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Find meradio pitch

  1. 1. FindMeRADIOlocal fans. local shows. local bands. Contact Ryan Daugherty at
  2. 2. Overview• Internet radio service focusing on developing and strengthening local music scenes throughout the country.• Connecting listeners to bands in their area and bands with upcoming local shows.
  3. 3. Unique Characteristics• While most services generate playlists of similar songs, FindMeRADIO prioritizes local music.• Lets users customize their priorities (new vs favorite songs, proximity, genre specificity, etc.)• Compatibility with services such as Bandsintown to make it easy for listeners to easily buy tickets for upcoming shows of bands they discover.
  4. 4. Market• Musicians who are looking for a way to reach audiences outside of their immediate area.• Listeners who are trying to discover unique and independent music in their local area.• Bands, venues, and record labels who are looking to advertise to relevant audiences.
  5. 5. Development Strategy• Approach bands about putting their music on the site/creating profiles (currently in progress).• Release closed beta and collect musicians’ input for a “by the bands, for the bands” design.• Partner with bands, labels, venues, and merchandisers for promotion and sponsorship.• General public release.
  6. 6. Advertising and Promotion• Bands are rewarded for referring listeners and bands, giving them incentive to promote FindMeRADIO to their unique audiences.• Sponsorship of branded concerts and events to advertise the service to non-listeners.• Strong emphasis on “communities” to encourage users to share the service with their friends.
  7. 7. Associated Costs• Servers to store and stream the music.• Many bands are not concerned with royalties.• Paying royalties expands the possible music library.• Rewards for referrals/contest winners.• Advertising and promotions budget.
  8. 8. Revenue Sources• Advertisements played between songs.• Sponsored playlists/radio stations.• “Featured” events and bands on the front page.• Retaining a portion of ticket and merchandise sales generated from the site.
  9. 9. Feedback From Bands• “ It sounds like this will become one of the many great advertising and marketing tools in the near future. We would like to get in on the ground floor.” – GSDM, NY• “This ‘Do It Yourself’ attitude is just what People Are Parrots is about.” – People Are Parrots, FL• “I love the thought of having something for local music and upcoming shows. I think people often want to find cool local bands and see a show, especially if theyre not that hooked into the music scene. ” – Ryan Tennis, PA• “Its all about getting our music out there and it sounds like you guys are doing exactly that.” – Our Best Mistake, IL
  10. 10. In Closing• Members of local music scenes are passionate and can drive the site forward as dedicated bands and listeners.• Service fills a unique niche with a wide and varied audience.• Monetization from content producers and content consumers.