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  • Education is about connecting.Expanding the classroom beyond the physical barriers of the classroom to include students and teachers from all parts of the globe“How cool is to have a Chinese language with kids from china?”
  • Block inappropriate content and images and override personal browser settings with unique Safe Search featureStop malware and hackers with Gateway AV and IPS, while Anti-Spam keeps inboxes clean of unwanted content Enforce acceptable use for mobile/remote usersStop cyber-bullying and inappropriate communications by controlling and monitoringinbound / outbound email and web content(including attachments)
  • Easy-to-useTransparentPolicy-basedInstant-on email securityAt one time you could escape the bully by going home - a safe placeThe bully can now follow you to the safe placeThe cyber bully can access all of your friends – post, tweetAmanda Todd victim, compromising photos sent to a “friend”
  • Point of Slide: WatchGuard provides full real-time and historical visibility to business and IT users. Content: Businesses have a responsibility to know a great deal about how their employees are using the Internet and other computing resources. At minimum, this is important to ensure that the business meets its own financial or competitive goals; but in many instances, external regulations mandate it. WatchGuard offers a broad suite of tools to give the administrator, HR departments, executives, auditors, and any other parties with a need to know, detailed information about network, security, and user events and activities. This is the third phase of policy, the audit phase.
  • Education slides_MMPL

    1. 1. Copyright ©2013 WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. Smarter Security for Education Akshay Kumar Sharma 9810387393/9312932966
    2. 2. Technology in Education • Connecting Classrooms – Global Teaching and Learning • Tablets, Ebooks, Video, Web Based Testing, WiFi Enabled Devices
    3. 3. Campus Networks are Under Attack!
    4. 4. Compliance (Regulations, Policies) Web 2.0 Applications Evade Traditional Firewalls Data-in-Motion a Serious Risk Mobile & Remote Workers and Students Pose Challenges Why WatchGuard?
    5. 5. Easily Define, Identify, & Safeguard Sensitive Data • Powerful Monitoring, Reporting, & Policy Tools – Included! • Automated, Policy-Based Management Maintain & Audit Compliance
    6. 6. WatchGuard Solutions Strong Access Controls Defense-in-Depth Powerful Centralized Management Compliance & Reporting Tools XTM “Best-in-Class” Smart Firewalls XCS Email Security & DLP Subscriptions Remote Solutions Anywhere/Anytime Security & Compliance Assurance
    7. 7. It’s an App World. Schools Need Application Security
    8. 8. Monitor and Manage Applications on Your Network See apps in use Permit business & education apps Restrict unproductive & insecure apps
    9. 9. Secure Data-in-Motion, Prevent Data Leaks, Stop Cyber-Bullying Automated, Policy-Based Email Encryption Data Loss Protection (DLP)
    10. 10. Drag & Drop Creation of Secure Branch Office VPNs Powerful, Centralized Administration Wireless APs Extend Best-in-Class XTM Security to the WLAN Protect Students, Mobile Users & Campus Branches
    11. 11.  Real-time monitoring tools illuminate user, network, and security events—and let you take immediate corrective action Intelligence at Your Finger Tips: Monitoring, Alerting, Reporting
    12. 12. Smart Security from WatchGuard Best-in-Class Security Beats “Homegrown” Security One Interface to Manage All Feature Sets across physical, virtual, wired, and wireless environments Real-time Visibility & Reporting (65+ Reports) Tools - All Included “Trend Setter”, Industry “Champion”, & “Value Leader”