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Htpfqa 2005

  1. 1. Crack CAT Smartly by Working Differently CAT 2005 How to Prepare for QA? © Magical Methods Enterprises, New Delhi, India
  2. 2. Crack CAT Smartly by Working Differently Brief Introduction of the Author Pradeep Kumar [B. Tech, MBA (IIM Bangalore)] Founder Director of Magical Methods. He is on the expert panel of Times of India and He did his Mechanical Engineering from Bhagalpur College of Engineering and MBA from IIM Bangalore. He has been exploring the magical world of "Vedic Mathematics" since 1988. In April 1998 Mr. Pradeep Kumar was working with Maruti Udyog Ltd. at a very coveted post but he was restless. Vedic Mathematics was giving him a call to leave everything and start working for its cause. It was a very tough decision but the cause of Vedic Mathematics and Patriotism overpowered him and one fine day he said goodbye to Maruti Udyog Ltd. He is teaching and guiding students for last eight years. He teaches “Vedic Mathematics & Intelligent Guessing” where he trains students to solve problems without solving them. He says that you can solve more than 50 problems of CAT without much effort. Hundreds of students cracked CAT under his guidance. © Magical Methods Enterprises, New Delhi, India
  3. 3. Crack CAT Smartly by Working Differently Contents GAP Analysis Syllabi Problems faced by students during examination & their solution Concept Building Speed Building Intelligent Guessing © Magical Methods Enterprises, New Delhi, India
  4. 4. Crack CAT Smartly by Working Differently GAP Analysis You should take GAP Analysis Test at our website to understand clearly the GAP between your capabilities and CAT requirements. It helps you to get the true picture. Moreover, its FREE. Go to FREE Courses>>Gap Analysis I would like to add a line for students who are planning to take CAT 2005. “Overconfidence kills and under confidence does not let you stand.” © Magical Methods Enterprises, New Delhi, India
  5. 5. Crack CAT Smartly by Working Differently Syllabi This section comprises of questions on Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, higher mathematics and reasoning. The questions asked are based on application of these concepts. They are designed to stress more on reasoning skills of the candidates rather than on their computational skills. Most of these topics form part of 9th-10th Class syllabi. The level of difficulty of this section is perceived to be higher because the questions are lengthy to read and at times require more effort in terms of understanding and solving. In the next section, I have listed the difficulties faced by the students. Arithmetic Algebra Geometry Higher Maths Reasoning Number System Set Theory Line Probability Profit & Loss Quadratic Angles Permutation & Equation Combination Time, Speed & Factorization Triangles Maxima & Distance Minima Boats & Stream Simultaneous Circle Progression Equation Ratio, Proportion Mensuration & Variation Pipes & Cisterns Height & Distance Alligation of Mixtures Clocks Calendars © Magical Methods Enterprises, New Delhi, India
  6. 6. Crack CAT Smartly by Working Differently Problems faced by students while attempting Quantitative Aptitude section of CAT and their solution Unable to understand due to lack of Fundamentals This is the most common problem I have come across during the last eight years. CAT is open for all. Therefore, anybody who is a graduate can take this examination. A lot of students from streams other than Mathematics, Science and Engineering take this examination; therefore, this becomes a major problem. Solution In my opinion the best method of working on the fundamentals is using NCERT books of classes 7 to 10. The cost of these books would be approximately Rs. 250 –300/- but the contribution is very high. Follow them systematically. If you are not from Mathematics, Science or Engineering background then these books should be your friend no.1 for CAT Quantitative Aptitude. These books should not take you more than two months. Unable to understand due to poor command over English Language A lot of students who come from non-English background face this problem (In other words students who have completed their education in Hindi/ Marathi/ Gujarati/Tamil or any other regional language). Solution I always recommend that you should have a study buddy. Make a group of like- minded people and try to put such problems in the group. Try to discuss such problems in threadbare. It would help all of you to improve upon your understanding. © Magical Methods Enterprises, New Delhi, India
