical of R&B magazines, using puffs such as “Fashion”. This is typical R&B language as “Fashion” is well known topic and word in the genre.However, I displayed the masthead over the top of the models head, so that the masthead isrecognisable and not hidden, ensuring audiences understand what the music magazine is.Whilst, creating my music magazine I used a consistent colourscheme; red, gold and black. I used these colours because Ifollowed the conventions of a real existing music magazinebecause as I researched other magazines I recognised thatthey kept a consistent simple colour scheme. I also chosethese eye catching colours because from my questionnaireresults I asked a question “what attracts you to a magazine?” Ifound that my intended audience were most attracted tocolours on a music magazine therefore that is why I chosetheses 3 bright eye catching colours; to attract and aware myintended audience’s attention of my music magazine.
  7. 7. I have challenged the conventions of an existing media product by following vibe’s page layout e.g. I have used a mid shot to fill out almost half of the page, along with text written in columns on the left hand side of the page. I chose to use this example the same as Vibe because it develops the conventions of an existing media product. I have challenged the codes and conventions of Vive, XXL and NME magazines. Although, NME is a different genre to my magazine I felt that NME was a good example to use as well because their page layout looks eye-catching. It challenges the themes of black and red colours in order to attract there readers, I therefore decided to use this type of layout and font colours because the house style looks consistent.I have followed the codes and conventions by following their date and issue style. I havewritten the date and issue number so that my intended audience are aware which issue theyare up to date to purchase. I have chosen to use a font that appears to be bold because thisdraws the audiences attention. I have used 2 colours blue and white contrasting in front of ablack banner, I used this because its is eye-catching and appears to be attractive drawing theaudiences attention in.
  8. 8. As seen below; I have used NME’s idea for the ‘CONTENTS’ text but using the colours and fonts of my house style tokeep it consistent, even though this magazine is not the same as my genre that I have chosen. I felt that VIBE’scontents page was a bit plain therefore I researched other existing music magazines. I used an idea from NME by:inserting a BANNER on my page which makes the text stands out on a coloured background. Whilst researching othermagazines such as VIBE: I felt that there text at the top of the page, the masthead was plain and did not stand out asmuch therefore I researched and used NME as another idea and example for my magazine. I also chose to use abanner because it creates my magazine looking more appearing and attracting and the text to stand out on a colouredbackground.I have also written the website, and the date of the magazine written on a banner; so that my intended audience andreaders can see what month of the magazine they bought. I also chose to do this as many existing magazines have thedate and logo of the magazine etc this shows that I have followed the conventions of a existing media product. I have followed the codes and conventions of a real existing media product e.g. I used a similar style box underneath my contents page. I used this because this is very outstanding and creates an eye-catching effect for the audiences. I also used a gold and white font in front of a black banner contrasting the 2 colours creating an attention-grabbing appeal. I used the font “Impact” because it consists of creating a bold, dramatic effect which therefore awakens the appearance of my magazine. I have placed a Facebook and Twitter icon and website name at the bottom of my contents page with my magazine name. I have done this because this challenges the conventions of my intended audience as this is a easy way for me to interact with my intended audience as it is relevant to their age range as many young adult use social networking sites to engage with people.
  9. 9. I identified and analysed a variety of different double page spreads, e.g. Vibe and The Source I therefore took the majority of my ideas from Vibe and The Source because I believed that the layout challenged the conventions of an existing media product because they had outstanding use of imagery, such as long shots. I also, used the interview questions and answers in: red and black because this stands out against a white background and makes it clear to readers which are the questions and answers.I have used an introduction line below the headline, tointroduce the article to the reader. This has been usedin a variety of magazines e.g. Vibe and The Source. Irecognised that it was a good method so that readersattention is therefore drawn in. I have used a gold fontto keep my house style consistent and stands out tomy intended audience to keep the reader in view.I have used a headline (quote) to introduce the artist and demonstrate a hint about whatthe artist will talk about. I used this because its challenges and develops the codes andconventions of existing media products such as, Vibe and The Source.
