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Richelieu Healthcare Fluid Presentation


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Fluid Healthcare Products Great prices and durable ergonomic office and health care products. Email for a new spiff sheet. Richelieu pays the highest spiff in the industry.

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Richelieu Healthcare Fluid Presentation

  1. 1. the ultimate ergonomic workstationWith unmatched strength andstyle, the FLUID™ arm adjustswith single-handed motion,from a seated to standingposition.FLUID™ is ideal for sharingthe computer workstationbetween two patient beds.
  2. 2. SAFE• No pinch points or sharp corners• Engineer certified and OSHPD pre-approved• Supports up to 40lbs, certified to 300lbs• Anti-microbial surfaces• Durable and dependable
  3. 3. CONFIGURABLE• Options for dual LCD’s and laptops• Various CPU and Keyboard mounting options• Custom engineered options, including bar codescanner mounts, pivot limiter and writing surface
  4. 4. AESTHETIC• No plastic covers• Smooth machined surfaces• Rounded corners• Discrete cable management sleeve• Professional looking installation
  5. 5. COMPACT• Most compact storage in the marketextending just 7" from the wall with orwithout the optional extension arm• Vertically adjust the arm while in the stored position
  6. 6. REACH 37" of reach with single arm 55" reach with optional 18" extension arm 37" MAX 55" MAX
  7. 7. HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT• Single-handed transition from standing to sitting positions• Accommodates ergonomic requirements over multiple shifts• 14" of effortless vertical travel with positive keyboarding support
  8. 8. LCD ADJUSTMENT• LCD tilts 90°forward and back to reduce glare• LCD uniquely adjusts to accommodate those with bifocals• Supports LCDs weighing 7 – 40 lbs• 11" LCD height adjustment• Accepts monitors up to 26" diagonal
  9. 9. KEYBOARD• Injected anti-microbial polymer• Accommodates ergonomic keyboards• Left and right mouse tray• Gel wrist wrest• Integrated grab handle for easy manipulation• Standard keyboard flip for compact storage
  10. 10. CABLE MANAGEMENT• Cable management sleeve• Route cables through the top or bottom of the arm• Removable slider on extension arm to route cables• Protects cables from damage• Sheathing expands 150% and can withstand temperatures up to 125°C
  11. 11. SHIPS IN ONE BOX Keyboard 18" extension Track FLUID™ arm Tray arm
  12. 12. 48" TRACK direct to drywall installation 32" TRACK concrete, steel stud, 16" TRACK wood stud concrete, installation steel stud, wood stud installation(no extension arm)
  13. 13. TRACK HARDWARE KIT #12 BH x 2.5" Wood Screws Snaptoggle® Heavy-Duty Hollow-Wall Anchor Load rated at 250 lbs Direct to drywall ¼" - 20 x 3" Machine Screws
  14. 14. COUNTERBALANCED ADJUSTMENT • Arm supports 17" to 26" LCD monitors weighing up to 40 lbs Turn Clockwise to Turn Counter Clockwise toINCREASE TENSION DECREASE TENSION
  16. 16. OPTIONAL 18" EXTENSION ARM• Rotates 270°• Compact 7" storage• One step installation• Share between 2 beds• Privacy when entering data• Ability to easily collaborate
  17. 17. OPTIONAL PIVOT LIMITER• Incorporate with or without FLUID™ extension arm• Provides incremental limited arm movement• Ability to lock arm 90° from wall• One step installation• Anodized aluminum
  18. 18. OPTIONAL CPU CRADLES Ultra thin CPU cradle Enclosed CPU cradle • Adjustable CPU cradle • Completely enclose CPU • Track or wall mount • Track or wall mount • 2 sizes available • Specific to CPU dimensions • Ventilated with cable access
  19. 19. INTEGRITY, PASSION AND COMMITMENTReflected in our people and ourproducts, we understand our solutionsmust integrate and deliver technologyinto the healthcare space. SAFELY. SECURELY. PERMANENTLY.