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Cards are too mainstream for you mom,


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Mother's Day present from my beautiful 15yr old daughter Courtney.

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Cards are too mainstream for you mom,

  1. 1. Cards are too Mainstream for you mom, SO THIS MEANS YOU’RE SORT OF COOL.
  2. 2. I love and appreciate you SO much, because….
  3. 3. You had meand mybrother See.. We’re so cute. (:
  4. 4. You tookus toDisneyland! We even met Mickey!
  5. 5. And youeven knewall the funplaces togo even ifwe weretoo shortto rideanything.. And we were to short to ride like anything..but it was still fun! (:
  6. 6. Becauseyouamazingcakes formybirthdays. That look and taste amazing to!
  7. 7. ANDHalloweencostumes! I mean, look at that.. It’s pretty awesome.
  8. 8. Youshowed usthe bestslide in theworldbefore itgot torndown. ..It really was the best slide ever.(:
  9. 9. Youhelped usgetalong,! Well for the most part anyways..
  10. 10. You tooka lot ofgreatpictures! Well, for memories.. Some things just do not need to go on facebook.
  11. 11. Youproducedsomeratherattractiveoffspring. Well.. One at least.. Just kidding (:
  12. 12. Andbecauseyou taughtme, That you don’t spell it , you feel it.
  13. 13. Becauseyou makeme somuchfood..<3 Get it.. I’m Patrick..
  14. 14. Becauseyou toldme, <3
  15. 15. Becauseyoumakemelaugh.(: Like this picture (:
  16. 16. Becauseyou mademe who Iam today. Meeee ^.^
  17. 17. Because,YO U ’ R E M Y M O M , A N D I LOV E YO UH A P P Y M OT H E R S DAY M O M < 3 LOV E C O U RT N E Y