  10. 10. My existing media product shown above; develops, challenges forms and conventions of a real mediaproduct. For instance, I have kept a consistent limited colour scheme red, gold and black because manyexisting media products have a consistent colour scheme, therefore I have followed the codes andconventions of an existing media product.My media product also uses, develops and challenges forms and conventions of a real media product. Forexample, by using the correct type of camera shots in my magazine such as; the shot I used in my frontcover was a mid shot. I used a mid shot because this type of shot is meant to be used in a front cover. Mymedia product also challenge‟s forms and conventions of a real media product as shown in my double pagespread: I used a full shot image because when I researched other double page spreads I recognised that thisis the common type of camera shot that is used in many double page spreads, as this is shown is slide 8.As a part of taking my images to be used in my media product, I took my images in bright lighting becausemy images are seen more clearly, vividly.
  11. 11. How does your media product represent particular social groups? I have represented the social group with all the images used below. I feel that the images are a good representative as a young male is wearing a red jacket. This is the type of clothing a male would wear who has a interest in R&B genre. The facial expressions of my social group the 3 images represented on the left side represent the genre of my media product such as R&B these facial expressions are they type that are identified in R&B genre, this shows that my medias product represents my social group.The social group I have represented fit in; C1, D and C2, social grades. The intended audience/social group of 16-19 year old male andfemales is represented for my magazine. The social group that I have used and represented are males and females aged 16-19. I haverepresented my intended audience through the house style of my magazine. Such as the R&B specific language I have used which isunderstandable and clear to my intended audience. I have also used colours in my media product that are appealing. These colours arered, blue and black. I chose these specific colour because they are the colours that are worn by my intended audience. The layout of mymedia product attractive and laid out correctly, and proficient to lead my intended audience becoming aware of my magazine and alsoleading my magazine to appear eye catching. I used a bold, noticeable, eye catching masthead which stood out , using the font “Arial”.Which is similar to VIBE magazine. My intended audience mainly wear clothing such as; black cardigans, leggings (females) and caps,vests and jumpers (males). My intended audience also wear the jewellery mise-en-scene related to the R&B artists that wear this kind ofjewellery, for instance an image above is represented of one of my intended audience wearing sliver jewellery such as: a silver necklaceand a shiny looking bracelet .
  12. 12. The social group I have represented fit in; C1, D and C2, social grades. The intended audience/social group of16-19 year old male and females is represented for my magazine. The colours I have used for my magazine are;bright red, gold and black, I have chosen these colours because my questionnaire showed me that colours on amusic magazine mainly attracted my intended audience. I have also chosen these colours because I found thatwhilst researching many R&B magazines I found that the colours they use are; eye catching for instance, red,blue, yellow and many more. This showed me that as an R&B magazine VIBE that my intended audienceassociate these sort of colours with an R&B genre.The image on my front cover represents the social group through mise-en-scene; the model‟s clothing andjewellery she is wearing a blue top under a black cardigan, which some of the social group wear andmatches and consists with the colour scheme of my magazine. On the front cover page you can recognisethat the models mise-ene-scene the jewellery she is wearing is a silver glowing necklace and a blackbracelet covered in silver crystals: this mise-ene-scene represents R&B genre as R&B artists wear thisjewellery representing BLING which is common in R&B genre, and magazines of an R&B artist beingportrayed. This therefore shows who I am representing in my genre. On the contents page, a different modelis wearing a see through blouse, which people from the social group would be seen wearing. The model‟sblouse is also a common clothing worn in an R&B genre as seen above in the right hand corner; an R&Bartist Beyonce is wearing a see through blouse slightly different to the one my model is wearing, this goes toshow my audience who I am representing my social group by clothing, colour and mise-ene-scene.