  7. 7. Crack CAT Smartly by Working Differently Unable to apply the concepts (three four concepts together) In our conventional system of teaching application of concepts in day-to-day life is not taught. Therefore, for most of the students it is a difficult equation. In CAT they frame questions where more than one concept is needed. Let me explain this problem with the help of an example. Example Late one night PADHAKU was studying for his examinations when the lights went out. He lighted two candles of equal length, one thicker than the other. The thick candle is supposed to last for six hours and thin one two hours less. When finally he went to sleep the thick candle was twice as long as the thinner one. For how long did he study by candle-light? Try to solve this Solution Find out such problems and practice. Unable to visualize the problem Some problems become very easy if you can sketch it. But understanding and sketching is a tough task. I would try to explain this with the help of an example. Example: A city surrounded by a circular wall has four gates in North, South, East and West respectively. A house stands erect 3 KM North of North gate can barely be seen from a point 9 Km East of south gate. Find the diameter of the circular wall surrounding the city. Try to solve this. © Magical Methods Enterprises, New Delhi, India
  8. 8. Crack CAT Smartly by Working Differently Solution Find out such problems and practice. Start solving the problem without thinking (Top-down approach) Students start solving a problem using conventional system without much of thinking. But in my experience most of the time you do not require to solve a problem (top-down approach). Most of the time you need to think differently (called lateral thinking). Let me try to explain this using one example.. Example: Rahul had been working very hard for his examinations for the past weeks or so. He had been smoking a lot in order to concentrate and his room was littered with cigarette butts. Late one night he ran out of cigarettes. It was too late to go out to the market to get some cigarettes and he could not concentrate without smoking. Suddenly he got a bright idea. He had some cigarette paper with him and he could pull tobacco out of the butts and roll some cigarettes. Five butts would make a cigarette, he estimated. When he counted the butts he found that he had 121 of them. “That’s going to be a good smoking” he exclaimed! How many cigarettes would he be able to roll? Try to solve this Solution Learn Lateral Thinking. Calculation takes a lot of time More than 90% students face this problem. Let me explain this with the help of an example… Example: The Volume of a cube is 35937 cu. m. What is the surface area of the cube? © Magical Methods Enterprises, New Delhi, India
  9. 9. Crack CAT Smartly by Working Differently Try to solve this exercise and you would know the time taken in calculation.. Solution Learn Vedic Mathematics and tables upto 30. Unable to move fast due to lack of Reading Speed Most of you might ask me “What is the requirement of Reading Speed here?”. On the face of it you might find it difficult to digest but if you try to think further then you would be able to see it… Before solving a question you need to read it properly… If you can read it fast then you can take the decision to solve it or leave it very fast…. Solution Increase your Reading Speed. Developing Fundamentals: Recommended Material NCERT Mathematics books (Class 7 to 10) Quantitative Aptitude by R. S. Aggarwal (S. Chand & co.) Quantitative Aptitude by Abhijit Guha (Tata McGraw Hill Publication) Working on Speed: Recommended Material SHYSMBA by Magical Methods Understanding Lateral Thinking & Intelligent Guessing Advance Intelligent Guessing by Magical Methods © Magical Methods Enterprises, New Delhi, India
  10. 10. Crack CAT Smartly by Working Differently SHYSMBA Crack CAT Smartly……by working differently... Winners don't do different things, they do things differently. Shiv Khera, World-renowned motivator and teacher Today MBA is the most sought after career. And if you can do MBA from any of the IIMs, nothing 1,50,000 like it. More than students take CAT every year. They have a DREAM of doing their MBA from IIMs. But do you know that how many of them really make it to IIMs? The intake of IIMs is around 1400 students. To enter into IIMs, you should be a CAT material. Are you a CAT material? CAT is difficult when you try to crack it in conventional way... The objective of CAT is to select a small number of BRIGHT students who are going to be business leaders of tomorrow. Just imagine only 1400 students will be selected in IIMs & rest will be eliminated. It means that approximately 1,48,600 students will be eliminated. It means that 148,600 dreams will be SHATTERED. Would you like to see your dream SHATTERED? Eventually DREAM without concrete Success Plan gets SHATTERED… You dream of getting into IIMs but do you know where do you stand and how much work you would be required to put up to CRACK CAT? No! You don't know because you haven't thought of it and you have not planned for it. If you want to crack CAT then plan for it…. Babur had 12000 soldiers whereas Ibrahim Lodhi had 1,00,000 soldiers and 1000 war elephants. Babur WON because he had a plan and Ibrahim Lodhi DIED because he went unplanned. CAT is a BATTLE, you can WIN it if you make your Success PLAN... © Magical Methods Enterprises, New Delhi, India
