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How to have the best behaved cockatiel in town!


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How to have the best behaved cockatiel in town!

  1. 1. ==== ====Do you want to have the best behaved cockatiel in town? ====Cockatiel Care 7 Tips To Having The Happiest, Best-Behaved CockatielWhen caring for cockatiels, there are some basic essentials to keeping them happy. Cockatielsreally are one of the easiest birds to care for. Their needs arent demanding and they are happiestwhen they can spend time with you outside the cage.Here are a few tips for having the happiest, best-behaved cockatiel:Provide a large enough cage for him so he can easily extend his wings without being too crowded.Provide plenty of food as well as greens, fruits and minerals.Provide plenty of toys for him to keep him occupied and interested. You may also provide aregular playground outside the cage. Cockatiels are very active birds and they like to be keptoccupied and not bored. If your cockatiel becomes bored, he will act out with unacceptablebehavior.Let your cockatiel out of the cage every day so he can fly around, explore and spend time withyou. They love sitting on your shoulder and hanging out with you. The highlight of their day is thetime they get to spend with you, much like little childrenTrain him to talk or whistle a tune. Young male cockatiels love learning and will easily pick up withyour prompting if you teach and train them properly.Reward good behavior and learning something in training sessions with special treats that theylike such as millet. This enforces and encourages them when you are training them to do what youwant them to do.Learn what to do when they exhibit bad behavior that you dont like. It is best to ignore it becauseaddressing the issue just encourages more of the same. This is because they are wanting yourattention, and if you respond, they are getting that attention.Spend time petting your cockatiel. They love to have their feathers stroked and heads petted.They will duck their heads down before you to have this done.Cockatiels are really wonderful pets with lively personalities that keep you entertained every day.Taking the time to learn to care for them will give you many years of companionship and closebonding with your pet cockatiel.Shari Hickman is a bird lover with over 25 years experience raising cockatiels, finches andparakeets.==== ====Do you want to have the best behaved cockatiel in town?
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