  13. 13. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?Bauer Media is a division of the Bauer Media Group, Europe‟s largest privately owned publishing Group. The Group is aworldwide media empire offering over 300 magazines in 15 countries, as well as online, TV and radio stations. They area large media company and can offer many opportunities, this may not be an optional company to distribute mymagazine as Bauer produce music magazines such as “Q” and “Kerrang” which are both not similar to my magazine atall.In my opinion I think Bauer would not be the company most suited for my magazine, due to it‟s distribution that is notthat large compare to IPC media. IPC Media export service to 90 countries worldwide selling over 13 million copies everyyear where as; Bauer Media do not challenge this.
  14. 14. Final ChoiceIPC media magazine publishers they produce over 60 iconic media brands. They estimate 26 million UKadults that are the print publications, and 20 million online website readers. They have 3 core audiencesand these 3 audiences are men and the rest are upmarket women.IPC media is a big company as they are selling more than 350 copies each year from its large portfolio ofbrands. To help meet the information and complex reporting needs of its business; IPC Media uses the keyfinancial modules of the Oracle E-Business Suite including Financial Analyser. These Oracle Applicantswere initially implemented and the supported by a third party.IPC Media‟s worldwide magazine distribution is quite big as the UK‟s leading news trade sales andDistribution Company, successfully marketing 23% of the total magazine category. IPC Media publisherstrategies are based on unparalleled information and insight, delivering the best operational and retailservice to maximise sales performances. This includes an export service to 90 countries worldwide sellingover 13 million copies every year through a committed team of international specialists, therefore I woulddistribute this institution as they are successfully marketing and are achievable institution.IPC Media distribute their brands across many supermarkets throughout the UK, which broadens themagazine‟s target audience. Making my magazine available in large supermarkets, which would make itavailable to more people, therefore increasing sales as well as my target audience.
  15. 15. Final ChoiceIPC Media distribute their brands across many supermarkets throughout the UK, which broadens andincreases their magazine‟s intended audience. Creating my magazine available in large supermarkets wouldmake it available to more people, therefore increasing sales as well as my target audience.The fact that IPC already distribute such well known music magazines means that they have customers whowill be interested in a new product of a music magazine, my media product such as; R&B.AS IPC are a well known successful media institution; they would distribute my media product through manyways for instance, IPC Media export service to 90 countries worldwide selling over 13 million copies everyyear through a committed team of international specialists. Market force‟s category management teamhandle magazine range and displays for leading retailers such as WHSmiths, Sainsburys and Morrison‟splus growing magazine sellers Lidl, Esso and BP. This shows that as IPC distribute their brands acrossshops such as; supermarkets that increase my target audience and create the popularity and salary.IPC are a well known successful media institution; I would distribute my magazine through many ways forinstance, IPC distribute their magazines in many different places such as; shops, supermarkets, online, print,internet and online. The greater opportunities of distributing their magazine in many different places showsthat IPC media are a big well known, successful institution means that this would create my magazine tobecome available not only in supermarkets, but other large more places such as; internet and print creatingmy magazine to become recognised, well known and more customers consuming the magazine, whichwould therefore increase the salary of my media product.
  16. 16. Who would be the audience for your media product?The target audience for my magazine is 16-19 year old males and females, who are interested and focused into R&B music. I havecreated a reader profile about the target audience for my magazine, showing who my target audience are and possibly what kind ofthings could be advertised in my magazine as they represent my target audiences interest. As shown in my reader profile it showsthat my audience are a young age range as Blackberry mobiles has been represented and many young people of the age range 16-19 year olds consume these mobiles. My reader profile also shows that; my intended audience are interested in fashion, outfits andclothing and using social networking websites such as; Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, this shows that my audience are interactingand connecting with people. The age range shows that my audience‟s occupation would sort from students at college or universityand working part-time. As shown in my reader profile my target audience are young males and females who are; mainly studying in education and working part-time. My target audience are much sociable and well at communicating as they use social networking websites such as; Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. My magazine is priced at £3.95 because my results in my questionnaire showed that most people are prepared to pay this price for a magazine. This result from my questionnaire shows that; my intended audience would have the money to purchase the magazine. My creative decision has been shaped by this as this questionnaire result has benefited me to understand my audience, and their feedback as results, on how I can represent and design my magazine.