  11. 11. Crack CAT Smartly by Working Differently Babur made his success plan… Babur took up a defensive position. He based his right flank upon city walls, a ditch protected his left flank and front lay behind a line of 700 carts tied together with rawhide ropes to break cavalry charges. Every 100 yards, a passage was provided for his horsemen to ride through for attack. His archers and matchlock men heavily defended those passages heavily. Ibrahim marched slowly and without plan, as his officers had never seen such defence before. “Mongols have created a fort in the middle of a plain”, his spies informed him. Babur sent out his horsemen to raid Sultan's army on 9th April. After a light engagement Mongols broke and ran back, it was a feint and it worked. Battles are fought on SPEED and ACCURACY… Babur won due to his SPEED and ACCURACY. At about 400 yards, Babur's Cannons opened fire. Noise and smoke terrified Afghans and the attack lost momentum. Seizing the moment Babur sent out his flanking columns to envelop the Sultan's army. Here Afghans met first time the real weapon of Mongols 'Turko-Mongol Bow'. Its superiority as an instrument of war lay in the fact that it was the arm of the nobles, of the finest warriors. Bow in hand of a Turko-Mongol would shoot three times as rapidly as musket and could kill at 200 yards. You saw Gulf WAR-I and gulf WAR- II on your TV. US won the war due to their superior technology which gives them SPEED and ACCURACY. What do you have for SPEED and ACCURACY? Practice???? IF you do a lot of practice then also you will not be able to improve your speed beyond a certain point. Why? Each system has its own limitations. Similarly the Conventional System (which you are using at present) has its limitations too. Even a lot of practice will not be able to break this limitation. Battles are fought INTELLIGENTLY… Punjab was plagued with terrorism in mid 80’s. Inspector General K. P. S. Gill fought the battle INTELLIGENTLY. Today, Punjab is free from terrorist activities. thanks to initiative taken by the SUPER COP. Do you want to fight the battle for CAT like K.P.S. Gill did? Do you want to fight the battle for CAT like Babur did? Do you want to fight the battle for CAT like US did? INTRODUCING SHYSMBA © Magical Methods Enterprises, New Delhi, India
  12. 12. Crack CAT Smartly by Working Differently The ULTIMATE Package for CAT preparation We offer the package SHYSMBA which provides "Success Plan for CAT" plus Calculation Builder plus Reading Speed Enhancement Package plus Application of Magical Methods in QA and DI. Last but not the least SHYSMBA also contains Intelligent Guessing Module. Just check what students say about SHYSMBA. Hi ... I had ordered the SHYSMBA package and I am pleased to inform you that the SHYSMBA package was very fruitful ... I have got a final Call from MDI, Gurgaon and NMIMS, Mumbai. I am also in The Wait List for NITIE, Mumbai. I also had a GD/PI call from TAPMI, Manipal which I did not attend. A 97.79 Percentile in CAT. Thanks a Lot for the excellent package. Hemant Kumar Jain At the outset I would like to congratulate as well as thank you on the extremely helpful Magical Methods package introduced by you. It has proved to be a saviour for people like me who have been detached from Mathematics for quite a period of time. My speed has certainly gone up. Prakul SHYSMBA helps you to work out your Success Plan for CAT… In this world, no two human beings are same. You might be an introvert where as your friend might bean extrovert. You might be an early riser whereas your friend might be getting up at half past nine. You might be methodical and keeping every thing in order whereas your friend might be making mess of everything. You might be dynamic whereas your friend might be lethargic. The comparison can go on endlessly. Due to all these reasons, the CAT cracking plan, which worked for your friend, may not work for you. The CAT cracking plan that you are going to carve out should be according to your temperament. It should suit your personality, then only you will be able to utilize your time effectively. Only a plan, which has been customized for you, will give you a positive frame of mind and you will never be required to worry about the outcome. What is this customized plan all about? And who is going to formulate it for you? Customized plan is Success Plan for CAT 200X, worked out especially for you, keeping you at the center. And experts from Magical Methods are going to formulate it for you. SHYSMBA helps you to work differently… I started going through SHYSMBA package. It is really mind blowing. You can be so fast. It will certainly help me in my MBA entrance exam. Subhash Sahni © Magical Methods Enterprises, New Delhi, India
