MMPL Thin Client overview


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Overview of Thin Client Solution & its advantages

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MMPL Thin Client overview

  1. 1. Medley Marketing Pvt Ltd Akshay Kumar Sharma Director-TSG Group
  2. 2. Thin Clients – A Snapshot
  3. 3. What is a Thin Client ? Windows 2000/2003 Server Mouse & Keyboard clicks Screen updatesWindows based Terminal Thin Clients are Desktop Terminals, largely server dependent, capable of displaying remote application running on Central server. All applications and user configurations reside on the Server, while display updates keyboard and mouse clicks are exchanged between the Server and Thin Client. Global Leaders in Thin Client Technology
  4. 4. High Cost of a PC which TC addressesResults of a survey done by the GartnerGroup provides an interesting breakdownof what I/S execs are faced with in terms ofCOSTS of a PC. H/W maintenance 2.6% H/W Network upgrades admin. OS 12% Including upgrades handling 2.7% Virus etc 48.6% Hardware Acquisition 11.2% Application S/W upgrade 9.9% Informal administration The overall cost of a PC over 5 years 12.2% Installation is almost 5 times the initial buying 0.6% price Source : Citrix Corporation
  5. 5. Top Ten Security Benefits Of Thin ClientsI. Data cannot be stolen from a stolen thin client,since thin clients don’t store data or applications locally.II. Thin clients don’t need personal firewalls or anti-virus agents.III. No need to back up thin clients.IV. Users can’t disable anti-virus agents or install their own applications, services, unauthorized peripherals or data devices on a thin client.V. No residual data left on a thin client after an application or Web session. Spyware has practically no impact.VI. No data travels over the wire to and from a thin client on a wireless or wired LAN. Control and verification happens at the network level.VII. No need to spend time reinstalling applications on new client systems if thin clients are lost in a disaster.VIII. Thin clients can be redirected in minutes to a second server with replicated applications and data if primary location experiences an outage.IX. Fewer service calls means fewer opportunities to introduce security problems.X. Centralized field installation, up gradation & maintenance through Management Software enables tighter network Source : Ziff Davis Media Briefing July 2004
  6. 6. Top Eleven Management & Remote Administration Benefits Of Thin ClientsI. Thin Clients (TC) come with Remote Installation & Management software. A Thin Client on boot up looks for management server and central server configures the Thin Client in flat 5 minutes, as opposed to 2 hours average of a PC.II. The central management server can upgrade the firmware remotely over different geographic locations to keep the IT infrastructure uniform. Difficult to achieve this on PC based platforms.III. User and application management is limited to single server rather than at every PC level.IV. Application software upgrades are limited to a single serverV. User authentication is at single server level, rather than at each PC levelVI. Easy to implement corporate IT access control policy with TCs.VII. TCs dont allow users to download unrelated softwareVIII. Very easy to control users from misusing the Internet for non work related browsing and personal mailsIX. No chance of Hard Disk crashes or data corruption.X. All updates including Patch and Anti Virus need to be applied only on the serverXI. Rolling out newer applications can be done in weeks, rather than months
  7. 7. Top Two Environmental Benefits of Thin ClientsEnergy Saving :i. Saves avg. Rs 1440 per annum of electricity per TC. Besides considerable space saving.ii. Thin Clients useful life of 8 years (against 4 years of PC) saves energy equivalent to 220 Kgs of coal and ½ ton of Carbon Dioxide. Also helps in reducing global warming impacts.iii. Thin Clients (16 watts avg.) requires much lower UPS rating as well, against 80 watts of a PC eWaste Saving : Typically a PC generates 5.74 Kgs of plastics, 1.42 Kgs of Lead and 0.572 Kgs of Mercury. TC reduces to almost 30% of lead & mercury wastes. TC technology can be extended to old PC to increase the useful life by another 2-3 years, due to lower computing requirements. Source :Chevron Energy & IISc
  8. 8. Global Trends Expected PC Who is buying TCs 2006 Growth Desktop 1.94% 4000 Mobile 31.4% 3500TC Shipment in 000s (Laptop) 3000 Thin 24.0% 2500 Clients 2000 Source : Gartner PC Forecast 10/3/06 1500 Summary 1000 I. US/Europe/Canada & 500 Japan are adapting TCs faster than Rest of World 0 II. PC as desktop, growth is 2003 2007 expected as flat for 2006 Asia Pac Western Europe Canada USA ROW III. 100% of Global Fortune Source : IDC Desktop strategy 100 and 92% of Global Fortune 500 use Thin Client partially or fully
  9. 9. Summary Thin Clients are Cost Effective Environmental Friendly Double useful life Faster applications rollout Low support Better Security Can run any application Lower down time Saves Electricity
  10. 10. For further information; Pl contact: Akshay Kumar Sharma – Director –TSG Group 9810387393/9312932966 akshay@medleyindia.comPl see our latest technology offerings @