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  1. 1. Page 175, guys.Noticemeeting)(Before the of Meeting
  2. 2. Notice of Meeting Document sent to inform members or participants of an impending meeting
  3. 3. Notice of Meeting1. Informs members of the day,date, time & place of meeting.2. Includes an agenda, whichlists all the items that are to bediscussed.3. Other Instructions.
  4. 4. 1. InformPlease be informed that the next Relak-one-KornerCommittee meeting will be held on Friday, 2 Nov2012 at 1000 hours in Classroom 4310.The 11/2012 QC Writing For Business Departmentmeeting will be held onDay: FridayDate: 2 Nov 2012Time: 1000 hoursPlace: Classroom 4310 4
  5. 5. 2. Agendaagenda ¦ə jendə¦nouna list of items of business to be considered and discussed at a meeting 5
  6. 6. Example of Agenda1. Apologies For Absence2. Minutes Of Last Meeting3. Matters Arising4. Current Topic 15. Current Topic 26. Any Other Business7. Date Of Next Meeting 6
  7. 7. 3. Other Instruction Please be punctual. Attendance is compulsory. Please submit all discussion papers and status reports by 2 Nov 2012.
  8. 8. Cyberway CaféMemorandum Notice of MeetingTo : All Friends of QCFrom : Sharon Neo Chief Bochup Officer (Memo Style)Date : 2 Nov 2012Ref : CE/666NOTICE OF MEETINGPlease note that the next monthly meeting of the Relak Committee willbe held on Thursday, 1 Nov 2012 at 1400 hours in Classroom 1607.AGENDA1. Apologies For Absence2. Minutes Of Last Meeting3. Matters Arising4. Sales Report5. Staff Incentive Scheme6. Any Other Business7. Date Of Next MeetingSharon Neo 8
  9. 9. Notice of Meeting (Letter Style)Cyberway Café The agenda will be as follows :138 Bradell Heights 1. Apologies For AbsenceSingapore 205567 2. Minutes Of Last MeetingTel : 3537760 3. Matters ArisingFax : 3534686 4. Proposed Activities 5. Proposed Schedule OfOur ref: CC/2012 Activities Of Sub-CommitteesYour ref: 6. Proposed Budget 7. Any Other Business2 Nov 2012 8. Date of Next MeetingMiss Judith Lee Please note that attendance isBlk 2 #08-98 Bukit Merah Road compulsory and be punctual.Singapore 079845 Yours sincerelyDear Miss Lee Sharon Neo (Miss)NOTICE OF MEETING Chief Bochup Officer Enc (if any)Please note that the next meeting of thePromotion Working Committee will beheld on Tuesday, 17 Jan at 1430 hours 9in Novelette Hotel, Hibiscus Room.
  10. 10. Minutesthe meeting) Minutes of(during/after Meeting of Meeting Page 181, guys.
  11. 11. Minutes of Meeting Official record of a meeting What’s the point?What happened during the meeting Main issues discussed Decisions taken 11
  12. 12. Secretary takes notesduring the meeting.Secretary draftsminutes based onnotes.Secretary sends draftto the Chairman ofmeeting.Chairman confirms thedraft.Chairman / Secretarydistributes minutes tomembers.
  13. 13. Format of Minutes Samples: Page 188 - 1931. Title2. Attendance3. Apologies For Absence4. Minutes of Last Meeting (Adoption of Minutes)5. Matters Arising6. Current Topic 16. Current Topic 2 (and more, maybe)7. Any Other Business8. Date of Next Meeting9. Termination of Meeting
  14. 14. Format 1. titleMinutes of the Name of the Committee or DeptMeeting Held on Day, Date at Time in Place.Example:Minutes Of Relak-One-Korner Meeting Held On2 November 2012 At 1000 Hours In Classroom4310.