  13. 13. Crack CAT Smartly by Working Differently I am preparing for my CAT exam, SHYSMBA package of Magical Methods helped me a lot and also improved my calculation speed. Thank you very much. Namah I have Bought a CAT MBA Course from you. I Found It very Interesting and Helping. And I Want to know, Do You have more Study Material Like this. Gaurav Arora SHYSMBA helps you with your Calculation and Reading Speed…. You require very good Calculation and Reading speed especially mental calculation. Calculation Speed Builder of SHYSMBA helps you to calculate 10 to 15 times faster and Reading Speed Enhancement Package of SHYSMBA helps you to increase your reading speed beyond 1000 words per minute. SHYSMBA helps you to work faster with DI and QA… About 70 -80 % of the problems, which appear in DI and QA section in CAT, can be solved without much of calculation. SHYSMBA helps you in this area by giving a lot of EXAMPLES. SHYSMBA helps you to think out of the Box… You do not require to workout every question. You can use Intelligent Guessing to solve problems visually . You can take help of your subconscious mind to find out the correct answer in a complex situation. Intelligent Guessing Module in SHYSMBA helps you to do that. You can be confident with SHYSMBA on your side… Its like Babur's 'Turko-Mongol Bow'. [A Turko-Mongol would shoot three times as rapidly as a musket. SUPERIOR WEAPON] © Magical Methods Enterprises, New Delhi, India
  14. 14. Crack CAT Smartly by Working Differently SHYSMBA Package contains: To be sent by Courier or Speed Post • Calculation Speed Builder (SHYSCSB) • Magical Methods and its Application in Data Interpretations (SHYSDAA) • Reading Speed Enhancement Package (SHYSRSP) • Magical Methods and its application in QA (SHYSQAP) To be sent by E-mail • Intelligent Guessing Module (SHYSCCI) • How to prepare for CAT • How to study for Excellent Performance Package Cost: S. Products Price No. 1. SHYSMBA (Rs.1500/-(Rupees One thousand five hundred only) excluding courier charges. Rs. Add Rs. 150/- as courier charges for the package.) 1650/- Rs. 2. SHYSMBA + Success Plan for CAT 200X (email version) 1995/- Rs. 3. SHYSMBA + Advance Intelligent Guessing 2550/- SHYSMBA + Success Plan for CAT 200X (email version) + Advance Intelligent Rs. 4. Guessing 2850/- Rs. Email Version 500/- 5. Success Plan for CAT 200X Rs. 6. Advance Intelligent Guessing [SHYSCCI-ADV] 1250/- © Magical Methods Enterprises, New Delhi, India
  15. 15. Crack CAT Smartly by Working Differently Procedure for Ordering the SHYSMBA Package? You can remit Magical Methods by any of the following Methods : 1) Demand Draft, 2) Cheque (Local clearing anywhere in India), 3) Cash or, 4) Account Transfer By Demand Draft: Make a DEMAND DRAFT of requisite AMOUNT in favour of M/s Magical Methods Enterprises Payable at Gurgaon/ Delhi, write product code (e.g FOR SHYSMBA) on the back of it and send it to: Magical Methods Enterprises 1710, HBC, Sector- 31 Gurgaon - 122001 (Haryana) Phone: 9810572618 By Cheque: Payment by cheque is easiest. Drop your cheque at any ATM centre of ICICI bank. Please attach Xerox of counterfoil with a request & send it to Magical Methods at the above address. Also e-mail us giving the details of cheque no. etc. Account Details Name : Magical Methods Enterprises Account Number: 006505000874 Branch: Vasant Vihar. By Cash: You can deposit cash at any branch of ICICI bank near you. Use the account details provided above. Once done, send the counterfoil (mandatory in case of cash deposit) to us (above address) with a request to Magical Methods. Account Transfer : If you have access to Internet Banking provided by your bank then you can transfer money directly to our account. Find out more about this from your bank. Delivery: Upon Receipt of your order with the payment, we dispatch the package on the same day or next working day either by Speed Post or by Courier. Incase of Cities/ Towns not connected by any of these services we send the package by Registered Post. Normally, you should receive the Package within a couple of days after receipt of DD by us. As soon as we receive your DD, you get a confirmation from us by e-mail. © Magical Methods Enterprises, New Delhi, India