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Teachn99 friendship salad enforcing+rules


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Teachn99 friendship salad enforcing+rules

  1. 1. Police Officer Teacher Mother Librarian Print out pages 1-3 on cardstock. Cut apart and laminate. Place these headers/ labels on top of pocket chart. Hand out the rule cards to different students. Call them up, read their card, and they decide which person enforces that rule. Use page 4 as a worksheet, if desired. Created by Shirley Anderson (
  2. 2. No speeding No reckless driving No stealing Keep children safe Work quietly at your seat. No fighting. Walk in halls, no running. Listen to your teacher.
  3. 3. Be very quiet! Take one book at a time. Treat books with care. Only take what you need. Make your bed. Brush your teeth. Take out the trash. Clean your room.
  4. 4. Name __________________________Date_____________ Draw a line from the rule to the person who enforces the rule. On the back, draw a picture for a school rule.