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郭育菁 497410842


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Published in: Education
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郭育菁 497410842

  1. 1. Self Introduction E4C Sharon Kuo 497410842
  2. 2. Living Background• Born on February 2nd, 1990• Born in Chia –Yi county• Aquarius
  3. 3. Education• Graduate from: – Chia-Pei elementary school, Chia-Yi city – Concordia Middle School (junior high school), Chia-Yi county – Concordia Middle School (high school), Chia-Yi county – Major in English Literature, Providence University, Taichung City
  4. 4. Interesting• Watch TV, movie• Listen to music• Eat all the delicious food• Take a nap at anytime• Shopping• Gossip
  5. 5. Dislike• Exercise• Do things under pressure• Vegetables• Examination
  6. 6. Dream• To be a good English Teacher in National high school or junior high school• Have a regular job
  7. 7. The end