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Sharondeep Bachra                                                 AS Media Mr Fuller    Colour Scheme: A consistent colour...
Sharondeep Bachra                                                  AS Media Mr Fuller       Colour Scheme: A consistent co...
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Front cover analysis contents


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Front cover analysis contents

  1. 1. Sharondeep Bachra AS Media Mr Fuller Masthead: As you can identify this masthead features a bold, Mise-en-scene: In terms large and eye catching text. The connotation of this large font of mise-en-scene Drake is style is to grab audiences/readers attention. The colour of the wearing a black t shirt and masthead used is recognisable for customers to buy. As well as a cap, which is one of the the masthead itself, Vibe magazine is also a good example of representations of Hip- how important mis-en-scene is In terms of conveying a specific hop/R&B artist. genre with magazines.Puff: Words on the The font style on this cover is consistent; the size of the font isfront cover have the matching and appropriate,been used to boost this therefore makes the fontstatus; for example, look consistent and attractive“Exclusive Chris towards readers/consumers.Brown the definitiveinterview.” This The use of Anchorage istherefore persuades excellent, as it reveals areaders to want to photograph writing link withbuy the magazine Drake; being centred right inas many audiences the middle of the page withare a fan of Chris the copy (text) down the sideBrown and want to which does not overlap him, and shows that Drake is theread about him. main story in the magazine. Mid Shot Image: A midTone: The tone of the shot image has been used to;front cover is; mature portrait the model on the frontand calm. This cover covers of the magazine to therepresents calmness viewer/reader. The use of Colour Scheme: A simplebecause of the range black clothing matches with range of colours have been usedof calm colours used the background; this therefore correctly; black, yellow andfor example, yellow, makes all 3 colours look white. A calm black backgroundwhite and black. These professional and calm. has been used allowing, thecolours contrast to a Another aspect, the jewellery, masthead and yellow copy (text)sensible appropriate fitted cap and harsh face to stand out. The connotation ofnumber of colour upon the star’s face all this is to catch the attention ofchoice. represent the genre of hip audiences/readers All 3 colours hip/R&B, which therefore are a consistent font. allows the magazine cover to instantly convey the genre effectively towards R&B/Hip hop genre.
  2. 2. Sharondeep Bachra AS Media Mr Fuller Masthead: As you can identify the masthead (the name of the magazine) features a bold, large, thick yellow font; which stands out and attracts audiences/readers. The connotation of this large font style is to grab audiences/readers attention. The use of a bright, eye catching yellow colour; contrasts to attracting audiences. Attention is drawn to the masthead as it is the biggest piece of writing on the front cover.Mise-en-scene: The use ofmise-en-scene in the image of Image: The image of Ciara is aCiara creates a sexy, curious mid shot of her whole body. Thelook of Ciara in the image. tone of the images creates aCiara’s use of black clothing sexy look for example; Ciara iscreates a sexy, attempting looking directly at the cameralook; this therefore attracts which maintains direct eyereaders to purchase the contact between the magazinemagazine. This is appropriate and the reader. The image offor the magazine genre and Ciara creating direct eye contacttheir target audience. The use creates a suspicious, interestingof sexy black outfit portraits look this therefore attracts thereaders to purchase the reader which will persuade themmagazine and turn over to the to buy the magazine. Thenext page to see what is next. connotation of this is to draw attention to readers/audiences. Banners: The text on theThe use of Anchorage is front cover stands out as it isoutstanding, as it reveals an on a coloured background.image in the middle of the For instance, the bright yellowpage; including a writing link text stands out over the bluewith Ciara the copy (text) background as the bluedown the left side of the front background is conspicuouscover which does not overlap and bright, which thereforeher or ruin the image. This makes the text stand out andalso reveals that Ciara is the Colour Scheme: A simple range appear attractive.main story in the magazine. of colours have been used; blueThe connotation of this is to and yellow. A colourful, bright blue,persuade readers to purchase eye catching background has beenthe magazine by introducing used allowing; copy (text) to stand Font Style: The font stylean image of the celebrity in out and attract reader’s eyes. The has been kept consistent asthe middle of the page and uses of 3 bright, attractive colours the size of the font is keptwriting information about her are strong contrasting colours. The an accurate size. The text ison the Left-side-third. colours connote a warning sign, also written in different which attracts readers to purchase fonts, different shapes and and browse the magazine. sizes this reveals that the magazine has lost of selection in the magazine.
