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Propalms network case studies


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Propalms Partial Case Studies

Published in: Technology, Business
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Propalms network case studies

  1. 1. Product Case Studies © 2011, Propalms Network Private Limited
  2. 2. Key Customers 2 BFSI INFRASTRUCTURE TELECOMFMCG and UTILITIES ENERGY OEM © 2011, Propalms Network Private Limited
  3. 3. Key Customers 3 SERVICES EDUCATION AUTOMOBILES TECHNOLOGY © 2011, Propalms Network Private Limited
  4. 4. GLOBAL References 4© 2011, Propalms Network Private Limited
  5. 5. 5 Propalms TSE © 2011, Propalms Network Private Limited
  6. 6. Propalms TSE Solution Advantages for SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd. 6© 2011, Propalms Network Private Limited SBI Life Insurance Co. Ltd. is leading Life Insurance company is India Being in Life Insurance sector organization has to comply to various IT infrastructure norms. Propalms TSE assisted SBI Life Insurance to achieve various remote access compliances at minimal Cost of Ownership (COO). SBI Life Insurance has been using Propalms TSE solution for multiple critical remote access requirements; right from application access for branch users to controlled and monitored remote access to third party employees. Internal users at SBI Life uses various business critical applications like Ideal, Credence, Crisil Bond Valuer, etc. from HO. SBI Life also needed to provide remote access to third party employees for application development server (Graph Talk) in highly secure manner; making sure that Intellectual Property is safe with SBI and also seamless remote access is offered to users. SBI Life has achieved highly redundant remote access environment with Propalms TSE. SBI Life is currently using around 200 licenses of Propalms TSE with equal number of DR licenses.
  7. 7. Propalms TSE Solution Advantages for Gammon India Ltd. 7© 2011, Propalms Network Private Limited Gammon India Ltd. is the largest civil engineering construction company is India with over 70 years of experience and expertise. Being in civil engineering domain Gammon works on multiple large scale projects across India and other commonwealth countries. Gammon conducts many critical projects which are located at highly remote areas, wherein internet connectivity remains a biggest concern for IT team. Gammon being very old organization; they also have few of the legacy set ups which can not be replaced easily due to large size of organization. SITE ERP is one of these legacies which Gammon carries. SITE is very primitive and bandwidth hungry ERP which also has compatibility constrains. Gammon has been using CITRIX Presentation Server (XenApp) for remote access of SITE. With growth of organization; Cost of Ownership (COO) and administration of CITRIX environment has gone over budgets and became unmanageable for Gammon India. Propalms TSE worked out to be highly cost effective, scalable and redundant, alternative solution for remote access requirement at Gammon India Ltd. Gammon India Ltd. is currently using 200 licenses of Propalms TSE and is growing.
  8. 8. Propalms TSE Solution Advantages for Overnite Express Ltd. 8© 2011, Propalms Network Private Limited Overnite Express Ltd. is Domestic and International courier since 1987 with a wide spread network of over 2000 offices located across 1000 locations across country. Being in courier business for more than 30 years, Overnite has been one of the early investors into technology . Overnite has been using a legacy Courier Tracking and Billing System (CTBS) which was developed in Visual FOXPRO. Being VF designed application there was compulsion of maintaining local DB at every location. Synchronization and availability of DB was long term and cumbersome. Also it was causing lot of business delay and loss. Maintenance of user machines was another greatly expensive aspect for a wide spread organization. Overnite has evaluated solutions like TS-PLUS, Go Global, Citrix to address above concerns. Non of these solutions could provide them right blend of enterprise scalability, compatibility and ROI. Overnite’s search ended on Propalms TSE. Propalms offered them most cost effective solution to centralize their legacy application and extend life cycle of the application. TSE also offered them flexibility of shifting from desktop to thin client environment in phase wise manner; thereby reducing Total Cost of IT. Overnite Express Ltd. currently owns 300 licenses of Propalms TSE and is growing.
  9. 9. Propalms TSE Solution Advantages for Dainik Jagran 9© 2011, Propalms Network Private Limited Jagran Prakashan Ltd.(JPL) is India’s leading media and communications group. Dainik Jagran is the flagship brand of the company. Dainik Jagran has been using Citrix XenApp for their application delivery requirements for more than 3 years. All business critical applications like Oracle ERP suite, Ms Office suite and few of the other legacy applications. With the fast expansion of business; Dainik Jagran IT team started facing an issue of exponential growth in infrastructure cost for Citrix environment. In order to maintain pace with growing business needs in cost effective manner; IT team was searching for a solution which can keep cost of infrastructure low and offer ease of management and better scalability. Dainik Jagran’s IT teams search for a better and cost effective alternative solution to Citrix ended on Propalms TSE. Propalms TSE enabled, IT team to accommodate more number of users on the existing server set up and reduced the expansion cost. Propalms also turned out to be more user friendly and easy to manage and administer solution for Dainik Jagran compare to the earlier Citrix solution. Dainik Jagran is currently using more than 200 ccu licenses of Propalms TSE.
