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make your own apps


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Benefits of having your own apps and how can you create yours own apps. ttp://

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make your own apps

  1. 1. Mobile AppsBenefit of Mobile Apps
  2. 2. What are mobile apps• Apps are applications or programs that run on your mobile phone, like Office on your System• They can interact with your phone functions including the GPS, camera, video and maps.• They are installed (stored) on your phone• Apps are free, some apps are paid
  3. 3. Benefit of Mobile Apps• According to experts 74 percent of smartphone users utilize location-based apps and services such as Facebook, foursquare and Yelp to find information on local restaurants and retail stores, and 18 percent of these users actually check-in.
  4. 4. More Apps Benefits• Make your business searchable on mobile• Communicate directly with your customers• Target Niche Market• Promote and Market your Product Deals• Provide information about Business Hours and Direction to your Store• Boost your Customer Service by responding to complaint & concern• Grow your customer base on social media
  5. 5. How you can create Apps• Hire expensive professional developers• Hire Ageny who have expertise in creating apps Build Your Own Apps Free• Use DIY Mobile Apps Builder to create your own apps for e.g DIY Infinite Monkeys Apps Builder
  6. 6. Benefit of Using Infinite Monkeys DIY Apps Builder No Coding Required Instant Publishing iPhone, Android or HTML 5 Drag & Drop Functionality Tons of Features Free Plans AvailableBest of all, you can build your own app in about 30 minutes, and have it published instantly to the world for free
  7. 7. Niche Apps Builder Free• Restaurant Apps: Connect with your local area customers• Teams Apps: keeps players connected and fans in the know• Music Apps: Promote your music and connect with your fan base• Realtors Apps: Connect with your potential local buyers• Bars Apps: Promote your bar or pub in your area• SMBs App: Promote your Business locally and Globally• Arts and Theater Apps: Apps orchestras, theater troupes, art galleries, museums, dance troupes, music ensembles, street performers, etc• School Apps: Keeps the parents, teachers and students engaged• Bloggers Apps: Publish and Share blogs with loyal readers.• Condos Apps: Communicate with your residents easily.• Alumani Apps: Stay in touch with your friends• Apps for Non Profits: Doing good for great causes and remain in touch with possible future donors• Meeting Planners Apps:Add maps and direction for meeting locations.• Doctors Apps: Puts your practice in the palm of your patients’ hands.• Families Apps: A private apps for your family members and close friends.• Church Apps: lets your church connect with its congregation on the other six days of the week.•
  8. 8. Infinite Monkeys Apps BuilderVisit