  17. 17. How did you attract/address your audience?I created a questionnaire to find out what my target audience thought of existing music magazinesand what else they would like to see more of in music magazines and what at tracts them to amagazine. My questionnaire gave my target audience a chance to express their opinion. Thistherefore attracted my target audience. I also attracted my audience by using a mid shot image onmy front cover which attracts the reader‟s attention because the model‟s facial expression bringsdirect eye contact straight into the readers eyes which makes the reader find the magazine engaging,curiosity and want to purchase the magazine. The consistent colour scheme I chose bright: red, goldand black attracts the audience because they are: eye catching, and attention grabbing which bringsthe reader to a connection. The model in my front cover is wearing an eye-catching blue top; which grabs audience‟s attention straight away on the front cover this captivates peoples interest, therefore I used this mid shot as this engages the audience‟s attention to buy the magazine. I also attracted and addressed my audience‟s The text above the masthead: has well known attention by; writing a sell line just underneath names of R&B artists I applied this because it the masthead. This sell line I have used “Life is applies interest to my intended audience and loud” this sell line sounds straight to the point, attracts them to buy the magazine as well inquisitiveness and positive. This sell line also known R&B artists are popular therefore they brings my audience‟s attention forward as this would purchase the magazine and the name sell line is written in a coloured, eye catching of the artists would attract and interest my font. intended audience.
  18. 18. I attracted and addressed my target audience in a positive way by creating a questionnaire; forinstance, I asked my target audience how much they are willing to buy a music magazine thisresult benefited me and my target audience as they had a chance to submit which price theyare willing to pay for a music magazine. This attracted my target audience as they have achance and say in the cost of my music magazine, this attracted them as my price isreasonable £3.95 where as, some existing magazines are expensive.I also attracted my target audience in another way in my questionnaire asking; how often wouldyou buy a music magazine? This attracted my target audience as they have an opinion of whenthey would prefer to buy a magazine, weekly or monthly. This attracted my target audiencebecause the results showed buying a magazine monthly had the highest percentage. This goes toshow that my target audience are willing to buy a magazine monthly.
  19. 19. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing the product?I used Photoshop CSC5 to create my music magazine; and since using this programme, I havelearnt how to edit and manipulate images so they can be used in a real, striking looking magazine,such as the: front cover, contents page and a double page spread.I have also learnt a lot about technologies especially from Photoshop, for instance, I have learnedhow to use the tools/features to hide or change parts on an image or a layer. I learnt andexperienced that Photoshop was brilliant at changing many stuff on an image for instance, thelighting, the use and choice of the: Magnetic Lasso Tool to cut out the background of the imageand also cut a coloured background out.As a part of constructing my media product I have learnt a lot about technologies for instance,resizing the images without misrepresenting them, was made clear and easier by clicking onto the„Free Transform‟ button whilst using the „shift key‟ when resizing, this made it a lot easier for me toedit and resize my images and was helpful, therefore I have learnt much about technologies fromPhotoshop. I have learnt much about technologies from the process of constructing my product; for instance, by using Photoshop CSC5 I have learned that this programme is excellent and useful as this programme, has many existing tools that have helped me improve my media product. For instance, the Magnetic Lasso Tool and the Rectangle tool that created a banner, my text to stand out on a coloured background. I have experienced that Photoshop is an excellent programme: for instance, as The Rectangle Tool has created my masthead to stand out, as this creates a banner and makes my media product appear and stand out on a coloured background, as an example shown on the left hand side of my masthead in my media product.