  3. 3. Sharondeep Bachra AS Media Mr Fuller Masthead: As you can identify below the masthead features a; large, bold, eye catching text. Attention is drawn to the masthead as it is the largest piece of text on the front cover. The bright blue attention-grabbing colour of the masthead is recognisable and visual for customers to consume. The title “Vibe” sends off a calm felling which reflects the music involved; hip-hip and R&B. The title “vibe” is slightly hidden by Kanye West’s head: this clearly exposes that Vibe is clearly a popular magazine as they can afford to hide 2 of the letters. The use of a bright blue colour sets off and eye catching affect toward the reader. Image: A medium/close-Genre: The Genre of R&B/Hip- up image has been used.hop is evident due to the artist’s The medium/close upname in bright pink. The general image of Kanye Westfeel of the magazine is interesting; draws attention to theR&B/Hip-hop due to the colours readers as Kanye is lookingbeing loud and contrasting. The directly at the cameraname of the magazine “Vibe” also which maintains direct eyedenotes that it is quite relaxed, contact between theand there’s a certain style/taste in magazine and the needed to find reading this Kanye’s facial expressionmagazine interesting. stares straight into the reader. Kanye’s shot in a slight piece of blue clothing, which links in with not onlyThe use of Anchorage is the colour of the mastheadoutstanding, as it reveals an but; the copy (text) downimage in the middle of the the sides of the magazine,page; including a writing link this also links in with thewith Kanye West the copy colour scheme and appears(text) down the left side of the to match with the text onfront cover which does not the cover.overlap her or ruin the image.This also reveals that Kanyeis the main story in the Colour Scheme: A simple range Font: The font size is keptmagazine. The connotation of the same and consistent; as of colours have been used; blue,this is to persuade readers to the masthead is the biggest pink and black. A simple greypurchase the magazine by piece of copy (text) on the background has been used allowingintroducing an image of the front cover which it is meant the; copy (text) to stand out andcelebrity in the middle of the to be. The rest of the text on attract the reader’s awareness ofpage and writing his name in the cover is kept consistent the magazine, as the copy is writtenbold, bright pink font on the as it is kept an appropriate in colourful, vivid, eye-catchingLeft-side-third. size with; a clear, colourful colours: blue and pink. These font which therefore creates colours are strong contrasting. The interest for the reader. colours also indicate that there is a Covers are usually crowded colour code on the front cover and busy. Where as this front which is; blue, pink and black. The cover is kept simple and not use of these 3 colours makes the confusing as it has an magazine look professional and appropriate font size and not stands out. too much text crowded around the image of the star. .
  4. 4. Sharondeep Bachra AS Media Mr Fuller Colour Scheme: A consistent colour theme is used in this contents page, such as; white, black and grey. The use of an Title: The title is set on the appropriate number of colours attracts the reader as the top right corner written in a number of colours does not appear to be too much or bold, thick, white text. The title confuse the reader. The background also links in with the is represented in an eye colour of the females clothing such as; a grey background catching, bold font. The title is linking in with a grey piece of clothing that the female is also placed on top of a black wearing. The connotation of this is to link in the colours. background; which makes the white text stand out as it is an attention-grabbing colour placed on a dark background.Font: The font style of As you can see the female below in the image; her legsthis contents page has represent a V shape, this is tobeen kept consistent as; covey and outline the letter “V”the title is arranged as the in order to represent the namebiggest piece of text onthe page as this meant to of the suitable. The other textdown the side of the page Cover lines: As you canhas been kept an see on the right hand side;accurate size. The font two cover lines arecolour has also been kept “Features” and “Fashion”.clear in a good use of They are both split socolour; black to make it therefore the reader can viewappear clear for the what sections they arereader to read. mainly interested in. The title of the contents “Features” and “Fashion” are written in larger font, this conveys theTone: The overall reader to get a hint to explaintone of this page is: what the article is about.calm and relaxing, theimage of Ciara createsthis tone as she is lying Mise-ene-scene: Theon her back looking Image: The image used is of the know use of mise-en-scene in thepeaceful and relaxed. R&B artist Ciara. This is the only image image of Ciara creates aNot only the image, but used on the contents page, creating her sexy, curious calm, look of as a visual attraction towards thethe colours used; grey, Ciara in the image. Ciara’sblack and white creates audience. In Addition to the pose/posture use of grey clothing createscalm, sophisticated, of Ciara has much visualisation on the a sexy, relaxing, attemptingclassy look as the page. As she is lying on her back with her look; as range of greycolours used are legs up, this draws audiences to her legs. colour has been used as itsensible, relaxing and The attention of her legs can also be seen is a dull, calm colour. Themature. as a sex appeal to interest and create the accessories she is wearing- attention of a male audience. The tone of a belt, necklace and 2 image is sexy as Ciara is staring straight bracelets, the connotation at you in the face. Another fact of the of this is to add, femininity image shows that the tone is calm; as she which is represented; to the is lying on her back which demonstrates high hells and a feminine that she is calm, and relaxed. purple colour of heels she is wearing.
