Results/Analysis of Questionnaire


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Results/Analysis of Questionnaire

  1. 1. Sharondeep Bachra AS Media Mr Fuller Results/Analysis of questionnaire
  2. 2. Sharondeep Bachra AS Media Mr Fuller
  3. 3. Sharondeep Bachra AS Media Mr Fuller Analysis of questionnaireFirstly, the results in my questionnaire have turned out to be; many people like R&Bgenre of music. Also on my questionnaire 1 of my questions was: “how often wouldyou buy a music magazine?” The highest score was monthly. The many people thatalso took my questionnaire were females and few males they mainly had an interestin R&B music this therefore goes to show that many females like R&B music.Another important factor the highest number of age people that completed myquestionnaire were age 16-18 year olds.Secondly, the results have shaped my thinking about my magazine; for instance,paying £3.95 for a magazine had the highest 86% total. This therefore has shapedmy thinking that I will sell my magazine for £3.95 and as this is a reasonable priceand many people have said they would buy a magazine for that much. This resulthas influenced me to sell my magazine for that price.In Addition to my results, another result that has influenced me to pick a specificgenre of music is: more people were interested in R&B music this result also had thehighest total and percentage. This result has influenced me to choose R&B genre formy magazine; as the people that completed my questionnaire are age 16-18, thishas influenced me to choose R&B genre as my magazine age range is aimed at 16-19 year olds this age range of my completed questionnaire is appropriate for myaudience as R&B is a suitable genre for their age range.Furthermore, another result that has shaped my thinking about my magazine is; howoften you would buy a music magazine weekly or monthly. Many people answeredmonthly, this answer had the highest total and percentage. This result influenced meand shaped my thinking about my own magazine as I will sell my own magazinemonthly as monthly has the highest answer. This result has shaped my thinking asselling a magazine monthly is appropriate.Moreover, 71% of people said that; colours attract them to a magazine this resultgives me an understanding of what colours I should use and how careful I should bewhen choosing my colour scheme, in order to attract audiences I should use anappropriate number of colour schemes.In conclusion, my results have shaped and helped my thinking about my magazineas; all my questions have been answered successfully and also by finding out whichgenre of music my audiences like and are interested in. This result has especiallyhelped me thinking about my own magazine as finding out what type of genre you’reaudience are interested in and like is important when it comes to making your ownmusic magazine. The results have helped me thinking as R&B was the highestresponse out of the other genres.