  20. 20. I have learnt much about technologies from the process of constructing my product; for instance, for the text on my front cover about the person on the main article “Janet Brown” I used 3 layer styles to make the text on my front cover appear eye catching, as the text about the main artist in the article is meant to be seen clear and vivid. The 3 layer styles that I used were; Effects, Drop Shadow, and Bevel Emboss which are blending tools , since using these different tools I have learnt much about technologies such as; Photoshop itselfSince using Photoshop I have learnt much blend in text. the features and layer tools included to about the technology itself;for instance, I learnt how to edit, change and manipulate images so thatthey can be used appropriately on my front cover, contents page anddouble page. For instance, I used the magnetic lasso tool to cut out thebackground of my image in my contents page and the magic wand tool,this therefore made the background of my image appear more vivid andappropriate. I have gained much more knowledge about technologies; from the process of constructing my product; for instance, I have learnt how to save and back up files onto a USB stick. I used my USB stick shown below in the image to save and back up my media work so that I always have a copy stored elsewhere safely.
  21. 21. I have learnt about technologies as apart of my planning through the use of internet: for research into similar media products. For instance, whilst planning my magazine by researching media products on the internet I have learnt about internet technology as the internet benefited me because it was useful for me to understand the ideas of existing media products as I researched the front cover‟s of music magazines such as VIBE which appealed to me to understand existing media products which increased my ideas of creating my own magazine. As seen below is a screen shot of the search engine I have typed in search.I have also learnt about technologies from the use of internet. For instance, as a part of my planning Icreated a questionnaire on Zoomerang; for my target audience to feedback on ideas of creating my ownmusic magazine. This use of internet, the website was useful to me as I could analyse the results of myquestionnaire and posted a link of my questionnaire to blogger, as a result my target audience found iteasy to complete my questionnaire as they just had to view my Blog page and then find the link and clickonto it which would open my questionnaire, therefore would open it and my target audience wouldcomplete it which was quick and simple to do.As a part of using the internet such as using zoomerng; I have learnt about technologies as the internet isa quick, easy and useful source, such as zoomerang this website benefited me as I was able to create asurvey in order to create a questionnaire, the use of internet of has benefited me as I was able to receivefeedback from my target audience on ideas of creating my own music magazine.
  22. 22. I have learnt about technologies by creating a Blogger account using “Blogger” to post all my work such as;preliminary task, planning, evaluation and many more. I have learnt a lot about this technology, the websiteitself “Blogger” as this website is useful as it is a blog-publishing service that allows users to upload andpublish blogs. I have learnt much since I started to use Blogger for representing my media work as I learntmany stuff about the website itself that you can only upload JPG and PNG files, therefore to upload mywork I learnt that I must save them as a JPG or a PNG file.I have also learnt about technologies from the process of constructing my product. For instance, I have learntmuch about taking my photographs, such as; using a good camera shown above my Samsung which has a 5xzoom lens. I have learnt many different facts about taking my photographs for example, the lighting I recognisedthat some of the shots that I took were slightly dark, therefore I re took my images to get the correct type of shot.I also learnt a lot things about technology from using my digital camera such as; the framing , I learnt to takeimages correctly instead of cropping the top of the model‟s head in my image as a part of taking myphotographs, I learnt how to get the corrects type of framing.As a part of taking my photographs I have also learnt the type of props to include; for instance, mise-en-scene. Ihave learnt that which type of jewellery and clothing, my model should ware to make my images appear eyecatching and match my colour scheme. In the image below, using my digital camera benefited me as thephotograph came up clear showing the mise-en-scene showing up clearly for instance the jewellery worn, thisshows that the jewellery worn is the correct type for an R&B genre as it creates a silver eye catching bling lookfor instance, in my front cover magazine below the model‟s necklace creates and attention grabbing R&B look.I have learnt much about technologies from the process of constructingmy product; for instance, using Blogger to present my work and askingmy audience to make comments on it.