  15. 15. Format 2. AttendanceList the names of members present.(in order of importance or alphabetical order)Example:Present Miss Sharon Neo Chair(wo)man Mr Kayvan Peh Member Ms Angela Yap Member Ms Shazwiyanti Bte Suparto Member Mr Elton Lee Secretary
  16. 16. FormatOrder of namesIn a committee meetingChairmanVice Chairman 2. AttendanceTreasurerMembers (in alphabetical order)SecretaryIn a departmental meeting In a Board of Directors meetingManager/ Head of Department Chairman/ PresidentOfficers or Executives Board Members/ DirectorsOther lower level staff ManagersSecretary Secretary (Board or Co Secretary)
  17. 17. FormatIf designations are given: 2. AttendanceMr Sean Lee Manager ChairmanMiss Cher Loo H R Officer MemberMr Arnez Soo A O Officer MemberMdm Selvi G O Officer SecretaryIf no designations are given:Mr John Long ChairmanMdm Wong Li Sian TreasurerMr Selvam MemberMrs Ho Mei Lee Hon SecretaryNames of representatives from external organisations:In AttendanceMr Jon Li DP Architect
  18. 18. Format 3. Apologies For AbsenceThere were none / No one was absent / There were no absentees.For members who are absent, names will be listed as follows:Absent Mr R Tan On Reservist TrainingwithApologies Mrs Li On Medical LeaveOther reasons that could be cited:On Annual LeaveOn Maternity LeaveOn Overseas AssignmentOn No Pay LeaveAttend To Personal MattersIf no reasons are cited, leave the “reason” blank
  19. 19. Format4. Adoption of MinutesSection where Chairman seeks confirmation on theaccuracy of the record of previous meetingAdoption ProcedureNormally one person will propose that the minutes beadopted.Another person would second the proposal.If no objections, minutes are then considered adopted.
  20. 20. Format4. Adoption of MinutesWriting the Adoption of MinutesIf no amendments,* The Committee adopted the minutes of the lastmeeting, OR* The minutes of the last meeting were adopted as atrue and accurate record, OR* There were no amendments raised and the minutes ofthe previous meeting were adopted.
  21. 21. Format4. Adoption of MinutesWriting the Adoption of MinutesIf one amendment,It was pointed out by Mr Tan that Para 4 of Section V should beread as ‘The Committee decided to keep the matter in abeyance.The minutes of the last meeting were then adopted.’ORThe minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed with Para 2of Section I be amended as ‘ Miss Priscilla Gan had agreed tochair the Publicity Sub- committee. However, she needed anassistant to help her with the administrative work.’
  22. 22. Format4. Adoption of MinutesWriting the Adoption of MinutesIf more than one amendment,The committee adopted the minutes of the previous meeting withthe following amendments:1. Mr Lin Hee Fung be amended as ‘Mr Lim Hi Fan’.2. Mr Han agreed to the proposal and not ‘disagreed’.
  23. 23. Format4. Adoption of MinutesNoteThere is no Adoption of Minutes at the First Meeting.
  24. 24. Format 5. Matters Arising Members report on the current status of matters that were discussed or decided in the previous meeting. Sean, have you Chairman Seanarranged for Starbucksin our meeting room, as Yes, Sir. We are waiting discussed in the for the year 1971. previous meeting?Random Information: “The Chairman comes to our home, he takes the trouble to make detailed inquiries while chatting” (1965)
  25. 25. Format6. Current Topics This is the section where main issues of the meeting are being discussed. Members could raise their views, give their opinion and decide on an appropriate course of actions. Useful Terms (It was... / Ms Sharon.. / The Chairman...) Suggested Expressed Enquired Decided Pointed out Proposed Explained Clarified Noted
  26. 26. Format 7. Any Other BusinessAny topics which are not listed in the agenda will bediscussed in this section.Examples:Hot Water Dispenser1 Mr Balbir Singh suggested that a hot water dispenser bepurchased.2 The committee agreed to the suggestion, and Miss Jane Lee wasassigned to look for a suitable model.Fire Drill3 It was noted that the fire drill was successfully conducted.
  27. 27. Format 8. Date of Next MeetingAt the end of a meeting, a day is scheduled for the next meeting.If a date is fixed:The next meeting would be held on Fri 13 Feb 97 at 1600 hours inthe Staff Lounge.If no date is fixed:1 The Secretary would inform members of the date of nextmeeting.2 The date of next meeting would be scheduled and the secretarywould inform the committee in due course3 The date of next meeting would be confirmed at a later date.
  28. 28. Format9. Termination of Meeting As a matter of good practice, the secretary would record the time the meeting ended. Example: Termination of Meeting The meeting ended at 1530 hours
  29. 29. Minutes of Meeting The Various StylesNarrative style summarises the members’ discussion,and are written in paragraphs.Resolution style briefly mentions the discussions, andemphasizes mainly on the decisions or resolutions made.Action style is like the narrative style, except that acolumn is created at the right hand margin. This is toinclude the name of the person responsible for following-up on certain actions decided during the meeting.