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Ideology Slide

  1. 1. IdeologyBy Sharondeep Bachra AS Media
  2. 2. Who is my product aimed at and why?• My product is aimed at young males and females age 16-19.• My product is aimed at mainly students in education as they would be in the age range I have chosen.• The name of my magazine is going to be named R&B.• I have chosen to name my magazine R&B because my genre is R&B and the name is simple, understanding and well known for audiences.
  3. 3. Magazine style• A magazine of similar style that I will draw inspiration from would be “Vibe”. This magazine contains well represented features such as; R&B music and artists.• Vibe magazine creates a perfect style of there front cover page. For instance, the use of Anchorage is excellent, as each front cover page contains a photograph of a R&B singer with a writing link which gives readers a hint of what the magazine is about.
  4. 4. My choice of publisher IPC• The media institution such as: IPC Media would be the best to distribute for my magazine. This is because IPC are a well known magazine publishing house company.• Even though, they distribute music magazines such as; “NME” my magazine is aimed at a younger audience than “NME” therefore there is a niche in the market for it.• The fact that IPC already distribute such well known music magazines means that they have customers who will be interested in a new product of a music magazine, such as; R&B.
  5. 5. My choice of publisher IPC• I have also chosen IPC Media to distribute my magazine as they are a big well known company and; as they produce over 60 iconic media brands.• I consider IPC Media to distribute my magazine; as they include and export service to 90 countries worldwide selling over 13 million copies every year. This reveals that IPC Media are not only a well known company but also make a lot of finance out of there sales and 30 million copies.
  6. 6. Unique selling points of my magazine• The unique selling points of my magazine are; my magazine will be sold for a reasonable price such as; £3.95. This price would therefore lead consumers to buy the product as the price is reasonable.• The unique point of my magazine is to sell it to: young males and females.• My magazine is an important product to come into circulation because it would need to be known how many copies are being sold.
  7. 7. Unique selling points of my magazine• As my product is something new, customers should be interested in my product, therefore I should make a big profit out of my circulation.• Circulation is also important for my magazine as my chosen company does not feature my type of magazine; so this therefore means I will make a big profit and sell many copies.