  23. 23. Looking back at your preliminary task , what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to be the full product? I named my preliminary task magazine „NEGUS AMBITION‟ and used the house style of blue, red and white. I have learnt that the house style is important when following conventions because a consistent house style makes the magazine look professional. However, the house style on my preliminary task looks simple and ordinary, and doesn‟t attract much attention. My preliminary task, is more basic than my final magazine because; it includes a my masthead which is not very enlarged compared to my front cover magazine shown. My preliminary task is also much basic than my final magazine as my front cover has much for features included such as; a barcode, enraged masthead, issue number, website name and text written above my masthead where as, my preliminary task does not have any of this included and is much more basic.I also learnt that the layout is a very important part of creating a successful magazine as well as the images and text used. On mypreliminary task front cover, I used an mid-shot image of student looking happy and joyful as shes has succeeded great examresults. However, I could have re took the image to improve the lighting, as it was a little bit too bright, therefore I feel that I havelearnt progression from it to the full product and that my preliminary task is more basic than my final magazine.My preliminary task follows similar conventions of my final magazine. For instance, both my preliminary task and final magazine-front cover have a masthead placed at the top of the page. My preliminary task and final magazine follow the similar conventions;for instance, they both have an mid-shot image portrayed on the cover this follows the codes and conventions as a mid shotimage, as this is meant to be used in a music magazine front cover and a school magazine front page, therefore they are bothsimilar and follow the codes and conventions. My preliminary task and final magazine follow similar convention. For instance, theyboth require a; date, issue number, masthead, image and copy (text).Looking back at my preliminary task, I feel I have learnt a lot in the progressionfrom it to the full product; for instance, the images used in my full product myfinal magazine, using Photoshop I could edit and improve them as I made animprovement. Where as for my preliminary task I did not use Photoshop to editor manipulate any of my images. Another improvement I feel I have improvedfrom my preliminary task to my full product (my final magazine) is the text that Ityped in my double page spread of my music magazine. I thought carefully whattype of text to write in my magazine: for instance, an interview of the R&B artistin my magazine I have used and how my target audience would find thisinterview interesting.
  24. 24. Progression ChartI made some drafts of my magazine before creating the real actual product: so that I could try out my ideas and show myintended audience what could be improved or changed etc. I made the first draft using Microsoft Publisher; the first one isjust text so I could create a plan to get an idea of how my layout, would appear to look like for my magazine.In my draft the front cover; I created a change in my masthead as the size of it was not suitable and enlarged enough for amasthead which appeared and looked odd. I also changed the colour of the text as this looked boring and simple. I madean improvement by changing my colour to red and gold as shown in the next slide. I also made an improvement in mymasthead by creating a banner as now my masthead stands out on a coloured background.I have also made an improvement in my double page spread I changed the colour in my questions to red: as the questionsin my interview now stand out, appear noticeable and eye catching. I also made an improvement by changing thequestions to a red eye catching colour as my media product now has a better colour scheme than before in my drafts.
  25. 25. Progression ChartI also feel as I have made a progressive improvement from my preliminary task and the codes andconventions from what I have learnt that have now contributed to my music magazine. However I still feel Icould have improved my music magazine. For instance, I could have asked the model in my images to wearbetter clothing that are portrayed in R&B magazines. To improve the photography and images appearbetter, I could have provided the model in my contents with silver jewellery to create the mise-ne-scene ofmy magazine to make it appear like a proper R&B magazine.
  26. 26. FinalsI have made improvement by placing two banners on my front page above and below the top ofthe page. I have also placed a circle near the corner I have done this because this is how anexisting media product looks like, therefore I want mine to look the same.I have re sized the image on my contents page of my model, I done this because the image nowlooks correctly distant and takes up nearly half of the page.I have aligned my double page spread e.g. The interview questions and answers are aligned inthe correct position. I have also, added tour dates on the side of my page I completed thisbecause I felt that it is relevant to place this in a double page spread as many existing magazineshave this kind of tile.