  5. 5. Sharondeep Bachra AS Media Mr Fuller Colour Scheme: A consistent colour theme is used in this contents page, such as; red and white. The use of a bright, eye catching background makes the white font/text stand out as white text is placed onto a red background attracting the white copy (text) to show up. The use of an appropriate number of colours attracts the reader and appears to be suitable; as many magazines usually tend to use at least two or three colours which therefore make the colour code look efficient. The connotation of using a bright, red background is to; grab reader’s attention and to also make the white copy (text) look professional and stand out on a red background.Mese-ene-scene: The use Title: The title is set on theof mise-ene-scene in the top right corner written in aimage of the black male bold, thick, white text. Theconsists that he is a black title is represented in an eyerapper who is topless; catching, bold font. The title iswearing chains of jewellery also placed on top of a redthis indicates the mise-ene- background; which makes thescene that the black male has white text stand out as it is ana style of Bling, as many attention-grabbing colourartists mainly black wear a lot placed on a dark backgroundof Bling. For instance, this The contents page alsoblack rapper is an example of features a bright reda male star that is wearing background, featuring a largeBling: from the jewellery that positioned “v” above the mainhe is wearing such as, silver image. The letter “V” isbracelets and many chains. designed to stand out for “vibe” the name of the magazine. The “V” shapes isTone: The overall tone of also placed on the cover, tothe contents page is; covey and outline the letterpowerful and conveys “V” in order to represent themasculinity for example, the Image: The image used consists of name of the magazine-Vibe.main image in the centre of a; black male rapper wearing lots ofthe page of the male chains and his chest covered inindicates the rapper has tattoos, this emphasizes the fact thatpower as he is holding his he is a rapper. The connotation of his Font: The font style of thismuscles up. The rappers features: wearing jewellery and contents page has been keptfacial expression also covered in tattoos and his pose consistent as; the title iscreates a tone of creates the fact that he is a rapper. arranged as the largest pieceaggressiveness as his face The image of him is centralised and of (copy) text on the page asis give the impression of quite large this therefore draws the this meant to be suitable. Thebeing aggressive and the reader’s attention to it. The image also other text on the left handway the image has been creates a male masculinity as the side-the size of the font hasportrayed/represented as male is come across appearing been written in a correct sizehe stares straight into the masculinity as his muscles are lifted as the “contents” on a pagereader. The image of him up and he has a facial expression are meant to be written in aalso portrays the tone as looking aggressive and destructive. slight smaller font. The use ofpower: as he is covered in a red, bright, vivid back-many tattoos on his chest ground creates the title toand are holding, chains and stand out; this enablesnecklaces this therefore readers to clearly read therepresents the image and text.cover as power.
  6. 6. Sharondeep Bachra AS Media Mr Fuller Colour Scheme: A consistent simple colour theme is used in this contents page, such as; grey and black colours. The use of a white, clear eye catching background makes the black font/text stand out as black text is placed onto a white background attracting the black copy (text) to show up and easy for readers to read the black text. The use of an appropriate number of colours attracts the reader and appears to be suitable; as many magazines usually tend to use at least two or three colours which therefore make the colour code look efficient.Title: The title “contents” isset on the top of the page Image: The image in the coverplaced into the corner; consists of; two females lookingwritten in a bold, black, thick full of confidence. The facialtext. The title is placed on a expressions of these two modelssensible part of the cover in the image are: looking full ofand is written in a sensible confidence, self aware and anfont style size. The title is attitude. The two images takenalso placed onto a grey are- long shots which intends tobackground; which reveal women’s bodies andtherefore creates the black attract men in the direction oftext to stand out as it is their less clothing. Theplaced on top of a simple connotation of representing thegrey background and is an females by wearing less clothingeye catching colour clear is: to attract a number of maleblack font to read. readers. The pose of the two models are; quite chilled out andCover lines: The confident looking. The colour ofsubheadings of the the background also lacks colourcontents are; written in a which could be done knowinglyslight larger font to address so the women stand readers briefly what the Mese-ene-scene: The use of twoarticle is about. The page large photos intends to create a widealso contains minimal effect of mise-en-scene; as the effectinformation, appropriate of the photo intends to be quite Font: The font style of thisenough so that readers sexual. The image is a long shot contents page has been keptrecognize what different which demonstrates to readers the consistent as; the title ispages contain. The page women’s bodies and their lack of less arranged as the largest piece ofnumber and inside stories clothing. The women’s lack ofare shown in the colour, (copy) text on the page as this clothing can have a dramatic effect meant to be suitable. The fontgrey and black this is to on men to admire and attract them toshow the importance of the the photo. The use of less clothing of is kept: basic and clear, the usepage numbers for readers. both of the females is to aim the of black font creates a attention towards males. The sophisticated, professionalTone: The overall tone of connotation of this to attract male effect. In Addition thethe contents page is; sexy audiences and to explore the self- background is kept, plain andfor instance, the clothing confidence of women which is much straightforward in order tothat is worn in the images stereotypical for a R&B magazine as make the text stand out on acreates a sexy, confident many R&B female singers dress wearing less clothing and reveal their plain background.look as their clothing is lessand the costumes they are confidence.wearing such as; shortskirts and dresses creates asexy, in control look.