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Teachn99 friendship salad clifford+and+good+and+bad+choices


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Teachn99 friendship salad clifford+and+good+and+bad+choices

  1. 1. Good Choices Bad Choices Making Good Choices
  2. 4. Good Choices Good Choices
  3. 5. Good Choices Bad Choices
  4. 6. Making Good Choices
  5. 7. Making Good Choices
  6. 8. Run in the halls. Listen when the teacher talks. Talk anytime in class. Do not push friends when standing in line. Be noisy in halls and library. Quietly put school things away.
  7. 9. Throw paper on the floor. Raise you hand in class. Push friends when standing in line. Walk in the halls. Fight with friends on the playground. Be quiet in the library.
  8. 10. Clean up your lunch area. Stand up when riding the school bus.
  9. 12. Create the poster as seen on slide 1. Print pages 2-7 on regular paper. Cut it out, glue to a poster board. (Note: You will see the print from the heading and Clifford go off the page when you view the slides. Ignore that. The page will print and you will cut and piece the words/dog together.) Print the bones on cardstock. Laminate all. Add Velcro dots to the back of the bones and to the dishes (allow space between the “bones” as students will be attaching them to the poster. Place the “bones” in a real dog dish, hang up the poster. Read a story about rules. Then call students up to pull a “bone” from the dish. You read it and they decide if it’s a good choice or a bad choice. Place on appropriate side. Students could use page 11 to draw a picture of a good rule and label it. Use those bones as desired (bulletin board, portfolio, homework). Created by Shirley Anderson (