  10. 10. Propalms TSE Solution Advantages for Repro India Ltd. 10© 2011, Propalms Network Private Limited Repro India Ltd. is a provider of content, print and fulfillment solutions to publishers, corporate, education institutions and governments. Repro serves customers across four continents. Being in content business and having associated with large scale global projects Repro India has to work of very stiff timelines and deal with highly confidential data. Repro’s business model demands highly secure, controlled, scalable and 100% available IT environment. In order to achieve data security and low cost of operations; Repro India adopted Thin Client infrastructure. Users use to access Windows Terminal Server through thin clients. Concerns which Repro was facing in this set up were, highly vulnerable environment, no data leakage prevention measures, limited or no scalability, Application delivery issues for MIS, WTS license mismanagement, highly complicated administration process, etc. Propalms TSE turned out to be a single enterprise platform for all enterprise applications including MIS and users with great scalability, easy to manage, highly available solution. Propalms TSE also managed WTS licenses in enhanced and intelligent manner. TSE offered data leakage prevention capabilities and assisted Repro to comply to international standards. Repro India Ltd. is currently using 60 licenses of Propalms TSE.
  11. 11. Propalms VPN © 2011, Propalms Network Private Limited
  12. 12. Propalms SSL VPN Solution Advantages for DTDC Courier Ltd. 12© 2011, Propalms Network Private Limited DTDC is India's Largest Domestic Delivery Network Company offering various custom made services ranging from Domestic to International. DTDC delivers to the remotest places in India with the help of 4,000 business partners and 13000 individuals spread across the length and breadth of India. DTDC was looking for easy to use, highly secure and scalable and greatly customizable solution for it’s Courier Tracking & Billing System (CTBS). Propalms SSL VPN offered required customization to integrate solution with CTBS application. DTDC also needed Load Balancing capabilities for it’s Terminal set up. Propalms VPN offered Application Load Balancing capabilities to suffice this requirement. Propalms SSL VPN turned out to be only solution to address all business concerns of DTDC and offer them a highly secure and tightly integrated remote access environment. DTDC Courier is using UNLIMITED CCU licenses of Propalms SSL VPN for more than 4 years.
  13. 13. Propalms SSL VPN Solution Advantages for Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services Ltd. 13© 2011, Propalms Network Private Limited Geojit BNP Paribas Financial Services Ltd., formerly known Geojit Financial Services Ltd. Geojit BNP Paribas today is a leading retail financial services company in India with a growing presence in the Middle East. Geojit has a network of over 525 offices and 1000+ franchises and over 550,000 clients all over India and abroad. GFSL has centralized data center at Kochi. They are using in-house developed software for trading and backend operations. Software runs on SUN and Intel hardware using MS SQL Server as the database. The branch offices and franchises are connected using a combination of Internet links, VSAT Links and Other leased line links. GFSL wanted to execute Server based computing over VSAT. This is impossible with existing technology. Propalms VPN’s patented Application Transformation Technology made it possible. GFSL also wanted to keep cost of IT low in the growing business environment. It was very important to keep infrastructure and maintenance cost as low as possible. Propalms SSL VPN offered centralized and highly secure environment for office and franchise network. Propalms Application Transformation technique made highly complex client server application in server based computing mode and made it work for VSAT users. Propalms SSL VPN increased business efficiency and enhanced customer response. Propalms VPN thus extended life of a legacy business application thereby increased business margins. Geojit is using UNLIMITED CCU licenses of Propalms SSL VPN for more than 5 years.
  14. 14. Propalms SSL VPN Solution Advantages for Shalimar Paints Ltd. 14© 2011, Propalms Network Private Limited Shalimar Paints is one of the leading paints manufacturing companies in India..Shalimar Paints has 3 manufacturing units and more than 54 branches and depots all across the country. Shalimar Paints had a concern with high bandwidth requirement for accessing applications like Navision, SAP and other applications. Investing into dedicated connectivity across 54 locations and some of the third party locations was certainly not a viable business idea. Also, data security and network security from remote access related vulnerabilities was a concern area. Propalms SSL VPN turned out to be a complete solution to address all the remote access related concerns for Shalimar Paints. Application layer connectivity made enterprise environment highly secure from possible intrusions through network VPN tunnel. Certificate based authentication mechanism provided granular access control to IT team over the remote usage. Propalms SSL VPN’s Network Blinding capabilities enabled IT to provide remote access to third party users with out exposing network information. Propalms made remote access of Navision, SAP and WTS with out undue wastage of bandwidth to maintain VPN connectivity. This made remote access possible over broadband connectivity at branch locations; thereby reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the entire set up. Shalimar Paints is using 100 ccu licenses of Propalms SSL VPN for long time.